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My dream elder sister is Anushka Sharma. She is tough from d exterior but a real sweetheart when it comes to her inner feelings for me. I call her ‘didi’

Once didi was home with me helping out with my studies. She was always very strict about practising hard before a test or an exam, always personally looking at my study quotas n timetables.

That day didi was sitting next to me and helping me out with some equations. My eyes werent paying 070% attendance on the book. They were actually drolling on Anushka didi’s 34b breasts which were dangling from her low neck white tshirt! Didi was wearing a very mellow yellow colour bra.

She used to always wear such contrasting combinations with her tees n bras, today was no different. I was looking at her boobs from d corner of my eyes, whenever Anushka didi dint look at me. I could tell her wearing this amazing bra fully supporting her 34 b breasts, when the pen slipped of her hands n fell down, Di bent in front of me picking up d pen. I was so mesmerized by the sight of her milky cleavage n bra that i didn’t see Di staring at me after she took d pen up. She was looking at me with her angry eyes wide open.

Anushka di was staring at me like i had committed a heinous crime
She scolded me first with ” what do u think u were looking at? ”

I was shaking amd couldnt answer, she asked me again ” Answer where were u looking at when i bent down? ” this time wanting an answer. i mumbled ” uhhhh the pen ”

Di wasnt convinced and told me ” I know u were staring at my chest, u have been doing that from morning, and now even during study time u r constantly looking down my shirt. I apologized and said that it wont happen again, accelting the fact that she knew everything.

The conversation now was absent of any giggles n laughter n was more serious. She asked me a question regarding d equations, i couldnt answer. She asked me to write it down. I started writing, my hanx slowly moving towards d right where Anushka di had carefully placed her jugs on d table resting on top of d table. I was still horny when i saw that her boobs were rral close to my hand. I moved my hanr towards her left cup, but Anushka Di had anticipated this and as soon as my hand was an inch away from touching her soft bosom, she placed her hand in between n looked me shaking her head in disapproval. n told me to control n concentrate on studies…


Once Anushka Di was in a good mood than usual and i had been at my best too, not oogling at her bouncing boobs and keeping my arms away from her soft cotton breasts. Anushka Di wasn’t making it easy for me because she had told me last time that she knew i stared at her milky cleavage n try n touch her boobs.

Anushka Di was wearing a red tshirt which she had buttoned up at her neck and chest so i could not peep into her bosom even if she bent down in front of me. Her tshirt though was taking the tension of the closed buttons and there was admirable bulge on her chest, from which i could make her tshirt bra easily, but nothing beyond.

She knew i was rowing restless, and was trying to mock me by bending in front of me again and again but without any cleavage show which was making my dick frustrated.

Then Anushka Di cam close and sat next to me. We had a whole lot of time to kill that day as our parents were out. It was late evening and i was busy watching something on tv. She came to me and asked me what i was watching. I told her i was browsing the channels. She sat to my right, and asked for the remote, which was on the left. Before i could give it to her, she bent towards my left and took the remote from me carefully touching her breasts on my stomach. I could smell her whole body when she did this, hair, her perfume, I was going to grab her fruits hanging on her chest and crush them but i couldn’t cos she was my elder sister and had warned me on even Accidentally touching any part of her bosom. Strangely she was acting a bit slutty tonight and in the process in could see her ass crack with her black panties which she failed to hide even though her other hand was stretched on her back holding her tshirt back.

She then smiled and said while i was looking her back, she took the remote and was feeling victorious, I wasn’t complaining though cos i just felt my sisters beautiful 34b boobs and saw her ass crack and black panties. She was feeling hot so she unbuttoned both the buttons on the t-shirt and while doing so put her hand in front of my eyes telling me what that she was going to open her buttons and after she did that i wasn’t supposed to look at the gap and look at her bra.

I could feel my dick raising when her words came out of her mouth. She the n asked me to open my eyes, and told me to look strictly at her face. I did the same and stared at her face, my eyes wanting to look down. She told me that “hey u will not look down and watch the movie silently without touching me at all. I know u looked at my back, tell me what u saw otherwise get out of this room.”

I had to answer the truth again cos i dint wana go sit in my room alone and wanted to be with her in that room and smell her body even though i couldn’t look at it directly. I told her that i saw her fair back and black panties as also her ass crack.

