Erotic story of a trek with a smoking hot German guy

Erotic story of a trek with a smoking hot German guy

Hello Old Friends! Your favorite writer (I guess) is back with another of her sex episode about a smoking hot German guy, which will leave you wanting more. I thank you all wholeheartedly for appreciating my stories so much. It is because of you guys that I keep coming back to this platform to share more stories.

For those who are new to my sex escapades, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Chahat Khanna, 5’7″ tall, fair-complexioned, and have big eyes always looking out for hot sex partners. I have been blessed with 34 sized melons and a 24 inches waist carved on a base of 34 inches with a glowing milk tone.

I will let your imagination take over from here. Without wasting any more time, let me get you all to my story about my sex-filled trekking experience with a stranger foreigner and how I experienced one of the most fantastic sex escapades of my life. Stay glued.

A few of my colleagues from the office planned to go on a trek to Kheerganga and asked me to join. I thought about experiencing something new and adventurous. So  I agreed to accompany them. The day before the departure, I packed my bag and got ready.

I met my colleagues at the Delhi ISBT Kashmere Gate. From there, we took an overnight bus to Manikaran (a place famous for its hot springs). We reached Manikaran at around 9 in the morning. We went to the famous Gurudwara to seek blessings and also bathed in the hot spring.

Many tourists were there as it was a weekend. But a tall, muscular, and handsome white guy caught my attention when he had a word with the guys in our group. After exploring and sightseeing around Manikaran, we decided to spend the night in Kasol.

Therefore, we moved to the Manikaran bus stop to catch a bus to Kasol. It was then when the guys in our group introduced us to the white man. Since he was traveling alone, they brought him along with them to keep him company.

The white guy named Aiden (he was a German) introduced himself to all of us. I, too, shook hands with him. What caught my attention during the handshake were his ripped and veiny forearms.

The bus reached Kasol in an hour and dropped us a little far away from our cottage. We started walking towards our cottage. It was uphill and isolated from the main market area, perfectly sitting in the woods. While walking, Aiden came beside me and broke the ice.

He told me that he was an entrepreneur from Germany, 27 years old, and a fitness enthusiast. He loved traveling, and that was the reason he was there. He complimented my beauty and especially my long legs.

I told him about myself and also complimented him on his physique and good looks. It soon converted into healthy flirting, and we got comfortable.

We all rested a bit after reaching the cottage because we were tired. It was also going to be a bonfire night with dance, music, and drinks, of course. We had our dinner in the night and then sat around the bonfire. What followed was a lovely evening of people showcasing their singing, dancing, and other talents.

I also drank a little (I am an occasional drinker). Aiden and the other guys smoked some joints. I was sitting beside Aiden, and we were chatting and enjoying the bonfire. It went on for a couple of hours when Aiden asked me to accompany him for a walk in the woods.

I was jumping inside. I agreed, and we both went for a walk in the woods holding each other’s hands and doing some healthy flirting. After walking for some time, we heard some water streams nearby and went in that direction. We came across a small stream, not very deep, and I touched its waters.

It was very cold. Before I could even say something, Aiden removed his tee and trousers. I was baffled when he asked me, “Care for a little swim session?” I couldn’t help but admire his washboard abs, the good build chest, biceps, and triceps in the moonlight.

He was standing tall in front of me in underwear. He started flexing and showing off his sculpted body. Without caring a bit about the cold water, he jumped in the stream and invited me to join him. I tried to put some sense into him, but all in vain.

He was pestering me to join him, and he even sprinkled the cold water on me. The water was cold, but I was hot inside. I finally gave in, removed my top and shorts in front of him, and went down the stream towards Aiden. Fuck! the water was very cold.

I went towards Aiden in that stream and got hold of his arms. The water was very cold, indeed, and I was shivering. He placed his hands on my waist and our eyes locked for a few seconds. We both knew the fire igniting inside our bodies. He had beautiful blue eyes. He started to get closer to me by caressing my back.

We were standing very close in the stream when he asked me to take a dip. I was afraid coz the water was very cold. But he caught hold of me tightly, and we together took a dip. We were feeling each other’s warm breaths on our bodies. He suddenly leaned towards me and gave a peck on my lips.

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We looked at each other, and the very next moment, we had our lips locked in a deep passionate kiss. We started playing with each other’s tongues, exchanging saliva in the process. I could feel his hands running all over me, fondling my boobs and rubbing my pussy area. I could feel his crotch getting hard.

Even I was exploring his hot body with my hands. He broke the kiss and went down on my boobs, and took one in his mouth over the bra. Due to the ice-cold water, my nipples were erect. He even bit my nipple. I was enjoying what he was doing to me.

I started feeling his big dick over his underwear, and he also started rubbing my pussy. Then, we heard some noises. We quickly came out, put on our clothes, and headed back straight to the cottage. I was happy at getting that little action. Since I was a bit tired, I immediately fell asleep thinking about Aiden.

I lost track of time the next morning. One of my friends woke me up and told me to get ready quickly. We had to reach Barshaini in the already booked cabs from where the trek to Kheerganga begins.

