Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 2

Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 2

Please read the first part to know how we got to this situation:

Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 1

The next morning I got up early as I am an early riser. I got up from the bed and thought to have a little walk on the floor outside the room before getting fresh. On the bed, I saw bhabhi facing towards the kids and so her back was visible to me. The blanket was not covering her properly.

Her top had moved up and the Capri had moved down. I saw her blue panty and ass cracks. I stayed near the door and got to see her body from close. Her hair was messy on her face, the black bra was seen out of her top and blue panty was inviting me to be loved.

Somehow I controlled my desires and went out of the room. I walked around 5 minutes and went back to my room. I saw her again in the same position. My dick was tight. The first thing I did inside the bathroom was shagging thinking about her. Very few times, I had discharged such a load.

Then I freshened up and came out. By the time, bhabhi also got up, we wished each other and she tied her hair. She realized her top is up and Capri is down. She adjusted and went to the bathroom. I went down for tea and breakfast. After one hour, I returned.

I saw she had also freshened up but didn’t have a bath. She had got the kids ready and said, “Let’s go for breakfast.” I accompanied them and went down. Today was Mehandi function along with sangeet. It was supposed to start by noon and was scheduled to last late at night.

So she said that she will get ready just before the function starts. We chatted in the hall after breakfast. She was mostly sitting beside me. The kids again indulged themselves in games and all. Around 11 am, I said that I am going to get ready first as you also need to be ready after that.

So, I went alone and went to the bathroom with just a towel. Again I shook my dick recalling the night and early morning views. By the time, I came out she was also in the room. I told her she can go now. She went inside the bathroom picking a towel and nighty.

The bathroom didn’t have enough hangers or hook to keep many clothes. She finished her bath and came out. The towel was wrapped on her hair and she was wearing nighty. It took me a few minutes to realize that she was not wearing anything underneath her dark color nighty.

Her boobs were jiggling and the nighty was sticking to her not so completely dry body. She had kept her bra and panty inside the blouse and petticoat on the table which was to be worn that day. She took that lot and went to the bathroom again. After 5 minutes, she came out wearing a blouse and petticoat.

The water droplets were on her back and stomach. It was an intense atmosphere. I was still getting ready and just smiled. She started wearing a sari. Today she was wearing a light green blouse and pink/yellow sari. I told her I am ready and she can come down after locking the room.

She said she may need my help to put a safety pin again. Once she wore sari she asked me to put the pin. I went near to her. I kept her hair in the front from back. Her deep blouse was inviting me to kiss her back. I just thought to be kinkier and put my hand inside the blouse on shoulders.

I moved my hand along the white bra down the armpits on the front as if it happened by mistakes. I felt the edge of her breast. It was so soft. Today again my fingers shivered and she again joked, “Aapki biwi gussa hogi agar itna der lagayenge ek pin lagane mein.”

I just replied, “Mujhe to utarne se matlab rahega na.” She hit my stomach with her elbows with fun. Then she dried and made her make up. I went down first and she came later. Mehendi and all other function started. I was on my own for some time.

Around 6 pm sangeet started and slowly the lights were turned to very dim. Everyone was dancing. Village elders retired to their room after dinner. And mostly ladies remained after 8 pm. Since bhabhi didn’t know many people so she kept on dancing with me.

I am not a dancer but was shaking my leg somehow along with her. Bhabhi was looking very sexy. Her hair was flowing on her back and front. Her married look with sindoor, bindi, and mangalsutra was extremely tempting. She danced many times holding my waist and asking me also to do the same.

Many gents and ladies were dancing in pairs. Aakash sir was also dancing with his to be wife. Meanwhile, kids were feeling hungry. So I took them to the catering area, fed them and took them to the room. They slept very soon even before changing their dress. I went down and updated bhabhi.

She thanked me and then again she danced with me. Many times she closed to me rubbing her front and back to me. There was a break for dinner and after dinner again dance started. This time very few people remained for dance. We too danced for some more time and by 10 pm, DJ was about to wrap.

