Family video CH 1 – 3_(1) by mr.sooner

Family video CH 1 – 3_(1)
by mr.sooner

Chapter One (Ben’s story)
I sighed for the hundredth time, I was bored. Putting down the game controller I turned the TV off and looked around my cluttered room. Typical of a teen I had clothes strewn on the floor, my bed was unmade and discarded trash was piled in the can in my corner. I thought I should clean it up, hesitated and eventually decided to just get it over with. Opening the blinds to my room I let the early summer sun shine and was even more depressed about the work ahead of me. I stretched my six foot frame letting the blood flow to my muscles before going to work.

It took a half hour to get all of my clothes sorted between clean and dirty. The clean I shoved into drawers or in my closet. I knew I should have folded them, but hey I’m still a lazy teen. The dirty I piled on my floor as I made my bed and gathered all the trash. On my first trip down I took the trash and dumped it outside feeling the heavy humid air. It would be a good day for a swim later.

The second trip down I took an armful of clothes to the wash. Normally mom would do it for me if I made the effort to put it by the washer but I was feeling a little helpful and decided to add a load to the washer. Feeling full of myself for doing a simple chore I turned to head back upstairs. I don’t know why but the pile of my sister’s clothes caught my eye, mainly because of the green panties lying on top.

As I’ve already said, I’m a pretty regular teen guy. My older sister, Valerie or Val, is two years older than me. Over the years I’d snuck her panties for jack off sessions and such. I even sold a pair to a friend in middle school, but since I’d gotten older and a girlfriend I hadn’t done anything in a while. However, my girlfriend Denise had recently moved across state which denied me her womanly charms. We were trying to make the long distance thing work, but I think we both knew it would end sooner rather than later. On a sudden urge I scooped up the panties and stuffed them down the front of my short since I had no pockets and headed upstairs to my room.

My cock was already semi-hard just thinking about stroking off so I had to hurry before mom or Val saw the obvious bulge.
Once in my room I felt safe and tossed the panties on the freshly made bed. I closed the blinds and stripped off my own clothes before sitting down in front of my computer with the green satin panties. Opening a hidden browser I began to search the internet for girls wearing panties, videos of chicks stripping and random things. I came across a video that was simply titled “panty jerk”, but had no preview screen. I was super horny by now and figured this would be the last video to I’d watch. The screen opened with black and white letters stating that the person had stolen a pair of his mother’s panties. It switched to a skinny kid standing in the middle of his room with only a pair of white cotton panties on. He slowly pulled down the waistband to free his cock, which I thought was pretty small. I kept watching for a few seconds, not because I was gay, but because I began to wonder what it would be like to actually wear my sister’s panties as I stroked one off. I suddenly knew what I wanted to do more than anything.

I pulled the soft green satin panties on, enjoying the feel of fabric on my legs and ass. They were a real tight fit; my cock was clearly outlined in the front. Setting my webcam to record I stepped a few steps back so that my body but not my face was showing on screen. I mimicked what I’d seen earlier and slowly pulled the waistband down until the tip of my cock was visible. I rubbed my cockhead spreading pre-cum all over the tip of my dick enjoying the tingle. I eased the panties down further until my entire cock sprang free, leaving my balls trapped in the soft cloth prison. I turned around so the camera would get a good view of my ass hugging and stretching the satin as I picked up a small bottle of baby oil. I let a few drops fall onto my shaft and tossed it back on the bed. Using my right hand I coated my seven inch shaft with the clear oil using just my fingertips. Turning sideways I showed the camera my entire length as I gripped my cock.

I began to slowly fuck my fist going fast, then slow to make it last. The thwap of my oily cock was barely audible, but I hoped that the camera would capture it as well. Finally I let my hand fly along my length feeling the cum well up deep inside me. As my seed began to flow up my cock I pointed my dick directly at the camera so that my hot white cum flew straight at the lens. My semen covered my desk chair, floor and hand as it continued to ooze out. My legs were weak from the experience, one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. With my cum drenched cock still in my hand I walked over and turned the camera off.

