Exploring Lesbian Love – Part 2

Exploring Lesbian Love – Part 2

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If you haven’t read the first part, that’s how our lesbian love started. Let the lust drip.

It took me a while to regroup. She oozed class and sluttiness all at once. Something about her was just hypnotic. I didn’t care about how she got hold of my panty anymore. I, in fact, wanted her to eat what I hid beneath it.

All of these thoughts in those fractions of seconds. I had decided that I wanted her. And I wanted all of her for the rest of this train journey.

I decided to follow her, take a wild chance, and check if she would pull me inside the loo. I could maybe steal a kiss or two and let her know my intentions. One of the loo was open so I presumed she must be in the other one that was locked.

I twisted the knob from outside so that she could notice someone wanting to get in. My heart was pounding. I had the panty she handed me in my pocket. I waited there for a couple of seconds with my heart pounding like crazy. I could hear the door open. There she was.

Fuck. I froze. She looked around, looked at me, and in one swift motion, held my collar with both her hands. She pulled me in and locked the door. My heart just stopped beating. She looked into my eyes and exclaimed, “What?”

I knew I had to up my game now. I had to match her class and dominance.

Me: Nothing. Now that you had shown interest in my panty, I thought I might as well show you how they looked when I wore them.

Her: Really? Then what are you waiting for? Me to rip your clothes off?

Me: I don’t mind, as long as you keep me covered with your body

Listening to this, she just pounced on me and pinned me to the wall adjacent to the door and tore open my shirt. Fuck. I was sold at that moment. I was all hers. She held my face and started kissing me vigorously

Our lips salivating with lust just couldn’t stop eating each other. My breasts juggled with the moving train. She kissed me all over, ate all of my face as if I were a dish. She applied all her body pressure on me to pin me down.

She sucked my earlobes. Fuck. A shiver went down, straight to my clit. She slid both her hands inside my pants to feel my soft ass. The moment her hands cupped my ass, I knew I had begun my journey towards a never felt before orgasm.

She pulled my ass cheeks apart while kissing my neck, licking it from end to end. I was being driven crazy. I got wet in no time. She did what I was least expecting. Directly placed a finger inside my ass hole. Fuck, I let out a loud gasp.

She stopped kissing me and looked straight into my eye. As if she wanted to ask for my permission to go ahead. Little did she know that every inch of my body was wanting her attention and I would have given in to all her fantasies. I was that horny that day. But I had to taste her as much as she would taste me.

I used this moment to push her to the other side of the wall and pin her. I pressed her by her belly and pulled her pallu away. Her caged melons, deep cleavage, and that navel hole were nothing but an unsaid invitation to heaven called ‘fuck me all night long.’

I pounced on her lips while my hands just violated her breasts over her blouse. She pulled me closer as if her life depended on my lips. We were just in another world. A world that I had never seen before. I kissed her, sucked her, licked her as if there was no tomorrow.

Maybe yes. Somewhere I knew I couldn’t take her along and that I wanted to completely be drenched with her love and lust. Our kiss continued while our hands explored every inch of our bare skin. She pinched my nipples and pulled them every now and then to excite the fuck out of me.

I undid her blouse that exposed her black laced bra inside. I did not waste time unhooking them. I just pulled them down and there they were. The most beautiful breasts one could ever possess. Round, firm yet soft. I could have sucked on them till death.

The hunger in me grew multifold and I just buried myself into her breasts and started eating her to my heart’s content. With my right hand pressing her breast, my mouth eating the other breast and my other hand pressing her ass over her saree.

I was losing track of time. I just couldn’t stop. Just then someone tried opening the door. Disappointment never felt so painful. She pulled me up to her face right away.

Her: We have to leave, baby. I am all yours. Get dressed. We are sharing the same berth, just to let you know.

Saying this she kissed me for another 10 seconds. Fuck. I was living the happiest moments of my life I felt. She adjusted herself. All along, I was looking at her. I was smitten.

Her: You wish to roam around naked? I don’t mind. But I don’t intend to share any inch of you with others in the compartment.

I laughed. I could see the passion in her eyes. I buttoned myself up but stripped my trouser down. She looked at me in awe.

Me: You see how dripping wet they are?

She brought forward a finger towards my wet pussy took some wetness off them onto her fingers and licked it like fucking seductive bitch.

Her: It will be my tongue tonight. Be ready.

I did not want to hear anything else. I wore my panty back and quickly got dressed. We both waited and wanted to move out.

We heard the other washroom door open and close. We waited for a few seconds more and went out of the loo one after the other, back to our seat. There she was. Sitting right in front of me.

Just me and her for the next 18 odd hours and a private cabin.

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Exploring Lesbian Love – Part 2