Encounter of an Indian Wife

We are from the Indian sub continent and enjoy reading sexy stories about slut wife, wife swapping etc. We have always enjoyed fucking (after few drinks) and thinking of fucking other people. My wife would imagine how she would like to be fucked by others. On my trips abroad I have bought sexy magazines where there are lots of wife stories which she reads regularly and masturbates during the day. She tells me about the stories after a few drinks and how turned on she was after reading them. I would ask her to show me how she masturbated and if she is totally drunk she obliges.

We have been married for about 8 years and have two children. She is 29yrs, very good looking and had done some modeling assignments during her college years. I am 34 years and physically (and sexually) very active.

We took a vacation this summer to Italy. We were in Florence (Firenze) and being Friday night we decided to go to a disco which was close to the Hotel. We had few Rum and Coke in our hotel room, my wife was slightly high and I asked her to go bra less and I told her let us keep our minds open to the prospect of making our fantasy into reality. At first she refused but after one more drink she removed her bra, she was wearing a t-shirt and a loose cotton pant. She did not put the t-shirt inside her pants but just let it hang loose so her lovely nipples were not very prominent.

We reached the disco around 10:30pm and being a weekend was pretty crowded. The thought of just her not wearing a bra and the prospect of her with another man was giving me a constant hard on. We paid for the entrance which included the first drink. The dance floor at the disco was not very large and at one end there was the bar area, close to the bar area were round tables where you could just stand and drink or sit on large stools. The disco was dimly lit. I went to get our Rum Coke while she sat on the stool. While returning I saw somebody trying to chat her up, she said something like no and he went off. I gave her the drink and after few sips she said somebody had asked her to dance but she refused. I said she should have gone, She said she was too nervous, anyway after the drink we went for a dance, my wife loves to dance while I do a few numbers am not too keen – I prefer my Rum.

While dancing my wife told me she was quite high and would not mind dancing with somebody else, hearing this I had a fantastic hard on. I said she should keep dancing while I go and get one more drink. After getting my drink I went to a table where I could comfortably see my wife dancing. The dance floor being slightly lower than the sitting area I could see her moving to the rhythm of the music. Soon I saw a young guy of about 22/23yrs without a partner dancing close to her. Soon they were facing each other, I went and sat in the darker corner but closer to the dance floor. I saw the guy said something to her, she looked towards where we were sitting before, she did not see me and just nodded her head. Then they were dancing together. The floor was quite crowded and he was asking her some things, since the music was loud they had to talk by leaning very close to each other. Though the music was fast there was a lot of touching. I had a raging hard on just thinking about my young wife flirting with this stranger. After few dances he said something and they came to the table and she sat down while he went to the bar. I went to the table and she said he had offered her a drink and she had Accepted, he had gone to get her a rum from the bar. Not wanting to spoil the fun I said I will get my own drink. I took longer than necessary. I went to an area where I can observe my wife without her noticing me. He was standing leaning against the table while she was on the stool, the were talking and were very close, sometimes he would put his arm against her waist and rub his cock against her thigh (as if he didn’t mean to do it)and say something in her ear.

After the drink they went for the dance again and from my vantage point I could see there was much more touching and occasionally he would touch her body with his cock as if by Accident. She would sometimes face her back to her and he would hold her waist and during the movement her ass would make contact with his cock, I could see a bulge on his jeans while I was just rubbing my cock on the stool and watching.

They came back and he went to get another drink, I went to her and asked if she wanted to go, she said he had gone to get her one more drink and told her I shall be around if she wanted to go. Again I got a drink and went to where I could watch her. He came with a drink and this time he put the hand around her waist and did not remove it, slowly as she was halfway through her drink his cock made contact with the side of my wife’s bum. His cock was pressed hard on her bum while they finished the drink.

It was by now 2:30am, almost closing time, as it happens in most discos the last half hour or so is dedicated to slow numbers, as the number came my excitement grew further. I got myself another drink went close to the dance floor towards the wall and sat in the corner hoping to see what I wanted to see. In the floor lots of couple were already heavily petting. My wife looked around but not seeing me held this guy’s hand and went to the floor. I know she was drunk by now. They were soon locked and pressed close together. Her braless tits pressed hard against his chest and his cock pressed firmly on her pussy. They were on the other end and I could not see properly which was a disappointment, I looked for a place where I could watch them more closely. But as the crowd grew the slowly got pushed towards the wall where I was sitting. As they came closer I could see she was resting her head on his shoulders while he was kissing her neck. His hands slowly went up and felt her tits from the side and she just held him tighter, they were both moving in slow fucking motion, this was too much for me I just wanted to go to the bathroom and masturbate. Instead I got up gulped my drink and went to get another one. When I came back I saw my wife was facing the wall and he held her from behind and his cock was deeply planted into my wife’s ass. I think I saw him put his hand under my wife’s t-shirt which was hanging loose and massage her pussy. I could not tell weather he had his hands inside her pants was just massaging from outside. In a short while he took my wife’s hand and had her put it behind on her ass then he grasped from outside and pressed his cock on my wife’s hand. His hand again disappeared inside her t-shirt and started massaging her cunt. I could see my wife moving her hand and stroking his cock through his jeans while moving her ass in a dry fucking motion.

It was now 3am and closing time, the music stopped and lights came on. I stayed were my wife could see me. She was totally flushed, he said something to her and went towards the toilet. She came to me grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the disco, she said lets go before he comes back. We went to the hotel and in the room she asked for one drink, she was already drunk. I poured her a drink and one for my self switched of the lights, except the bathroom lights, went to where she was having her drink and slowly started playing with her nipples, she lay on the bed and spread her legs breathing heavily, I felt her pussy and found that the pussy area her pants were completely wet. I removed her t-shirt and sucked her nipples and she had a mini climax. I removed my clothes and her trouser and drove ,my tongue straight into her clit, she just held my head and came gushing into my mouth, she just kept saying o my god, She had never come so much. After she came few times I entered her and didn’t last very long, but had one of the most powerful orgasm while she related how hard his cock felt and how much she wanted his cock inside her. Within a span of one hour I came thrice in her while she came countless times. We slept at wee hours of the morning, and again fucked twice after we woke up. We had to leave in the afternoon and were flying back to India from Rome.

This incident has now dominated our sex life and we fuck at least 5 times a week. Next time we might go all the way but we want to have such relationship with a couple where both partners can participate. Someday we hope to find that special couple.

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Encounter of an Indian Wife

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