East of Eden – Sex Stories

East of Eden – Sex Stories

“Hey, hey beautiful.” Derek said entering Garcia’s lair.

“Hello my sweet chocolate bunny.”

“I forgot to tell you sooner that I brought that movie for you.” Derek said handing her the DVD.

“Ooh…James Dean…I’ll burn it and get it right back to you.”

“You know that’s a federal offense.”

“Pish posh. Besides, I already bought it once and it was stolen. It’s owed to me.”

“Oh, is that how it works?” He laughed. “Just don’t tell anyone where you got it when they lock you up.” He winked.

“As long as you’re slapping on the cuffs it’ll be worth it love.” She teased.


Garcia looked at the clock. Nine fifteen. God, this research was tedious. But she agreed to help Hotch so she would forge through. The team was staying late working on stacks of paperwork and she wasn’t going to look like the weak link. Still, a little background noise would be good. She went for her music when she saw the DVD and threw it in. She loved East of Eden.

She was lost in typing when she realized the movie wasn’t playing. She swiveled her chair and clicked the play button a few times. Just then an image played. She did a double take when it looked like a very different movie then she remembered. There appeared to be someone tied to a bed.

“What the…” She started as she squinted at the screen.

Suddenly, whoever was behind the camera hit the zoom until only the man in the bed was in frame. Garcia just about shit.

“Oh my GOD! Is that….”

Spencer Reid was tied to Derek Morgan’s bed. On any normal occasion she might find this insanely delightful as she jumped up and down giggling profusely at the gold mine she’d struck but there was something about the video, aside from seeing Spencer naked, an element that shocked her. Made her uneasy. She turned up the volume on the speakers.

Derek was saying something too quietly to make out but the tone of his voice sent chills down her spine. The slender man on the bed shivered and whimpered. Derek walked into view in only boxer briefs and knelt on the bed beside the young genius.

“Are you going to be a good little fuck toy for me tonight or am I going to have to hurt you again?” Morgan said in a low, menacing tone.

“Please. No. Not again. Whatever you want.”

“Then shut your fucking mouth and do what I say this time. Understand?”

The dark man reached out and stroked the younger mans hair letting his hand trail down his neck, chest, stomach, finally resting at his groin. He grabbed it hard, squeezing. Reid cried out.

“Please. Don’t.” He said in a terrified voice.

Derek jumped on top of Spencer straddling him and grabbed a handful of hair pulling his head back too roughly.

“Shut the fuck up! What did I tell you, huh?”

Penelope’s stomach turned. She knew about kinky love but this was something else all together. So brutal. So unlike her Derek. And Spencer looked genuinely frightened. There’s no way he would willingly engage in such abusive sexual activity. Would he?

Tears started to roll down the thin man’s cheeks and Morgan seemed delighted! He leaned down and licked the tears off his face before diving in and greedily taking hold of the young mans mouth with his own. Spencer let out a muffled protest trying to turn his head but his assailant held fast. When he pulled away, his captive let out a sob. Derek got up and pulled off his boxers. He climbed up Spencer’s body and nearly sat on his chest.

Penelope could feel a rush of heat flushing her body from the sight of the two nude agents but it was countered by a squirming nausea as she listened to her friend begging and weeping.

“No. Please, no.” He cried.

Derek pulled back on his hair once more bringing his cock to Spencer’s mouth.

“It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.” He said forcing his dick into the young mans mouth.

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The older agent groaned as he pushed into the hot mouth repeatedly causing the man beneath him to make horrible choking and gagging sounds.

“Mmmmm…that’s right Pretty Boy. Take it all! Suck it!” Derek demanded, pushing deeper.

Spencer thrashed against his restraints obviously in need of air. Finally, Derek pulled out and his small frame was racked by coughs as he tried to breathe.

“You’re fucking pathetic.” Morgan spat.

Garcia didn’t want to watch anymore. She wanted to turn it off and forget that she’d ever seen it. But it was like a train wreck. She couldn’t look away.

“Please! Don’t do this anymore!” Reid sobbed.

Derek slapped him across the face then grabbed him by the throat.

“What part of shut the FUCK up is so hard to grasp! When are you going to learn that your whining will only get you hurt! Some genius!”

He let go and Spencer gasped. Derek picked something up off the bedside table. A switch. He brought it up high and Spencer’s eyes squeezed shut tightly in anticipation. When the whip of sorts came down across his chest, he winced and stifled a cry. Derek picked up the pace whipping his torso repeatedly until the younger agent finally screamed.

“Do you want it?” Morgan asked.

Spencer lay there biting his lower lip, apparently to keep from bawling.

“Do-you-want-it!” he growled.

