Fresher Gaining Experience – Part 4

Fresher Gaining Experience – Part 4

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I was grabbing my girl now from behind. She had removed her pants but still had her tight shirts on. My hands were struggling to get inside her shirt to catch hold of those wonderful tits. She lifted her hands up, and I swiftly got rid of her shirt.

As I mentioned earlier, my girl was all ass, but small tits. Her small pair of lemons were hidden in the bra. I don’t know when I became an expert in removing the bra. I just unclasped it one single tick and threw the bra on the floor.

We both are standing. She is all naked. I still am clothed. I am grabbing her tits from behind. Moving her hair aside, exposing her neck, I started to lick her neck and bite her ear while cupping her breasts and squeezed them like lemons.

For the small tits, she had super-sensitive erect nipples, which begged for my attention. My dick was hard, but still inside. My pants were pushing against her cushy ass. While I grabbed her tits from behind, she let her hands try to find the thing that is pressing against her ass.

When she found the hardness hidden inside the pants, she made the push to get my pants removed. It was as if the pants were waiting to be taken off. They were just gone. My underwear was not enough to hold in my bulge, and it had already popped out of the sides.

While I squeezed her tits, she rubbed my dick. While I pinched her nipples, she cupped my balls. While I tuned her nipples like an old radio, she held onto my dick like the last straw.

I turned her around and kissed her lips with mine while my hand kept squeezing her tits. She started using both hands to rub the length of my dick, feeling its full size and knocking my dick vigorously.

She: Well, well, I had seen it only in pics and videos. You called it a tiger, but it looks like a dog trying to follow my directions.

Me: Sure, it’s a dog trying to sniff his bitch.

She: This bitch is in heat, let’s see if the dog is all bark or can it bite as well.

Me: This is waiting to not just bite but to rip apart his bitch.

She pushed me aside and crawled on to the bed. She went on all fours in the doggy style with her ass towards me and said, “The bitch is ready. Come, you doggy bastard.” I saw her wonderful big ass inviting me. I went near the bed and got on my knees with my head aligned towards her ass.

I smelt around her ass and pussy like a dog. I stretched my tongue and licked her ass crack from bottom to top. She was not expecting it. She shivered and slivered. I grabbed hold of her both ass cheeks in my palms. I started to squeeze them to my heart’s content.

I started spanking her ass. Once with the right hand and once with the left hand. Her ass jiggled. I again grabbed her ass with my hands. With my thumbs, I poked inside her butt hole. I had both my thumbs running into her butt hole. She squirmed and moved around like a snake.

I wanted to slice her ass into two with both my hands, which enlarged her butt hole.

She: Come on! Stop playing with my ass with your finger. Get in there with your hard dick, which is simply dangling in the air.

I stood up and hunched on top of her like a dog mounting on its bitch. Grabbing her tits, my dick lined up against her ass and pussy. She tried to grab my dick and place it in front of her pussy wall. I rubbed my dick all over her pussy. It was way too wet and dripping.

She held my dick at the tip of her pussy and said, “Now enough, get in, you bastard. Stop playing sissy games with me. Be a man and fuck me.”

This made me angry, and I wanted to rip her pussy apart. I left her tits, grabbed her by her waist. I started pushing my dick up her pussy. It was wet, so I could enter a bit easier to a point. Then I had to thrust my dick inch by inch. Once I was half in her, I gave one giant push that I was completely inside her.

This shocked her, and she screamed. I closed her mouth with my hand and started thrusting in and out of her pussy. It was slow at first while my dick adjusted to her tightness. But once it adjusted to her pussy, we found our rhythm.

I kept pounding her for some strokes, and she started moaning harder and louder. It turned me on. I slapped her ass and told her to moan louder, call my name, and beg for more.

Me: Now, you know if this is a sissy dog or a tiger. Take it, bitch.

We went on rhythmically for a few minutes before I had to cum. Once my balls started loading up the cum, I pulled out of her pussy. I started humping her ass over her butt hole. Within a few strokes, I had my cum all over her ass.

I had not come so much ever. The quantity and force surprised even me. I understood masturbation is not the same as real sex.

We were both tired, and we collapsed on the bed. We were both breathing heavily. We both had a look of great satisfaction. I was lying on the right side, and she was on my left. We were both panting still. I put my left arm out where she put her head-on. I moved her hair to see her.

I gently grabbed her cheeks and squeezed them to make her put. I kissed her pouty lips and fell back.  She had her head on my left arm. My left arm rounded her up and cupped her breasts. She turned towards me and put her left leg on my belly.

She ran her thighs up and down on my limp dick now. Pressing it whenever she felt like with her thighs.

Me: It looks like the bitch is still hot.

She: The bitch is always hot for good meat. (saying that she grabbed my dick with her hands)

We were both lying down on the bed when her mobile phone rang. It was her roommate inquiring where she was, and when she was going to return. Of course, she was trying to make some lame excuses. She tried to cut the call, but the friend on the other side insisted on talking about something.

My girl got up to go and speak without me poking her genitalia. But that gave me a naughty idea. When she was on the phone, I tried to lick her neck, bite her ear. I tried to bite her nipples while she was on the phone. She took it as a challenge and ran to the hall from the room.

She sat on the sofa, and I too sat on the sofa. I pointed her to sit on my lap on my dick. I am crazy about her ass, and I wanted my dick up against her cushion-like ass. Instead, she pointed me to lie down, and I was like, “Okay,” and lay down.

She asked me to move my head towards the center of the sofa, and I obliged. Still, on the phone, she sat on my face with her bare pussy and ass right on top of my head. It seemed like she was challenging me to make her moan while she was talking to her friend. She started gyrating her pussy on my face.

Her smell was as usual intoxicating. I extended my tongue to find the source of her sweetness. When her pussy on my face found my tongue, she gyrated on my face and kept talking to her friend. She would ask a very open-ended question to her friend, and while her friend talked, she moved her pussy on my face.

I tried to again grab her ass and flick my tongue all over her pussy. Finally, I found her clit and started licking and flicking it. I could see she was closer to moaning and started to lick even faster and deeper. She closed her mouth with her own hands while she moved her pussy on my face.

It reached to an extent where she had to cut the call and start moaning, louder again. My tongue did its magic, and she could cum again all over my face.

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Fresher Gaining Experience – Part 4