Let’s Do It, Again!

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Let’s Do It, Again!

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Boss was supposed to return by the evening flight. The maid has gone to get the groceries. I went to the master bedroom looking for Shelly madam. I asked her to sit on the bed. I had spread some newspaper where I made her sit and had placed a newspaper where she kept her feet.

I asked her to lay down on the bed. I lifted her Saree above her waist to expose her pussy. I switched on my electric shaver and trimmed her pubic hair. Within the next few minutes Shelly madam had a pussy with nicely trimmed pubic hair. I brushed off the hair on the newspapers and threw it inside the dustbin.

I went to pick up Boss from the airport. While I was driving him back home, I briefed him all about the professional front. In the late evening, after dinner, I set up a drinks trolley and went to the study where Boss was reading. Shelly madam too joined for the drinks session.

She was wearing an orange nighty with polka dots. After one of two pegs went down, Shelly madam kissed Boss on his lips and then on his bald head. I left the room and went back to my servant’s room. I Actually went to the adjoining room and climbed up the table and watched them from the ventilator.

I asked Geeta, the maid, to join me in watching. By now, Shelly madam, and Boss were kissing each other passionately. Madam’s hands were running all over his bald head. Boss was starving for wild sex. He ripped the nighty apart and threw it away.

He pushed Shelly madam against the wall and took one of her boobs in his mouth. Meanwhile, madam pulled his Kurta over his head and threw it aside. In another swift move, she pulled Boss’s pajama’s knots, which came down to his thighs. He was sucking her boobs like a baby.

This time she slowly poured vodka over her boobs which flowed down inside Boss’s mouth. He looked surprised. Shelly madam had more surprises in store. She erotically pushed Boss back and then pulled down her satin panty. Boss was absolutely crazy to find her trimmed pubic hair on the pussy.

Boss kneeled down and placed his mouth on her pussy. He started licking her pussy like a cat. Meanwhile both Geeta and me were turned on. I pulled down my lower. Since our lights weren’t on and the room was dark, Geeta didn’t see me doing that. I quickly held one of her hands and made her hold my dick.

Geeta tightened the grip of her palms around my dick and moved her hand back and forth. With her other hand, she loosened the knot of her cotton skirt. I placed my hand on her pussy over the panty. It was already wet by her juices. I pulled it down to her knees and again proceeded back to enjoy the show.

I came behind Geeta. While she fondled my dick behind her, I fingered her pussy. By now, Shelly madam had turned Boss towards the wall. She kneeled down and took his penis in her mouth. My Boss was a short man of 5 stars 3 inches and accordingly was the size of his penis.

While Shelly madam was sucking Boss, she watched us watching. Although Geeta knew nothing, I was sure that madam wouldn’t mind. She pretended that she hadn’t noticed and continued the show. I pushed Geeta’s legs apart and slightly bent her a little more.

Even in this position was able to watch Boss and madam. I loosened the back lace of Geeta’s blouse. I pulled the blouse done to her waist and started fondling her boobs. While I played with her boobs my dick occasionally touching Greta’s arse. She enjoyed the occasional kiss of my dick inside her arse.

Now Boss wanted to fuck. Since Shelly madam was tall, he wouldn’t be able to screw her standing. She bent down, placing her hands on the study table. Boss came behind her and placed his dick outside her hole. He cupped her boobs from behind and pushed his dick inside.

Meanwhile, I had inserted my dick inside Geeta’s pussy from behind. Boss rammed madam while I was banging Geeta. I saw Boss slowing down and realized he was leaking.

Since the action was over and no fun left, I pulled Geeta down from the table. I made her bend against the wall and again started thumping her from behind. I squeezed her boob while she moaned slowly. I made her raise one of her leg on the chair. Now my dick was going deeper inside her.

While we were busy in our act, I saw Shelly madam standing at the door, absolutely naked. Boss had gone off to sleep as he was tired from the exertion of fucking Shelly madam. I slowly took my dick out and made Geeta straight. We were standing naked in front of naked madam looking down at the floor.

She simply entered the room and walked towards the couch. She sat on the couch with her legs parted. I walked Geeta to her and made her kneel between the parted legs of Shelly madam. She bent forward on my instructions and started to suck and lick Shelly madam’s pussy.

Meanwhile, I inserted my dick inside Geeta’s pussy from behind. I placed my hands on Geeta’s hips and increased the momentum of my thrusts. Geeta meanwhile licked the pussy of Shelly madam which was wet with the sperm from Boss and her own juices.

Geeta stood up and went behind the couch. She reclined the backrest of the couch. Shelly madam was in an inclined position. I lifted her legs and made them wrap my waist. I slowly inserted my dick inside Shelly madam’s pussy. It went in easily as my dick and her pussy were both lubricated.

Mine was lubricated with Geeta’s juice and saliva. Geeta bent over Shelly madam’s head so that her boobs were hanging right above Shelly madam’s mouth. While I fucked Shelly madam she sucked Geeta’s boobs while having a threesome.

Now it was my turn to explode. I was fucking both of them together holding my self as much as possible. Since I wasn’t wearing a condom, I took out my dick from madam’s pussy. I pulled down Shelly madam down to the floor from the couch by her legs. I made Shelly madam take my dick into her mouth.

She tightened the grip of her lips around my dick and started giving me a blowjob. Geeta came over Shelly madam’s waist. Geeta inclined over Shelly madam and sucked her boobs. Geeta’s pussy rubbed against madam’s pussy.

Since both of them now had trimmed pubic hair, rubbing of the pussy tickled and kept them aroused. I caught hold of Shelly madam’s head, accelerated my thrusts, and soon exploded inside her mouth. My sperm overflowed outside her mouth and flowed down from the cheeks. Geeta licked the cum.

After Geeta was done with licking Shelly madam’s cheeks, she planted an open-mouthed kiss on madam’s lips. She sucked my cum from Shelly madam’s mouth. Now, the relation between me, Geeta, and Shelly madam wasn’t a secret. We now ducked each other whenever we got a chance.

I at times fucked Geeta when She was working in the kitchen, or Geeta would come into my room whenever she was horny. Shelly madam exercised naked when Boss wasn’t in the house. She used to run naked on the treadmill.

Guys, it takes a lot of effort to write sex stories, especially ones supporting erotic threesomes. Maybe the plots are planned but the sexual acts are real that I have performed myself. While I give so elaborate details for you to enjoy, I actually feel like having ‘suhAagraat in a stadium.’

However, your feedback justified the efforts that put in to write. Although I will prefer your comments on the site itself, you can also choose to email me at [email protected]

Let’s Do It, Again!

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