Enjoyed With Most Gorgeous Jaya Aunty

Enjoyed With Most Gorgeous Jaya Aunty

In this part comes another and I think the most gorgeous of them all,Jaya Aunty.She was 35 yrs old and she had a figure that made me drool at the moment I saw her.The first meeting with her was at the temple.She used to come to the temple regularly,mainly in the Mondays.I saw her there one Monday as I also visit the temple and saw her talking with the priest.

Later I came to know from the priest that her husband was transferred from another branch to our office and she stays in our campus only.Since there was temple in the campus,she visited it.The priest also told me that she came to the temple for a special reason.She was married for 5 yrs but yet hasn’t conceived a baby yet.This was creating a problem for her with her husband and also in-laws.That’ why she was coming to the temple to do puja and pray for a child.On hearing this,I decided that she will be my next woman.

After that day,I saw her twice and thrice in the colony and was mad at her beauty.She was having a average figure and with everything intact and specially had a nice ass which I figured and soon determined that I will be one to enjoy it first.She saw me once or twice and then went one.She was having green colored eyes which made her more beautiful.One day when I was sitting with my mother and discussing something,the servant came and said-A lady wants to see you madam.My mother told the servant to bring the lady in and to my luck and supprise,it was none other than Jaya Aunty.She greeted my mother with a namaskar and my mother asked her to take a seat.She sat down and my mother introduced me to her saying-He is my son Arun and is presently studying B.com in the nearby college and She is Jaya who has recently moved to our front quarter.Her husband Abinash is in the Accounts department and is a colleague of your father.I greeted her with a namaskar and she smiled at me.Then mother said that She will be joining the ladies club and also wants to be a member in the Temple committee.

Then after that day,Jaya Aunty used to come to our house regularly to chat with my mother.Sometimes she also used to cook various recepies and bring them to our house.One day she came to our house and told my mother that she has performed a puja in her house and she is in search of a Brahmin to do some work so that her puja will be completed and she can break her fasting.But since the priest at temple was busy and couldn’t come,she asked my mother for help.My mother asked me to go to her house and help her put as we are Brahmins too.So,I went to her house and completed the rituals and she broke her fasting by drinking a glass of water.I said-Aunty,you need something more than a glass of water as due to fasting,you may feel weak.May be you should have some juice.She said-Yes,I will have the apple juice.It gives you energy.I said to myself-May be my satly nut juice would be better for you as it is full of vitamins and minerals too.She then asked me to have my lunch there and after having the tasty lunch,she asked me to sit and talk with her for sometime.

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We talked about various things in general and suddenly she asked me-Do you have a girlfriend? I said-No.She said-Why?Boys of your age normally have girlfriends.I said-Yes,they do.She said-Then how come you don’t have one?I said-May be I couldn’t find someone beautiful as you.She blushed and said-Oh come on.You are praising me for nothing.I said-No no,it’s a fact.Uncle is so lucky to have someone like you.So beautiful,so caring and where will Uncle find someone like you who fulfills his all wishes?She looked somehow sad and said-Well,I couldn’t fulfill his one wish.I said-Whats that?She said-He wants a child and I couldn’t give him one.I said-Why,don’t you want to be mother or don’t you like childrens?She said-No,I want to be a mother and also likes children very much.I said-Is there something wrong with your body then?She said-I am perfectly alright.I said-I cant understand then,what is the problem?She said-The problem is with Uncle.He cant give me a child.We had the tests done and it confirmed that he is unable to give me a child.I said-Why don’t you tell him that?She said-Typical male ego factor.He wont admit this fact and will accuse me of lying.I said-You have to do something Aunty,otherwise Uncle will accuse you only for this.She said- Thats why I am going to the temple and performing puja.

I said-Only puja wont do anything.I have a plan by which you will get pregnant and Uncle will be happy and no one else will know.She said-What plan?I am ready to do everything.I said-Ok,the plan is-You will get pregnant by me.She said-What? Are you out of your mind?How dare you talk to me like that?I will complain to your mother.I said-Ok,but think of one thing,If you don’t get pregnant,may be Uncle will divorce you and what will happen to you then?You will be punished for something which is not your fault.She suddenly calmed and said-But what are you saying is impossible.I said-Everything is possible.Just give me a chance.She said-Please give me sometime for this.I said-Sure thing.Let me know when you are rady.

