Getting Lucky On Kik – Part 1

Getting Lucky On Kik – Part 1

Hey guys, this is Rohit. I am basically from Delhi and currently living in Ahmedabad. I am 22 years old and I love erotic experiences.

Coming to the story, those were the days of January and I was still a virgin. I was feeling very horny for the last 2-3 weeks. But being a bit introvert, I didn’t have any chance of getting lucky with girls. So, I was exploring the sites wherein I stuck on Kik.

I met a girl named Mishri on Kik. She was 23 and had just completed her college. I had only the intention to fuck her. I used to ask for her pics and all but she was possessive at first. Then we started sharing pics.

Things kept going and after about 1 week, I asked her for a game via Kik or audio. She agreed for the audio. We went for truth and dare. She agreed.

It was around 8:30 in the evening. I moved to my bed. I opened up my laptop and fixed Disha Patani’s Calvin Klein pic on the wallpaper and called my Kik friend Mishri. My cock was already yearning with her voice.

We started. I selected truth. She asked about my past gf to which I said no. Then I asked about her bf. She said she just had a casual relationship, nothing more.

Initially, such boring questions were going and then I said, “Only dares from now”.

It was her turn. I thought that I won’t get any other chance. It was now or never. So, I dared her to play the remaining game without her bra. “Have you gone mad?” was the reply and the phone got disconnected. I was like I messed it up. All my excitement was doomed.

After around 5 minutes, the phone rang and it was Mishri. “Ok, it’s done.” was the voice from that side. “Please don’t mind”, I told her.

She was in more excitement than me and asked me to remove my pants and play the remaining game. The mood was on again. “How would we know that we are actually doing these dares?”

I asked, “I am not going to prove you”. She replied. I had my plan with this. This time, it was her chance. “Go to the refrigerator,” I told her.

“Why”, she asked.

“Take out an ice cube”, I told her.


“Now be ready for the dare”.


And here was the thing. “Put the ice cube inside your panty”. “Are you mad, Rohit?”.

“No, just horny!!”

“Ahhh..” was the sound I heard from the other side and I was knowing the situation.

“It’s tickling, yaar”, she was moaning and my cock rose up to her voice. Now, I really wanted to bang her. I had not even seen her in real but my imagination was fucking her like hell!

“You are enjoying, babe” I replied.

Now it was my turn. She was speaking very slowly. “Put an ice cube under your ass and play”, she mumbled in a dusky voice. I was like no issue at all.

I was just waiting for her reply. “Now put your middle finger inside your pussy and don’t move it and play further”.

Mishri was in the heat too. I could feel it from her voice. “Oh ok.. Rohit Now?”

“Just keep it that way”.

“No, I can’t. Please Rohit, I need you here..” That was one sort of the sound, I wanted to hear.


“What?” she blurted out.

There was silence for a few seconds. “Should we do this?” She again asked, “Of course!”.

“Fine” and here was the moment I had been waiting for so long.

“Ok, so are we doing this today?” I asked her.

“If possible?”. The second thought was about the place.

“Where will we do this?” I asked her.

“At a hotel?” she denied telling that it would be risky there. Then we were thinking for a while and then she told me to come to her place.

Things were being luckier for me that day. She texted me the address of her flat. It was 4 km from my place. I immediately took a shower, put up the denim and t-shirt and rushed out.

The phone rang again. It was Mishri. “Don’t forget the condoms.” She said. “Which flavor, babe?”.

“What do you think?”. “Chocolate?”

“Hmmm, but hurry up”, she said in a lower tone.

I immediately turned toward a pharmacy and collected 4 packs of condoms. Within 20 minutes, I was outside her flat. I was feeling a bit weaker in my knees but I rang the bell anyway. No one came out for 1-2 minutes. I rang the bell again and the door opened suddenly and from it came out the bombshell I hadn’t ever imagined.

She had worn a loose white t-shirt and denim shorts. Loose hairs falling over her shoulder. My eyes got stuck on her neck only which was white like milk.

“Hey”, she greeted me with a smile. “Come on, in” I went in. It was a fully furnished 2 BHK flat. I didn’t know what to say.

Mishri asked me to sit while she went and brought water. The whole time, I was imagining her body only. As she bent to serve the water, I looked at her cleavage. I could get a glance of her cleavage which was like a cherry on the cake.

I didn’t have any sense of what was going. “Everything ok?” I heard her when she had sat by my side. I said, “ya” and turned toward her and gave the glass back. She went to put it back. I could see her ass bouncing. Her stats would have been 34-27-26. And in denim, she was killing me.

She came back and sat in front of me. “So, we know why we are meeting.”

As she was speaking, I had a glance at her denim jeans which was wet and it reminded me immediately of the ice cube dare. She was radiating heat even from that distance too. I was waiting for how to start.

Suddenly, she moved to me and planted her lips upon mine and I tasted her ripen lips for eternity.

Stay tuned to know what happened further and about how I got lucky with her friend too in the next part.

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Getting Lucky On Kik – Part 1