Colleague With Dirty Thoughts

Colleague With Dirty Thoughts

I’m 27, working in Bangalore, a cool, simple and fun-loving guy. Interested in meeting a young woman. Coming to the story.

I happened to notice a new employee at my workplace. She must be in her 30’s with an attractive figure. I was able to see her during our lunch breaks and during the evening times when we logout. After 4 to 5 months of working in the same workspace, I got lucky to have a conversation with her regarding a project.

Since then I was in regular touch with her greeting her every morning and spend some time during our snack breaks. Going forward we felt more comfortable with each other and started to have regular conversations. We even exchanged numbers. Our talks or conversations were happening as usual.

On her birthday, which I got to know later part of the day, she invited me for an evening dinner. We happened to meet at a popular and happening place in Indiranagar for dinner. There she was in a stunning outfit. In a black one-piece dress up till her inner thighs and a V neck to reveal a bit of her cleavage.

I was glued to her looks and fell for her hot curves. I complimented her for her nice dress. She was really looking flawless. We started our conversation and ordered some food along with a drink for her. I do not drink or smoke. She was in a good mood, and very excited to be there.

The place was also crowded with a lot of hot women and young girls in their party attire. So the topic changed to a boyfriend and girlfriend. Neither of us was in any relationship and we laughed about this. But I shared my experiences of just having friends with benefits and not any such serious relationships.

She was cool about it. The talks were getting deeper and deeper. She asked me how many girls I had been out so far and what was the best experience so far. I shared my experience of meeting one of my old friends on a holiday. We ended up making out on our way back to our places and had a lot of fun later.

She was enjoying the way I was describing. We were feeling closer to each other with all our talks. Then I asked her to share her experiences. She said nothing so great happened so far. Apart from a casual hookup with her previous colleague. It was almost a year back where she was working previously.

I passed out a comment, “Lucky boy.” Then she started saying yeah it was almost a year back. So I started to understand her feelings. We were in a situation of seeking each other. After dinner, we took the car and just drove around the city. She was all the time holding my hand.

We were in the right mood to start off with our kissing session. But we controlled and reached her place. Both of us did not want to leave and say bye for the night. So I asked her if I can spend some more time with her. She readily accepted and asked me to park the car and get in.

We both were now at her place sitting next to each other relaxing on the sofa. She told me she wants to freshen up and change into something more comfortable. She asked me to wait in the living area. After a while, she was back wearing a loose top and black shorts which were too short to cover her ass.

We got more comfortable resting on her sofa next to each other. She was resting her head on my shoulders. Without our knowledge, we slowly started to hug each other and started to give warm cuddles. She was enjoying it and kissed me on my cheeks. I responded by kissing her forehead.

We continued to hug each other and kiss more often. We both knew this was going elsewhere but we never wanted to stop. We were enjoying cuddling each other. I kissed her cheeks and slowly moved towards her lips which she offered without any resistance.

We got involved in a deep smooch and were kissing like there’s no tomorrow. We ended up falling on each other and continued our kissing session for quite some time. I was feeling her hot breath on my face and was biting her lips often. our tongues were exploring each other making us horny.

We started hugging each other tightly. I was kissing her all over her face, ears, neckline. She was arching her back and running her hands all over my back. I was rubbing my face over her neck. I slowly shifted to her boobs pressing my face over them on her top.

Her hands were in my hair pushing my head further down towards her belly. I continued to go down on her kissing her. I got inside her t-shirt and started to kiss her bare tummy and lick it. She started moaning and this made me do more and more. I slowly moved towards her boobs inside licking her body.

I then took off her top where I got to see her lovely boobs hiding in a black bra. This was making my cock hard. I immediately started kissing those lovely boobs over her bra and unhooked her bra within no time. Her boobs were free. She was topless naked showing off her boobs.

I couldn’t waste a second seeing those hot boobs. I started kissing them, taking her nipples into my mouth and started sucking them nicely. I was biting her boobs and squeezing them hard. Trying to grab her boobs into my mouth and was pulling her nipples with my teeth.

Her moans increased and I was now hard. My cock was struggling to come out. I unbuttoned my jeans and again started to play with her boobs, squeezing them nicely and kissing them. She took off my shirt. I pulled off my pant making me remain only in my underwear with my bulge seen clearly.

I pulled her shorts away and made her ly down on the sofa only with her panty. I was again over her feeling her hot body, kissing her all over and playing with her boobs. I was rubbing my face over her body from the top and slowly moving towards her waist and legs.

I was touching her pussy with my hands often. I could feel she was already wet down there. I now reached her pussy and pulled off her panty with my teeth rubbing my face all over her inner thighs. There she was lying on the bed all naked. I immediately got down on her and started to kiss her wet pussy.

She gave out a loud moan and this was making me hornier. I started to kiss her cunt and also lick it with my tongue often. She was now forcing my head more towards her cunt asking me to lick her deeper. I was continuously licking her wet pussy. My tongue was tasting her wet pussy and I was loving it fully.

My tongue was fucking her pussy and my face was buried into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around my head pushing my head deeper and holding it tight there. I was doing my job there. I continued sucking her for more than 15 – 20 minutes. I was now able to sense her orgasm and her juices started to flow on my face.

That sweet smell of her wet cunt was making me crazy. I was taking her all cum in my mouth licking her pussy clean. She started to now hold my hard dick and started to squeeze it. She kissed the tip of my dick and tasting my pre-cum on it. She was enjoying my dick giving it a good squeeze and slowly kissing it.

I asked her to take it in suck it like a lollipop. She readily took tin and started to suck it like a pro. I was enjoying the blowjob and was holding her hair and pushing my dick deeper into her throat. I was literally fucking her throat and pushing my dick fully into her. I came inside her and she happily swallowed my cum.

Now I made her lie down on her sofa with her facing down. I was over her ass squeezing her ass cheeks. I was kissing her ass often for which she asked me to suck them, spreading her legs a bit wider showing me her asshole. I started to slowly put my face over her ass and started to lick it.

I made her spread her legs wider and I got full access to her asshole. The smell was making me crazier. I started to suck her asshole like crazy. This made my dick hard again and was now ready for action. I took her to the edge of the sofa and lifted her one leg. I placed my cock near her wet pussy.

I slowly pushed my cock into her. I could feel her pussy wall tight on my cock. I was now pushing my cock deeper inch by inch and was feeing that pleasure of fucking a hot girl. My dick was completely in now. I started to make my moves. Fucking her slowly pushing my dick in and out of her pussy.

I can see her boobs bouncing for the fucking session happening. This was making me increase my speed and started to push my dick faster. I was totally enjoying this. She was screaming to fuck me harder and faster. All I could hear from her was, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, faster.”

I was now fucking her faster and faster with my cocking going fully deep inside her. I fucked her for almost 10 minutes. I was not able to hold it anymore and I released my cum in her. I was able to feel the hot cum flowing out of her pussy on my dick. We did many more things that night which I will be sharing in the next part.

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Colleague With Dirty Thoughts