Erotic adventures of an Indian King who has to make a Palace full of Queens Pregnant!!

Erotic adventures of an Indian King who has to make a Palace full of Queens Pregnant!!

It all started when I had just made love to my third queen and was recovering my breath next to her hot sweaty body and my own manhood limp, dripping with our combined juices slowly diminishing in size. My personal assistant knocked on the door and I adjusted our clothes and let him in.

He bowed with his eyes twinkling at our condition and said humbly.
“My Lord! There is an urgent message from King Namarda, our immediate neighbour, which deserves your immediate attention”
I sighed and asked him to wait in the next room and I will follow him. Namarda was my father-in-law’s brother who ruled over a prosperous state next to my kingdom and we were very close. My assistant gave me a silken letter, which summed up the issue as follows:

Due to a voodoo spell cast by his enemies, his kingdom faced a humanitarian crisis. Strangely all men in the state had lost their libido and turned impotent.

It was shocking and ALL men had fallen into this spell or disease, God knows what. As his kingdom now faced a shortage of soldiers due to a recent war this crisis could not have come at a worse time. The King implored me that at least in the next twenty years a formidable army of men and women has to be formed and the time for action was now. The action he suggested was strange but fascinating indeed.
I was to go over to his kingdom as a saviour and my mission was to ‘impregnate’ as many women as I could in the next couple of months starting from his queens, princesses and womenfolk of the Ministers’ and Army Commanders’ families. I gasped at the audacity of his suggestion and the implications therein.

The letter continued, I would be provided with a private luxurious palace with all royal facilities and I was free to choose any woman at any time and place for making love without any protection and come in their wombs till one day she got pregnant.

I sat down, my mind in a whirl at the possibilities this invite threw at me, on one side this was a man’s wildest dream, and on the other were moral and social implications in my family.

I convened a meeting of all my queens and put the issue of producing ‘issues’ in the next kingdom to them. The ladies thought long and hard, aware of my royal duties, argued and consulted each other, but my second Queen, Sheena whose uncle was the King of a neighbouring state, prevailed on all of them that it was my royal duty to protect and foster her uncle in this distress, they all gave me the green light and with a thumping heart and my manhood secretly jumping in joy in my jocks at the awesome possibilities and delights that awaited me in the next few months, I agreed to this ‘ mission’ and sent message to the king to arrange ‘everything’.

Ch. 2: Arrival to Carnal land

I arrived in my silver chariot drawn by four powerful horses, covering the road in three hours on a hot afternoon. It was at the entrance that I saw King Namarda with all his family members present to welcome me. He hugged me warmly at the door and his first Queen, Jyothi, a luxuriously built woman of voluptuous proportions, in late thirties clad in gold brocade sari arrived with laughing eyes and sprayed me with perfumes, a sign of welcome.

My mind immediately recorded her charming body structure and disposition and chose her to be my one of earliest mates. The second Queen, Sonia, a charming woman in thirties came near me, her superbly formed breasts in silver bra and her sweet swollen hips rhythmically swinging in her gait, clad in matching silver embroidered dazzling sari approached me and garlanded me with jasmines.

I rubbed her smooth soft arms languidly when I bent my head to accept the garland and could not help but stare lewdly at the her deep V of the bra and the soft-nippled breasts hidden therein. She had an intoxicating perfume about her that got me. On the way to the capital I saw that almost all the women gathered on the streets cheering me on, no doubt happy about my arrival to take care of them all.

Men were almost non-existent there and probably hiding behind the doors, overcome with shame at their state. The excellent thing about the women of this kingdom was that they all belonged to Padmini type of women categorised in the Kama Sutra.

The chief features of Padmini women are that they are tall and have dark long hair, their teeth are pearl white, well formed, have sweet breath and sport small red lips, they have sweet body odour, usually have well rounded soft thirty-eight inch breasts or above, their necks are superbly formed with delicate smooth skin and very erogenous to touch. The waist is small but soft to touch and they have clear skinned buttocks full of soft muscles and smooth as silk. The yoni (pussy) is like a well formed lotus flower, pink inner lips, always wet with her sweet pungent juices like dripping honey, soft petal like outer lips, small cherry shaped clitoris. With these thoughts no doubt bringing my cock up with hot lusty blood flooding my organ, balls tightening, cock itself bobbing softly in my loose robe unhindered by any shorts, I entered my private palace and moved closer to my mission that awaited therein.

Ch. 3: The bodyguard

The interiors of the palace were tastefully decorated and I was seated on a throne with silken cushions and windows were open to a large swimming pool and a lovely garden with flowering and fruit bearing trees.

The breeze was cool and the setting was apt for the ladies to make their presence felt, but it had to be the king, Namarda himself who came over and sat near me and spoke thus: “Oh, King Kamasutran, thanks from the bottom of my heart for acceding to our strange request. In the following days I hope you will enjoy our hospitality and the ladies will only make your stay worthwhile, so ‘Serve and be served’! If there is any thing other than the beautiful women, who will be at your beck and call, that you need of me, please do not hesitate. One word of caution though; my enemies who are responsible for this despicable crime of turning our men impotent may attack you as you are the only impediment to their conspiracy now. I deploy my most trusted and competent Bodyguard, again a woman, named Sahana to be with you always,” he coughed, “Even during the most private moments when you are copulating, as attacks could come at any place and hour. I hope you will accept these arrangements as they are fully thought out and mutually agreeable, especially after you meet Sahana in person.”

He called out, “Sahana” and lo! She appeared out of the silver curtained doorway. I must say I have been blessed to seen many women as a king myself, but Sahana’s first vision took my breath away.

She was at least six feet three tall, brownish black in complexion and powerfully built. She had the mild demeanour of a virgin and hidden power of a cheetah. She was breathtakingly fascinating, a combination of beauty and brawn. She was wearing a close fitting gown, which was open at back and midriff. Her face was supremely calm with confidence and her watchful eyes were naturally black. Her neck gleamed with a shining black skin and her breasts, hardly concealed in her tight blouse, were at least each a ripe papaya fruit size. Her bare midriff had tight smooth abdominal muscles with a deep but small navel. Her buttocks were ample and well rounded and her thighs were superbly built with strong muscles and her legs were long and appropriate. She approached me, her walk like almost animal like, strangely mesmerising. She bowed with a quick bend of her waist and took my hands in her honey brown palms firmly and kissed it softly.
I was thrilled. Well, she had a body that needed guarding, not mine!

“At your service, day and night, your majesty,” she said softly with a firm voice.
“So am I,” I said and gave a wicked wink, which did not go unnoticed.
‘Sahana’ meant patience in local language and I thought it was apt for her. She gave a slow smile, nodded her head, and took position on my right, which was to be her position, as I gathered for the next few months, day and night!
“The ladies will soon appear and you can discuss with them, if you have a plan of action ready on their roles and, ah, their individual timetables.”
So saying the King gave a wicked smile himself, bowed to me and departed.
There was a flurry of activity near the doors and Sahana gave a slow sigh and said to me, “There they come.”
I nodded and got up to receive my beautiful visitors or rather the hosts themselves!The ladies who entered my chamber were all Queens of King Namarda and had come to see me and get acquainted. All of them were dressed in the most exotic of the royal robes and saris and jewellery and leading the pack was the voluptuous First Queen Jyothi.

