Coming home to a hot wife when you are a sub cuck at heart can be wonderful

Coming home to a hot wife when you are a sub cuck at heart can be wonderful

I had been working out of town for a couple of weeks and was due to go home the next day. My phone rang at 10pm. I answered it and it was my wife. We asked how each other was doing and such and then she asked me if I was ready to come home and have sex with her. “Oh yes” was the most accurate answer I could give. We had phone sex a couple of times over the last two weeks and I was throbbing to get home and get some for real. Then she told me how her pussy had tightened up some from the lack of action over the last two weeks. I was instantly hard, imagining how good it was going to be. Her pussy was well used and not only by me. We dipped into the hot wife and cuckold lifestyles a little and she had several lovers over the years with my approval and participation. It was usually only for the first time after her period or after a long abstinence that her cunt was anywhere close to tight around me. So, these times are special for me. After she knew she had me good and worked up imagining the hot, tight pussy waiting for me she said “too bad you won’t be the one to get it. Ron is here waiting to fuck me.” Ron was her first and biggest lover.

He was hung like a horse and I knew the kind of damage he did to my wife’s cunt every time he fucked her. I begged her not to do it. I begged her to wait until I had her first tomorrow and promised she could fuck him all she wanted after that. She just laughed and I could hear her tell Ron to fuck her. My chest was pounding as my fist tightened around the rock hard shaft of my throbbing cock. She kept the phone in her hand next to her face and I could hear the grunts and groans they were each making as he entered her. I listened as they fucked. I wasn’t even jacking on my dick, I was just squeezing it and still had to turn it loose once in a while to keep from cumming. In between her gasp and moans she was telling me how good he was, how big he was and how he was fucking her tight cunt until it was going to be sloppy for me. I was just whining and begging her to stop but once he had put his huge cock in side her it was too late. I didn’t really want her to stop anyway and she knew it. I just wished I could have been there to see it.

Before long I heard her sounds change and heard him start to make loud grunts too and I knew they were cumming. I also knew she never made her lovers wear condoms like she did me. It turned her on to feel another mans cum deep in her womb while refusing mine. I lost it then and she heard my groans as my cum flew high in the air and fell back down on my stomach and legs. When we all caught our breath she said, “I am not going to wash my cunt and tomorrow you will have to eat my dirty cunt before I let you have what’s left, goodnight.” The phone went dead and I was left with a mess and a shriveling dick in my hands.

The next afternoon I was finally disembarking from the plane. I was even hornier for her after knowing what she had done then I would have been if I knew her tight fresh pussy was still waiting for me. I caught my first sight of her through the crowd. She is in her late thirties but still looks and dresses hot. She is 5’ 7”, blond, blue eyes, full and shapely C cups and long curvy legs. She had a short tight skirt on with high heels but no hose. She had a thin skimpy blouse on too. She was turning the heads of every man that got off the plane. I walked up to her and hugged and kissed her deeply and grabbed her ass and she returned the enthusiasm. I let her go and looked down at her cleavage and then down her legs all the way to her painted toenails at the end of her high heels. We headed down to the luggage claim. I got her to walk ahead of me a few times so I could see her ass sway in her skirt and see the back of her legs down to her heels clicking on the floor. Oh boy, it was working for me and for quite a few other men we saw giving her double takes.

