Fell In Love In Italy – Venice To Milan – Part 3

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Fell In Love In Italy – Venice To Milan – Part 3

Hi, please go through the story with the title ‘Fell In Love In Italy – Venice – Part 2’ or else you cannot follow this part. Those were cozy moments with Neha inside the changing room. It even led me to feel her boobs for a few minutes. There was an awkward silence between us.

My heart was racing. Luckily, she looked back and gave a sweet smile which brought a sense of relief. I opened the door of changing room to find Gaurav and the married girl waiting outside. Gaurav saw me and was shocked to find that I was inside the changing room with Neha.

Neha took some time to come out. Then, she asked me can she keep her wet clothes in my bag. I was carrying a bag pack, but she was with a small side bag. I agreed, and Neha gave her wet bundled clothes to me. I was keeping it in the bag and by chance, I dropped one of the clothes from the bundle.

I immediately uttered sorry and picked it up. It was a small item and it got dirty due to the sand of the beach. So, I twitched it and opened it to realize that it was her panty. I realized my mistake, but it all happened swiftly. I noticed Gaurav’s amused expression.

Then noticed that panty was super sexy netted and lacy one. It was baby pink in color. I loved it and loved the fAct that I was holding it in my hand. I looked towards Neha, she felt embarrassed. I apologized and stuffed into my bag without making more fuss about it.

But instant thought in my mind was that Neha is braless and pantyless. She is gonna travel without it from Venice to Milan. It was time to head back, we boarded a boat from Lido to reach Venice station. It was a long boat journey of 1.5 hours.

The boat was crowded, therefore we all 4 were not able to sit together. Good for me as Neha was sitting with me on the backside of the boat. The other 2 got seats somewhere on the front side.

I was not able to judge whether Neha is angry about my deeds or not. I started talking to her with an apology.
Me: Sorry for opening your panty.
Neha: It’s ok, that was by chance.

Me: But I liked your selection (I uttered it without my mind’s approval.)
Neha: That’s why you were holding it for a long time.
Me: Sorry, it was not intentional.
Neha: Acha, so your other deeds were intentional?

Me: What other deeds? (I was trying to avoid it.)
Neha: You are not as innocent as you look.
Me: Do you have a boyfriend? (I changed the topic.)
Neha: Yes, I have.

She picked her mobile and showed me her picture with her boyfriend. I was disheartened and sad that I can‘t dream anything further with her. She started checking Venice pictures on her mobile phone.

Neha: You have clicked nice pictures, thanks.
Me: How I should transfer my camera pictures to you?
Neha gave me her Gmail id. Then we exchanged WhatsApp number. I searched for her profile on Facebook and sent her a friend request.

In the meantime, a couple sitting in front of us started to smooch deeply. We both did feel a little uncomfortable.
Neha: I have been to Korea. But I have not seen such a display of love so openly there.

Me: Venice is a romantic place. Let them have fun.
Gradually that boy started to press her boobs. I was aroused. I wanted to kiss Neha in the same way and wanted to feel her boobs. I lowered my eyes to check her boobs and cursed myself for giving my jacket.

Or else at least I could have seen her tits. Neha also saw what couples were doing, we both looked at each other a gave a naughty smile.

Me: Is it not hot for you in my jacket?
Neha: Little hot though but can’t help.
I got up to click some pictures of the Grand Canal and clicked a few shots.
Neha: Show me pictures of your camera and mobile.

Me: My mobile battery is low, I will transfer it to you after reaching.
Neha: I will check pictures of the camera then.
I stopped her as she may not like the hot and sexy pictures which I have clicked without her knowledge.

Me: That died long back in Lido beach itself. (I lied)
Neha: Ok, What’s the time now?
I opened the mobile checked and told her its 6:30 pm. But she didn’t hear it and asked me to repeat it. For which I showed her mobile screen telling its 6:30 pm.

Neha: You lair your mobile has more than 50% battery.
I was caught.
Me: Yes, I need it till I reach home.

Neha: I doubt you have clicked some wrong pics. Did you click any pictures while I was changing inside the changing room?
She doubted and started to show anger. I got scared that she will get upset due to this reason.

Me: Are you mad? Why will I click such pictures? (I objected)
Neha: Then show me your mobile pictures right away. (She demanded)

I had no choice than giving it to her. She continued checking pics one by one. She praised many of the pics. Though in many pics her tits impression was visible, she didn’t notice it and continued swiping.

She reached the pictures of Lido beach. She noticed that her pics were sexier. Also, she noticed that I have clicked only her pictures. I was also seeing the pics, was getting tempt seeing her wet body. Then she started to zoom in some pictures and confirmed that her tits are clearly visible.

She felt a little shy and looked at me. I acknowledged, “You were looking amazing.” She blushed. Then she continued seeing pictures and there comes a shocking picture. There were 4 pics where her nipple was visible. When Neha was playing in the water.

