Fucked In The Office By New Boss For Promotion

Fucked In The Office By New Boss For Promotion

Hi all, I have been reading stories for some years and I feel good about it. This time, I want to narrate an incident. I hope you all like and appreciate my story.

I am Ritika, a 35-year-old widow living with an 8-year-old son.

I feel it is necessary to say about my appearance before I write about the incident. I am 5.2 feet tall and I weigh 55 kgs. I am very fair, I have black eyes, waist-length straight hair. I measure 34-30-36. As I am a bit on the bulky side, I sweat a lot. Hence I always keep my armpits and pussy clean.

My husband was a very loving person by heart and in bed. There were no days he let me sleep without physically loving me until destiny took him away.

As we are a middle-class family, we both used to work to push our lives forward. I am a commerce graduate. I was working for a firm as an accountant and assistant manager. After the passing away of my husband, I continued to work in the same firm. The firm was very familiar to me as the business promoter family had faith in my job.

All was good in the firm until the founder promoter retired and brought his son Ajay as the managing director.

During his initial days at work, Ajay was spending a lot of time with all of us. He depended on the manager and me for any clarifications.

Ajay was appreciative about my job. Things were going smoothly until the day when I shrugged off Ajay for physically advancing on me in the cabin. I had politely advised him not to indulge in such a manner. But I sensed a big change in Ajay’s attitude in the office after that incident.

I felt neglected and left out of prominence. I was coping up with the new situation understanding my situation. Also, I knew getting another job with such a salary was difficult.

After a couple of months, my manager was transferred to a new location. Ajay announced that a new manager from outside will be appointed if no company staff cleared the interview. A few people along with me applied for promotion.

All of my subordinates took the interview but I was not called for the interview. I was sulking for this insult but I was helpless. One morning when I was discussing with Ajay, he himself said, “You weren’t called for the interview even though you were eligible because of one reason – you pushed me away”.

When I was quiet, he continued, “Think over it till the last minute of today’s office and let me know if you need this promotion before you go”.

I didn’t think much about it until 3.30 pm as I understood Ajay was expecting sexual favour from me for the promotion. Later on, thoughts of all sorts started to flow in my mind. Finally, I came to an understanding that I will not be doing anything wrong if I give sexual favour to Ajay and on the other hand, that might secure my son’s life.

I made my decision not to be orthodox as I have a responsibility to secure my son’s life. Around 5 pm, all the staff left and Ajay was in his cabin. I took a lot of courage to enter his cabin. He said that he was planning to leave if I was late. He then asked – (I am writing the sequence of conversation for a better feel)

Ajay: What you have you decided?
Ritika: I want the promotion, sir.

Ajay walked near me, put his hands on my shoulders, pressing them.
Ajay: Are you fine with this? (I kept quiet and didn’t move).

Ajay: Okay. Can you come to a hotel room tomorrow?

Though I was prepared, I couldn’t say yes to him.

Ajay: Can you come to a hotel room tomorrow? (He asked again)
Ritika: Yes, I will come sir.

Ajay: How do I believe you and book a room?

I assured him that I will come to the hotel room but Ajay was not convinced.

Ajay: Ritika, I will sign on your papers now if you can give me your pantie

I was in a puzzle to what to do.

Ajay: Ritika, it is getting late. I need to go.
Ritika: Sir, give me a moment. I will be back with what you asked.
Ajay: You can remove and give it to me here, Ritika.

I was left with no choice. I made up my mind and untied my churidar pant knot. It fell on my legs. I slid my hand inside the bottom. I pulled my black and blue designer semi-transparent pantie. I took it off through my legs.

I then walked to Ajay. As I extended my hand to give him my pantie, Ajay grabbed my pantie and smelled it while glaring at me.

I was about to return to wear my pant. Ajay pulled me by hand and said, “Since the day I saw you, I wanted to have you on my bed”. Saying this, he pulled me over him. He hugged me and was kissing my cheeks and ears.

He inserted his hand from the bottom of my top. He smooched my butts wildly and held my butt chips with his both hands and squeezed them hard saying he was waiting to feel my fleshy ass.

His hand moved up towards my neck. He unzipped my top. In a feeble voice I resisted by saying, “Sir, this is an office. I can come tomorrow”.

Without heeding to my request, Ajay said, “Ritika, no one else is here now”.

My boss pulled my top off my shoulders and kissed my cleavage. He was pulling my tops very hard that I felt he would tear it. So, I pulled off my tops myself.

Ajay was quick to unclip my lacy black bra. I was feeling strange as I never had expected that I would be giving sexual pleasure to a person other than my husband.

Ajay’s hands were pumping and squeezing my breasts. My boss’s insistence has made me stand at his cabin nude. While so many thoughts were running in my mind, Ajay was looking at my nude body from top to bottom. His stares were making me uncomfortable.

Ajay then hugged me tightly again and asked, “Why are you shivering? Consider me as your friend, you are at a ripe age and you need a man”.

He didn’t wait for my response, he started to kiss my face and lips. His saliva was mixed with mine. I had given space for him to explore my mouth with his tongue. His hands were moving unevenly over my body from the back to the front, from my breasts to my pussy and my butts.

Ajay gripped my boobs with both hands, squeezed them so hard that it pained me and I yelled. He bowed down, he kissed my breasts and cuddled them.