The memories of last night’s fun in the stream were still afresh in my mind. I was smiling, thinking of the moments I spent with Aiden. I couldn’t get enough of his sexy hot body. As planned, we reached Barshaini and began the trek to Kheerganga.

During the trek, Aiden and I were continuously stealing glances at each other. I knew that that trek was going to be more adventurous and fun than I had thought. We all started the long trek together. But everyone got involved in their own small groups after some time.

Aiden and I made our own small group. He smoked a joint and offered it to me too, which I declined. He asked me if I want to continue last night’s fun. I was shy. But I answered in the affirmative and expressed my doubts about people who could spoil the fun.

He told me not to worry them and asked me to follow him, which I did. We reached a secluded place where he grabbed me and pushed me against a tree. He passionately locked his lips with mine and started feasting on my mouth. At the same time, his hands started fondling my sexy ass over the shorts.

I was feeling his washboard abs over the tee. I soon removed his tee and kissed all over his chest and abs. He removed my top and started sucking on my boobs over the bra.

After sucking on them for a while, he unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and inserted his hand inside my panty, and started rubbing my pussy. He even inserted one or two fingers in my pussy and started fingering me while playing with my clitoris. I was sure then he was well experienced with girls.

I cum within a few minutes all over his fingers, but he still kept fingering. I never had cummed so soon. It was such an intense orgasm. The thrill of the surroundings speeds it up. But this man licked everything off his fingers. The scene of that German dude licking and tasting all my cum was so erotic.

Though I was a little skeptical, he asked me to return the favor. We quickly exchanged positions. I unbuttoned and unzipped his 3/4ths and took out that long shaft from his underwear. It was hard and big already. I took it in my hands and started milking it.

I wanted to tease him a little before letting it taste my mouth. I started rubbing its tip and gave it a few kisses. He sensed I was teasing him and told me, “Bitch! You are going to pay for it.” I laughed at his state and made a mocking pout.

Then, I took his dick in my mouth. It was hard and big, exactly how I like my dicks to be. He held my head and started fucking my mouth with his dick. He was moaning with pleasure. I felt slutty in that state in the jungle, blowing that guy who I had met no less than 24 hours ago.

I sensed he was close to his orgasm. I immediately removed his dick from my mouth and started using my hands. He came like a volcano. Soon, we both adjusted our clothes. We then resumed our trek as we had to reach the top before the sunset.

He told me that he was going to fuck me like crazy later in the night. I gave a peck on his cheek and told him that I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me.

The trekking was a lovely experience, with the river Parvati flowing parallel. Aiden and I were talking and flirting. I am sure if Aiden had got any other chances there during the trek, he would have definitely groped me and kissed me. We finally reached Kheerganga, and it was a lovely experience.

We soon rattled in our tents, settled ourselves, and then we went for a hot water spring bath. It is separate for men and women. It was one relaxing hot bath. It made us forget all the exhaustion we had picked up along the way. After we were done bathing, we changed into something more comfortable.

I wore a top and shorts. We then visited the nearby cafeteria and ate something since we were famished. I was sitting next to Aiden. Soon after we finished our meal, we moved towards our tents, where a bonfire was set up. We saw the perfect sunset from there and clicked many pics.

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We then played some music and danced to our own tunes. I danced with Aiden feeling his muscles and biceps. He was running his hands on my waist and back. Some people even got high on drinks and joints. Then, people started bidding farewell and went inside their tents after hours of fun.

I got inside my tent and zipped it from inside. I lay on my back and tried to get some sleep, but I couldn’t. All the moments I spent with Aiden were flashing before my eyes. I wanted to feel that hot body once again. I had developed strong feelings of lust for Aiden.

I was a little wet thinking about him, and I started rubbing my pussy over my shorts. I heard someone calling my name outside. I quickly opened the tent and saw Aiden standing outside. My happiness knew no bounds, and I quickly let him inside after confirming no one saw him coming.

He came inside, and I quickly zipped the tent again. I turned towards him when he locked his lips with mine and started sucking on my tongue. We were both running our hands over each other’s back while sharing a passionate kiss, which went on for a few minutes.

Soon, he was all over me. I was sitting in his lap. He removed my top and started kissing and licking my neck and collar bone. Also, giving love bites on my shoulders. I was moaning softly. I also removed his t-shirt and bit his shoulders.

He started working his mouth on my boobs over the bra and bit my nipples. He made me lie down with my ass still in his lap. He took my right boob in his mouth and started pressing my left one over the fabric with his right hand. His left hand was supporting me. I couldn’t help but moan lightly.

He then unhooked my bra from behind but didn’t remove it. He just started sucking on my naked boobs while also pressing them. I was caressing his hair with my hands, pushing him more into my valleys. He increased the pace of sucking. I could feel his throbbing dick on my ass.

It was a bird asking for freedom from the cage. I thought of freeing it. We both sat on our knees and fit perfectly in that cozy tent. We got rid of our bottom wear and were only left in clothes covering just our privates. He, in his boxers and me, in my panties.