There were 2 instances when her nipple slipped out of her spaghetti. It was only for a few moments and she corrected it. But my camera had captured one of that moment. She zoomed in the pic and was shaken to see that her nude nipple is on display. That zoomed picture gave me an instant hard-on.

My fluid was about to erupt. She stared at me with anger and I was in trouble between pleasure and rage. Her look with anger made my hard thing to calm down. Or else I was sure there would have been a more. She started to delete those pictures.

My heart skipped a beat to see those pictures getting deleted. But on the back of my mind, I knew that I have set a recycle bin on my phone. I can retrieve it from there. She swiped to see a few more pics. She noticed that her spaghetti had tightly cupped her boobs making her tits and boob shape very apparent.

Also, her navel as she had tied her spaghetti on one side was glowing and adding radiance to the pictures. There was an awkward silence between us.

Me: Sorry.
Neha: So you know that I was braless.

Me: Not just me everyone knows that you were braless today.
Neha: What you mean by everyone?
Me: There were many who were noticing you on the beach. So they might have noticed it.

Neha: What about Gaurav?
Me: He knew about it since morning itself.
Neha: Seriously?
Me: He only insisted me to take you to the beach. By that, he can make you wet in water.

She might have considered me as pervert as I clicked her sexy pics. So to maintain my image I defamed Gaurav’s by revealing the truth. I know it’s cunning and bad. But everything is fair in such a situation. She was embarrassed and quiet.

Maybe she was remembering how Gaurav was splashing water on her. He did behave a little too much. By touching her inappropriately many times while playing in the water. He was the one who teased her. He manipulated her to remove her chiffon shirt commenting that it is fully transparent and no use of wearing it.

She removed it innocently giving us chance to scan her body and boobs in more detail. In one particular instance, he dragged her into waves by pulling her hand. She slipped and fell on him using that chance. He cupped her boobs instantly. When a wave splashed, his one hand was on her bum and one on the navel.

I did observe his deeds clearly as a mute spectator. He took advantage of every possible situation. Neha didn’t realize it at that time and maybe she was analyzing it now.

Me: May I ask you one thing? Why you didn’t wear your bra today?
Neha: I forgot to bring a strapless bra from India. As I was wearing spaghetti top, bra straps may look odd. So I didn’t wear it. But I did a big mistake. My dress choice was bad.

Me: Your dress was good, you were looking absolutely stunning today.
Neha stared at me. I had to bite my tongue before speaking anything further.
Me: Ignore that and cherish seeing Venice.

I pointed at her Rialto bridge. We had walked through it in the morning. Now we were passing below it in the boat. I tried to distract her and then started to ask about her family and other usual details. We reached Milan after our train journey.

There was nothing interesting during the journey. Neha was mostly silent. I also took a nap. After reaching they were about to catch the metro to their place and my university was in the opposite direction. I had an extra plastic bag, so I picked that to give wet clothes to Neha.

I just placed all her clothes into it except her panty which she did see in my bag while I was transferring. I pretended like I forgot to give her the panty and closed my bag zip. I handed over plastic sack to her.

Neha: Actually you forgot… (She don’t want to utter word panty)
Me: I will take my jacket later. I know you can’t give it now.
Neha: Not about the jacket?
Me: Then what?

Neha gazed at me. Gaurav was right next to us. So, she decided to let it go.
Neha: Nothing.
Me: Ok, see you guys. I had a wonderful time with you guys. (I wanted to leave soon before Neha asks me to give back her panty)

Gaurav: Same here.
Me: Have a safe flight back to Delhi.
I bid adieu them and reached my apartment using the metro. I directly went to my room and locked it.

After undressing, I laid on my bed to recover Neha‘s deleted pics and started to admire it. Later, I picked Neha’s lacy panty from the bag and examined it thoroughly. My admiration for that made me instantly sniff it as well and it was intoxicating.

Further, I placed that panty on my bed imagining like Neha is sleeping on the bed only in panty and started to fantasize. I went on top of it, in missionary position and inserted my penis inside her panty. I know it is weird. But when pleasure kicks in, nothing seems to be weird.

My small thought of making Neha as girlfriend has already evolved to imagine like having sex with her. I opened my camera to check the Lido beach pictures while fantasizing and it made my penis even harder. I had a hard-on for more than 4 times in the whole Venice trip.

But that hard on had not achieved required peace. Therefore, I fucked Neha’s panty regressively for more than 15 minutes while parallelly checking her pictures. I finally fired heavily loaded cum shots inside her panty. I attained satisfAction and kind of salvation from Neha’s gorgeous looks of that day.

Stay tuned to enjoy more of Italy and for falling in love in my next parts. Looking forward to knowing your thoughts and feedback at [email protected]

I didn’t receive any feedback till now, so not sure whether I’m expressing it in the correct way or too much in detail. Please feel free to contact me, though I live in Germany, I visit India every 3-4 months.

Fell In Love In Italy – Venice To Milan – Part 3

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