Girlfriend tries to surprise her boyfriend

Girlfriend tries to surprise her boyfriend

It was the day before my birthday; I was turning 26 years old. I worked hard that day with my boss and co-worker. We are electricians by trade. I am of Indian descent and both of them are Russian-Americans. I was feeling down and upset at my girlfriend. She is also of Indian background and is 23 years old. I wanted to spend some quality time with her; especially my house was available without my parents being there. They went on vacation and I wanted to take advantage of the situation. My girl was obligated to go out for her friend’s birthday that same day. So my boss Albert (Al for short) asked me after work ‘Hey John, what’s the plan for your b-day? Spending time with the girlfriend? “I frowned and answered no. He offered to grab some drinks and hang out. So my consolation was to hang out with my boss Al and co-worker Boris. These were two middle-aged men, but lay back and cool to hang with when drunk. I told them to come over my house. Al took up the offer and brought over vodka and beers.

From 5pm to 7pm we were getting pretty wasted from shots of vodka and beers. Somewhere in between I got a text from my girl Ashley ‘Hey babe, I hope you’re not mad at me? I promise I will make it up to you ; )”I ignored the text and drank more out of spite. At one point my boss was scrolling through my illegal cable box and found some free porn. He was excited about the new found entertainment and left it on. Al is divorced and is about 50 something years old, his friend and our co-worker Boris is married and is about the same age. They were engrossed in the free porn; I guess they don’t get much sexual attention.

Few minutes later Al announced, ‘This is really nice, us guys hanging out. You don’t need your girl, just watch some porn and wank off. “With that he undid his jeans and pulled them down around his knees, his boxers were still on. He nudged Boris to do the same and he did. They wanted to play with their dicks and watch the porn. I was shocked he did that and made it seem natural. I didn’t know how to tell my older boss to stop his lewd actions. He suggested I do the same and relax a bit. I said ‘Haha later, I think I need more drinks to be doing that openly. “His reply with a laugh was ‘It’s just us guys. Just don’t be staring at each others packages. “Right when he said that I glanced at his hard on, it was like 8 inches but thick as a huge cucumber. His member found its way through the slit of his boxers and exposed for wanking. Boris had an average dick, like 6 inches. Boris is more quiet and reserved, but with the alcohol flowing he let his inhibitions go as well.

It was 7:30pm now, we had the porn on loud and watching it in the basement of my house. Out of nowhere, my girlfriend Ashley comes down the stairs and surprised to see my co-workers. She stopped in her tracks and didn’t know if she should leave. She had the keys to my house and let herself in. She was wearing a beige trench coat with some black pumps. She knew my boss and co-worker from before, they met her a couple of times with me at a bar. She came over to my side of couch and then noticed the two middle-aged men’s pants were down. Boris tried to hide his erection with a throw pillow. Al just grinned and didn’t bother hiding his meat. He did lower the volume on the TV, but didn’t change the channel. A scene of a girl making out with two guys was on screen. She was a gasp and finally spoke ‘What the hell is this? You guys watching porn like this together? “Al replied ‘Yeah why not, this is how guys do it sometimes. Care free to join in? ”

He said that with a smirk and she slowly sat down and was at amaze at the situation. She sat next to me and was busy looking at the action on screen; the two men were now undressing the girl. I broke her stares by asking her ‘I thought you were going out tonight? “She looked at me and said ‘Oh we only went for happy hour. “I could smell the strong alcohol breath from her mouth when she spoke. By now the guys and me noticed she didn’t bother taking off her coat. Al suggested to her ‘Why don’t you talk off your coat and get comfortable. “She blushed when he asked, but she said that it was fine and don’t mind having it on. Al knew something was up and kept on egging her on.

