Found out my mom was sleeping with Iron man

Found out my mom was sleeping with Iron man

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So let’s start with the Story.

My Name is Arun who lives in a decent location in Bangalore. I am doing my Graduation. To start. My dad works in Power Plant in other state rarely visit us. I taught my mom was innocent as she was in the house always and stayed to herself.

This happened when I was in 1 Sem Engineering I was tensed about passing maths and had opted for Tution. So I used to come home late after completing the Maths classes in the Evening. Forgot to tell you about my mom she is 5’4 and has a very Sexy Body and has the right amount of Fat in right Places.

Found out my mom was sleeping with Iron man

One day I bunked the college and came home early. As I came near my house the gate was a bit opened and as I rang the Calling Bell it did not ring as there was no current. So I taught sometimes my mom will be in bathroom so I will go behind and call her from her window room. ( As Knocking the door she would not able to hear)

When I went back the Window was open. I was hearing Moaning sounds and Male voice scolding bad words and I saw my mom and the area Iron Man who takes the Clothes for Ironing. He was kissing my mom holding her hair she was in her saree. He told that so much days over since I fucked you Bitch. I was literally shocked and saw what will happen next. The Iron man was black guy ( Drunkard) he was smoking all the time. He was dirty maybe he doesn’t take bath more often.

After kissing my mom he started pressing her boobs. My mom was allowing it and was looking him in the eyes. He then removed my mom’s Blouse and Bra, and started licking her boobs like a mad dog. Even my mom was enjoying it. He was sucking the boobs so hard my mom was begging him to do it slowly. After 4-7 Minutes of sucking he took my mom’s hair and made her remove his pants and underwear. My mom removed her Underwear and both of them were standing naked. He took her head towards his dick and made her lick. My mom was refusing telling that it was too smelling. He held her hair and told her to lick. My mom was obeying him like his slut.

She took his black dick in her mouth and started sucking it he was moaning. He gradually increased the speed of his dick was quite big. Around 6′ I guess. There was precum my mom drank it. He then lifted his penis and told my mom to lick his balls. My mom started to lick his balls. After 5-6 minutes of licking. He lay down on the bed and my mom was down he told to lick his asshole. My bitch mom didn’t even refuse. She was licking like a pro porn star. After 10 Minutes of licking his asshole he got up. He pulled my mother towards him using her Mangalsutra.(He told when I am here why are you wearing this) My mom fell on him they started kissing again and he took his semi erect dick and inserted in her pussy.

They were fucking in Cowgirl position his hands were on my mom’s boobs press and my mom was moaning so loudly and was telling harder and faster. After 10 mins of fucking he came on top and again he stated eating my mom’s boobs so badly that my mom was crying to make him stop. After 10 minutes of sucking. My bitch mom started sucking his nipples and his chest and his arm pits. My bitch mom was a sucking machine. She then came down and again gave a blow job and licking his asshole.

After that they came to missionary position and started fucking my mom was shouting like hell. He was so rough when fucking her. Even she was fully turned on. He might have released his first cum inside my mom’s pussy.

He turned her around and told her I will fuck you in the ass. My mom told not today. He held my mothers hair and mouth and told I know what you did with the cylinder delivery guy and Postman. They have told me every thing now shup up and take my dick in your ass.

My mom turned around he opened her ass and he inserted his dick. Damm she was closing her mouth and screaming he was so hard that she was screaming like a dog. After 7-8 minutes of fucking.

My mom was exhausted then again he started sucking her boobs and bite her nipples. He was pulling her nipples out. She was begging him to be calm. He again told to give my mom a blow job. She went down and started sucking again after 5 minutes he unloaded one more time in my mom’s mouth she drank it looking at his eyes.

He took her mangalsutra and told you are my wife. You will obey whatever I tell you. My mom said ok.

He then dressed up and I could see the bite marks on her boobs were so red and visible.

I left silently. And came home in the evening I did not talk anything. She was exhausted when I saw her. I asked her what happened she told she had been outside in the sun. I wanted her to catch her with postman and Cylinder guy. Which I did I will write about it in the next. Part. Please share your feedback to [email protected]

I will write the Next part shortly.

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Found out my mom was sleeping with Iron man