She bowed to me and softly kissed the back of my hand with her soft red lips. Her neckline was deep V-shaped and it revealed her heavy bosoms and their rounded contours. All of them took turns to introduce themselves to me by their names and where they hailed from.

Jyothi, the First Queen, was yet to conceive at thirty-three years old considered herself the most suitable candidate for an early pregnancy. She requested me, with mischievous eyes, to give her the maximum opportunity and time and that she would serve me well too. She was about six feet tall, fair complexion, with soft chubby features, laughing eyes and her assets were the envy of all other queens, with her soft rounded boobs, pink lips, soft waist, well rounded hips and strong and luxurious thighs. Her eyes were brown as honey and her hair was long in her plaited tresses and touched the backs of her knees.

The second queen, Anu, was dark and robustly built with flaring hips, more wide than rounded, with strong dark arms like that of trained warrior, thirty-six inch well hung tits and dark twinkling eyes.

Looking at all these beauties, and listening to their pleas for fertilising their wombs at my will, did my cock no good, which was rearing its head in the silken loin clothes, pre-semen wetting the fronts. I was still seated on the cushioned throne and my hands could no longer remain idle and crept up the thighs of my bodyguard who stood at my right. She sighed deeply, as unknown to the queens in front, my palms traced the soft backs of her dark knees, crept up the silken thighs, scratching erotically with my fingernails all the way up, that raised goose bumps, and slid beneath her panties and felt up her big buttocks, which were cool and soft to touch. My fingers roved all over her bum cheeks, my sharp fingernails scratching the soft, sensitive skin at the junctions of her thighs mercilessly, making her squirm and gurgle in erotic pleasure even as she stomped her strong feet and suffered silently not to be too noticeable. This sly under cover game was too sexy for either of us to resist.

Sonia was in front of me, saying that she loved cunnilingus as contrasted to Anu who loved getting her butt eaten. My cock did a lurch as she showed her wet pouting nether lips and told me how she would love to blow me in the mornings after a draining night of sex.

Sahana was my bodyguard and I was her master. She could not oppose any of my actions and could just glare at me with mischievous and a little shamed eyes as my probing fingers in her silken crotch increased her misery just a little bit as they tried to bury themselves to the knuckles in her lubricated soft cave.
My other hand was not idle either as Jyothi had moved to my left now and was standing there as I was still seated. She had probably noticed the sly movements of my right hand on Sahana and wanted a bit of action herself. My left hand touched the soft bum cheeks of Jyothi and squeezed them before tracing the hidden crease between them moments later. Jyothi sighed “MMMMM” or some such gibberish, which were no doubt signs of delight and wriggled herself closer for better manipulation from me.

My right hand on my bodyguard now pulled her soft puffed up outer lips of her big yoni apart with forefinger and thumb and squeezed each juicy lip between my fingers pulling them gently down. My fingers revelled in the lush scented growth of her pubic hair entwining in them and pulling on them.
The Queen on the left had deliberately schemed to come without any undergarments below the silken sari and my hands delighted in the yielding softness of her buttocks as they surreptitiously slipped beneath the silken edges of her clothes. My middle fingers parted the bum cheeks and slipped into her now juicing Queen’s chamber!! Her mature thirty-three year old cunt would make any Padmini type woman go green with envy as it was supremely beautifully formed with womanly honey oozing from desires of her womb. My forefinger slipped into her royal passage, which no man other than her husband had any right to see or touch, and tested the water that sprang from within.

She sighed and moaned, “Ahhhh..UmrFffff,” with uncontrolled pleasure at my fingering of her juicing interiors. My cock was hard as an ebony ruler and I had to, well, to cut the crap, and fuck now!

I announced this intention to the group, saying “Dearest, the First Queen due to her seniority deserves first service and I will soon be giving you all a real timetable for our coupling sessions and we can share time together to mutual pleasure and satisfaction”.

The other ladies left eyeing the First Queen with unmasked jealousy at the privilege she was now bestowed with. This left me no doubt as the combustible combination this group would make in the days to come.

Talking of come, Sahana had come plentifully; her long starved and denied body disobeying her resolve and her acrid flow was trickling down my palms as my left fingers now pulled playfully on the well developed and excited clitoris of Jyothi. Both women were gasping and moaning with unbridled lust and it was all I could do to keep my bodyguard at arm’s length as I had to attend to the needs of royal womb first to fulfil dictates of my mission. So I pushed my bodyguard away, slipping my wet fingers out of her juicy hot yoni, telling her to guard my body as I had to attend to the Queen’s passionate demands to ‘do’ her just now.

Sahana regained her composure and moved about six feet away with dignity and my appreciation for her astute behaviour grew several folds. She will get her chance too, the poor neglected dear and I will make it unforgettable for her.

Jyothi had stood up and unashamedly undressed before me and Sahana, slipping out of her golden brocaded silk sari with ease and stood in just a brief bra, which was straining to control her royal boobs in its confines ineffectively. I ripped it off myself, and the sound of a rich silk bra tearing away came as Queen Jyothi was moaning with expectation as I embraced her glowing angelic fair skinned body with aching passion. I kissed her red juicy lips with abandon and her warm hand ripped away my silk robes and left me with just my loin cloth with my cock making a prominent projection of eight inches in front.

Her hands lost no time in releasing my bursting cock from its confines and my cock head savoured fresh air and bobbed up and down between us, happy to be out for action. I crushed her soft bum cheeks in my hands drawing her hot groin for closer contact with mine. My hands moved up her lush sides and finally cupped her milky boobs with their semi erect brown nipples, her areolae showed up with their dark wide circles full of goosebumps and my fingers teased the area lingeringly.
My mouth pulled away from her soft lips with a lingering slurp and my head dipped to her majestic chest and took her healthy endowments of breasts in the warmth of my mouth, softly sucking on the outer skin and teasing the undersides of those yummy tits with sharp fingernails.

She moaned, “AHHHHH.MMMMMM” pitifully, and her gold-ringed hand gripped my ruler hard with her thumb moving to my sensitive tip and smearing the pre-cum all over its bulging head. She was too good for a quickie and I just thought it would be wonderful to hump her inside the golden royal bath tub with scented water and rose petals kept just a yard away.