Al said to Boris loudly ‘I bet she came here to surprise him with something special for his b-day. All I wonder is if she is naked under that jacket or wearing some fancy underwear. “She caught his remark and said in defense ‘No, I am just a bit cold in here. “Al tried to call her bluff and said ‘Yeah right, you can’t fool us! I bet you’re naked under that coat! “She blushed even more, and denied those accusations a couple of times. My girl doesn’t like to be challenged or dared. She finally folded her bluff but wanted to prove something. She looked at me with a smile and she said, ‘Can you believe him? He thinks he is always right! Should I prove him that he is wrong? “I just did some sort of head gesture cause I was feeling a little indigestion and queasy. I had too many shots of alcohol with beer, which usually not well with my stomach. She took whatever head gesture as a sign of ‘yes’. She then simply got up and faced them; she undid the tie to the coat. She opened the jacket and let it fall off her shoulders and hit the floor. She wasn’t naked, but she was certainly wearing a pair of sexy underwear! She looked soo sexy wearing a pair of baby blue boy shorts and matching bra.

She stood about 5’8 with her pumps on, her tits looking nice around (size 34 d), her ass looking round and plump (her ass cheeks almost slipping out of the boy shorts), and long killer legs. I was sick to my stomach as she displayed her body to my boss and co-worker; they were too busy ogling her body from head to toe. She even sat down and did not bother to cover up, that made my stomach jolt. She looked over to Al with a smile and said, ‘See you were wrong! “Al responded ‘I guess I was, but I am not upset with being wrong at all. “She blushed some more and I gave a look like ‘what are you doing still dressed like that? “She read that and said to me “It’s ok honey, these old guys don’t see much. Let them have their fun of just looking. I am all yours. “She finished that comment by crossing her long sexy legs. I got up quickly and started to head out for the bathroom, my stomach couldn’t handle the mixed liquor anymore. Al knew I had to throw up and quickly told Boris to go and assist me. My girl also motioned to help, but Al broke her attempt by saying ‘Hey don’t worry, Boris will help him. We are the reason he got like that, so it’s our reasonability to take care of him. “Boris did get up and follow me to the bathroom in the basement. I was yaking my brains out and Boris kept on asking, ‘You ok? “I had some rest between my vomiting, and I could hear some commotion in the other room. Al was questioning something like ‘Oh those can’t be real. ”

When I was done vomiting and went back to them, I saw the following: Al moved from the love seat where he and Boris sat, and now joined my girl on the same couch. My girl was sitting up and Al had his arm around her back, his both hands were cupping my girl’s bra covered tits! He was in the process of squeezing them and stopped momentarily when he saw me. They had a look like a deer in headlights and were caught in the act. My girl was speechless and eventually Al responded, ‘Hey John, I doubted if her tits were real and wanted to find out for myself. “His hands were still on her breast and my mouth was agape from shock. My knees buckled and feeling weak, my mouth was dry from drinking. I found my way barely to the love seat and slouched. My girl tried to explain herself ‘Babe he was annoying me about how my tits are fake and…. “Al cut her off by saying to her ‘Hey don’t explain your-self, look at him, he is enjoying it. “With that comment he continued to grope her tits. He was openly groping my girl’s tits in front of me. I was horny and now somehow getting entertained by this. Al sensed it from me and took his opportunity.

He squeezed away at her breasts and said ‘Oh yeah these tits are real. I could tell the difference because I felt fake tits at the strip clubs. Ashley you are soo gifted to have a pair of naturally big jugs. “My girl closed her eyes as my boss was mauling her tits. He even pulled her bra over her big breasts, but still had the straps on. He was playing with both bare tits in his big hands. He paid special attention to her nipples and pinched them as well. He stopped to say ‘Lets get this off you. “He undid her bra clasps and slipped the material off her shoulders and chucked it onto the floor. My girl opened her eyes from the displacement of her bra. Al told her to pay attention to the on screen action. The porn was now displaying the girl getting fucked doggie style while the other guy was receiving a blowjob from her. She took a moment to look and Al suggested, ‘Why don’t we all play with ourselves and enjoy this porn? “My girl looked at me for uncertainty, I was now heavily squinting and looked like I was sleeping. Al reassured her ‘Don’t worry he is knocked out and didn’t protest before. Just go with the flow, let your hair down. We are all just masturbating to some porn, there is no harm in that. ”

Ashley was now admiring the action on the TV. Within no time her left hand found it’s way inside her boy shorts. Her sexual instincts coming into play. She was busy rubbing her clit and Al was stroking his meat. Boris was sitting on the love seat with me and playing with his own pecker. Al put his left arm around my girl’s shoulder and playing with his cock with his right hand. She was engrossed in the porn. Al took time in between to get a quick feel of her left breast.