“Yes.” His voice came barely audible and shaky.

Derek smiled and put the whip down. He picked up something else and, flipping it open, revealed the blade of a knife.

Penelope tensed even more if that were possible and stared wide eyed at the screen wiping her tears away.

Morgan drug the knife across Spencer’s cheek and he trembled as the blade traveled across his vulnerable flesh. As the steel trailed over his chest and stomach his shaking became more violent. Derek ran the blade over his inner thighs and back up to his genitals. Reid sucked in a sharp breath holding it. This fear seemed to please the larger man and he laughed.

“Do what you’re told and I won’t have to cut you this time.”

He moved back up Spencer and severed the ropes at his wrists. He tossed the knife aside.

“Flip.” He ordered, reaching for a bottle on the nightstand and flipping it open.

Spencer’s slight, shaking form rolled, and he got slowly to his hands and knees. Morgan, all slicked up, got on the bed behind him, and kicked his legs apart with his knee. He positioned his generous length against the young agent’s tight hole.

“After this you’ll wish I HAD just cut you.” He said, grinning.

With that, he grabbed Spencer’s hips and thrust into him forcefully. The young man wailed as he was penetrated violently. Derek hissed before pulling back and plunging into him again.

Penelope watched in horror as her dearest friend pounded relentlessly into her little genius and he screamed over and over in agony. The older man reached around and started tugging hard on Spencer’s member. He bucked and whined as he was stroked off in a most vicious manner.

“Show me how bad you want it! Cum for me!”


Derek grabbed a handful of Spencer’s hair again and pulled it back roughly revealing the young mans pained expression to the camera.

“I said cum goddamn it! NOW!”

With that he fucked and yanked him harder, causing Spencer to wince, tense and let out a horse cry, his seed spilling onto the bed. Derek shoved him down flat into his own excretion and continued pounding into him as his captive sobbed into the mattress. Morgan bit down into his tender shoulder as he climaxed into Reid long and hard.

The video ended.

“Where did you get this?”

Penelope nearly jumped out of her skin whirling around to see Hotch standing behind her with daggers in his eyes.

“Hotch! How long have you…”

“The whole time. Where did you get this?” He ground out.


Derek was doing paper work at his desk when he was pulled roughly from his seat, focusing enough to see his assailant was his supervisor before being brutally assaulted by his fists. He took three hits stumbling back onto the floor, nose gushing.

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“Hotch!” Prentiss cried.

“Hotch! What the fu…” Morgan began yelling through his bloodied hand.

Hotch leaned down grabbing the front of his shirt pulling them face to face.

“Why! Why did he let you do that! Did you threaten him? Are you holding something over him?”

“Hotch, what the hell are you talking about? I didn’t do…”

“I saw what you did Morgan! I saw him beg you not to!”

Morgan stared at his boss incredulously as awareness suddenly dawned on him.


“Yeah, that’s right! Did you think no one would find out? Did you think you could get away with beating him? Raping him!”

“Woah! Hey! I would NEVER…”

“What the hell is going on!”

The men both looked up surprised as Spencer stood wide-eyed gawking at them with a tray of coffees in his hands.

“It’s okay Reid. Go to my office. He can’t hurt you anymore.” Hotch said angrily.

“What are you…”

“I saw it. The video. Saw what he did to you! It doesn’t matter what he has on you, you’re safe now.”

Spencer’s eyes grew huge and the blood left his face. He started visibly shaking. He lurched forward and set the drinks on a desk as he bent down next to Morgan to assess the damage.

“Reid! Get back!”

“Hotch! He didn’t hurt me! Get off him!”

“Reid, I know. I saw it. You don’t have to…”

“It was my idea!” Reid bellowed.

Hotch stared at his youngest subordinate disbelieving as Spencer pried his hands from Derek’s shirt and reached for tissues.

“What…why would you…”

“Are you okay?” Spencer asked Derek gently.

Derek sat up and held the tissues to his nose nodding with a wince. Hotch stood and his look of shock turned into a glare.

“Both of you, my office, now!” He seethed, walking away.

Reid entered Hotch’s office a minute later and shut the door.

“Morgan’s in the bathroom cleaning up.” He said softly.

Hotch stared hard at the young agent. Spencer cleared his throat nervously.

“Derek and I…we’ve been seeing each other for awhile now. Um, he…we…wanted to try different things and…so we started something…Fantasy Fridays…”

Hotch grimaced and looked away not sure he needed to hear anymore.

“Um, what you saw, that was me. My turn. It took me a long time to talk him into it. He only did it to appease me. It’s why it was on disk. He said he would never do it again.”

