Fucked Elder Cousin Sister Naina

Fucked Elder Cousin Sister Naina

Myself Rishi, an 18-year lad full of lust and craving for a handjob, blowjob, and definitely what we all want sex. Well, this is the real me but in front of my family and relatives, I am a very innocent and shy child.

Like all brothers, I too cared for my elder cousin sister Naina (21 years) and we shared a brother-sister relation. She is very caring too. But due to my adolescence, I got attracted to her.

Let me describe my elder cousin sister to you all. Her height is 5’7″, with a perfect body, and perfect tits. (Once she was playing badminton and when she was running and jumping I could easily see her round boobs bobbing up and down). This would definitely give a teen like me a hard-on.

My cousin had a nice ass and besides that, she was very beautiful and cute and very fair. She was very innocent and I could never even imagine her to give me a chance to fuck her.

One day my uncle and aunt had to go to a family function. Aunt asked me if I could come to sleep for the night as Naina didi was alone at home. I just could not believe my luck.

I went to Naina didi’s home and she opened the door. She was wearing a black loose top and shorts.

It was around 8 pm, we were watching a romantic film while eating popcorn and Pepsi. There came a kiss scene and a sex scene. I purposely lay on the bed giving her the idea that I had not seen anything. But in my mind, I wanted to masturbate as I was already having a hard-on.

Naina didi was holding my hand while watching. As I lay on the bed, she saw me that I was shy. She said. “It’s okay, Rishi. No need to feel shy. I am your sister not your mom.”

Then my cousin sister told me that she was going to take a bath. As she was going to the bathroom, I could easily see she had a towel wrapped around her and a black pantie underneath. This charged me up. Now I could not control myself.

I was on the bed and slipped my pants and underwear down and started shaking my hard cock imagining my Naina didi in that black pantie. I forgot where I was. Then something unexpected happened. The bathroom door opened and Naina didi shouted, “Rishi, what are you doing? Stop it!”

I was shocked hearing her voice and wondering what to do. First of all, I buttoned my pants up, then I pleaded and apologized, saying, “Sorry,” thinking that she might tell my mom and dad.

My cousin sister came near me and said, “Okay, okay, it is okay. In adolescence, it happens. But there must be a limit to masturbation.”

She bent down to take her hairband, and I could see in her loose top that she was not wearing a bra! I could see her sexy cleavage, which turned me up again and my 6 inches dick rose again. And this time, Naina didi could easily see it. But she did not give me any clue that she had seen it.

Then she gave me a lecture all about sex and said, “you should control your feelings” as if she was a sex doctor.

Out of curiosity, and gathering all the courage I had, I asked her a question, “Have you ever masturbated and seen porn?” She was amazed and shocked at my question, but her answer was, “NO.”

I asked her, “How do you control yourself?”

She replied, “I am always busy with my studies and mom is always near me.”

I thought that this was a perfect situation as we were all alone in the home. By this time, I could see that my elder cousin sister was talking more openly and becoming more interested.

I said, “You must give porn a try.” To my surprise, she nodded ok.

Then I played my favorite brother-cousin sister porn on TV. At first, she was a little shy and hesitant but as Lana Rhoades (my favorite pornstar), started moaning, I found that Naina didi was aroused. By the time the video ended, she was very much aroused.

I knew that I had done my work and now it was my cousin’s turn to play the rest. I told her that I was going to the bathroom for a bath. Purposely, I washed my underwear and made it wet so that I could not wear it.

I came outside the bathroom wrapped only in a towel around my waist without a t-shirt. Naina didi was lying on the bed and I could smell something different as if she was fingering herself when I was in the bathroom!

I asked her if I could get my uncle’s shorts?

As she stood up, I purposely pulled down my towel, and she saw my 6 inches erect dick! This time, I expected her to say something. But, she was just staring at my dick as if she wanted to lick it.

I said, “Oh sorry, didi,” and began to pull up the towel. But she approached me and said, “No need to struggle. I will do it for you, Rishi.”

I just wanted to kiss my cousin didi at that moment but waited for her to react.

She bent down and held my dick saying, “Rishi, you are no more a teen. I think you have such a big dick.”

I said, “Yaa didi, but this was not my intention.”

I gathered all my courage, hugged her, and took her in my arms. I was thinking that my cousin sister won’t allow me but she did. Then I made her sit down on the bed and started kissing her passionately. She was also responding very well.

Then we lip-locked each other for around 5 minutes exchanging our tongues and saliva. I was feeling like I was in heaven and her body was feeling so very good. I removed her loose t-shirt.

I had closed my eyes so when I opened them, I could see her round perfect tits. I wanted to grab them, suck, lick, play with them. But I waited as I liked to see fully nude, naked girls.

I suddenly reached for my cousin sister’s shorts and then her panty. She was looking damn sexy.

I smelled her panty, wow what a smell! I wanted to lick her fair pussy but first I gave her a chance. In no time, she started kissing me on my chest all around and my dick and started giving me a handjob. It was so pleasant that I cannot express it and finally a blowjob made my day.

But it was not over, my turn was yet to come. I made her lie down and lay on her to kiss her damn sexy navel. Oh my god!

Finally, I came to her boobs and she started moaning, “Rishi! Rishi!” I slapped her boobs and started playing with them and finally licked it. I was feeling as if we were shooting for a porn movie and Naina didi was my Lana Rhoades.

I then reached down to her pussy. First I licked her fair pussy. She was moaning very hard since it was paining her, but she was enjoying it too. Then with my middle finger, I started fingering my elder cousin. I tasted my finger and it was damn sexy.

I reached her lips and kissed her so passionately as if she was my wife. I told her, “l am gonna fuck you hard.”

I knew she wanted my dick in her pussy but she denied as we did not have any contraceptive so I also gave up.

Then she gave me a passionate handjob and blowjob that I could control my cum for 30 seconds only. It spilled on her face. She tasted a little bit but could not swallow it. I did not force her to taste because it was her first time. She was so satisfied and at last, gave a kiss on my dick.

Then we both went to the bathroom and bathed together while kissing each other and cleaning ourselves. Then we slept naked on the bed with our naked body touching each other. I was so pleased and I told her, “You are very sexy and cute. I love you.” She just hugged me and gave me a soft kiss. We slept.

This was the most memorable day of my life. I wanted to fuck my cousin sister the next time. I will go with my chocolate condom, waiting for another call from my uncle and aunt to give her company when she would be all alone in her house.

Fucked Elder Cousin Sister Naina