First story about smothering while facesitting.

First story about smothering while facesitting.

We had been dating for nine months. The sex we shared was very intense and always a turn on, no matter what we were doing. Peggy was very sexual and had a great body. She enjoyed having her pussy licked, sometimes more than actual penetration, which was fine with me. She has a wonderfully shaped butt and one of the prettiest and best tasting pussies I’ve ever seen.

A few weeks back, I started experiencing a deep depression. The only thing I had to look forward to was the chance to have sex with Peggy. As my problems mounted, the thoughts of death started to enter my mind. I know for certain, that I am not the type of person who would be able to kill myself. I would fear of screwing it up and becoming a vegetable. Then one night while in a 69 with Peggy, she sat up and her beautiful ass covered my nose, cutting off my air momentarily. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I confessed to her my thoughts and that I would like for her to be the one to finish me off.

At first she thought I was playing a game and she played along. After talking for a few minutes, she stopped me and asked if I was serious. I explained that I was and that I would hope she would help me, if things became too overwhelming for me. She explained that she would hate to lose me, but if I were serious about having her smother me to death, she would help me. We spoke very candidly and in great detail about what we would need to do in order for us to do this and for her to not get caught. Talking about it, while as morbid as it was, was a huge turn on to both of us.

We started to practice what we would need to do. She brought over some rope so she could tie me to the bed. Tying me up was always a huge turn on for her and she had never tied me up as tight, or to the extent as she did during our “rehearsal”. We tried a couple of different positions to see what would be best for her to cut off my oxygen. Her sitting with her butt covering my nose and her pussy over my mouth worked very well. She tried sitting so she could look down at my eyes. This worked well too. She was able to manage to lock my head between her thighs to prevent me from moving my head from side to side and was able to mash her pussy onto my nose and her ass over my mouth, completely cutting off my air supply. She is a short petite woman, but in great shape and very strong.

With the position we were going to try decided upon and with my arms and legs securely tied up, we decided to try a test run. She had me take a deep breath and she lowered her sex onto my face. She wiggled a little until she was comfortable. I looked up at her and could see the excitement in her eyes. It took a moment, but finally my body needed air. I started to move, so she would know to get up. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head into her pussy hard. I felt my nose compress and thought it would break from the pressure. She never pushed so hard onto my face, or pulled my hair like that before. In a very calm, soft voice she whispered “don’t fight me baby… just relax… it will be over soon”. I tried to hold on but I felt my heart racing and I instinctively opened my mouth and tried to gasp for air… I know I had to have sucked part of her ass into my mouth. I could feel her get wetter as she sat on my face. She kept a firm grip on me the whole time. I was totally at her mercy. Just as I felt like I was going to pass out, she let go and sat back on my chest. I took several deep breaths and for a few minutes, tried to catch my breath.

She smiled down at me and stroked my hair. “I will need to stay on you for at least several minutes. Are you sure you couldn’t move?” she asked. I still hadn’t caught my breath but I tried to answer as best as I could. “No, I honestly couldn’t move at all… I think we have it down. Are you sure you could go through with it?” I asked. She smiled and kept stroking my hair, which hurt from being pulled so hard. “Yes, I know I could do it. It actually turned me on.” She said.

She wants to find information on how long it takes for a person to expire from smothering, and what sort of stages a person goes through while being suffocated. We haven’t decided when we are going to go through with it, but I feel good knowing that I have someone as sexy and willing as her, to finish me off.

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First story about smothering while facesitting.