We went to our room. The kids had moved to the 2 beds adjacent to the wall. I went to the bathroom to change my dress and shagged again. I relieved and came out. I tried to adjust the kids to move in 2 middle beds. So that I can occupy the wall cornered bed and bhabhi the extreme one near to the door.

But the kids were in deep sleep and were not ready to move. Bhabhi also tried but kids were not moving. She said, “Rahne dijiye aise hi.” I asked her, “Tab main kaha sounga?” She said, “2 beds aur hain na.” I just smiled. She again removed her sari and took the nighty to the bathroom.

I took the 3rd bed beside the kids thinking I am tired so I will sleep peacefully. Bhabhi may take a long time to wrap up clothes so the last bed will be helpful for her without disturbing me. I covered the kids with their blankets and just laid on bed playing a game.

Meanwhile, Bhabhi came out of the bathroom wearing nighty and I was awestruck. It was a light pink color nighty and very transparent. She was wearing a bra and panty inside without petticoat. So, all her assets were visible. It was beyond my control not to look at her.

I gave her looks and she didn’t realize that her nighty was too transparent. And finally, she asked me, “Kya hua ji, kyun mujhe aise dekh rahe hain?” I said, “Bhabhi, ye dress aap par bohut achcha lag raha hai.” Then she looked again at her and saw herself in the mirror that it’s transparent.

The nighty has buttons on the front throughout from top to button, maybe around 6-7 buttons. So, front side transparency was not so visible and she thought that it’s not so transparent. And she got busy wrapping her sari, petticoat, and towels.

I kept on looking at her with my eyes and observed her body. I saw her floral panty and the bra. It looked like she had changed her bra from white-colored to red-colored bra. Her every bend was giving an amazing view of her back as panty was making the lining and sticking to her transparent clothes.

I could see various colored flowers and teddy bears on brown panties. I kept on preserving those images in my mind for future nights. After 5-10 minutes, she cleared everything and asked whether she can switch off the light. I nodded.
I offered her which position she would like to sleep in.

She said she is comfortable at the edge only and I will be at the 3rd bed. All the beds were joined and mattresses too. I put my blankets as my dick started to rise. She asked if she can switch off the lights. I just glanced one more time on her assets and nodded.

She switched off the lights saying, “Aise kyun dekh rahe hain, kabhi dekhe nahi kya mujhe?” I said, “Dekhe to hain, lekin aisa look me shayad pahle baar dekh rahe hain.” She came to bed as I can feel in dark and started laying down. She said, “Achcha aisa kya hai aaj ki pahli baar kuch alag dekhe hain aaj.”

I thought to flirt more and be near to her so I started more conversation. I said, “Bhabhi, aapka nighty bohut badhiya hai.” She said, “Aapke sir kharid kar le aaye the. Main bhi aaj first time hi pahni hu isko.” I said, “Aap isme bohut achchi dikh rahi hain.”

She said jokingly, “Main achchi dikh rahi hu ya kuch aur dikh rahi hai?” And she laughed. I said, “Dono, aap bhi aur andar ka bhi.” She removed my blanket to hit me in fun and said, “Aap badmash ho gaye ho.” And she came closer to me while pinching and hitting.

I said, “Apke dress ko dekhkar koi bhi badmashi karne lagega.” She asked, “Achcha aisa kya hai dress mein?” I said, “Woh flowers and teddy bears.” She realized I have seen too much of her dress. Again she hit me. I said, “Aapka choice badhiya hai.”

She said, “Ye sab choice aapke sir ka hi hai. Pata nahi kaha kaha se aise choice wale lekar aate hain.” We both laughed. And in that light moment, I asked her, “Bhabhi, aapne dress kab change kar liya din mein?” I didn’t want to ask her directly when and why did she change her white bra to red-colored bra.

She didn’t know what I was asking. Then she realized what I meant to ask. She said, “Thoda tight tha to uncomfortable feel ho raha tha.” I said laughingly, “Lagta hai ki mehnat ka phal dikh raha hai.” She said, “Aapke sir ko mehnat ke liye time rahega tab na.” And we both laughed.