We finally made it to our vehicle in the parking garage. As we settled into the car she told me how hot and sore her feet got wearing her heels just for me. She knew one of my many fetishes involved feet and heels. So as she put her back to the door and placed her heels up in my lap, I lifted each one in turn and licked around the edges of her pumps before slipping them off and licking her feet. Her skirt was short to begin with, so in this position I had a perfect view up her skirt and between her legs. At the same time one of her feet was at my mouth and the other mashing into my hard and tender crotch. I was eyeing her small white panties and could see they were already damp. She told me how she had put these panties on last night after Ron fucked her and she hadn’t taken them off since. She had sexy perfume and that was all I could smell up to this point, but now with her legs open and only a couple of feet from my face, I could smell her pussy. “You want to eat my dirty pussy don’t you?” she asked. All I could do was moan and nod my head yes. I moved her foot that was in my face to my shoulder and went between her legs and buried my face in her crotch. She held my head there while I huffed and mouthed her, imagining what was on the other side of those dirty, damp panties. She pulled my head up and I began to beg her to let me go back and eat her. She said “no”, so I continued to beg for her to at least let me lick her just one time. She wanted me to anyway, she was just teasing me. She enjoyed having her husband beg to eat her dirty fucked cunt as much as she enjoyed having another man fuck her. It didn’t take much for her to say okay. I dove back between her legs and pulled her panties aside. Her pussy was wet, slippery and smelly and I don’t know who moaned the loudest when my tongue went slowly from her ass to her clitoris. She let me lick her many more times than just one. After a couple of minutes of licking and eating while she verbally teased me about how and why her pussy was wet and dirty she began to have an orgasm. She released so much fluid that I had to lap and swallow several times and this just made her orgasm that much stronger and longer. My cock was killing me by this point and I straightened back up and began struggling with my pants with every intention of fucking her right there in the parking garage. She stroked me through my pants and told me no. She said I would have to wait until we got back home. She left her feet and heels in my lap all the way home and I rubbed them along with her legs while she pushed against my bulge. We finally made it into our house and bedroom. She fell on her back into the bed while I stood there and stripped my clothes off. My cock was it’s full hard 7 inches. We didn’t get into the hot wife and cuckold lifestyles because I was too small or limp. Actually the bigger and harder I was, the more she enjoyed fucking another man while I watched and held onto my cock. She smiled at my erection. I slipped her shoes off and she pushed my cock back up against my stomach and began to caress the underside with the soles of her bare feet. I couldn’t stand much more teasing because I was about to cum all over her toes so I pulled her feet away and reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties off. Then I spread her legs and dove in again for the second time. Licking and eating her pussy until she was on the verge of another orgasm. It was time to fuck. I climbed up and slipped my cock inside her. She was so very wet and hot. She was also so very big that I slid in all the way to my balls and she didn’t even grunt. She just kept looking up at me smiling. I remained motionless after I made it all the way in. It felt so good and it had been two weeks since I had gotten any that I was afraid to move. She tightened her cunt around me and moved her ass away from me. I lost my breath and had to tell her to stop before I cum too soon. She moved her ass back towards me anyway and I felt myself go over the edge. I have to put condoms on before I can cum if I am fucking her. I wasn’t planning on cumming prematurely so I didn’t have one on. She knew what was happening and just started laughing at my dilemma. I held my dick inside her until I was about to explode and then I jerked it out and began to spray my cum all over the top of her smooth thigh. I straddled her leg and pressed my still cumming cock into the puddle of cum I had on her leg already. I humped her leg and moaned while I finished.

She told me to hand her the phone off the night stand while I was still on top of her. I knew what was coming. She called Ron and told him what all had happened and how I had cum too early for her to get fucked at all. I knew from her side of the conversation that he was on his way and would be here in 15 minutes when she hung up. She told me to start the shower and get ready to bathe her pussy and wash my cum off her leg so Ron could fuck her since I wasn’t able to do it anymore. My dick was already shriveling underneath me. I knew it wouldn’t get hard again for several hours and that she was wanting a fucking right now. I found myself kneeling in front of her in the shower, washing her pussy and her leg while she teased me that my dick was only now 2 inches and limp now. She told me I was about to have to watch Ron fuck her since I acted like a little boy and cum early. “Lick my leg and my pussy to make sure it’s all clean for Ron”, she said. I did it and it was turning me on but I remained limp. She could tell I was getting turned on again and looked down and saw my dick still limp between my legs. “Grab it” she said. I knew what she meant so I grabbed my dick. “Jack on it” she said. So I began to jack on my limp dick while I licked her leg with shower water running over it. She told me to put my face back between her legs.

Then she grabbed me by the hair and said, “piss on you.” When she said that I felt hot piss run over my nose and off my chin and onto my stomach and between my legs. She pulled my head back until she was pissing directly on my limp dick and hand while I jacked on it. She just laughed and told me how horny it made her doing this to me. The blood was pounding in my head too and if my dick would have recuperated soon enough I would have fucked her to death right there in the shower. Instead she had me lick her pussy once more while piss was still dribbling out of it until she was finished and clean once more. By the time we got out of the shower Ron was ringing the doorbell. She had me let him in while I was still naked with my dick limp between my legs. I led him to the bedroom and took my normal position in the chair beside the bed. My wife was already back on the bed with her legs spread for him. He stripped and his huge cock flopped out of his pants. He stood beside the head of the bed while my wife sucked and licked his cock until it was stiff as iron. Then he climbed on her. I heard the air go out of her lungs as his weight went down on her and his cock went down deep inside her. They fucked like this for a while. She would look over and smile at me as she watched my jacking off my limp dick. They rolled over and she got on top. I went over and licked the bottom of her feet while I looked up between their legs at his shaft impaling my wife. It was driving me even wilder so I crawled up on the bed and began to try and lick her ass while they fucked. It was hard to keep my tongue on her ass with her moving on top of him so I went down to where his shaft was entering her and held my tongue against him. Every time she went up, I would feel my tongue against the big cock that was fucking my wife.

Every time she went down, I would feel her ass and the lips of her cunt stretched around him. This drove us all wild until they both began cumming. Within seconds I began to taste his cum as it filled my wife’s cunt and squeezed out around his cock. I still had my dick in my hand and began to feel it throb and pulsate also. It didn’t get hard but that didn’t make it feel any less wonderful as I spilled my load on the sheets between their legs. She rolled off of him and collapsed in the bed. He got up and began dressing while I collapsed in the bed next to her. He knew we were through with him, for the moment anyway. It sure is good to be home.

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Coming home to a hot wife when you are a sub cuck at heart can be wonderful