Three days passed and Aunty didn’t have a word with me.One day,she called me suddenly and when I reached her home,she told me that she is ready.But it will remain a secret between us.I agreed to that.She said-Come to my house tonight and we will do it.That night in pretext of studying at friends house,I slipped from my home and went to Jaya Aunty’s house.She was ready and took me into the bedroom.When she closed the door,I immediately took her in my arms.She said-Arun,whats the hurry?I am your tonight.The whole night is there for us.I said-You are right Aunty,but we should start as soon as we can because having sex with you is the most wonderful experience I am going to have in my life and I want to enjoy every moment of it.She smiled and hugged me and soon our tongues were exploring each others mouth.I told her to get naked and she was fully naked in a minute.I said her-My god Aunty,Uncle is so lucky to fuck you day and night.I must say,you are quite a bombshell.She was having full sized big boobs and they were tight and firm and her pussy was covered with bush,not so dense.I asked her to trun around and I was just amazed to see her nicely shaped ass,to methe finest and beautiful than I ever had.

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I said-Now turn around Aunty and see this.I unzipped my pants and the huge cock was erect and hard.She was aww struck for sometime and said-Arun,your cock is quite big.How I am going to have it in my pussy?I said-Don’t worry.It will fit.Now get down in your knees and suck it.She said-NO,no,I have never done that and its dirty.I said-Nothing is dirty in the lovemaking game.Now do it.She got on her knees and started fondling my cock and then slightly kissed it.Then she massaged my balls and planted a kiss on it.I said-These balls are going to give you the semen you needed tonight Aunty.

She smiled and took my cock in her mouth.She satarted slow but soon picked up speed and I started moving myself forward and started fucking in her motuh by holding her head,pressed towards me.Soon I was verge of cumming and came hard.She tried to get away but I said-Drink it my love.Its the best juice you can get for your health and beauty.She swallowed all of it and I asked her to lie down on the bed.I was on her in a flash and sucked her nipples and presses the breasts hard.She was moaning and holding my head.Gradually I moved downwards and soon I had my face buried deep in her love tunnel.She was pressing my head towards her pussy and said-My god Arun,I never knew even these things exsisted.We just used to do it very plainly.

I said-Most couples do that Aunty.But sometimes a small change can make your love life very exciting.She said-Yes Aurn,I think I am cumming in your mouth.Ooh god,here I go,yeeeah and she came in my mouth.I lapped up the juice and soon positioned my cock in her pussy entrance.She said-Please be slow Arun,my pussy will hurt.I said-Don’t worry Aunty.I rubbed my cockhead over her pussy entrance and slowly pushed it inside.She screamed-Ooh god,it hurts.I began to press her boobs and slowly entered her.She was biting her lower lips and closed her eyes.Soon I was inside her and let her pussy accustomed to my cock for sometime.Then I started humping and she joined me.We both moved in unision.After sometime I asked her to ride me and she first declined but soon was in full flow while riding me.She screamed and came hard and rested on my chest.I flipped her sidways and humped her.After 30mins of rigorous fucking I cummed inside her and she joined me in cumming.I said-Its done Aunty.Now you are being impregnanted by my juice.She said-Yeah,I know Arun but to make sure,why don’t we have some extra more rounds?

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I obliged her by fucking her 2 more times in her pussy.We rested for sometime and when I woke up,it was 4am.I saw beautiful Aunty,sleeping beside me peacefully.She hada rough night and I still haven’t got what I had desired.So,I went to her pussy and started licking her Soon I was licking her pussy and asshole simultaneously.She woke up and said-What are you doing honey?Ooh my god,you are licking my asshole too.Its freaking.I said-You know why I am licking your asshole?She said-You want to fuck it too.Ooh my god no Aurn, I hardly could bear your cock in my pussy but my ass will never bear it.I said-Come on Aunty,I fulfilled your desire,wont you do mine?She said-But it will hurt a lot.I said-Sure it will,but for first time only.Then gradually, it will adjust to my cock.She was denying again and again but I was amadent and she gave away.Soon my cock was inside her ass and I fucked it.But I was only able to get halfway inside because she couldn’t bear the pain but I still satisfied my desire and cummed inside her ass.

We continued our relationship and soon she was pregnant.She and her husband were very happy.In due course of time she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and me with my family were invited to the naming function the child.Jaya Aunty named her-Ajaya and her husband said-Well,it’s a nice name.Aunty said-I took “A” from your name and added it to my name.Her husband said-It’s a wonderful idea.While talking to me in the following dinner,Jaya Aunty came to me and said-You know Arun,from whose name I took that “A”.I said-I know Aunty.She said-Thankx for fulfilling my desire.

I said-You took the “A” from my name and I got the “A(sshole)” I wanted from you.We are now even.She gave me a big smile.

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Enjoyed With Most Gorgeous Jaya Aunty

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