By that time, my blanket was almost removed. She was very near to me, our elbows and legs were brushing sometimes. We started discussing the day activities and dancing. She asked, “Aap itna Sharma kyu rahe the dance karne mein?”

I said, “Lekin baad me to aapke kamar par hath rakh kar dance kiya tha maine.” She asked me, “Kaisa laga?” I said, “Bohut achcha laga, itna soft. Imagine se bhi upar.” She laughed and said, “Thik hai kal bhi dance karenge.” I said, “Ha, lekin agar abhi fir se practice karne ke liye mile to aur badhiya rahega.”

She asked me, “Is samay dance ka practice?” I said, “Nahi bhabhi, kamar par hath rakhne ka practice.” This time, she came closer and her body brushed against my hand. I could feel her breast. Devil thoughts came inside my mind. I thought let me take to this flirt at the level wherever it can go maximum.

And so, I kept my hand on her stomach over her nighty. And started slow-moving. She said, “Kya kar rahe hain ji?” I told, “Soch raha hoon, kal ka dance ke liye practice kar loon. Lekin asli feeling nahi aa rahi hai.” She asked, “Kyu kya hua?”

I said, “Kapda hai na so direct nahi pakad pa rahe hain aapke kamar ko.” She again hit me jokingly. I turned towards her and opened the one button which was coming over her stomach. Before she could stop my hand, it went inside the nighty and roaming over the stomach. It was smooth and warm.

Though she had given 2 births, there were hardly any marks on her stomach. My fingers were sometimes touching her panty. I just said, “Mere fingers ne galti se aapke teddy bear ko chhu diya.” I told her its a bit uncomfortable for me to keep my hand.

She asked, “Kyu, kya ho gaya, ab kya chahiye?” Before I replied, I started opening the down 3 buttons which were below the stomach. And her nighty was open down. She tried to stop but her left hand was under my right hand. She couldn’t do much with her left hand.

And my right hand started moving from her waist to her panty to the legs. I avoided putting hands over her love holes at first. I didn’t want to finish it soon and didn’t want to show my desperation. I felt her moan when I first time put my fingers on her navel.

I started going down over her panty feeling her pussy lips. I started rubbing her thighs, these were softs and smooth. She was closing her legs not to give me any space to move. Then I kept my hand again on stomach and started moving on top, felt her breast over her bra for the first time.

She again shivered and moaned, “Kya kar rahe hain aap?” In fact, she had not ever thought that I can come to this level. I said, “Kuch nahi bhabhi, aapne mujhe kal ka dance practice karne se roka to socha ki kuch aur practice kar lu.” After saying this, I grabbed her breast over her bra and started squeezing boobs.

Now, the nighty was just lying on her body. The room was almost dark and we were not able to see anything. So, there was no fear of shame in dark. I was getting courage. Then I pulled down her bra strap from shoulders and pulled her melon out of the bra. The bra was already hooked on the backside.

I touched her nipples and pulled her breast out of bra coverage. She tried to put the bra back and I just sat and removed my shirt and shorts. I was in undies. And then again, I lay near to her and this time I touched her stomach. I just felt her panty and spread her legs.

In one go I pulled her panty down below her knees. She tried to bend her legs. But since panty was already below the knee so it went further down. It was easy for me to remove from her legs. So as soon as she kept her legs down straight I just removed panty and kept her panty below my pillow.

She tried to put the nighty over her body. I roamed my fingers on her stomach and started moving down with the intention to touch her love hole. Small trimmed pussy hair came on my finger’s way. I realized the glory hole is near my middle finger. I touched the starting point of the hole and she gasped.

She held my hand and said, “Please nahi kijiye, bachche bhi yahi hain.” I told her, “I will not do anything don’t worry. Main thoda feel le raha hoon bas.” Everything was happening in the pitch dark. Then I moved on top of her. She had put the breast back in the bra and strap on shoulders.