She was anxious for quick action, but agreed to my suggestion that underwater humping heightened erotic pleasure many folds. It was all I could to tear myself away just enough to run to the golden bathtub, asking red-faced Sahana, my bodyguard to follow suit. We ran, The naked Queen with her womanly secretions dribbling down her soft plump thighs, her brown nipples hard with hot blood and my own cock swaying up and down…

Ch. 5: A Queen Under Water

The royal bathtub was a beautifully engraved golden vessel shining in sunlight percolating through the curtains. Filled with rose petals, and other eastern perfumes planned to entice and heighten erotic pleasure of the bathers, it was too inviting on this humid day to ignore for long. The Queen and I jumped into it, splashing around for a couple of minutes before cavorting with each other, grabbing each other’s wet limbs. Hands and mouths flew everywhere savouring the joys of willing and inviting flesh.

I made the Queen sit on the edge of the tub with her thighs flat and legs loosely hanging down. I grabbed a bar of soft soap and applied it all over her superb chest, over soft tiers of her waist flesh and thigh sides. She leaned back, water dripping all over, her flesh broke out in goose bumps as a strange man’s hands handled her delicate parts with both desire and force. Her nipples looked yummy enough to eat from the angle I was at and my cock made small waves by bobbing up and down in the water at this happy sight. I grabbed hold of the sides of the bath tub, pulled her near, and started munching on her turgid dark left nipple.
“UMMMMMMAHHHH”, she moaned grabbing my head to her chest and her other nipple almost bored a hole through my cheeks as my head got crushed on to its softness. My hands roamed soapily on her marble smooth wet thigh muscles and probed her pleasure chest between her parted thighs. Her grotto was wet with her silky pubic hair a curled bunch hiding her prominent yoni lips.

I parted her thighs all the way and applied my lips to her warm wet pussy now. All the while, Sahana, my bodyguard stood guard witnessing my amorous activities, obviously too excited and riveted to do anything else but stare open-mouthed. Sahana’s desire was slowly getting better of her as my lips and tongue lapped up the Queen’s red juicy pussy right in front of her eyes. My excited bodyguard huffed and puffed, her legs crossed and uncrossed but I knew her salila (pussy juices as in Kamasutra) welled up without restraint, staining her front of the skin tight silk shorts where a wet patch grew in size.

Jyothi was extremely restless now and muttered, “Oh King Kamasutran… You are a God’s gift. My own husband in all these ten years never enjoyed sex with me thus. Please fuck me without delay and fill my parched dry womb with your hot seed.”This was too much to hear and keep silent. I stopped munching her puffed up moist pussy, pulled her delectable aching body into water and into the middle of the arc formed by my legs under water. Her pubic hair entwined with mine as my fat hot cock now explored the gates of her leaking pussyhole which was gifted by her own husband to me.. The last of the inhibitions if any flew out of those curtained windows as the eager Queen pulled my long brown uncircumcised cock into her cosy soft wetness.

I allowed my self to sit back balancing her on my thighs as she now bounced up and down on my rigid manflesh. Her tits now bounced up and down in front of my lecherous eyes and I used the time to tease those turgid hot tips with my lips and caught them between my teeth causing her to moan with unbridled kama (Sexual desire) and the bath water all but emptied out in our passionate race for fulfilment. My hands now lifted her soft body from around her waist grinding the groins back vigorously so that the full length of my manstick probed her queenly interiors with abandon.

The soft fucking sounds of a hot manhood beating the cunt into pulp made noises like, “Chakkk, Thachakk, Paschacakkk lochakkk,” and so forth.
These soft squishy sounds of cock and cunt in busy union made my bodyguard, Sahana gasp out loudly some obscenity, grind her teeth , her dark lissom hands now between her strong thighs , squeezing the excited pubic mound helplessly trying to stop electric climaxes that gripped her. The sight of erotic happenings was too much for her, much the same as it was for Queen Jyothi and me.

I took us both out of bath, rose petals and perfumes and all, out on the glittering marble floor of the palace and climbed between the succulent thighs of the queen, my rearing manhood entering her juicy quim like a hot knife into a slab of butter. I slapped her thighs loudly, my slap eliciting a guttural moan from my partner as smell of sweet sex filled the air and my body guard’s nostrils flared up in appreciation of the heady smell..

I powered my cock down into the royal confines of Jyothi beating down my waist without respite pounding her soft receptive body like it was made of cushions. Water mingled with sweat due to our passionate exertions and trickled all our bodies, pounding on the floor below. I continued my lusty assault on her wet eager pussy with my hungry cock as our senses raced to uncontrolled heavenly pleasure. My testicles met her matted wet pubic hair and the scratching tickling sensation due to this sweet friction almost brought me over the edge. King Namarda could have been blessed to have her as wife,C but the pleasure of her beauties gifted to me thus was no less a blessing. I thought wryly, that his impotency had turned into my boon.

As our hot fucking on the marble floor heightened to a heart stopping race, I finally felt my royal balls fill up, testicles tighten and cum fill up like injection fluid in a syringe. Queen Jyothi was out of this world now her Padmini body bathed in the bath water and sweat exerting that final bit as her superb waist met mine at each step up and down making soft flesh-slapping sounds. Her moans had turned into whispers and sighs as the final climax hit her, her body stretched to full glory her tummy muscles collapsing in spasms her as her womb milked her salila out of her.

I came unbearably at the same time, seeing stars in front of my eyes as I collapsed in a heap on her wonderfully satiated soft cushioned body. My hot seed drenched the receptacle of her womb filling her and spilling and trickling like milk droplets out of the sweet junction of our organs.

I saw from the corner of my eyes, as I rested my cheeks on the sweaty soft tits of the queen below, that my bodyguard Sahana also had climaxed copiously wetting the front of her shorts. She now clutched a marble pillar near by, her dark shapely legs encircling the stone even as her crotch pressed rhythmically onto it rhythmically. Her sword in its sheath had slipped past her bare shoulders and fallen down on the floor below and she could not care less in the throes of passion. Whether this was a slip-up in her duties on my security, I could not say as I saw no threat to any part of my body other than my cock right then! My cock safely nestled like an innocent puppy in the cosy warm confines of the First Queen Jyothi’s accommodating womb, doing its bit to fertilise her eggs.

Ch. 6: The Animal Woman

After this long arduous lovemaking, I had a couple of hours of rest. When I woke up Sahana, all smiling with the glow of her newly found womanhood showing, fed me with diet of fruits milkshakes and aphrodisiacs laced in sweet liquor. After this heady refreshment, Queen Anu announced her presence and came in to my bedchambers.

Anu was ‘Mrigini’ type woman according to the Kama Sutra, meaning animal-like in her body and behaviour. She was clad in a grey silken robe and sleeveless blouse with deep V-neck where a big diamond necklace nestled between her rounded globes of her black skinned breasts. She was dark complexioned, almost charcoal black, built like a warrior princess which indeed she was, I came to know that later, but sultry and full of hidden lust in her salacious eyes.
She came to me with a warm smile, bowed to me, kissed my hands, and her hands lingered in mine as she addressed me, “Oh dear King, I have been left uncared-for in this vast palace without my basic instincts getting their due. Please bless me with a baby from your fertile seeds. In copulation, I like getting fucked from the back like a buffalo and having my arse chewed on.”