Al every so often would make comments. He first looked at Boris and said, ‘That looks pretty fun, right? I wish we could be doing that now. Looks like they are all enjoying it, especially that girl. “He finished that sentence by looking at my girl. She knew what he was implying and only blushed. A solid ten minutes into the porn, Al started making more advances at her. He said to her ‘You thought you would come her and get some action with him? “She just nodded and had glances at Al and at the TV. She was in a sexual trance, her hormones running wild from stimulating herself and watching the porn. She had good intentions on having sex with me, but I apparently looked unconscious. She now had a older guy beside her and talking dirty to her. His cock is within arms length. He boldly asked her ‘Right about this time, would you want your boyfriend’s dick or my dick? “After he said that, his exposed cock was twitching and got my girl’s attention.

His cock looking thick and rock solid. I had a hard on, but was concealed under my jeans, I was still clothed. He broke off her gaze by saying ‘What’s the point us playing with ourselves, when we could help each other out. “He said that with a wink. She looked at him in the face and said playfully ‘Your dick looks pretty big, should I feel it too, to see if that’s real? “Al said ‘Sure why not, it only seems fair. “Then we all watched slowly how her right hand made it’s way towards my boss’s dick! She gripped his penis and began to stroke it for him. His reaction was ‘Ah so much better. “Her little hands gliding up and down on his big shaft.

Al told her to move her hands away from her boy shorts, and he replaced it with his right hand. He was fingering and rubbing her vagina, and at the same time sucking her right nipple. He put his big mouth all over her right breast, and seemed like he wanted to put the whole thing in. But he couldn’t, her breasts are too big. She closed her eyes from all the attention he was giving and continued to stroke his member. She could feel the heat coming of his dick and the veins popping out. She moaned as he casually sucked her nipple. Her nipples became rock solid. Al felt how wet she was and a damp patch was formed on her boy shorts. This could be seen after he pulled his hands away from there. Al knew she is ready by the way her body is reacting and the way she didn’t stop his advances.

Al sat back up and my girl’s hand still on his cock. She commented ‘Wow, that is a big dick. A thick one to say the least. “Al’s response ‘Thanks sweetie. Your hand feels soo nice too, but that’s like me playing with myself. There has to be another way we can help each other get off. “He put his left arm around her shoulder again and pulled her body closer to his. She took his comment and movements as a sign to do the following: she lowered her upper half of her body and her head dropped towards his groin. Her mouth opens and slowly proceeded down his shaft! Al in pleasure said ‘Ahh that feels good. Now you know what I am talking about. “Al was opening and closing his eyes; groaning in gratification; he looked at Boris with a smile of accomplishing something as well. He took time to look at the porn and look at the new young girl in his lap, giving him a blowjob.

Her head bopping up and down, she was working good salvia on his old dick. Slurping sounds from her mouth filled the room. Al put his left hand on her head and assisted her head bopping. He whispered in her ear to get on her knees on the floor. She did as suggested and was on her knees between my boss’s sprawled legs. Her butt resting on bended legs, she was only wearing her baby blue boy shorts and heels on. She was in great position to give a blowjob to him, looked like she was devoting her self for his pleasure. She leaned in forward and grabbed the base of his penis she inspected his dick. She was admiring his member by looking at his tighten ball sac and the width of his cock. She stroked it as she looked on and then resumed her cock sucking. She massaged his balls as her mouth glided up and down. Al removed her hand at his base and took his other hand to push her head down.