I rubbed my hand over the breast. She was moaning and moaning. And the first time, I came over her. Now, it was time to make love. My mouth went near to her neck and kissed. She tried to keep her face away. I again pulled down her bra strap one side with my teeth and another side with my hand.

Then I took out her breast from a bra. She kept on moaning and I was pressing and squeezing her breast. I took my hands down her back and unhooked her bra. Now her melons were free, I took one boob in my hand and brought my mouth on nipples. It was soft like resins. I chewed one side and rubbed the other side.

After so many years of marriage, her breasts were still the tight and good shape of 34D. Meanwhile, my dick was trying to come out of undies. So, I slowly pulled down my undies, while chewing her breast. When my dick came out in open and it touched her thighs.

She realized I came too far. She tried to resist but I held her hands and came down. I started kissing from her navel coming down, I kissed on both sides of inner thighs. She held my head and said, “Ab rahne dijiye na.” And then suddenly I kissed over pussy. She raised her ass up and sighed.

My mouth went deep-running over pussy lips. And I put my lips inside along with fingers. After kissing for 5 minutes over her pussy lips and squeezing her breast. I positioned myself over her. I spread her legs, my dick was touching her pussy. Her bra was still over her breast.

I found her cheeks and lips and kissed her face. I was pinching her nipple and breast with one hand, and positioning my dick with another hand over her pussy. Before she could realize, I lowered myself and almost half of my dick went inside her pussy. I lost my virginity.

With the sudden assault, she tried to get away by raising her ass. But in turn, it helped my dick to go deeper. It’s around 7-7.5 inches. My dick was still around 1/3rd outside. And I was in that position for some time and kissing her lips. Then I thought it’s time for the final assault.

It was painful for me as the first time my top skin was going down by natural forces. I raised myself up and she thought that I will stop. But suddenly I pushed myself down. This time she cried and moaned, but by this time, my dick and her pussy got adjusted.

I started pumping vigorously and squeezing and kissing her breasts. Sometimes I was increasing speed and sometimes I was decreasing speed. I was mauling her breast and nipples, biting and sucking those melons. After 10 minutes, I felt her pussy expansion and contraction.

Then I realized she was on the verge of climax. She stopped resistance for a while and I too paused pushing dick for a while. I felt a surge of liquid around my dick. She had discharged and climaxed. After a few minutes, I thought it was high time to please myself. And I started pulling out and pushing down.

She too came in sense again started her resistance. But I was in no mood to listen. Her every moan was giving me further appeal to ram her pussy. My mouth was giving love bites on her breast. Pressure started building inside me too. She also realized that I can explode at any moment.

She said, “Bahar nikaliyega please.” I knew that she had undergone operation just after the birth of her second son. So, it was absolutely safe for her. But still, she was saying all these maybe because she had to clean her pussy. But I was not in the mood to think all these.

After a few minutes of heavy thurst, I held her breast and shoulders tightly. My mouth on her boobs and nipples and my dick were at the deepest point inside her pussy. My seeds started exploding inside her womb. It came out in 3-4 shots with huge loads of sperms.

I could feel the warm hospitality of her pussy accommodating every drop of my sperms. I was holding her breast. I lay on her for a few minutes after discharging all the droplets and started squeezing and sucking her breast very softly.

I said, “Sorry bhabhi, control nahi kar paye.” She asked me, “Mere kapde kaha hai?” I knew she was talking about panty as her bra was still on her breast. I showed ignorance and asked which dress? She said, “Panty.” I told her, “Bhabhi pata nahi, nikalne ke baad kaha rakh diye.”

I knew it’s under my pillow but since it was dark so it was not easy to find. Meanwhile, my dick started reducing its length and it came out of her pussy. I can feel the mixed juice of ours on my dick. I came down from her and I lay beside her.

I felt her hands were trying to cover her body with her nighty. I covered myself in the blanket though I was naked. I was so tired that I got to sleep within a few minutes.

That’s the beginning of this sexual journey. What happened the next day and what followed in the next few years, I will be sharing with the next stories in this series. Please do share your feedback on my mail id: [email protected]

Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 2