Thus speaking she knelt before me, took my now rampant cock from within the silken robes out onto her palms, cuddled its hefty stem, and scratched on its sensitive tip making me jump in bed and moan in unbridled pleasure.

“Oh you lusty wench, I will show you how she-buffaloes are treated in bed,” I said and drew her up to me and simultaneously attacked her silken robes with both hands and ripped them away.

It was my turn to gasp at the exposed black lush treat of her body. She was big and very well endowed in all departments. Her body was dark and soft with exciting contours softly swaying as she breathed fast. Her tits were natural mammaries that could be found on well fed farm buffaloes with wide flaring areolae and inch long nipples that stood out like bullets. Her tummy was full and curved with sweet dark flesh with a deep navel. The highlight was her hips; they were big womanly bum cheeks, dark soft and rounded like pumpkins, with a deep furrow that disappeared into her pubis. Her mound was soft and lifted up in a pout with surprisingly sparse hair. My hands cupped, caressed her firm hips, yards of her legs and thighs before softly exploring her womanhood that was itching to be had.
My bodyguard, Sahana was again in her normal position, next to me, watching us with avid eyes, lightly sweating as her own cunt reacted undoubtedly to the visual titillation, and she secreted silently. She wetted her lips, crossed her legs, and moaned silently beneath her breath.

As action intensified between me and Queen Anu, I bent the Queen over in front of me, her wide flaring buttocks spread in front of my aching manhood, my hand firmly pushing her back down and drawing her near to cause a sweet union. My hot cockhead probed her bum cheeks snaking its way to her well puffed up lubricated pussy and nestled at the gate, begging entrance.

Anu humped her well endowed hips back into my waist causing sweet mating as my cock slid easily into her spacious eager wet pussy cave. Her outer lips covered the sides of my cock stem, as the cockhead sunk deeply in the hot oily oven of her womb. I stood up half kneeling half sitting to have maximum leeway to fuck her properly, my waist softly slapping her dark hip cheeks as I pumped in and out of her lubricated cunt case. Pushed back she did grunting and moaning with frenzy like a buffalo in heat; sweat poured out on our backs as we screwed each other milking hotly contesting for a satisfying climax. I grabbed her hair from behind and strode on like a horseman in action. I pulled her hair back straining her neck as she redoubled the speed of mating with wet slick sounds of “Splaotch, Slatchhh,” and supple organs in full steaming heat as I plunged my hot cock in and out of her succulent juicy big buffalo pussy from behind my upper thighs slapping her bum cheeks hard in regular drum like rhythm. My cock shining with our combined juices slipped in and out of her ever soft pussy like a piston in high speed making her spill her salila all over the thighs and floor below.

Our hot and vigorous mating did no good to the watchful Sahana who had to silently bear the torment, as her own womanly instincts reacted naturally to the happenings, and she stood wetting her lips, occasionally squeezing her plump tits, and an odd hand slipping down to test the temperature of her own steamy womanhood.

Anu was barely in her senses driving herself and me like bulls in heat as we mated gloriously with straining cock and juicing pussy. We came like a torrent, raining our cums in her spacious receptacle of womb, hoping to hit the bull’s eye, pregnancy, in the first attempt. Anu had her arse cheeks eaten by me soon and I bit and sucked and probed her dark bunghole lasciviously with my fingers tongue and teeth.

“UMAHHHHH. ARRGHHHH”, she screamed as she came and came when I bit her arse hole and pussy lips both simultaneously.
The only dissatisfied soul, though not entirely, in that room was my poor bodyguard, Sahana who had no doubt come herself many times watching our unbridled coupling.

Ch. 7 Sonia blows Hot and Cold with our King

After satisfying our mutual sexual urges thus, I and Anu slept with our sweaty naked bodies rubbing against each other, her silver anklets scratching my thigh flesh, her golden bangles occasionally raking my back when we turned sides, our groins wet and humid from the exertions that had completely drained us.
Soon after my early morning ablutions, Queen Sonia came to see me, obviously because she had yet to open her account with me yet. She was dressed in a seductive golden brocaded red silk sari that highlighted her fair complexion and set off her luxurious figure very well. Her ample bosom was barely hidden in a matching red blouse with low V- neck and bare back with just a strap on, struggling to uphold her heaving mammary globes that shook ever so seductively in her gait.

After the usual salutations fit for a King and Queen on such occasions, Sonia explained to me her amorous scheme on how we were to spend that morning. It is infinitely better explained as it happened than just recalling her words.

Queen Sonia slowly embraced and kissed me with wet sweet smelling lips while her slender hands traversed my loins tracing each inch before clutching my rampant royal prick with a firm clasp. While her breasts felt heavenly mashed against my bare chest, my hands slowly unbuckled her blouse and out sprang two of the most beautiful breast specimens my eyes had ever the privilege to see on a woman’s body. It was not just the size or colour but the overall beauty of the breasts as an entity. They were of course big like ripe watermelons, with wide pink areolae and tender looking smallish nipples. Small goose bumps formed immediately over her areola as my fingers caressed the stalk of her nipple evoking a lusty growl from her twitching lips.Soon we had all but ripped our clothes away and were standing bare naked in the middle of the palatial living room breathing heavily with unmitigated anticipation. Only the chirping of birds outside in the garden was the other audible sound then. Sonia knelt in front of my groin and tenderly caressed my upstanding manhood with smooth palms and scratched the under-surface with her polished fore fingernails from the tip of my swollen cock to the sac of balls ever so slowly sending electric shivers that shook my body.

She had asked for a bowl each of perfumed ice-cold water and boiling water, that lay ready next to her thighs on the floor. She swallowed one mouthful of ice-cold water and quickly swallowed my cock into her mouth still full of chilled liquid. I yelled as indescribable sensations raked my body from the tip of my cock to the entire being, breaking out as goose bumps all over. Sonia moved her mouth up and down my majestic cock leaving me squirming in the standing position. It was too much. I gasped with relief when she spat out the chilled water to the side. But the action was far from over.

She now swallowed a mouth full of hot water from the other bowl and sucked my cock into her mouth. The sudden change in temperature of water made me yelp again and I almost exploded then. Barely controlling myself as she massaged my cock with hot water thus, I enjoyed the soothing sensations, as my cock grew even longer and harder if that were possible. I would barely relax with one type of water when she would switch from cold to hot and hot to cold keeping my cock and me in a state of extreme lusty rage that was building up as a crescendo in me like a volcano.

I was to learn later that this technique besides heightening sexual expectations during foreplay also makes testicles produce more fertile semen ready for ‘coming’! After all, I was to be her impregnator! Fuck her I did, soon, all over spilled cold and hot water bowls on the bare floor like a demon possessed, ravaging her soft yielding pussy, hammering away incessantly with my throbbing prick. She was moaning and thrashing her body around on the floor as unbridled passion shook her body in spasms like waves on a beach during high tide.

