Gold Digger Rescue 2 – Evidence by Kennelboy

Gold Digger Rescue 2 – Evidence
by Kennelboy

Gold Digger Rescue Chapter 2 – Evidence

I showered when I got home and checked my e-mail, then straightened the houseboat up a bit for Sandy. Not that she would be at all interested in anything but riding my cock when she arrived, but it would be a nice gesture to get rid of all the pizza boxes and beer cans and such.

Sandy arrived at about seven, wearing a sheer white tennis outfit, her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. I slid my hands under her little tennis skirt and into her panties to squeeze the perfect globes of her ass as we kissed hello.

My gorgeous, adulterous slut of a girlfriend immediately dropped to her knees to suck me up hard,licking my belly, squeezing my ass and fondling my nut sack! I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom, where she clambered onto the full-size bunk on her hands and knees. I flipped up her little skirt and peeled her little pink panties down just enough to slide my big pecker into her wet gash!

I took a moment to call Sandy’s phone, which was already slaved to mine. We had planted the phone in Sandy’s den earlier that afternoon in hopes we would capture some video of her husband fucking her teenage stepdaughter. I opened her camera app, and an image of Bekah appeared, on her knees in front of Barney’s favorite recliner, sucking her father’s hard prick! “Bingo!” I yelled, recording the video and porking my hard cock deeply into Sandy’s sloppy cooze!

I set the phone down on the bunk so Sandy could watch her slut stepdaughter sucking Barney off. Sandy laughed with excitement and groaned with pleasure, pushing her beautiful ass back to meet my thrusting phallus, raising to her knees to let me squeeze and pinch her hard nipples!

“You did it, baby!” she moaned as I steadily thrust my hard prick in and out of her juicy twat. “The little cunt jumped her daddy’s bones as soon as I was out of the house! Any woman will do anything you want them to after they ride your magic cock, baby! Oh, yeah, keep fucking me!”

“Shh,” I whispered back, fucking her more urgently! “You’ll miss the show!”

We turned our attention back to the phone screen. Bekah had moved up to straddle her father’s lap, spreading her legs wide for him to slide his (surprisingly large!) cock between her labia.

“Oh, God, daddy, I’ve wanted your big dick for so long!” the horny teen panted, gasping as Barney thrust his hard fuck tool deeply into her tiny slit!

“Me too, Buttercup!” her dad responded. “I’ve been going crazy watching your hot, sweet little ass in those bikinis! Wiggle your pretty butt on daddy’s hard dick!”

Bekah bounced up and down joyfully, mewling her pleasure, enthusiastically riding her father’s throbbing slut fucker like she was busting a bronc in the rodeo! Barney’s hands firmly clasped his daughter’s sweet ass, the flesh of her small, shapely butt cheeks bulging out between his fingers as he eagerly balled the petite girl!

The horny teenage slut laughed wantonly and leaned forward to allow her father to suck and slurp on her small titties while he squeezed and slapped her ass, wiggling and corkscrewing her pelvis all over his hard fuck stick, shouting her lust! “Dick me, daddy! Make me cum on your big fat dick!”

Back at my houseboat, Sandy gasped and began spewing cum all over my hammering prick! The hot ex-stripper ground her ass against me, wanting all my hard meat inside her! My big nut sack slapped against the soaking lips of her gash, and I began swiveling my ass in a figure eight, causing the blonde bombshell to shout in ecstasy as my rigid phallus corkscrewed around in her! We both kept an eye on the phone screen, too, thoroughly enjoying the hot, incestuous fuck action going on back at her place!

Bekah had lain down on the seat of the same couch I had fucked her on earlier that day, this time spreading her legs wide for daddy! Barney clambered atop her, his stocky, muscular figure dwarfing his daughter’s tiny frame. He hooked the little girl’s knees over his shoulders, placed his hard meat between the soaking lips of her tight little cunt and thrust it deep! Bekah yelped and squealed, hot pleasure jolting her with every thrust of her father’s big cock!

Sandy was groaning with lust, loving the hard fucking I was giving her, but her eyes were glued to the phone, just like mine were! It was just too fucking hot, watching her soon-to-be ex fuck the living daylights out of that teenage slut! My own cock grew harder as I watched the father-daughter fuck fest, and I slammed it into Sandy’s honeyed gash in tandem with Barney’s increasingly savage thrusts into Bekah’s tender cock holster!