“She then replied, just that u know they are cotton panties and i m wearing black colored bra underneath this tee.” I WAS shocked to her these words from her mouth. I could understand that she was testing my patience all the while looking at my eyes and i could see here sinister eyes back. we then watched tv until our parents came back and Anushka Di buttoned up her top and when she stood up she smiled at me with her hands on my face and told me that i was very obedient, and told me that i could stare at her ass while she opened the door.

6923">Anushka di is hot as hell, she has her long legs in tight jeans to flaunt and a sexy cleavage that isn’t vulgar but just arouses dicks in seconds! Being a tall girl she used to shy away from wearing shirt skirts due to the fear of having not only an up skirt but also a situation where her skirt could be just flicked by a horny guy at his will!!!

Once Anushka di was wearing a tube top!!! i couldn’t believe my eyes she must have bought it new i thought. Her huge boobs weren’t exactly fitting in the top with part of her breasts coming out trying to breathe! But Anushka di being SMART put a chest length jacket around it so that my hungry eyes wouldn’t get to gawk at her boobs!

We were at home, her age was 22 and I was just 18 when this incident took place. This was one of the many incidents I had with her that I have mentioned before.

She was wearing jeans to go with her look although i saw her pondering on to wear a skirt or not, when i saw her selecting her clothes before she went to bath. I had just walked into her room and i saw her temptation to wear her sexy frill skirt for once!

She must have thought that she could wear that at home at least, but when she saw me she immediately put her
skirt away from my feasting eyes and scolded me for entering her room without knocking. I went out n she had bath n changed into the tube top n jeans n chest length jacket.

Her figure was awesome!!! It got accentuated when she wore this top n jacket and her breast line was fantastic in that top round after a flat tummy i tried looking more at her breasts than ever before, searching for cleavage. She knew me and hence tried showing her back to me n never giving her front view. I was disappointed but i had determined that day that i would touch her soft meaty breasts come what may!

Throughout the afternoon i tried getting close to her oogling at that curve on her chest trying hard to get close n just feel them n touch them but wasn’t that lucky!! Anushka di got a call n was talking to someone on d phone when i went near her i was just teasing her when her hands cleared from her chest and i quickly slipped my hand inside her breast length jacket grabbing her right breast!!!! I knew Di wouldn’t shout as she was on d phone! so just snapped looked at me with her angry sexy eyes and tried removing my firm grip on her soft breast with her other hand, clamping my hand still firmer!! She put down the phone n ended d call and for that whole minute i had her breast firmly in my grip!

She slapped me on my face shouting my name asking why i was feeling so uncontrollably horny? Anushka Sharma told me i’m ur elder sister for gods sake y r u behind my boobs?? I told her i m a guy after all and being in the house with her whole day alone i couldn’t help notice her beautiful breasts and pure lust had taken me to grab her right breast. She told me that she had committed a blunder helping me look at her boobs which she thought wouldn’t let me into grabbing one of them! I apologized and she told me to go shag it off. I tried grabbing her and removing her jacket when she told this I grabbed both breasts while she was fighting and resisting me. I got her strapless bra out of her tube top!!!! But finally after another slap that I got I let di do and jerked off in front of her while she was looking with her angry n wet eyes.


My di Anushka Sharma was giving me lot of hardons everyday by her hot figure, her body hugging clothes, her constant cleavages, low waist denims and panty lines im those tight trousers and oh her bra straps hanging out of her top daily!! Even the old male servant working with us would drool at her breasts and hot ass!

She knew i was addicted to her body and needed cooling down so used to help me by bending down letting me take a wuick look down her top and even scold me if i took a step further! Her moto was ‘Look but Dont ever Touch!’ It wasn’t easy following that moto everytime and there have been times that i have brushed against her assets and ass and tried to grope her. The last time i did this i got a scolding so bad that i decided to fuck her once and for all!

