Fucked My Sexy Colleague

Fucked My Sexy Colleague

Hey guys, I’m Karthik from Bangalore and I’m 23 years old. I work for an IT company in Bangalore. This story is about a real incident where I got to fuck my office colleague. I used to travel to my office every day using my bike. The distance between my home and office is around 25 kilometers.

You all guys must be knowing traffic in Bangalore is the worst. Due to the traffic, it used to take me almost 2 hours to reach. And driving for so long used to make me really tired. So I decided to travel using carpool apps like Quickride, etc.

In apps like these, riders offer a ride (all the riders who offer a ride are from different IT companies) We can join them in their journey by paying some amount. So on the first day, while searching for rides, I saw that a woman named Ankita was offering a ride which covered my route.

She apparently worked for the same company as me (The app displays the Company we work for.) Her place was further 3-4 kilometers from mine. I sent her a request to join the ride with her and she accepted it. I asked her in chat where the pickup location to which she replied the exact pickup location.

The ride was scheduled at 8 am in the morning. I reached the place at around the same time. So then Ankita reached the pickup point after 5 minutes. She called me after reaching and she was driving a Hyundai i20 car. I opened the door of the car and sat in the front seat.

Ankita was wearing a black colored t-shirt with jeans. She had long open hair and she had worn black sunglasses. She looked extremely attractive and sexy in the first sight itself. She looked around 5.5 – 5.6 feet tall. She didn’t have huge boobs. But they were big enough to make any guy’s dick erect in an instant.

She was the kind of girl whom we find hot and not cute. So we exchanged pleasantries. She told me that she worked in the company for more than 4 years. So going by that I presumed that she was around 27 years old. She had a sexy voice to go with her hot looks.

She told me that she was from Kolkata originally and shifted to Bangalore 2 years back. As usual, the traffic was heavy on the route and we kept talking about each other while traveling. After a while, she lit a cigarette and started smoking.

She asked me if I minded if she smokes. I replied it’s fine as it was her car. So as usual, it took around 2 hours to reach office in traffic. So that was the first time I met Ankita. In the evening on the same day, she herself sent a request to join her ride. I gladly accepted it.

From that day I started going with her for about 3 to 4 days a week. Gradually we got to know a bit more about each other. I was so amazed by her beauty. She was so sexy. Every day she used to wear sexy dresses that could make any guy fall for her. So this continued (me traveling with her) for about 2 months.

We knew each other quite well by now. Then on August 14th this year our company had an ethnic day where everyone would come to the office wearing traditional outfits. I decided to wear a kurta that day. Then, as usual, I was waiting for her in the morning to pick me up.

She arrived after a few minutes. She was wearing a gorgeous black saree. I was mind blown as soon as I looked at her. She had let her long hair open. She had not covered one side of her blouse by the saree. She was looking sexy as fuck. After a while, she lit a cigarette and started smoking.

She was literally looking smoking hot. As we knew each other well I told her in a joking way, “You are looking pretty hot, Ankita.” She smiled and said, “Don’t you dare to flirt with me, Karthik.” Anyway, the conversation ended with a good laugh.

It was lunchtime that day. I got a call from Ankita asking me if I want to click some photos with her as it was the ethnic day. And obviously, I said yes. I worked on the 8th floor and she was on the 4th floor. We decided to meet at the pantry. Ankita was looking super sexy in that saree.

We started clicking selfies. While taking selfies she sat really close to me and the side part of her boob started touching my chest. My god, I got a boner then and there. While clicking pictures I placed my hand around her waist and she didn’t seem to mind at all.

After a long time, I had been sitting that close to a woman and on top of that such a hot woman. So after clicking pictures I and Ankita were checking out the photos which were clicked. She also started showing her other photos which were mostly her selfies.

While showing pictures she kept her hand on my thighs a couple of times unknowingly. After that, we went to have lunch together. While having lunch she asked me if I would like to come to her home for a coffee. The next day was a holiday as well and she asked me if we could hang out for a while.

Of course, I agreed to it immediately. So we met in the evening and we both sat in her car. Even after the whole day she was looking so fresh and beautiful. So as planned we headed to her place. I knew something was on. She was talking in a very seductive manner and out of the blue she called me to her home.

She was even exposing her cleavage so that I could have a look. I guess we both knew we were gonna fuck that night. But we were still quiet as I think we both were not 100% sure that this was leading to sex. So I thought of breaking the ice by talking her into it.

Me: Ankita, you are still looking pretty hot even after the long exhausting day.