I took another few seconds to catch my breath before slipping the panties off and cleaning myself up and the floor. It wouldn’t be good if mom found a bunch of cum all over the place. The panties I was torn over. Should I put them back or keep them? I decided to put them back but panicked realizing that I couldn’t with cum stains on them. Thinking quickly I ran downstairs to the laundry. The first load of clothes was done and I emptied them into the dryer. I then tossed my sisters clothes into the wash including the panties. Breathing easier I made my way back upstairs to the computer. I watched the video I had just made a half dozen times feeling excited and perverted at the same time. My hand seemed to act on its own as I made an account to a video website and uploaded the short video. Would people watch? Would they recognize me? I was more nervous and excited than I’d ever been before. I couldn’t wait to check back later to see if there were comments like on so many other videos.

Chapter Two

After expending so much energy cleaning my room, stealing panties and jacking off I was starving. I headed down to the kitchen and ran into my mom. She was on her way out to show some property to some folks.

“Hey honey, I’ll probably be gone a few hours. If you go anywhere make sure you leave a note or tell your sister. Love you,” she called as the door closed behind her.

I grabbed some cereal and a bowl just as my sister walked in. I instantly blushed thinking about her panties. She just graduated from high school two weeks ago and was getting ready to attend the local community college before going off to university.

At eighteen she was tall, almost as tall as me, with legs that went on forever. Blonde, green eyes, and a toned body from volleyball completed the picture. The only negative I could possibly think about my sister was that her chest was on the small side…not that I thought about my sister like that, or at least not often. We exchanged hello’s and I poured cereal into a bowl for her as well. It was only ten o’clock, still early, but late enough in the morning to be doing stuff. For the next ten minutes we made some small talk, Val wasn’t planning on doing anything today and neither was I. She eventually finished eating and headed back up to her room. I watched her walk out of the kitchen wearing pink pajama pants rolled at the waist and a white t-shirt wondering the whole time what kind of panties she was wearing.

After killing some time playing a few online games, and getting my ass kicked in the process I check on the comments of the video I posted. I was amazed that there were over twenty! And they were all complimentary of the performance. Most were short and simple saying they liked it and asking for more. I’d never thought there would be requests for additional videos. There were even a few with specific requests, like showering with them on or wrapping my cock with the panties. I was excited by the idea that people wanted to see more videos of me. Hearing a sound outside my bedroom door I quickly closed the webpage, but my thoughts were racing with possible ideas.

“Hey Ben, I’m going to the mall,” Valerie said, sticking her head into my room, “you wanna go?”

“No thanks. Tim and I are supposed to team up later for an online tournament,” I lied.

Valerie shrugged and was soon down the stairs and out the front door. I crept over to my window and watcher her car pull out of the drive and down the road. Immediately I went to her room since I was now alone in the house. Valerie’s door was open when I went inside. Her off white bureau was against the far wall. I hit pay dirt with the top draw which was full of her panties in all colors and styles. She had red thongs, pink bikini’s and white cotton panties plus more. I thumbed through the bundle of clothes finding a pale blue pair of panties with yellow flowers at the bottom of the pile. I figured since they were on the bottom she wouldn’t notice their absence and I took them. The satin sheen to them was wonderful and it was a thong. I headed back to my room planning on stripping for another show when an idea hit me. I was alone in the house after all. Surely mom had her own stash of panties.

Mom’s room was downstairs down a short hall off the kitchen. Double checking the front door was locked I silently headed down the hall even though I knew it was ridiculous to be so stealthy. Mom’s door was closed and I eased it open. I knew from being a kid where she kept her panties and I headed straight for that drawer. The compacted pile of under garments nearly exploded out they were so densely packed. I spent at least a half an hour lost in the world of my mom’s panties. The colors, textures and styles were all there. I rubbed them on my face, over my hard-on and through my hands. Eventually I knew I had to get on with my plan. Once again I focused on the bottom of the drawer and found a white fully teddy. I was drawn to the garment made of cotton, silk and lace. I took it out and decided that I would go a little further with this video.

