Fun with hot South Indian neighbour

Fun with hot South Indian neighbour

Hi guy’s….! This is Rocky from Hyderabad. I have been reading sex stories from past one year but this is my first attempt where am penning down my first experience. I would continue writing if I get a good response from you people.

I am 22 years , 5.8 feet and good looking typical South Indian guy from HYDERABAD. This encounter was with my desi neighbor,Sunita. She lives on the ground floor and me on the first floor. She is around 30 years. Her body structure is such good that every individual would fall for her. She has a boobs of 34b and a good waist size of 28 along with a seductive ass.

She use to work as a software engineer before her marriage and now stopped due to some issues. She has a sound knowledge in computer related feild. Since she stays near to my house, I use to ask her my doubts if I have some trouble in the programming. Oneday , I went to her home cuz of some doubt and then I found her cleaning the house. She said me to wait as she was about to complete the work. I just sat on the sofa and then was watching her. She was in a loose top so while bending, I got a good view of her boobs which were in a tight black bra. Instantly, I got a boner and thoughts of ripping off her top and make those balls free were provoking me. But, I couldn’t help but stare at her lovely boobs. Suddenly, she looked at my boner, then she made a serious face and went away. After that, she just answered my doubts and I left. I then went to my room, then imagined her and got rid of my boner.

Days passed by, I didn’t talk to her properly due to my work. suddenly, My family had to go out to the village for some 10days and I had to stay back in home itself. Since I don’t know how to cook my mother had informed my neighbor Sunita to look after me. By knowing this, I just made a plan of making love to her.

Her husband is a techie and he was transferred to other state recently. So he visits home once in a week or two. She has a child who is of 2years. Since my parent’s are out of station and she lives alone with her child so, she asked me to sleep in the same house. With some hesitation, I agreed to her.

Fun with hot South Indian neighbour

Then that night I went to her home and to my utter surprise she was dressed in a red saree and a matching blouse. Her blouse was covering a voluptuous boobs behind it. I was stunned by seeing her. I couldn’t resist myself from seeing her. Then she invited me to have dinner. Even while eating my eyes was on her milky white boobs and navel and my rod got erected.

After dinner, I was watching TV and she went to put her child to sleep and she asked me to sleep in guest room which had a bed in it. I thought to seduce her but everything was in in vain. Then when I was watching some movie, she came from her room and said that shes not getting sleep so she wanted to watch TV with me. I was bit excited.

While watching TV, we were chatting about some random stuff. Suddenly she asked me about my girlfriend. I said that I don’t have anyone. She didn’t believe me as people of my age usually have some bf or gf. Then I started digging deeper. I asked her about her family and her husband. I noticed that she made a sad face went she was saying about her husband. Then I asked her what happened. She didn’t speak anything for 2 minutes. Then I went and sat near her, took my hand and placed on her shoulder from behind. I asked her it’s okay if you don’t want to say and I was rubbing her side of her shoulder and this made her bit horny.

After sometime I removed my hand as she felt but uncomfortable. Some romantic movie was playing on TV and we both were watching it. Suddenly, some kissing scenes were playing so I tried to change the channel but the remote was’t working. She laughed at me and she asked me when was your first kiss. I was startled at her question and said that, I didn’t get a chance to explore someone’s lips. She then said ” if you are willing to, then you can experience it now. ” I was in shock for a span of second’s. I thought of seducing her but she herself had made her way and opend up.

Without wasting time, I stood and took her full in my arms. I found she was breathing heavily. Then we made an eye contact and slowly we were moving inch by inch towards our lips. Then i juz touched those beautiful features of her. I juz couldnot stop myself from kissing those. We sucked each other lips and continued like that for around 10 mins and then separated. We were smooched like there is no tomorrow. This was the first kiss which I had which was passionate. Then she juz saw me as whispered in my ears saying let us move to the bedroom.

Then I kissed on her forehead and took her to the bedroom. When she was locking the door, I went behind and grabbed her hips and placed my warm lips on her neck. She made a moan and then rested her neck backward on my shoulder and then gave a liplock. This was another round of smooching. I kept Caressing her hips, naval and her flat stomach while she was moaning softly.

Then I removed her saree followed by my shirt. Now she was standing in her red bra and a black panty which made her look even more sexier. I hugged her hard and moved my hands back of her to unhook the bra. Within no time, her boobs were set free. Then I was kissing and licking those adorable 34b soft boobs along with the round nipples. Occasionally, I was moving my other hand over her pussy area. This was making her go wild.
Now, I pushed her on to the bed and pulled her panty down. She had a few strands of hair hear and there on the pussy area. I immediately went down to kiss those vertical lips i.e. pussy. This was the first time I was seeing pussy of a woman. This made me go high. The smell from her pussy was impeccable. I tounge fucked her pussy. During this, she was morning heavily. Indeed she was running her hands through my hair and was pushing my head on her pussy. Within a span of time, she shivered vigerously and bursted all her juices.

Then she pushed me onto the bed , undressed me and took hold my 6.5 inch cock. She was surprised by seeing it and said it was much bigger than her hubby. Then, She gave me a nice blowjob and was suking my dick like a lollipop. This went on for 15minutes and then I released my cum in her mouth. She drank all my cum without dropping it.

Then I moved on her and gave some love bites which made her feel horny again. Then after sometime my dick was ready for action. I said her ” Are you ready for action.” She said ” Idiot, I am waiting for this.” I was in a full swing as I was going to loose my virginity to a sexy lady.

I then positioned my dick on her pussy and was teasing her. She pleaded me to enter her as she was not able to wait much longer. Then all of a sudden, I gave a sudden jerk on her pussy and half of my dick was inside her. She made loud moan which made me to wait for her to settle. Since this was my first time, I had a bit pain. Then slowly, when she was ok, I was moving in and out. I started thrusting deeper and deeper. She locked me with both her legs and was scratching and Kissing me. The room was filled with her moans

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Fun with hot South Indian neighbour