Ankita just gave a smile and continued driving. I thought of talking more as her smile was like a green signal for me

Me: I mean look at your boobs Ankita, they look so great. (I started touching her thigh gently). I know I’m getting to touch those today (and I winked at her)

Ankita: Achcha? You know? Then why don’t you get a pack of condoms Mr. Karthik? Do you think you will get to fuck me without a condom?

I got a huge boner after she said this. She stopped near a medical store and I quickly bought a pack of condoms. We rushed to her home. It took us around 20 more minutes. I was getting restless for those 20 odd minutes as I wanted to have sex with her so badly.

As soon as we reached her place I locked the door and tried to pull her towards me and kiss her. But she pushed me back and said she forgot her phone in the car itself. She again went out to take her phone and I sat on the couch. She came back in a minute and locked the door. She looked at me and gave a sexy smile.

She took off her saree’s pallu and she was in front of me in just a blouse covering her breasts. I was just rubbing my dick over my pants. She was looking sexy as fuck and she was approaching me. My dick just got so hard that moment She came and sat on my lap with her ass on my dick.

We started kissing slowly. In a minute of kissing, we started deep kissing each other. While kissing my hands were hovering all over her hair, her back, and her ass. She was an excellent kisser. We kept on smooching like passionate lovers for about 10 minutes.

I rolled my hands over her blouse and started squeezing her boobs over the blouse while smooching her. Her boobs were feeling so great. I then started kissing her neck passionately and she started moaning slightly. I took off her blouse and bra and started squeezing her amazing boobs.

Her boobs were really perfect shaped. I started kissing and sucking her boobs. While I was sucking her boobs she was guiding my hands over her boobs as she seemed to love to get her boobs fondled. Her boobs were as good as any I had touched until then.

I kept on squeezing and sucking her boobs for a good 10 minutes if not more. I just loved the feeling of her big boobs in my hands. I licked her nipples by rolling my tongue all over nipples. She was moaning in pleasure while I rolled my tongue and fingers over her sexy nipples.

I then touched and kissed her beautiful navel and she seemed to love it. My dick was rock hard by then. I pulled her hand and placed it on my dick. She started rubbing her hand on my dick over the pants. She quickly unzipped my pants and a hard erect dick popped out.

She went down on the floor while I was sitting on the couch and she started sucking my dick. She took my dick in her mouth like a pro and God it felt like heaven. He slowly increased her speed of sucking my dick. She was using her hand excellently while sucking my dick.

She was rolling her hand around the dick while sucking it. I’ve had blowjobs before but that blowjob was mind-blowing. She started sucking my dick really fast and a lot of pre-cum exploded off my dick. This made my dick a bit wet but she kept on blowing my hard tool. She was really an excellent dick sucker.

She then got up and took me to her bedroom. She undressed all her clothes and laid on the bed with her legs spread wide open. She placed a couple of her fingers over the pussy asking me to go down on her. I was ecstatic to lick her pussy.

I had just received a mind-blowing blowjob and I now wanted to return the favor. I started slowly kissing her legs. And then I touched and kissed her sexy thighs all the way down to her pussy. She started moaning a bit louder. I then started licking her clit by hovering my tongue all over her pussy.

I was also rubbing her pussy using my fingers as I licked it. My tongue was rolling in and out of her wet pussy. She was just going crazy by the looks of it. She was pulling my head onto her pussy and she was moaning in pleasure. Her moans only got louder as I kept on fingering and licking her pussy.

Her moans made me lick her pussy a lot more intensely. As I was going about eating her pussy and she said, “Fuck me now,” while moaning in pleasure. My dick was waiting to get in her. I started fucking her in missionary position. My face was facing her face as I fucked her.

I couldn’t resist kissing her while fucking. I then started fucking her faster and she was just going nuts with her moans. I held her boobs firmly in my hands while fucking and I was loving every moment of fucking her. I fucked her missionary position for over 5 minutes.

We then changed our position to doggy style. This is my favorite position as I get to fuck really hard. I was fucking her harder and faster and she was just shouting, “Faster, faster.” But I then slowed down the speed of fucking her as I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to fuck her more.

After an intense doggy style fucking, she came on top of me. I was fucking her in girl-on-top position. It was now she who was doing the hard work of getting fucked. I was really surprised by her energy on the bed. We fucked for 5 more minutes and then I came.

It was one hell of sex and we both were completely exhausted after the sex. Phew! Quite an experience. If any woman wants to experience something similar feel free to ping me at [email protected] I prefer women who are from Bangalore.

Please feel free to contact me for a one night stand. You can even ping me for phone sex, sex chat, etc. I don’t mind if you want to maintain your privacy by not revealing your real identity. Also, provide feedback for the story.

Fucked My Sexy Colleague