Foreplay With A stranger Woman In Auto

Foreplay With A stranger Woman In Auto

I was in Madhya Pradesh working for a company. One day I had to take an auto to reach my destination. I took a share auto and placed my bag on my lap. I was expecting a woman beside me and sometimes luck favors. A woman aged around 43 years sat beside me.

Her husband was next to her and a boy of around 7 or 8 years on her husband’s lap. She was average build and normal height. Her boobs were not soo big might be around size 30B. She was wearing a green sari and green blouse. She had a bag too which she placed on her lap.

I told the auto driver to move as nobody is coming but the auto driver told us to wait for 5 minutes. Two more people sat in front of us on the wooden bench inside the auto. She was sitting too close to me due to less space. Her husband started talking about the gas price hike with his wife.

I thought I could start a discussion. I said the people in power don’t think of poor people and said, “Just take the example of this road. It’s under construction from the last 1year.” She said yes with a smile and I responded too with a smile and said, “Iss road par kamar ka kya haal hoga?” (What would be the condition of the spine on this road?)

The conversation continued with ration, drinking water and all. I thought I could try my luck. I put my left hand on her right thigh above her sari under my bag which was on my lap. So no one observed. She did not say anything since my way of talking about various topics showed that I am not a bad guy.

Then I rubbed my hand on her thigh for some time and turned my hand towards her inner thigh. She didn’t say anything. Later tried to pull her sari up using my fingers. Normally people’s eyes don’t go to the floor of the auto. So I was sure nobody would know if the sari is lifted or not.

Since she had a bag on her lap I could lift her sari just till her knee and could touch her right knee. Not above that. Then I thought the plan won’t work to touch her vagina. I tried to take my hand to her vagina above the sari. There was a bag on her lap also so. No problem, nothing would be visible.

I could not even sense the shape of her vagina over sari. I could not reach her vagina properly. The road was also not good. It was full of bumps. So for every bump, I was taking advantage and adjusting myself. I couldn’t touch her vagina but could feel the heat of it. My dick stood erect.

I thought I could go further and took her hand and put it on my thighs. She did so. Now I knew she really wanted it. She started rubbing on my thigh and just like I did she took her hand to my cock. I was surprised. So I knew nobody would know what’s happening under our bags.

I took my hand to her stomach and rubbed my hand on her navel for some time. All the way I had been talking to her and her husband. We were acting as if nothing is happening. Almost half an hour over. I don’t know where would they get down.

So I thought I should not waste time and took my hand to her right breast area. I observed her. She had felt my hand and acted as if nothing has happened. She kept fondling my dick over my pant. She tried to unzip it but was difficult for her in the auto.

So enjoyed rubbing my dick on my pant itself. The way she rubbed was excellent. She held my cockin her full palm and she was rubbing and pressing repeatedly. After pressing her breasts I wanted to see how it would be if I touch someone’s breasts.

I was surprised I could see my hand on her blouse over sari. It means people sitting opposite could also see my hand. All this time I thought my hand was not being seen. I don’t know whether they have seen or not. I immediately took off my hand and brought it to her stomach.

I thought there is very little time. I tried to insert my hand into her sari near stomach towards her vagina. She must have liked that feeling. She put her head on my left shoulder for a least 3 seconds and removed it since we were in public.

With great difficulty, I inserted my hand inside her sari and lehenga. I adjusted my self so that my hand could go further deep during bumps and acted it was normal. Finally, I reached her vagina. It was wet. There was little hair on her vagina. The first thing reached was her hair and then her clitoris.

It might have become big since she was aged. With one corner of my eyes, I observed her. When I was rubbing her clitoris she closed her eyes with pleasure. It was my luck that I could touch her pussy. I started rubbing her and she couldn’t control and put her head on my shoulder.

I was in a great feeling when she put her head on my shoulder. I rubbed it vigorously with my finger and nail. She softly said, “Aah”. I didn’t know it was pain or pleasure. At this point, she held my cock so tightly that I thought she was trying to break it.

Suddenly her husband said in Hindi, “Stop near that transformer.” I immediately took out my wet hand and put it under my bag. She too took off her hand from my dick. After she got down I was looking at her, so that I can give a smile. But she was arranging her sari and she did not look at me.

Her husband gave money and the auto left. It was almost 45 minutes journey and we both enjoyed it. My cock was erect all the time. After reaching my room I masturbated thinking of her. I never met her again in that area.

Foreplay With A stranger Woman In Auto