I took her two soft buttock globes in my palms lifting her up so that my majestic cock pounded her deeper into her womb as if I wanted to fertilise her then and there on the first round itself! We spent blissfully, clutching each other’s heaving sweating bodies, my cock shooting out a million sperm inside her waiting hungry twat, which clasped me and left spasmodically in tandem with mine.

Sahana, the bodyguard who had gone out for a small errand was not a witness through out but saw the explosive climax as soon as she entered through the doorway, even her dark skin blushing and turning shades of red as her seductive eyes took in all the ‘juicy’ details of our union…

Ch. 8: The journey with my bodyguard

The next day, the invite from King Namarda came to the HOLI festival with the need to travel to summer palace where joyous erotic celebrations would be held in memory of the deity Kama, as in the Kama Sutra. I had the privilege of entertaining all the royal women at the same time and the bonus was my own queens would be coming over too making it a big all-women-party.

The next morning Sahana came all smiles and told me to come out and as the transport was ready. It was a gold plated horse carriage chariot, courtesy of my host, drawn by two white horses. The cabin was located such that it was exclusive to the travellers as the charioteer was seated separately outside. That meant Sahana and I were going to be alone in a six feet by four cabin for the duration of journey, which was some thing like four hours.

My cock twitched in anticipation as we climbed on to the cabin and closed the glass windows and drew the yellow and blue silk curtains. Sahana was seated on the seat opposite the journey and mine began, the cabin shaking with the rhythm as horses pulled us along the countryside. Sahana was wearing a short black kirt and white bra like blouse, which showed much and hid little. She was smiling at me in a wicked way occasionally adjust the sling on her shoulders that contained the sheath of her sword meant for my protection. She slowly parted her awesome sculpted muscular shining dark skinned thighs to reveal her mound of womanhood, as she was wearing nothing underneath. She would cross and uncross her legs, her shirt riding over the smooth and strong contours of her thighs giving me glimpses of her secret nest between her thighs.

My cock was raring to go but practically I realised it was not possible to have a satisfactory fuck with this awesome woman in such constricted surroundings as this cabin.

But my right foot was in touching distance from her thigh junction. I slowly traced my toes along her foot and calf muscles, erotically tickling her and making her giggle a couple of times. Satisfactory sighs indicated that I was on the right path as far as my foot was concerned and I leaned back to lift my foot off the floor and slowly tickled the smooth plateau of her thighs. It was like black sculpted steel with smooth and taut healthy skin. She closed her thighs capturing my foot fully in between her firm thighs giving it a massage of the kind that didn’t do any good to my raging cock in my cotton underwear. I had to release it from the confines of cloth as now Sahana smilingly admitted my trailing foot further up over her thighs.

I could barely breathe, my cock pounding with hot rush of blood and all, as my big toe made the first contact with her pubic hair covered grotto. My first two toes tried to wedge in the soft curly wiry moss of hair and into the moist yielding flesh below. My right big toe slowly but surely opened up her big fleshy pussy lips as I leaned further back to give me further leverage with the foot act. I used my second toe and the big toe to part the lips deliberately as if peeling an orange skin, so more of her warm pussy fluids trickled out of the confines all over my toes.

I now toe-fucked her, starting with a slow rhythm adjusting, my toes in the cosy purse of her woman-flesh. Sahana made loud moaning noises of a woman in the throes of passion as I ploughed her vulva rhythmically, occasionally pressing her prominent clitoris bud in, so it would evoke a satisfying gasp, “AHHHHHH” from her pouting lips. She opened herself up wilfully now, leaning back and her thighs spread-eagled all the way up, without least concern for her usual modesty and distance required with her Master, as she used to address me normally.

It was during this pleasurable activity we were immersed in, when a calamity in the form of an enemy attack on our chariot took place. We noticed it as soon as the cart screeched to a stop in the middle of nowhere. I extricated my leg regretfully from my pleasurable pastime of toe fucking Sahana and opened the windows to see outside. I saw three enemy horsemen mercenaries blocking our road and walked their horses menacingly slow with set grim faces. Sahana grasped the situation immediately, that her call of duty had arrived and quickly composed herself and jumped out the cabin her sword already coming out of the sheath. I, as a King had my own royal sword too and was a noted warrior on field besides being a hero in impregnating willing women.

The men attacked quickly but surely with evil intentions; their swords came swathing through the hot afternoon air towards us. Sahana and I responded by blocking them quickly and stepping aside and counterattacked.

Swords clashed steel to steel and I succeeded in disarming one of them as my royal sword cut his own to two pieces, the top piece flying away with the momentum of the hit. Sahana fought on bravely, quickly blocking two men across in the path of swords and even making them recede a few paces. I fought valiantly fist to fist with the man whom I had disarmed. As Kings always followed a fair fight policy and we do not attack unarmed men, we wrestled and boxed each other on the ground while Sahana still held her ground against the two invaders.

I had strangled my opponent to death when I looked up to see that Sahana had killed one of them striking him clean through the ribcage and was pinning the other one down who too was disarmed choking his breath out with her shoe. The only bonus the poor sod must have had is the sight of Sahana’s pussy seen from his position below before he closed his eyes forever.

After this task done, Sahana turned towards smiling at out victory when I saw that her left thigh had a deep gash of wound and blood steadily trickled along her thigh now.

She gasped, “Sorry Master! I allowed you to fight too, while I was supposed to protect you alone.”
I said, “Not to worry, dear Sahana, let’s see if you can walk back to our chariot.”

Our driver had luckily escaped unhurt and I had only some dusty scratches and aches to take care off. My sword was back in its royal silver sheath as Sahana’s was in hers. I tore off one of the silk curtains into bandage rags, after we reached the carriage. Sahana had hobbled painfully her sweating frame and heaving bosom plastered to my shoulders and sides.I tied the makeshift bandage on her wounds and spoke to her lovingly and patted her back and cheeks and thanked her profusely for doing what she did. She was yet to be convinced that there was no dereliction of duty on her part as I too had joined the fight. She definitely needed some treatment and medication after we reached the Summer Palace. The gaiety and welcome smiles on the faces of the reception committee at our arrival quickly dissolved as it became evident that we had survived with injuries en route.

My Queens showed the urgency and concern expected and naturally found in wives as they inquired on my safety and escorted me. I took the help of two of my wives to prop myself on their slender shoulders as we trudged into the palace.

Namarda’s Queens, Jyothi, Anu and Sonia were aghast too that the enemies of the kingdom had attacked me, their only hope for survival and proliferation of life. But they had enough sense and courtesy not to get to close to me right then as my own Queens were attending to me. They knew there would be other times, loving and ecstatic soon, as we had assembled there solely for Kama’s celebrations.