Once back upstairs I moved my computer to the bathroom counter and adjusted the focus so that my body would be visible but not my face while in the shower. I opened the window but made sure the blinds were closed tight so steam wouldn’t build up. I undressed and put the white lingerie on. It was tight. The bra cups hung loose since I didn’t have anything to hold the up, but the rest stretched tight over my body since I’m quite a bit bigger than my mom. It was so tight that my balls wouldn’t be contained by the thinly stretched crotch. I was disappointed at first, but decided to move forward with the crotch undone since there were three small snaps that kept it together, for easier access I surmised.
I turned on the water and then the camera.

I did a little tease first facing away from the camera, running my hands over my body and sticking me ass out before stepping under the spray of the water. Of course the white lingerie was immediately soaked and became transparent. My cock which was trapped between my stomach and the teddy was apparent. I did some more dancing and grabbed a bottle of body wash. I lifted it up and let a long steady stream of the soap flow down my chest, stomach and my legs. I slowly rubbed the soap into a rich lather, feeling my body become slicker within minutes. Finally deciding my viewers had had enough I eased my cock out, soap dripping off of it. Like before I stroked it slowly at first, taking breaks to massage my balls to make the session last longer. Eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore and let my fist fly along my shaft until my hot cum was ready to burst. This time I angled my cock upwards just as I came so my seed covered my chest and stomach. I rubbed my soapy and cum coated chest more, moaning with pleasure to give the viewers some sound and letting them see my cock slowly deflate.

I stripped out of the lingerie and let the camera roll as I rinsed off. I got out and shut the video down with one last shot of my cock up close.

It was two weeks since my first video was posted and I felt like a star. I had gone on to post one per day since then, most wearing either mom’s or Valerie’s panties, but I’d also gotten requests to just do them naked too. I tried to accommodate my adoring fans. I now had over a thousand followers begging for more videos and giving out ideas for the future. A lot wanted me to do anal stuff which I refused. Some wanted different venues like outside or in public. The though intrigued me, but I was still too scared for that. I had done one in my mom’s room and several in Valerie’s room though. My prolific video production was the best thing I’d ever done, but it also led to my down fall.

Chapter Three

“Hey brother, whatcha doin’? Valerie asked flopping down on the couch beside me. I immediately wondered what she wanted, she only called me brother when she wanted something.

“Nothin, what do you want? I sighed figuring to just get it over with.

“Me?” she asked innocently.

“Cut the crap, what do you need?”

“Okay, well since you asked I could use a little favor. Could you please stop jacking off in my panties long enough for me to actually wear them?” she asked in a sweet voice, as if it were a real request.

She laughed next because the horror and embarrassment I’m sure were evident on my face. In fact I was too stunned to move or anything. How the hell did she find out, my mind screamed. Next came the realization that mom probably knew too. My heart sank and I knew I was in deep trouble. I didn’t want to, but neither could I stop the hot tears that started to well up in my eyes.

I looked at my sister and apologized, “I’m so sorry” was all I could manage to squeak out.

“It’s fine,” she said with a little laugh, putting her hand on my knee.

I looked up at her really for the first time and saw actual concern on her face. She wasn’t mad? She must have sensed my confusion.

“Listen, it’s okay. I mean guys steal their sisters panties, I get it. I mean, if you’re into videos and stuff that’s cool too. I was only joking around, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just have one for real question though. Are you gay?” she asked.
Hell no! I wanted to scream and almost did, but I composed myself at least a little. I shook my head and explained I wasn’t gay.

“Okay, good, I mean not that it would have been a bad thing or anything. I was going to say that if you were gay then maybe you wouldn’t want your sister in your next video…”

What? Did she just suggest that she would be in my next video? Then there would have to be a next video, and my sister would have to…the realization slowly hit me.

