Forever Changed – Sex Stories

Forever Changed – Sex Stories

t was just a normal day and it began like any other day. But I didn’t realize it would forever change my life

*A bit of backstory*
I’m a 36 year old father of 3 daughter, two 20 year olds and a 22 year old . Yes I’m young to be a father of 3. I got my girlfriend pregnant at 16 and she gave birth to twins, Emma and Elsa are biological daughters and they are the 20 years old. Hermother ther didn’t want them so I took the responsibility to raise them. Then at 25, I married the love of my life and she brought Abella, my stepdaughter, into my life. Although our marriage didn’t last long because she passed away, one of her last wills was that I took care of Abella and adopt her. And I did and thankfully, Abella has already seen me as her actual father and not the deadbeat asshole that abandoned her and her mom. Me and the girls are a very close knit family. They tell me everything and vice versa. We share everything and I love my daughters. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. And I mean anything.

It was a Saturday morning, and I just had come back from work. I work at a paramedic so I have to work shifts both day and night to support me and my girls. I walked into the house drained of energy but as sound as I walked in, I heard my girls yelling Daddy and rushed to hug me. Instantly I was rejuvenated, however I was still lifeless from all the stupid ambulance call.

Me: Girls,daddy loves to be back home and see you but daddy is absolutely knackered so I’m going get some sleep

All: Daddy, there’s a party tonight. Can we go? We promise to be back around 2.

You see when they ask me for anything that they desperately want, they do the puppy dog eyes and it’s my kryptonite. And I can’t resist saying yes. I said yes and their face lit up and hugged me. I threw a small chuckle as I looked at them and wondered what did I do to deserve them. I walked up the stairs, showered and took a sleep. You know one of the sleeps, were people think you’re dead but you’re just so tired from work and people and everything? Yeah I had that kind of sleep and it was amazing. I woke up looking at the clock..1930 or 730pm at night for those who don’t know how to read 24 hour time.

Me: Wow 12 hours of sleep. 36 years old and I just had a 12 hours sleep. I must be getting old.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. When I went down, my daughters were just getting ready to leave.

Emma: Oh hey daddy, how was your sleep? I could tell you had an amazing sleep. We could hear you snoring from our rooms.

Elsa: Yeah, you must have been tired.

Abella: We gotta go guys. The party starts soon. We bought dinner for you daddy. Medium rare steak with fries and mashed potatoes and carrots. Your favourite.

I smiled as again, I ask myself how did I get this lucky. They had to rushed and they almost forgot to give me a kiss goodbye. Luckily they did. They kissed me goodbye and went off to their party. I looked as they left the house and even tho they were in their 20s, I didn’t want them to to grow up. So I returned to my room for a shower and than back down to the kitchen for dinner. As usual the steak was amazing. I finished quickly and washed the plates as I was about to do something tonight that I don’t want my girls to see.

You see, we all have a certain fetish. Foot, handjob, interracial and etc. And yes some of us have weird fetishes. Especially mine. Where people were turned on with blowjobs, Latinas and anal, I was turned on by incest. Well not just incest. Incest creampies. Yes, incest creampies turn me on so I would watch mom and sons, both biological and step fuck each other, families and cousins as well but my favourite among all the incest creampies is between father and daughter (biological,step and even adopted). Now I know what you are thinking, I’m sick in the head but you have no idea the how the niche market for this particular kind of kink is booming so I’m not the only one. Well back to the story

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2 hours had passed since dinner and I was ready to masturbate to a favourite porn video of mine. Good little girl part 5 starting Piper Perri, Jessa Rhodes and Steven St. Croix. The story is about a father and daughter who just like me and daughter was closed knit but suddenly a stranger walks into their life and turns it upside down. Lust and primal urges take over the family, desires buried deep final surfaces. Basically the father and daughter are attracted to each other but they don’t realise it. And when the stranger comes along, they realise this feeling for each other and in the end, they fuck the shit out of each other and the father cums inside the daughter and she ends up pregnant.