He had this huge tent in his boxers, which I placed my hands on and started stroking it over the undie. He was as fair as milk and started kissing me again when I pressed his balls. His hands were still working on my nipples and boobies. I slid down his underwear, and his dick sprang out.

It was huge and very fair. I touched its tip and took it in my palm. My palm couldn’t contain its thickness. His dick was throbbing and was quite warm. I started stroking it gently at first, and then eventually, I increased my pace. We kissed all that while.

Then, I thought of making his dick taste my juicy lips and put my lips around his dick. I leaned down and licked the precum covered big dick. I started sucking it. My mouth couldn’t contain its girth and it kind of choked me. He then held my head and pushed the whole dick in my mouth, deep throating me.

But I didn’t want to upset him. So, I continued sucking that monster dick even though I could hardly breathe. I sucked it for some time, and then I sucked his balls one by one. I guess he enjoyed his balls in my mouth. He was moaning in pleasure when I circled my tongue on his balls.

He made me lie down on my back, and he leaned over me and kissed me again. Making his way down to my belly through my cleavage all the way, kissing, licking, and sucking each part. He stopped at it and started playing with my navel.

He sucked it for some time and then moved further down towards my pussy. But he thought of teasing me. He held my right leg in his hands and started kissing it gently from toe to my inner thighs, sending shivers down my spine. He wanted to remove my panty in which I helped him fully by lifting my ass.

He brought his mouth close to my pussy and started blowing air. I couldn’t take it any longer and lifted my ass to make him suck on my pussy. But he didn’t budge and started smiling at me, teasing me all the more. I then held his head and pushed his mouth over my pussy.

He started kissing and licking and sucking it gently. He spread my legs wide apart and started playing with my clitoris. In between, he also licked the sensitive area of my inner thighs. I was there lying on the floor, enjoying the pain and pleasure.

While his tongue was working on pleasuring my pussy, his hands were all over my boobs, massaging them and his fingers twitching my nipples. He was licking at just the right places. He then opened my pussy lips with both his hands and slid his tongue inside my pussy walls.

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It made me crazy. Never before had I been sucked like this. I started moving my ass to let his tongue more inside. He sucked for some time and then climbed over me again and started smooching me again. This time, my German friend’s hands were running over my pussy on that amazing night.

Then, he slid one of his fingers in my pussy and started pleasuring me. I was moaning in pleasure and badly needed real action. He went down on me again and sucked my pussy till I came in his mouth. He licked my pussy clean while I was lying exhausted after an awesome orgasm.

We then lay in the tent. I was resting my head on his chest, feeling his hotness oozing body. But he was not done yet. His dick was still standing tall, saluting me. I, too, wanted to feel him inside me. I started caressing his dick, signaling him that I was ready.

He wasted no time and immediately went on top of me and positioned his dick on my pussy. I closed my eyes in excitement. He pushed his dick in my pussy. His dick was quite thick for my tight pussy. But after a few thrusts, it went all inside. Soon my pussy adjusted to its thickness, or it adjusted to the tightness.

All this while, Aiden was slowly fucking me, kissing my lips, and sucking on my boobs. I was just scratching his back. I then signaled him to go fast since I was ready. He fucked me in that position for quite some time until we both came together.

We were exhausted after the tiring trek and lay in each other’s arms. I woke up later in the night and found myself sleeping in Aiden’s arms. I woke him up. He opened his eyes stretching his hot body, and without saying a word, I started smooching him.

I asked him to leave before anyone else saw him with me in my tent. I unzipped the tent to check if the surroundings were clear. We both didn’t want to depart and hugged each other in a tight embrace. But Aiden thought of something and asked me to join him in the hot water bath.

I liked the idea. I also wanted to freshen up after the tiring fuck. We both put on our clothes and quickly reached the men’s pool. Aiden checked, and after confirming clear surroundings, we both went into the hot spring.

But we were not completely naked. I had my bra and panty on while Aiden was wearing his boxers. Aiden pulled me towards himself and started smooching me again while pressing my melons over the bra. I could feel his dick rising over my pussy.

His hands were running over my boobs over the bra and also rubbing my pussy. But we couldn’t risk removing our inners there. At least I was conscious of such things. I was also rubbing his cock over his undie and also feeling that hot body full of muscles.

I sucked on his nipples, and we were in that spring for quite some time. We then got out of the spring and bid farewell for the night after a passionate french kiss.

We just met once more after the trek before we again got busy in our respective lives. I will tell you more about the same in some other story. Goodbye till we meet again.

I am still not done with writing my sex escapades here on ISS. Stay tuned to ISS for more such stories. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy.

Leave your comments on this story on my mail [email protected] I am very active at replying to emails. Also, keep checking this space for more stories of mine. Goodbye until next time. I promise I will bring to you another of my sex escapade soon.

A special mention to my special friend who helped me a great time putting my experience into words. Though a new acquaintance, his help is much appreciated. You can connect him on his mail [email protected]

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Erotic story of a trek with a smoking hot German guy

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