Girlfriend’s Hot Married Friend Aastha

Girlfriend’s Hot Married Friend Aastha

Hi! My name is Ashutosh (name changed), currently preparing for government jobs and staying in Delhi. I am 5ft 8in tall. I have a girlfriend and her name is Riya.

Riya is a very pretty girl, well-educated, and super wild in bed. I am really lucky to have her.

My girlfriend is doing her M.A English from an open university where she has to go only on Saturdays. Since I was not in any college or have a job yet, I accompany her sometimes.

Riya has a friend named Aastha who is married and 3 years elder than Riya and me. I, Riya, and Aastha would sometimes come back together in the metro.

Since this story is about how I fucked my girlfriend’s friend Aastha, let’s talk more about her.

Aastha seemed like a very simple Indian girl with nothing on her body that could indicate that she was married. Well, I mean, except her round ass and big soft boobs which jiggled as she moved and made it very clear that someone use to press them hard and plays with them almost every night!

Her lips were not very red but yes, they were so finely shaped that any guy would want his cock between them! My girlfriend’s buddy was not very thin but her body was just perfect. Her complexion was dusky making her look irresistible.

Aastha had been married for two years now and lived in a rented but luxurious flat in Delhi. Her husband was a lawyer who had to go on business trips every now and then.

I saw Aastha for the first time in August last year when I went with Riya to her university. Aastha was wearing a skin-tight top that looked amazing on her boobs. The way it formed a bulge was enough to keep men staring at her!

Her jeans too complimented her ass well. Her ass would move up and down as she would move. The only thought that came to my mind after looking at this sight was to rub my dick on her ass! I wondered what color panty would she be wearing, how her husband would take her all night, etc.

I too wanted to enjoy my girlfriend’s friend’s sexy curves and make her bend in front of me! But I quickly controlled my thoughts and kept talking to my girlfriend.

It was time for all of us to leave. Before boarding the metro, we had to take the bus to the metro station. The bus was not very crowded but it didn’t have seats either.

We all three were standing and because of the heat, we were somewhat sweaty as well. I could see a sweat drop moving down Aastha’s neck and it followed the path of the vein on the neck and moved on her smooth skin like a snake before finally entering her top and touching her back.

I wished it was my tongue and how I would have licked this beauty! Right from her neck to the toe, every inch of Aastha’s skin would be smeared by my saliva.

I then distracted myself and we three kept talking and went back to our places.

Later at night, dirty thoughts about my girlfriend’s pal would not leave my mind so I masturbated thinking about fucking her. But, somehow I knew it was almost impossible.

For the next coming Saturdays, I went regularly just to see Aastha. Her figure would turn me on like anything. I was ready to do anything to touch her dusky skin and to rub my dick on her plump ass.

On one of the Saturdays, Riya got ill and told me she won’t go. So I told her that I too shouldn’t go but she insisted on me going because Aastha would have to go alone and Aastha didn’t like going alone.

So I agreed to it after pretending some hesitation.

I met Aastha at the metro station. The married girl was wearing a white shirt with black checks and she had tucked it in her black pants. She wore minor heels which made ‘tik tok’ sounds as she moved in synchronization with the swing of her peachy ass.

We wished each other and kept talking about general stuff as we went to her university. All this while when she was in the class, I kept thinking what can I do to get closer to this hot married piece of a woman. A lot of ideas came but nothing seemed feasible.

It was time for us to leave. We took the bus but it was more crowded than the other days. We were standings facing each other and a man came from behind Aastha who had to get down on the next stop. Rather than asking my girlfriend’s married friend to move, I placed my hand on her shoulder and gestured her to move aside.

When I touched her, even though it was over her sleeves, I could still feel the softness of her skin. It immediately gave me a slight boner.

Aastha didn’t notice it, she went behind and sat on the empty seat that the man had left. We didn’t talk much after that.

After we got down from the bus, we went to the metro which was equally crowded. We chose to stand in the corner.

Aastha had a laptop bag so she took it off and placed it in front of her and stood with her back towards me. As she removed her bag, I could see a spot of wetness due to her sweat. Her shirt had become translucent and I could see the hook of her white bra.

I was going crazy and my dick was suffocating inside my jeans. All I wanted was to bloody get my gf’s hot friend naked and fuck the senses out of her!

With time, the crowd only increased and the distance between us reduced. Being high on my hormones, I made sure I got as close as possible.

Now Aastha was standing right in front of me and I had my nose right next to her ear. She could feel my warms breaths touching her wet neck.

I went closer and whispered in her ear, “You look irresistible”. And then before she could respond, I had already put my hand on her hip and was groping her ass and waist very softly.

She didn’t move at all, acting as if nothing was happening. I was too much in the moment and even if she would have resisted, I would have forced myself on her.

Her ass felt like a huge jelly and her waist, damn! I was writing words on it with my finger. Now with more confidence, I took my finger and started poking it on her ass. I moved closer and started doing it vigorously. And then suddenly, she moved way forward and I realized that her stop had come.

I also got down and she looked at me through her spectacles.

To be continued.

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Girlfriend’s Hot Married Friend Aastha