Ok pause. I did tell you my fetish was incest creampies. But I didn’t tell you the whole thing. My fetish is incest creampies impregnation. I guess that the reason why I was so drawn to this type of fetish was because subconsciously, I wanted to do it with my daughters but this is all fantasy. My daughters would be disgusted by me if they knew what I deep down, wanted to do them. It’s a constant battle trying to fight your desires and urges ever since I haven’t had sex since my wife died. I fight my urges so I can be a father to my daughters. Okay back to the story

I was masturbating to the story and it was getting to the good part. Suddenly I heard a noise and I yelled is anyone there? No response. I didn’t give a second thought bout it and carried on beating my cock fiercely. The dad was going to cum inside his daughter and I accelerated. I timed my ejaculations to perfection as he came inside her. The next thing I know, I hear daddy at my door.
I looked and saw all of daughters there. My face turn pale, almost white as my daughters discovered the truth about me. I wanted to go comfort them but I tripped on my pants and hit my head on the bedside table and knocked myself out. Yeah not my most proudest moment.

I woke up in my bed, all cleaned up and with a spinning head. Before I could ask myself what happened, I had remember what had happened yesterday night and I was not ready to have this conversation with my daughters but I meant up and I called all three of them to the kitchen table. They all looked at me and it wasn’t disgust I saw on their face, it was curiosity. I was dumbfounded but I composed myself and began to talk.

Me: Girls, I want you to understand that it’s perfectly normal for a man age to masturbate. But I guess you knew that. Now I’m going to tell me this. But I need to know to save your judgement till until the end. Promise?

All: Yes daddy.

So I begun to tell them.. Bout my fetish, my desires and my urges. The incest creampies impregnation, the desires to fuck my daughters and get them pregnant with my seed.. I told them everything. And what happened next was something I didn’t expect to happen.. All of my girls crawled up the table and raced to me. They dragged me to the sofa and again, I was so confused. They than began to tell me their secrets as well.

All of them had the same fetish I did. Yes you read that right. All my girls had the same fetish as me. They had collections of porn bout fathers impregnating their daughter and they were so happy when they found out I was just like them. They then proceed to tell me this:

Emma :Get us pregnant daddy. Every since we were old enough to know, we always wanted to be pregnant but we didn’t want just anyone. We wanted it to be. You work so hard for all of us and we wanted to reward you but we didn’t know how. We didn’t want a new wife for you cause we wanted you for all of us. And now we can make it come true.

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Emma :Get us pregnant daddy. Every since we were old enough to know, we always wanted to be pregnant but we didn’t want just anyone. We wanted it to be. You work so hard for all of us and we wanted to reward you but we didn’t know how. We didn’t want a new wife for you cause we wanted you for all of us. And now we can make it come true

Elsa: Its true daddy. We would fuck each other thinking only bout you, what you would be like inside each of us, how you feel sliding your cock inside and out, cumming inside us non stop.

Abella: You were the father I always wanted and the man I could never have. I’ve been in love with you since you took me in. We all have been in love with you since we knew what love was. Make love to us daddy. Fuck us and cum inside us. Make us pregnant daddy.

I was seriously confused. I honestly didn’t know what to say. But for the longest time, I couldn’t show them this part of me. And now I can.

Me: Are you sure? We can’t go back to being normal after this. Hell we won’t be able to live here anymore. We have to move, far away. Are you sure you want to go through with this even tho it will change everything?

All: Yes we have never been more sure about anything else

And so it began. I kissed all my daughters on their lips and they started to undress me one by one. I couldn’t believe my fantasy was coming through.
I saw Elsa suck my cock as I licked Emma and Abella’s tight pussy. They were virgins, saving themselves for me. They all took turn sucking my cock, each commenting on how big it was. They sucked and sucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow, and so did I.. each pussy that I tasted was heaven. My daughters pussy drove me insane, making beg for more. Abella 69-ed with me and the twins 69-ed each other. I couldn’t resist anymore. I carried all of them towards my room and told them they are now mine forever. Their womb, only mine. And then Elsa suggested this:

Elsa: Daddy, we will always be yours forever but how would it make it feel if you were not just our father but out husband? Me and Emma and Abella have always wanted you to be our husband and now you can be. So what would it be daddy? Would you marry us?