He bit my light brown nipples and sucked each of my nipples while he caressed my clean pussy simultaneously. I was in no position to stop him as I was only thinking about my job safety. I confess that there was my biological need too but I didn’t want to get into a relationship in the last 2 years of single life.

I was never left untouched after my marriage, my husband never rested until he sexually touched me if not fucking me even during periods. I was turned on with Ajay’s touches, squeezes, and cajoling. But I was still in a feeling that I was in this situation out of compulsion that I was letting him explore my body.

Meanwhile, Ajay turned me around, hugged me from behind, cupping my breasts and kissing my neck. He was pushing me forward towards the table. He forced me against the table. He bent me to lean over the table by holding my neck. He kissed my cheeks and sucked my earlobes.

Ajay then moved down, squeezed my butts with both hands and slapped my butts hard. He sniffed my butts. He then held my butts cheeks and spread them. I felt wet between my butt-crack. I felt his tongue moving through my butts to my pussy.

My boss then inserted his finger into my unfucked asshole. I was squirming with a bit of pain. I was hissing while he fingered my asshole. Ajay asked me, “Tu gaand marwayi nahi kya?”. I was quiet and squirming.

Ajay slapped my butt cheeks hard and asked, “Bol Ritika, tune gaand nahi marwayi?”

Without wanting for another slap, I mumbled, “Nahi, sir”.

Ajay licked my butt-crack and said, “Mein chhod leta hu, baby”. Fearing the pain of his dick in my ass, I immediately said, “Sir, aaj nahi, please”.

Ajay held his hand between my legs and lifted me a bit. He kissed my pussy, inserted his finger and said, “Muje pata tha ke tu mast chut hai”. He was licking my pussy and finger fucking my pussy so intensely that I was fully wet there. I was sexually so turned on that I was wanting to be fucked by my boss.

Ajay fingered and licked my pussy for a while more. Then I was left free. I thought he had let me go. I managed to turn and see him pulling his trousers and underwear. He held me again from behind and lifted my right leg. He came forward.

I could feel his abdomen against my butts. He pointed the tip of his dick at my pussy entrance. His dick started to pierce through my pussy lips and he was pushing it in. I felt the warmth of his dick scratching through my pussy walls.

His dick was coming in me so tightly. I was feeling the heat of his shaft in my pussy. I also felt a sort of happiness as he was shoving his dick deeper than I had ever felt in my life. I was hissing all the way. He drew his dick back and pushed it into my pussy so quickly that I screamed. Ajay started to fuck me and I started to moan.

I found Ajay’s driver sitting outside the cabin. To prevent him from hearing my moans, I held my hand against my mouth. Ajay didn’t care about anything, he was holding me by the waist and throbbing his dick hard. His throbbing was becoming harder and quicker upon each stroke.

I was feeling nice while Ajay was fucking me from behind. I didn’t keep my legs down on the floor, I was still covering my mouth with my hand.

To my shock, Ajay’s driver opened the cabin door. Soon Ajay said to him, “Thodi der mein jayenge”.

His driver closed the door but I felt ashamed and a bit nervous. Ajay, shoving his dick in me, leaned over me. He held my neck, licked my cheeks and said, “Gabrah mat wo kisi se nahi bolega, teri gaand badi hai ke tere chut mein pura gusa na paraha, baby”.

Saying this, Ajay pulled me off the table, lifted and seated me on the table. He sucked my breasts and bent before me and said, “Kyu chupa ke baiti hai? Chut dika Ritika”.

Anticipating his manly thrusts, I spread my legs. He saw my pussy from the front and said, “Tu chikni chut hai, itna sansani ho ke pura gili hogayi hai”.

He licked the wetness on my pussy and inner thighs. Then he got up holding his large and mighty dick. I was really excited with his red tomb and I laid on the table spreading my legs.

Ajay pulled me towards him, holding my legs. He was hitting my pussy with his dick and rubbing his dick between my pussy lips. I was so horny by that time that I had no hesitation. I held my boss’s dick and pushed a bit of his dick into my pussy. Ajay reciprocated my desire by shoving his entire dick in my pussy.

As his dick came into the deeper part of my pussy, I yelled. Ajay leaned over me, burying his dick in my pussy. He kissed my face and lips and then started to fuck me harder than before that my body was pushed upwards.

Ajay again pulled me towards him, held my shoulders and fucked me. As he was fucking so hard and deeper, I forgot all my hesitations and was enjoying his lustful thrusts. I was moaning and yelling loudly forgetting that Ajay’s driver was sitting outside the cabin.

My breasts were bouncing back and forth for each of his strokes. I held my breasts with both hands.

We both were taking long breaths. Ajay too was groaning and moaning loud. Finally, Ajay lost his pace in fucking me. His thrusts were becoming slow and deep in my pussy. At last, Ajay came in my pussy hard and leaned over me. It was a nice feeling when his cum jets were shot in my pussy and his warm cum flew inside my pussy.

I felt good and I was happy even though I initially resisted.

We took our time to get ourselves calm and gain our normal breathing. Ajay said, “Ritika, chalo abhi hotel room chalte”.

I said, “Sir, my son is waiting at home”.

Ajay got up and said, “Take leave tomorrow. My car will pick you from home”.

We both freshened ourselves and wore back our clothes. Ajay dropped me at home while he again reminded me about taking leave the next day.

I hope you all liked my narration will wait for your comments on [email protected]

Fucked In The Office By New Boss For Promotion