“Okay. I get it. I don’t need details.” Hotch said clearly disturbed.

Just then, Morgan walked in unsure of what to expect. He looked pissed, embarrassed and worried all at the same time.

“Reid, dare I ask why you would want to be subjected to that level of abuse? Aside from the fraternization rule, I have to wonder if you’re in the right mind to do this job when you can…desire…something that violent. Was it the Hankle case? Do you…”

“No! It’s not anything like that. I just…” Spencer swallowed thickly not sure how much he wanted to reveal to his boss considering what he’d already been privy to. “We tried the…um…kink? I found I liked it…rough. And I trust Derek. With my life. I was just curious…I’m not sick. I really just wanted to…”

Hotch waved his hand dismissively and shook his head. Spencer looked at the ground. He felt humiliated, guilty and ashamed. He glanced at Morgan.

“I’m so sorry. I never should have…” He turned and rushed from the room as Hotch called after him.

“Are we fired?” Morgan asked flatly.

Hotch looked at him for a moment before leaning back in his chair.

“Morgan, why would you ever go along with that?”

“Hotch, I’m not discussing my personal life any further. You know the truth. Now I need to know where we stand.”

“And I need to know where your heads are. Is there something more to this? Something I DO need to be concerned about?”



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“Look, I thought the same thing. We had a long talk and I can tell you that he was just curious. He read a lot about the subject of S&M and, as strange as it sounds, was obsessed with the idea of exploring the appeal. It was just one of those fascinating things he wanted to understand…experience. I agreed to do it one time. We worked out the whole thing and did it. He hasn’t brought it up since. Okay?”

Hotch nodded slowly deciding not to ask anything more for his own sanity sake.

“How did you see it?” Morgan asked.

“Garcia had it. She thought it was some James Dean movie.”

Morgan considered this for a moment.

“Then Spencer must have hidden it without me realizing…are we fired Hotch?”

Hotch rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“No. But the moment I see reason you two can’t handle it…”

“Alright. I assure you it won’t be a problem.”

“And Strauss can’t find out. You two were lucky none of this went down with anyone here. I’ll have Garcia take care of the video feed.”

“Fine. Strauss won’t ever know. Thank you.”

Hotch nodded again. “Sorry about before…I guess…”

Morgan shook his head. “It’s fine. I would have too if I’d seen that. But next time, could you give me the benefit of the doubt first?”

“Morgan, there had better not be a next time.”

This time Morgan nodded.

“You should go see about Reid. He’s probably…”

“Yeah. Thanks Hotch.” Morgan said walking out.

Morgan walked through the bull pen checking the break room with no sign of Reid.

“He went toward the restrooms.” Prentiss said a bit distraught.

Morgan looked over and saw her and Garcia approaching. He said nothing but headed for the lavatory. When he entered he heard Spencer’s ragged breathing and saw the far stall was closed.

“Spencer. Come out. We need to talk.”


“Spencer, come on. Get out here.”

The door opened slowly inward as Spencer came out, head hung.

“Look at me.” Derek said.

“It’s over isn’t it?” Spencer asked in a whisper.


“You’re angry with me. They all know. It’s over.”

Derek raises Spencer’s chin looking into his red-rimmed eyes.

“No. We have our jobs. And I’m not going anywhere Pretty Boy.”

Spencer searches his eyes with uncertainty.

“But what about…”

Derek presses his lips to the younger mans. The kiss deepens and becomes heated. Spencer gasps as a hand wraps around his throat and he’s pushed roughly against the wall.

“You did a good job covering. We’ll just have to be more careful.” He says in a deep, lust laden voice.

“But I…”

“I know you like the marks. We’ll just modify the restraints so they won’t see.”

Derek’s grip tightens on the slender throat as he grinds hard against the thin frame. Spencer chokes on a moan, half lidded eyes rolling back slightly in pleasure.

“You were very bad today. You shouldn’t have been so careless with our collection. You have to make it up to me. And it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to hurt. Bad.” Derek groaned in his ear as his lover shuddered and hardened against him.

“Please…” Spencer begged as he arched against Morgan.

“No. Not now. You have to wait. And if you cum before I tell you, I’ll really make you suffer.” He said huskily, rubbing the thin mans groin with his free hand.

“Mmmm…” Spencer whined as Derek’s tongue teased his lower lip before biting it.

“Ah!” He cried, and the older man clasped a hand over his mouth.

“You’re just begging for punishment aren’t you? Get your shit and move. I want you at my place in twenty.” He ordered pulling away, leaving Spencer breathless against the bathroom wall.

Spencer really did like it rough, and Derek made it hurt so good.

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East of Eden – Sex Stories

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