“What?,” I asked not sure I’d hear her right. “You want to…to…be in a video, too?”

“Yeah, but I’m not doing it alone, you’re the star. Listen, I found out about the videos because I search the same website and accidently came across it and like the hundred you’ve done. I know it wasn’t right, but I’ve watched all your videos. I also know its weird that I have the best orgasms when I watch them, but I do. So I thought maybe we could do one together or something. I mean, the best ones, the ones with the most hits are about brothers and sisters anyway. Who cares if no one knows we really are related? Or is that too weird?”

Was a fantasy about to come true? She genuinely interested, but what if it was a big joke? I was nervous to say yes, and afraid to say no.

“Umm…okay, but how would we…you know?”

Over the next hour my sister and I talked about making a sex video essentially like the ones I’d already been doing. We laid out the plan and decided to just do it. We also talked about boundaries. I promised to clear all panty stealing with her first. With that out of the way, we headed up stairs to make it happen.

With the plan outlined,we both headed upstairs. I was nervous and excited all rolled into one. My cock was already a raging hard on. As agreed I was allowed to pick any of my sister’s panties for the video. There was one pair, a bright pink thong that I’d wanted for the longest time but I always felt my sister would miss the loud color. Taking it I went back to my room and undressed, sliding the pink thong on. I readied the camera and tried my best to concentrate on doing my usual pre-jackoff show. Suddenly the door burst open and I froze. Valerie came striding into the room and into frame.

“What the fuck are doing, you little pervert?” she yelled in mock anger.

“I’m sorry…” I stammered.

“So, you just jack off with my panties. Do you wanna fuck me or something? I’m your sister for fuck’s sake!”

We hadn’t planned out the dialog so I didn’t answer honestly I would love to fuck my sister, instead I tried to make up excuses and pretended to want to turn the video off.

“What…oh, are you recording this so people can watch you? Do other perverts want to see you cum all over my panties? Fine, lets give them the show then. Go on, get going.” She demanded.

Even though I knew she was part of it, my heart was hammering in my chest as I lowered the waist and let me cock spring free. I heard Val’s sharp breath intake and was secretly proud of my seven inches. I did a few half hearted strokes which felt amazing, the taboo of it was a wonderful thrill.

“Whats wrong, does little brother need help?” my sister asked in a fake sympathetic voice full of sarcasm. “Here does this help?” she asked and turned around, lowering her shorts halfway down her gloriously smooth ass.

The tail of a black thong disappeared between her ass cheeks and she wiggled her ass in a seductive manner. My cock was drooling with pre-cum watching her.

I continued to stroke a few times as she turned around. The plan was for me to finish up, but I wanted to take my time so I went slowly enjoying the feel of just being so dramatic in front of my sister. Valerie stood with her hands on her hips, shorts low enough to see the top of her thong and I couldn’t help but imagine the rest of her body. As I rubbed my shaft Val shifted uncomfortably and I figured I better hurry, but I was reading her wrong

“Here let me help, I’ve got stuff to do,” she said with a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

She stepped forward and brushed my hand aside. She gripped my cock and began long, smooth strokes, I was stunned, amazed, turned on, excited all at once. My sister was jacking me off! As soon as the thought hit my brain I was cumming, my hot seed flying out of my erect cock in a torrent. I’m sure I’d never cum to hard in my life. Thick ropes of white cream stretched from my cock to Val’s hand as she pulled it away from me. I couldn’t help but risk a look at her. Her eyes were transfixed on her cum soaked hand and she was breathing rapidly. Per our plan I took off the panties and handed them back to her

“Thanks perv,” she said in frustration and stormed out of the room.

I turned off the camera and sat down heavily in my desk chair. I figured Val already saw me naked so there was no need to dress right away. A few clicks later the video was posted and all we had to do was wait for the comments to roll in. As I did this my cock stiffened again from the scene that had just unfolded. We had talked about some boundaries, but my sister masturbating me had never come up. Wow! Where would it go from here? I hope she wasn’t regretting it.

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