Sahana was shifted to the clinic and given adequate treatment and I deployed my own bodyguard, Shanti, a fair buxom warrior lady, till Sahana recovered and was back on her feet.

Ch. 09 Sahana is Injured and Shanti Comes in.

After cavorting with the Queens a bit in the large airy swimming pool room where I incidentally took bath in perfumed water and rose petals, my mind as dragged back to the condition of Sahana at the clinic. I was shown to the large clinic with gold plated pillars and lovely silk curtains, I found her in reclining bed with her lovely dark ebony leg bandaged and slung up. She saw me and as always smiled and saluted with respect and tried to sit upright.

I gestured as I sat down, “No, my dear.. No need to get up at all… You need rest..”
Sahana asked me anxiously, “King, did you suffer any injuries at all? It was so unfortunate, with me being there and all..”
She would have gone on , but for my right palm which covered her mouth calming her.

“ How are you feeling… Does this hurt badly?” I asked with genuine concern looking at her uncovered shining ebony thigh, the rest of the leg slung up probably with a fracture , heavily bandaged.
Her eyes shined with tears of gratitude as I was the King asking the bodyguard this question.

“Yes, a little now.. It’s fresh, you see. There is a bone broken,the Chief Vaidya said,” she explained, “But I will be back on my feet as soon as I can to resume my duties.”
“ But obviously”, I chided her, “You have obviously enjoyed my duties with all those beautiful Queens right in front of your eyes. You wouldn’t want to miss any action…HMMMM.”
“Why of course not,” exclaimed Sahana with conviction and my hand stole to her naked thigh exposed near it.

“Oh Yes?”I grinned and rubbed her smooth thigh and she opened up willingly, grimacing yet with pain at the prospect of one leg slung up. She was not wearing any panties and her dusky aroma filled my nostrils and my salivating mouth drew near her exposed shining cunny. I looked up at her face asking her whether I can make love to her in that condition and she only smiled invitingly, sighed and splayed her thighs wide and her fat ebony pussy lips smilingly invited me.

Though my intention was to make love to her properly like I had done for all other women in the harem, her present condition allowed only cunnilingus and I was more than happy to indulge in it. Basking in its heady aroma, my head buried in the sweet smelling honeycomb of her and my tongue reached out to savour the juices seeping from it. I tongue lashed her fat pussylips , their undersides, inner labia and clit thoroughly.

“Ahhhh…UMMMMM,” cried out Sahana in ecstasy as passion built up in her and I was worried the Vaidya might peep in to check on patient’s condition and catch me in the act. Not that he could do a lot to me in any case, I was the King and she was my bodyguard!

She thrashed about on the bed and I asked her, “Shall I stop now?” knowing what the answer would be, and she confirmed it vehemently by shaking her head firmly moaning with uncontrollable lust.

She silently screamed as my tongue drove into the wet juicy quim and lashed at her hard clit. She gripped the sheets of the bed in her strong hands and her arm muscles shone rippling as waves of ecstasy crashed over her ebony body.

After wiping my mouth off like a cat after a drink of milk, I left her with a promise to make good with the ‘real thing’ as soon as she had recovered.
On returning to the main palace, I was received by Queen Jyothi and Sonia and I was told that my new bodyguard would take charge from now on, especially with the added risks after the recent attack during our journey. These were King Namarda’s orders and I agreed to see the replacement for Sahana. The woman who entered my cabin was quite breathtaking.

She was fair as snow and was more than six feet tall. She was built like a stallion with rippling arms and rounded strong legs that took easy confident strides towards me. Her face was little ‘mannish’, but then she was a body guard to a King and I had no complaints if she were to be rough and tough like a man. Her bosom was closeted in tight fitting blouse and two ample boobs strained against the fabric. I wanted to inspect this big bodied woman privately and all the Queens left the cabin giggling conspiratorially at my request.

Her name was Shanti and she was from a wrestler’s family and belonged to the race. She bowed to me respectfully and I could see the deep cleavage in her blouse as she bent and rose. My cock did a lurch in under my royal silk loin cloth. I spoke to her for sometime introducing myself and asking about her background. She looked obedient but a little cold and distant, but I was sure she was going to be on fire after witnessing my uncensored copulating scenes right in front of her eyes in days to come.

I drew her near and removed her flowing short skirt away exposing her thigh, stomach and knicker clad pubis. She moaned with surprise and shock but silently subjected herself to my close inspection! Her skin was alabaster white and smooth as silk and my hands soon covered her soft skin and my hands roved all over soft stomach, probing at the deep navel hole and her ample flowing hips. I cuddled her hips and drew her nearer and my face verily buried in the soft cushion of her pubic mound. My nose nestled in the sheer silk separating her womanhood and me and I rubbed my nose along the wetting furrow below.

Her sword in the sabre was idly hanging beside her and her thigh muscles which now I inspected were strong like those of an ox. I slapped jovially on her thighs and bums eliciting mild tremors and gasps at the sensations flooding her body. Well, she was a good solid woman and in the prime of her youth too. She, of course, like Sahana, her predecessor, had not tasted the joys and ecstasy such a body could provide or been subjected to manipulation by an expert handler like me.
This was going to be good too, I thought and let her go ,but not before squeezing her ripe boob melons and tweaking her prominent nipple buds over her blouse once languidly. She was red in the face and her bosom was heaving but she composed herself quickly and assumed her position next to my throne on the right side dutifully for the first time as an obedient bodyguard.

Now I was ready to receive my First Queen, Jyothi in and spend some amorous hours with her in the bed and I lecherously imagined how Shanti would take in the hectic lovemaking that was to follow.

Chapter 10 King devours The First Queen On the Dining Table

Queen Jyothi, as you can recall, dear readers, is a voluptuous mature woman who is utterly delectable and passionate and any man would cherish the moments he spent with her smooth soft and hot body. Moreover, I had already done that once before and could not wait for an encore. I still remembered her last coupling with the one in royal bathtub with rose petals and all. My cock twitched in my silken loin clothes at the randy thoughts of the feast that awaited it in the silken cave of this mature and willing Queen.

Queen Jyothi came in like fresh breeze wearing a red silken sari with matching sleeveless blouse covering little of her heavy and spilling bosom. The rhythmic sway of her abundant hips and bewitching smile on her red lips lit the fire in me. There was simply nothing modest or medium in her size. She had a body that God might have created in His magnanimous moments. She was big, heavy and well rounded and a wisp of sweet fragrance rose to my nose as she neared me.

Jyothi sat near me, we cuddled cosily for some time, and then she asked me if I was hungry.

I said “Yes.. But for your soft and cuddly body,” and held her at a distance and looked deep into her eyes and kissed her cherry red lips.
Our tongues danced madly in unison and we were soon locked in a tight embrace as passion rose like a tidal wave in us.
“But I am hungry and I have laid out the table with fruits, juices, milkshakes and all,” she gestured, snatching her mouth away from mine gasping, trying to compose herself.