My heart was instantaneously filled with joy. I said yes I would marry you, my daughters. I always wanted this and now I can have it. I started with Elsa. I pushed my cock inside her tiny virgin hole and she wrapped her legs around me. I started slowly and created a rhythm and she wanted it to go faster and I happily complied. While fucking one daughter, I was fingering the other 2.. and boy did they enjoy it. My daughters were holding hands to share the moment they were having with their father.. and I was blessed for this moment. I was fucking Elsa hard, rough and fast, and she was in estacy. You could only see the white of her eyes as she was getting pounded by her father. FASTER DADDY FASTER, MAKE ME CUM, she screamed.. and again I went faster and faster and faster. At this point, I didn’t know how fast I was going but it was fast enough to the point where all 3 of my daughters came. And it wasnt your typical cum. They squirted gallons of water and cum and soaked me. Wow, guess they were really waiting for their daddy to pound them. They came and I was close. I told Elsa I was close and she wrapped her legs even tighter as I fucked her harder then I have ever fucked anyone before and I came harder then I ever had. I basically exploded in her pussy and she didn’t let go. She was afraid that the cum might escape and wouldn’t became pregnant.. I reassured her, I knocked her mom up the first time and with the among I just busted into her, there is no way she won’t be pregnant soon. She giggled and said okay daddy. I pulled my dick out and the cum still was overflowing.

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Emma then scoped up the overflowing cum and put it right in her pussy. She opened her legs up and said with the most seductive eyes: fuck me daddy and I just jumped on her. I fucked her just as I did her twin sister and while I was in Emma, Elsa and Abella were making out. Abella scoped cum that was still overflowing from Elsa’s pussy into hers and they continued to 69. Emma was so much tighter then her sister, so tight that my cock felt like it found its perfect match. With every stroke, she came, with every neck kiss, she was unable to control herself. Neither could I. I began to go faster and faster and as I was about to cum, Emma pulled me closer and as we started into each other eyes, she screamed COME ON DADDY, CUM IN ME. GIVE ME ALL THAT CUM, GIVE IT TO ME. and I did.. this timing even more then I did in Elsa.

I told the girls that I needed a break. To drink some water to freshen up and to give myself more energy. I went into the kitchen and drank the whole gallon of milk. As I came back, my 3 daughters were lined up with Abella in the middle, already prepared for me. I wasted no time riding my adopted daughter as she wasted no time licking up the twins. Even tho she wasn’t my biological daughter, I felt like she was and I told her, I didn’t give a fuck about who her father was. I am her father and husband now and she was so delighted she grabbed my face and we looked each other in the eye and passion grew with each stroke. She came and lubricated her pussy so much that I reached her womb. I felt her womb and the thought of just cumming inside her was too much for me. What made it worse was that she was whispering into my ear, with such a seductive sexy voice: cum inside daddy, please cum inside.. give me your seed. Let our family grow. And I came. I came so much that not even my dick could see the pussy. To save my seed, the twins collected as much as my cum as they could and put it inside them. I was exhausted but content that I had done this.

The girls and I shared such a passionate kiss that they wanted more. I told them we have all night and forever. And so it continued. I came in them every single time we had sex, which is pretty much all the time. And they got pregnant.. of course I was so delighted but I had to think of our family. People were talking. So I did the only thing. I burned the house down. I paid a friend of mine to create new passports for us as we fled to Japan. There, I married my daughters and they gave birth to my kids. And we didn’t stop there. After pregnancy, I continued to cum inside them. There were only few instances where I pulled up and cum on their face but these instances happen after 10 loads of cum was dumped into their pussy. So they were not pregnant for only a little while. But we still didnt stop there. When my granddaughter/daughters were 18, I did the same thing to them as I did to my 3 daughters. I was always cumming inside my daughters. They wanted to make me happy and they did. My life, our lives was forever changed

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Forever Changed – Sex Stories