She was gagging on his dick and Al groaned in utmost pleasure. Tears forming from her eyes and she took a moment to breath, and then continued her deep descents again. She had a rhythm going and Al was grinning at Boris. He knew he could sit back and relax, enjoying an awesome blowjob from my girl. It was automatic and no coaching involved. She even took time to suck on his left and right nuts. After a solid fifteen minutes of sucking, she put a wad of spit on his cock and stroked him with her two hands. His cock was nicely coated with her salvia for a tug job. The slicked cock noises can be heard, it was well lubricated.

Al instructed my girl to get up and she stood up. She look down at Al and awaited his next instructions. He requested her to turn 180 degrees and her back was facing him. He took in the sights of her butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder blade, her ass cheeks peeking out of her boy shorts, and the jewelry chain that was wrapped around her waist. He told her that she has a beautiful body and loved the little chain around her waist. I too think it is sexy when she wears that. He then told her to turn back to face him. He sat up and his face was inches from her boy shorts. His arms extended and with both hands, he grabbed the waistband of my girl’s boy shorts. He started to tug them down in one fluid motion and the material hit the ground. She momentarily put her hands on his shoulder for balance. She stepped back to step out of her boy shorts, she looked at me as she did.

She wanted to see if I was still looking. I was heavily squinting again and pretending to be asleep, but I felt like I was in haze or daydreaming. Al now got up and pushed my girl onto the couch. He took her boy shorts and threw it in my direction and said, ‘I guess Johnny boy I will be unwrapping your birthday gift before you do. “Al turned to face by girl with the biggest smile; he pulled of his boxers and discarded the rest of his clothes. He started to descend down on the couch to meet my girl, and she doubtingly said, ‘I don’t know if we should. I mean he is right there. “Al fought back ‘Don’t be silly, he won’t know a thing. He is too passed out. “He also added ‘I know that you are definitely wet and I am definitely hard as a rock. So lets put it to good use and help relieve each other. “He asked her to open her legs and she did. He felt her wetness again at her pussy.

He turned back to Boris and said ‘Hey you got to feel this pussy, it is soaking wet. “My girl spread her legs wide; her right leg on the back of the couch while the other one was spread to the floor. She requested to Al ‘Please take it easy on me. I have to get used to your cock. “Al replied, ‘Oh I will baby, don’t you worry. “With that he grabbed the base of his cock and started to insert his dick into her. The head of his cock was no problem, but as more of his girth went inside, she let moans and squeals escape her lips. Al’s goal was to go balls deep and he did in no time. There was a contrast between Al’s pale white naked body and my girl’s caramel complexion body. My girl was touching his waist and clutched his ass cheeks, as he finally was deep inside of her. They stayed motionless, and Al started to plant kisses on her lips and she kissed back. She broke their kisses to say while panting ‘Oh my God, your so thick and big. I can’t believe I am doing this. “Al replied, ‘Just enjoy yourself sweetie. Use my dick for your pleasure. “Al ended the sentence by sucking on her big fat titties. She moaned some more and Al began to fuck her at a moderate pace.

Her tits jiggled from each thrusting she was receiving from him. Al mentioning how good she felt and how tight her pussy is. He stopped in between from restraining to cum. He would take that time to kiss her neck, lips, and tits. Al had received a good amount of cock sucking from her before and his balls building up a big load to cum. It was killing him to orgasm, but he wanted to take his time and savor my girl’s pussy. He suggested they change position and do it doggie style. As they changed position, Al told Boris ‘You know she has a mouth and she knows how to use it. “He was suggesting for him to join in on the festivities. Boris was hesitating and said, ‘I don’t know. I am married Al, I don’t know if I should. “Al encouraged him ‘C’mon man. Stop being a wussy, getting a blowjob isn’t really cheating. Get over here and get in on the fun. “By now my girl was on all fours on the couch and Al was beginning to insert his dick from behind. Boris joined them on the couch and sat on the armrest. With insertion of Al’s dick, my girl moaned and opened her mouth, then Al jerked her forward and her mouth met Boris’ cock.

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Girlfriend tries to surprise her boyfriend