This is about the time when my relationship with my girlfriend Shanaya was about to complete five years and my girlfriend had planned to surprise me.

Shanaya called me at 12 o’clock on the day of the anniversary. We were both very happy on the completion of five years.

Shanaya told me – I have brought a very nice gift, you will like it very much.

I asked what gift did you bring?

Shanaya said – This is a surprise… and I have to be out of the house in the morning to get this gift.

According to him, I will get that gift at home only.

I said – okay.

In the morning I left the house and kept the key there under the pot.

I got a call from Shanaya at ten o’clock, she asked me to come home. I reached home.

As soon as I reached home, Shanaya hugged me and started kissing.

After kissing I asked- Where is my surprise?

He kissed me and said that you have a gift in your bedroom.

I went to the bedroom and saw that Shanaya’s friend Mansi was sitting on the bed.

I said hi to her and came out and asked Shanaya what is Mansi doing here today?

Shanaya said – this is your gift. Today Mansi is yours, you can do whatever you want with her.

I hugged Shanaya happily and said thank you. Shanaya asked me to go inside. I went back to the bedroom and sat beside Mansi.

I asked Mansi – do you have any problem?

Mansi laughed and said – no. If there was a problem, why would I come here? I am very happy that today I have come to spend some moments with you.

I asked her – have you had sex before?

He said- No, I am going to kiss for the first time today.

On hearing this, my cock was filled with electricity.

I kissed him and said – then it is fine. You will also have a lot of fun with me today.

She happily hugged me. I started kissing Mansi. She was also supporting me. As soon as I kissed, I put my hand in his T-shirt and started pressing his milk. She started crying.

I took off her top and bra and lashed out at her untouched momma. She also started enjoying the pleasure of licking her mummies and started stroking my lads.

After sucking both of Mansi’s moms for some time, I took off my pants and started caressing my cock in front of her in tights. She started looking at the bulge of my cock with great love.

I put one hand of her on my cock and she started caressing my cock from the top of the tights.

After sometime she got down from the bed and sat in front of me and she pulled my tights and took them off. My long cock came in front of him. I asked him to suck cock. He took the cock in his mouth and started sucking. I started pushing him in the face.

After sometime I asked him to lick the patties. He dragged and licked the whole tatters in his mouth and then took the cock in his mouth. After enjoying the cock sucking, I picked him up and laid him on the bed. I started pulling off his jeans.

After taking off Mansi’s jeans, she was lying in front of me only in panties. I caressed his pussy from the top of the panties, then lightly started taking off his panties.

The very next moment his clean pussy came in front of me. Seeing her red, pink and white pussy, I got excited, put my tongue on her pussy and started licking.

Mansi started having a lot of fun as soon as her tongue went deep into the pussy. She was pressing my head on her pussy with her hands. After licking the pussy, I spread his legs and started rubbing the cock on his pussy. Mansi started asking to pay the cock.

I pushed gently and the cap of the cock entered the pussy. Mansi’s eyes widened and her giggles were tied. His voice did not come out.

I quickly twisted one of her milk, then she started sighing with pain and started asking me to take out the cock. I stopped and started loving her.

After some time I put my hand in his pussy, then a little blood came in my hand. I understood that the seal of Mansi’s pussy has been broken. Mansi was in pain when the seal broke, she was repeatedly asking me to take out the cock.

I took out the cock and gave voice to Shanaya. Shanaya entered the room. I asked him for some oil. Shanaya brought oil. She applied some oil on my cock and a little on her friend’s pussy.

I put the cock back on the pussy and pushed it. This time the cock went inside. Although Mansi was in pain, but after a few bumps, she started enjoying it. He was getting the pleasure of kissing for the first time. Mansi was holding me tightly and was taking hissing with sighs.

I was about to fall after about twenty minutes of fucking.

I told him – my juice is about to come out.

She too was ready to fall. After a while, I separated him and put my cock in his mouth. By giving a cock in my mouth, I brushed off the juice. I was filled with lusciousness in his mouth.

I asked Mansi – how did you feel?

She was very happy, started telling me – Shanaya used to tell me about your chudai everyday. I used to enjoy listening to him a lot and also wanted to get my fuck done.

I asked Mansi – then?

Mansi- I jokingly told Shanaya one day that if I also get to fuck with your boyfriend, then it will be fun. How well does he fuck you?

I asked Mansi – then what did Shanaya say?

He told that Shanaya quickly told me that if you ask, I can talk. As soon as Shanaya said this, I immediately agreed.

Hearing this, I put Mansi on my chest and started loving her. I told Mansi that from now on whenever you want to kiss, my cock is ready to fuck you.

After sometime both of us started getting in the mood again. This time I asked her to become a mare. She understood that I was going to kick her ass. At first she started getting scared, she said – Will you be behind?

I said- yes then it will be fun.

She said – there will be pain there.

I said – what is the matter of pain, that happened in the first time even further. Once you start taking it from behind, you will start enjoying it from there too.

She agreed to my point.

I told him – don’t be afraid… I will put oil in the cock, you will not have much pain.

She agreed.

Then I made him a mare. He put a lot of oil on his cock and on his ass. Loosen the ass with one finger and then loosen the ass with two fingers. If she enjoyed it, she started asking the cock to kill her ass.

Now I put my cock on his ass hole and slowly started pushing. Then pushed a little and the cock entered the ass. She started screaming in pain but I kept on fucking. After a while she too was having fun.

After ass-fucking for about ten minutes, I made him sit on my cock and started tossing him. She was also jumping and taking cocks.

After a while, I separated him and gave my cock in his pussy. After hitting two or four jerks in the pussy, I again inserted the cock in his ass and fell inside.

This is how I came out after having sex with Mansi.

Shanaya asked me outside – how was it?

I said – it was fun to fuck the virgin pussy ass.

Then I told Shanaya – you two stay here tonight. All three will enjoy sex together. Shanaya also wanted to fuck. She stopped.

That night all three of us enjoyed a great fuck. Shanaya Mansi both slept naked with me after having sex all night.