Gay Experience With A Mature Pro

Gay Experience With A Mature Pro

Hi guys, This is Sai, from Hyderabad. As I’ve already told you, I have a 5-inch dick and my previous story on ISS was about how I fucked my horny Telugu maid and my first bisexual experience.

So, after my first experience with a guy, my inbox was filled with messages. All they wanted was sex chats. Whereas, I was looking for some real fun.

I opened Grindr again and started looking for some handsome hunks. As usual, my inbox was filled with messages. They did not interest me. I was getting a bit tired as most of them were young.

I changed my preferences to older guys and texted a few of them. One guy got my attention. He was not as good looking as one would consider. He was a cute and a bit chubby guy.

We both exchanged our pictures and I liked him. He was about 5″6 and a bit chubby. He was 52 and the age factor was turning me on for some reason.

The mature pro gay man showed me his body. His private parts were shaved but his chest area was hairy and I loved it. We both loved each other but the problem was that we both did not have a place to meet.

We both were disappointed but we decided to meet anyhow. We decided to meet at Ramanthapur TV studio around 7:30 pm as he stays near that area.

I went there and I was waiting for him. After 15 minutes, the mature pro arrived in his car and asked me to get in with him. I locked my bike and went with him. I was sitting beside him in the front seat.

He was casually asking me where I live and stuff. I was answering and suddenly he put his hand on my chest and starts pressing it. As it was dark, there were not many people around.

He then put his hand on my crotch and started rubbing it vigorously. I opened the zip for his comfort and he took out my cock and started stroking me. He slowly put his fingers in my mouth and I was actually loving it.

He stopped near a dark area where no one was around. We started kissing and kissed for a while. Then he put his cheeks lateral to mine and started using his tongue on my ears.

While doing it he was pressing my chest. I was awestruck by this, as this was the first time someone was doing this to me. He removed my shirt and he slowly moved his fingers all over my upper body.

He used his tongue all over my face and came back to my tongue. He then got down and removed my trousers. He started smooching my toes, then my thighs and calves.

He then slowly came to my navel region. He rubbed my chest region with his lips. He licked my nipples and it was the most sensual thing. He spread my legs and he started kissing my balls and ass region.

I was so aroused by that and he then pulls me out of his car. He kneels down near a tree and takes my cock in his mouth. His head was getting crushed between the bark of the tree and my dick.

He was smooching me near the groin and dick. It was great. He was vigorously blowing me. He was stroking it too fast and I told him I was about to cum.

He didn’t let go of my dick and he actually took it a bit deeper. I leaked my juices and he literally drank every drop of it. As it now was his chance of having fun, I took out his dick and started blowing it.

It was a bit small but nevertheless, I had to give it back. While blowing his dick, I put my hand in his mouth. He was smooching my fingers, pressing his man-boobs while I was busy blowing his dick. He was quick to cum, but I did not take his cum in my mouth.

He cleaned up his dick and asked me to put my dick which was again standing, into his ass. He gave me a condom and when I asked for a lubricant, he said that there was no need as about 25-30 men had already gone inside him.

I put on the condom and I inserted my dick inside him. It was a bit painful for me too but it was the greatest pleasure I’ve ever had. As the place was a constraint, we were doing it in Napoleon style.

I was holding his hairy chest from the back and banging him. This guy was like a gay king. He was asking for a bit more all the time. He made sure we did not make noise as it was a public area.

We were both naked in a dark area and we didn’t seem to think about it. He then turned and started kissing me. He started biting my chest and slowly went near my dick.

He was not getting enough of my dick. He started spitting on it and stroked me and put my dick in his ass again. I was rapidly fucking him and this old man was having the time of his life.

After a while, I told him I was about to cum and he asked me to cum inside him. For the second time that evening, I had cummed inside him and this time it was his ass.

Then we got into his car and we started kissing again. My dick was rubbing against his. We both were sweating but it just made him even hornier.

He started licking my shoulders and suddenly he started licking my armpits. It was the first time for me as well but it was very sensual. While he was pleasuring me, I started giving him love bites on his neck.

As a mark of remembrance, I went down near his chest and bit him hard. He moaned and he loved it. He was licking whereas I was sweating.

We then got into the 69 position. I hate to admit it but this guy was a pro. He was blowing me way better than what I did. I have no regrets as I was having the best time.

He was using his tongue on the tip of my dick. Then he turned me around and he came near my ass. I told him, “I can’t do anal.” He hesitantly nodded but asked me if he could lick my ass. I agreed to it.

He widened my legs and started smelling my butt crack. He slowly kissed my butt crack and I was moaning. He then started eating my butt. I was enjoying every bit of it.

He spat on it and licked it. Then suddenly he inserted his finger inside my ass. I shouted as I was in great pain but he was not in the mood for listening.

I also sis not want to stop him. Just when I was getting adjusted with one finger, he inserted another finger. I was almost about to cry. It was an instance where pain meets pleasure.

You cannot choose one. He then wore a condom and started fucking me. As it was my first time, it was paining a lot and I bled a little. This old guy was ramming me with his 4-inch dick.

I was actually relieved that his dick was not big enough. He was very quick to cum and cummed on my ass. He did not let me turn and licked all his cum from my ass. He then turned and slept on me.

There we were lying naked in a car, in a dark unknown place. We were there in that position for some time and then we dressed up. As it was getting late, we both went to the place we decided to meet.

Just when I was about to get out, he put his finger inside the back of my pants and more specifically inside my ass. Then he took out his finger put it in his mouth and said, “Until we meet next time.”

This guy was older and experienced. It was my first anal experience, I did not enjoy it though. Apart from that, it was a very sensual experience and I will look forward to meeting him again. So this was my bi-sexual experience with an older guy.

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Gay Experience With A Mature Pro