First i stared at her constantly! She saw this and gave me a dissatisfied look saying “KITNA ghurega merko?” She was wearing tight yellow salwar kameez for a change but without dupatta her cleavage was obvious! She told me again ISS DRESS MEIN BHI DEKH RAHA HAI SALE KAISA BHAI HAI TU

I was shocked to see her language! Next day she was wearing a loose black Tshirt and black bra She was helping us clean my room whem i saw her bend down, i knew i couldn’t go near and gawk at her boobs but I was so gorny and desperate that i sent that old servant near her! saying “Chacha udhar pass mein jaake dekho!! idhar kya khade ho? Aisi Jawani baar baar dekhne nahi milegi”

He promptly went there and stood gazing down my sister Anushkas cleavage She looked up and saw his dick in d dhoti next to her neck and freakd!! I was touching my penis as I saw this!! But to my surprise she calmly told him that she didn’t need any help and continued showing her breasts to that SoB without trying to cover up!

I knew instantly she did all this to make me angry! i called that Chacha out of there n he went, Anushka di gave me a smirk as if my plan failed! i quietly said Bitch on her face and went from there

That night Anushka di was wearing a night suit with a jacket on covering her boobs but when she heard our door bell rang she removed her silk cover top and went in those noodle strapped cleavage showing nighty! Boiling my blood. It was r neighbor and boy was he shocked and his dick gave her breasts a salute. Bloody mr Ghotal I thought! lucky neighbor he wanted some form that dad had kept aside for him.

As soon as Anushka closed the door I tried looking at her breasts but she saw me and immediately covered up again showing me a thumbs down!!

The next morning I had it enough of her bullshit and was determined to grope and fuck her! And to my surprise she had worn a frill miniskirt with a full sleeved thin Tshirt. She wasn’t amused but said to me coming up to me – Today I m wearing my skirt and I don’t want ur eyes near the hem! And don’t u dare touch anything!

I knew she went overboard on her confidence n had committed an error! It was a ripple pink n white mini skirt accentuating her figure with Anushka di’s long legs standing naked! I was determined ready to rape her brains out and there she was like an easy hunt in that mini skirt which I could rip off her belly in seconds!

I was studying when I called her for help she saw my eyes at her breasts and thought at least i was adhering to her warning n not looking at her legs but with her arrogant attitude voice she asked
me ” KYA HAI??” I gave her the doubt and she solved it for me sitting next to me with one hand over her skirt her hear beating all the time in that blue full sleeved top i could see her breasts going up and down fearing that any moment i would touch her leg!!

She got up and i saw my opportunity her back was open and unguarded!!! I stood up immediately grabbed her buttock and pulled her short xown revealing her filmy white panties!! She screamed I horror and tried resisting! Her fighting grunts soon turned into cries but I wasn’t going to listen to the elder bitchy sister Anushka Sharma!!!

Her skirt was stuck at her feet when I ripped it off and tore it totally!! throwing it on my college bag

I Groped her breasts and tried pulling her top up! she looked back at me saying why are u doing this I Shouted at her ear cos u r playing with my dick too fucking much!!

I turned her to face me su was looming the other way I removed her blue top and kissed her sobbing face and wet lips! I could see that he panties were wet with fear and juices! I simply pulled it in my hand as it was very thin!! I played with her pussy which had almost no hair!!!

she was turning her face left and right trying to stop me from kissing her beautiful lips but i stopped her n kissed her!!!

next i threw her removing her strapless bra unbuttoning it in one shot!! She landed NAKED on my bed in my room.

I grabbed her nude body and lut my slippery penis inside her asshole
I gave a strong thrust and started FUCKING her brains out!!!! her screaming stopped!! she couldn’t give out any more voices

Fucked her ass for 3 mins and then turned her by her breast and her torso on my chest i licked her nipples and ate her boobs chewing her soft meaty breasts!

i then put my big rock Hard penis into her vagina and began giving her the fuck of her life!! She began sobering down from all the screaming and knew she had started enjoying it from her brother after all I wasn’t a stranger but her younger brother showing her Love!

She stopped me and apologized first for her behavior and said don’t let this beast of urs to die down ever!! and just french kissed me standing up!

i was having the time of my life now. @after FUCKING her i was feeling a bit tired to be honest she saw this and laid me down on the bed while she took my penis and swallowed it down her throat!!!

I finally ended up cumming in her beautifully sexy face and her venomous tongue was now kept v v quiet with my load!

We slept naked till d evening.

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Didi Anushka – Sex Stories

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