Shanti was watching all this with keen interest and her cheeks had reddened with the scenes that had unfolded in front of her. Her breathing was far from normal and she too gestured at the ornate wooden table with silver trays and golden containers full of ripe and exotic fruits of her land. I had a brainwave and I almost carried a surprised looking Queen to the dining table and holding her soft breasts crushed against my chest, I cleared the dishes away enough to lay the Queen there. Well, literally so!

“But what?” started Jyothi, but I swallowed the rest of the question from her mouth with mine and as my hands were free from her holding her up, she laid on the table and I covered her enviable royal body with mine. My kiss lingered long as we thrashed about on the dining table with containers of fruits and juices shaking precariously. I lifted the sari away up to her waist and saw to my delighted surprise that her marble white, jasmine scented body was quite naked below the silk.
I snatched my mouth from her the hot cavern of her wet mouth and looked at the dishevelled hair and passion mad eyes. The pressure in my loin cloth was unbearable and my steaming hot royal organ had to be freed from the silken prison and I did this with flourish and stood naked with my gleaming erect organ standing parallel to the table top.The lush body of the Queen was revealed as she lifted her sari over and above her waist. Her golden waistband glowed in the soft light of the room as she unbuckled it and threw it away in a fitting response to my baring of my cock seconds earlier.

I reached to the green grapes bowl and took a bunch of them, arranged them over her upper thighs and slowly started an erotic journey upwards eating each fruit, with my mouth touching her marble white smooth thighs as I did so. I licked in its wake causing goosebumps to form all over. With a shiver Queen Jyothi turned and twisted moaning as a flood of sensations racked her big body and I heard another gasp from behind me, soon after the Queen’s moans, this one from an excited Shanti, my bodyguard.

As she was my bodyguard, it was her privilege to be close to my body and she did not seem to mind this a least bit now. Queen lay spread-eagled now and I climbed between her inviting thighs. Throwing away the rest of my clothes, I lay on her, and looking at her closed eyes lost in the worship of Kama, I quickly unbuttoned her silk blouse and threw it away above and over my head almost catching Shanti who was in its way.

She stepped away and then came close, looking at us with mad lusty eyes licking her lips and swallowing. The Queen’s breasts were soft and rounded , tipped with brownish long prominent nipples and I licked one happily rolling it between my teeth and licking the milk aperture with the tip of my tongue.

“AMMMMAAA,” cried the Queen happily as my palm sneaked between our hot loins and found her steaming hot womanhood that nestle between lush pubic hairs. There was no shaving of hair where Jyothi was concerned, neither armpits nor pubic mound. She was a natural and abundantly endowed woman.

I applied cream on her erect nipples making her gasp and try to turn about, but I held her firmly and sampled the cream with my hungry mouth, almost eating the sensitive and throbbing nipple off with the cream. I tongue bathed her nipples and kneaded the velvet like breasts making her moan with a deep gurgle of pleasure.
I now moved over to the cup of honey and milk jug and dipped my raging hot organ in them alternately and moved nearer to the Queen’s head and Jyothi received my ‘Honey and Milky’ cock, drawing me nearer to her by pulling my waist into her wet soft mouth sucking and licking it, all the while holding raging sac of my balls with her hands smeared now with cream of milk. The sensations, sights and tastes produced by these actions were simply heavenly, exotic and almost unbearable.
She clutched my rampant cock firmly and impatiently urging me to go all the way. And ‘all the way’ was where I exactly wanted to go, her soft and juicy pussy being twiddled around by my forefinger and thumb of my right hand now. I was going mad with raging lust from all this exertion and my hear was thudding away wildly and my mouth was dry.

I licked away the cream on my lips and lifted a container of orange juice and drank in a big swig even as the impatient Queen now firmly manipulated my throbbing ‘impregnating’ organ into her waiting and willing cunt. I happily gurgled as orange drink made its down my heated body into my stomach. A little below the stomach, my loins now repeatedly thrashed into the soft buttocks of the Queen as I fucked her soft and yielding pussy with abandon.

The table with its half empty containers now shook wildly with our bucking, and we couldn’t have cared less even if we fell down off the table but could not give up the sweet motions that thrilled into a mad frenzy. My cock was wet with her juices and our pubic hairs got wetter and wetter and as we continued pumping into each other wildly.

Some of her pubic hairs came away with the force of our lovemaking and were sticking to my underbelly a little above the sweet junction. I lifted her plump sweating thighs up and over my shoulder and bit the flesh of her smooth legs nearest to my mouth as I felt hungrier and hungrier; as I plunged my raging cock in and out of her wet hot cunny like there no tomorrow.

It was now, Now and NOW. A man, even a King like me, could only hold out for so long and I came soon like a volcano burst, spraying my liquid seed deep in her ample accommodating royal womb.

Shanti had silently fingering herself and had come many times silently in this duration and her own raging womb was now taking a much needed respite like me and Queen Jyothi after this tempest of lust.

Ch 11 Mating The Animal-Like Queen Amid Real Animals

A few weeks passed with continued wild bouts of non-stop erotic coupling with all the women in the royal harem and I barely had time to sleep. Not that I was complaining either! One day, we heard the pleasant news that Queen Sonia had become pregnant, a sign of sure success of my efforts with the winsome queen.
Queen Sonia came to me, of course, carrying the ‘good news’ and we happily frolicked for some time before she chose to go and rest leaving me with a raging hard-on because of the foreplay. She rearranged her clothes, beaming with happiness, cheeks flushing red noticed my hard organ barely concealed below my royal loin cloth, winked and left stating that there were other ‘issues’ beckoning me in the same palace. I knew what she meant, of course.

The other Queens would no doubt exert extra pressure on me to redouble my mating efforts so that all of them would be bestowed the same privilege.
‘Hmmm…’ I thought, ‘these ladies will never forget to remind me that I am their sole impregnator, of course.’

The thought too was ‘pregnant’ with wild possibilities.
The first one to take cue from this news was Queen Anu, the animal lady, with her craving for wild and fulfilling coupling, of course.

Today, she came to me in a surprisingly demure and polite way asking me to ‘bless’ her with a son who would be crowned rather than the sons of any other Queen. He should be brave, handsome and courageous. She was wearing a black silk gown and knowing her penchant for single robes, I gathered she was quite naked beneath it. Her extra heavy black ebony tits were heaving with the passion of her words and I gathered her in an embrace kneading her heavy hips and their yielding flesh in both my hands. This did no good to my raging hard-on left high and dry by Queen Anu minutes before and she took my royal weapon in her strong hands and pulled me saying, today she wanted to be ‘blessed’ (with a son, of course) by me in the Animal Garden, amid greens and flowers, out in the open, in broad daylight.

Queen Anu almost dragged me out into the broad daylight and we walked my hands naughtily playing with her big breasts making her squirm as we walked, her hand pinching the head of my cock over the loin cloth making me gasp and jump with pleasure. My lady bodyguard, Shanti followed us like a lamb but her eyes were glowing with anticipation of witnessing another delicious lovemaking session in all its glory.

The Shringar Garden was really a gem of a garden, with lush green tall trees and fountains, and well-groomed lawns. The sounds of monkeys and sights of herds of running deer, and the chirping of a variety of birds filled the environs and it lifted my spirits to be able to what I do best with a more than willing wench. We stood in the middle of the garden on the green lawn. Sun beat down on us. It was eleven in the morning. Shanti chose to guard us from the entrance gate standing guard there preventing any other visitor, ensuring privacy. Colourful butterflies flitted across the beautiful garden and a duck stopped close by and had one look at us with its innocent eyes before hopping away.

“This place is beautiful and so are you like a wild dream come true,” I praised her but with feeling.

Her rhythmic clenching and unclenching of my cock stopped momentarily and she released it from its confines of silken loin cloth. My hard shining eight inch long ‘royal tool’ now sniffed the fresh garden air and my hands no more remained idle. I tore her black silk robe away standing there in the middle of the lawns and her well rounded ebony coloured body stood exposed to the sun, weather and prying eyes of animals and birds. She was wearing some jewellery too and the gold shone like stars against dark night of her skin.

She was extraordinarily well built with about forty inch breasts with rounded nipples set in darker areolae. Her waist was big and well rounded, not a bone could be seen anywhere on her, she was so beautifully fleshy. Her waist flared into big and huge hips with dark smooth skinned buttock globes and her pussy was set in a perfect wide pelvis that could take any exertion and weight from a lover.

Exertion is what exactly I had in mind for this wild animal-like lady.

Anu tore my clothes away and there we stood in the middle of garden in broad sunlight with arms around each other savouring the goodies of each other’s bodies.
I turned the queen with her back to me and her ballooning buttocks now softly crushed my erect and twitching cock and my cock head found its way into the deep inviting crack of her hips and snaked its way to the back end of her juicing pussy. My hands kneaded the soft flesh of her tits and I kissed and bit her madly on the neck and shoulders leaving red bite marks even on her coal black skin.I bent her waist down forward in front of my loins, my cock pointing like a dagger to be driven into the black butter of her sumptuous flesh in front and she now exactly looked like a well fed farm buffalo in this position. She stood with her hair streaming forward and down touching the grass below and her strong and bulky thighs well splayed out. I put my two fingers of right hand in the precious crack and opened up her pussy cave completely and the black fleshy juicy vertical lips shone with her inner secretions in the sunlight. I impaled my self with a flourishing single stroke and it evoked a mutual and spontaneous gasp of acknowledgement from both of us.

I mated with her like a white bull would with a black buffalo in a farmhouse. My waist and underbelly thudding into her with abandon made her sway but she maintained her balance and soon my cock smeared with her acrid pussy honey shone like a bloody dagger as I shoved with vigour into the wide receptacle of her big pussy. I did not have to be soft and considerate with this wanton wild woman. She wanted to be crushed in fucking like a mad animal and that is exactly what she got for the next fifteen minutes. We groaned and shoved into sweet mating junction of our sex.

The sun now hid behind the clouds a little, may be embarrassed by our shameless mating.

She was kneeling in front of me, my middle plunging her depths and our mixed juices running down her ample rounded thighs, trickling down to her knees. Her hair was spilling all over the grass wildly sweeping the greens, Her mouth uttering inane swearing caused by primal feeling enraged. Her black beautiful back, her strong waist muscles were capable of not only supporting herself in this predicament but me too, as I held on to her soft waist sides to balance myself.

I came hard, gasping, pumping my boiling seed deep in her belly, probably filling her big womb too. My wet seed mixed with her own discharge ran out of our sweet junction when we heard the sounds of fighting and screams. It took sometime for us to realise that we were in real world, lost as we were in our erotic heaven, and that the sounds were distinctly coming from a fight near the gate. Anu stood up at this and my half-erect cock slipped out of her cum filled lubricated pussy with a soft PLOP.

She announced, “It’s Shanti and there is an attack, I think”, not recovered from our passionate exertions, and ran her hands through her hair. Her black honey coloured body was soaked in sweet sweat and her breath still was obviously far from normal I became alert too at this thought and we ran out of the garden to the gates buck naked as we were and nobody could care less in this palace.

It was obviously an attack by two armed men with steel daggers and one of them lay on the ground groaning, holding on to his bloody belly below the shoe of Shanti. Her upper apron was torn; there were cuts on her arms, though minor ones and she stood gasping.

She turned to us, seeing our naked condition turned red even in those circumstances and pointed her left hand to her right and blurted, “The other just ran away while I was dealing with this bastard”.

She wrung her hands helplessly. I consoled her by drawing her close and away from the writhing victim who was now in his last stages. I looked at her exposed breasts, her torn blouse and apron hanging loose from shoulders as evidence as to what had happened. I appreciated the white marble colour of those full milky globes that stood firm and courageous like herself and those untasted and untouched pink nipples looked really yummy.

I caressed Shanti about the shoulders and asked her mildly, “You could not get them to talk of course as to who sent them or anything?”
Shanti looked at me balefully and confessed, “No, It was too sudden from behind the bushes. They were wearing masks and they were trying to get into the garden where you too were… ah,” she searched for a word, “busy, like,” she ended peevishly.

Both Anu and I could not hide our laughter of course at the chaste word describing our unrestrained liaison. My hands now slipped from Shantis’s shoulders to her full breasts and I handled them for the first time lovingly.

“Don’t worry Shanti. They were from the neighbouring kingdom of course. The enemy King who cursed your kingdom, you know.He was after me… He cannot obviously bear the results of my ah.experiments and success in the cures effected”, I finished, winking slyly at Queen Anu who was appreciating my concern for the disturbed and hurt bodyguard.

Shanti was blushing red from all this attention by her Master and she recovered after some tweaks to her erect pink nipples which cleared her brain and she stood away trying to strap up her torn blouse till she could find an substitute.

“Sahana and you two are brave women and I am grateful to you saving my life”, I said meaning every word.
Shanti was back to her modest chaste self again, “No, my Master, I am but your servant and it was my duty.”
She would have gone on and on shaking her pretty head, but I held her firm by her shoulders and promised her looking into her brown doe eyes, “You will get your time to serve me better, dear, and before I leave here, you will be pregnant too!”

She turned beet red at the implications and protested, “But how can it be? After all, I am …”

“Come along. We have to go. King Namarda has to know about this attack and we have to arrange to dispose of the dead body here”, I said to both women, one a Queen in black ebony sculpture like body, naked sated and happy, and the other a white alabaster strong bodyguard, red in her face. I walked away to my clothes and back to the palace, thinking about the adventures and surprises that awaited me therein, in more ways than one.

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Erotic adventures of an Indian King who has to make a Palace full of Queens Pregnant!!