“I’m cumming, daddy!” shouted the little teen, her face wreathed in a huge, panting smile and her fingernails raking her father’s hairy back as her little body convulsed with orgasm!

Barney began fucking his daughter with increased urgency, no doubt a prelude to launching a hot load of his sticky cum deep in her horny teen twat! I felt my own balls churning, ready to spew a big load of molten jizz deep in Sandy’s tight cunt as well! Sandy squirted hot cum all over my cock and balls, just as Barney and I each began to blast big wads of spooge into our respective sluts! A four-way, long distance orgasm! I fell back on the bed, laughing my ass off! This was just too much, dude!

“Shh!” Sandy shushed me and pointed to the phone. Bekah had climbed back in her dad’s lap and was kissing him deeply and soulfully. “Shit!” Sandy exclaimed. “He never kissed me like that!”

“That was so hot, daddy!” the brunette teen tramp told her panting father. “Your big cock is everything I’ve dreamed about!”

I snickered. The manipulative little slut! She was using the same line on her father that she had used on me earlier that afternoon!

“Have you wanted to fuck me for a long time, baby?” Barney panted, stroking his daughter’s hair and pinching her hard little nipples!

“Ever since I was little.” the horny teenager replied. “I used to watch when you’d fuck mom. I loved watching you and mom fuck, it was hot! I liked the way she shouted and threw her head back when you slammed your cock up her squishy cunt and sucked on her big titties! I used to like to pretend I was fucking you both, sucking on mom’s hard nipples while you licked and sucked my juicy cunny!” Bekah groaned, feverishly fapping herself while she thought about fucking her mom and dad.

“I’ve watched you fucking Sandy a couple of times, too,” the little brunette continued, “but you don’t fuck her as much as you did mom. How come, daddy? Sandy’s super beautiful, and has a body to die for! My pussy gets wet when I watch her, she’s so fucking hot! Sometimes I think about licking your big dick while you fuck her asshole, and licking her juicy cunt and ass while you fuck her face!”

“The little minx!” Sandy exclaimed softly. “I never knew. Sneaky, cum-hungry little tramp!”

“Sandy doesn’t turn me on the way you and your mother do.” Barney admitted. “I married her because she’s so hot, and I thought I’d be fucking her nonstop until she was pregnant. I guess I discovered that dumb women don’t turn me on, though. You and your mom are a hundred times smarter than Sandy.”

“I might like fucking her better if you joined us, though, Buttercup!” Barney’s expression became lustful. “Do you want to fuck other girls? Sandy’s such a slut, I bet she’d love to lick and suck on your little cunt!”

“I want to daddy! I want to fuck Sandy! I want to lick her big tits and suck her asshole!” Bekah cried, her little hand a blur of motion as she frantically flogged her clit!

“Having fun Buttercup?” the stocky lawyer asked, breathing heavily and jacking his stiffening cock! “Is that how you got yourself off when you watched me fucking my slut wives?” he asked his daughter lasciviously. “Did you use your fingers?”

Bekah giggled. “Sometimes, but just at first. Then I started using my fist. The best, though, was when I started going to the fridge and getting a carrot, or a cucumber or banana to fuck myself with. They were cold, but they warmed up pretty quick when I started fucking them in and out of my holes! I really liked fucking a cucumber in my cunt and a carrot up my ass at the same time.”

“Nasty girl! Did you like your vegetables? Did you like fucking them deep in your slutty cunt and up your filthy ass at the same time?” Barney asked his daughter, his eyes glazed with lust as he beat off!

“They didn’t feel nearly as good as your big fat cock, daddy!” Bekah cooed, lowering her head to kiss her dad’s hard member and lick and suck his hairy nuts!

“I love you, daddy. I’m glad you came so deep in my pussy.” Barney’s slut of a daughter murmured to her dad. “Your big dick was so hard! I could feel your hot spunk spewing into my womb!” The little slut teen crawled up to suck her father’s tongue deep in her mouth, sliding her soaked pussy lips up and down the hard shaft of his cock! “I want to have your babies, daddy! You can fuck me as much as you want to! Whenever and wherever! Oh, yeah!” she groaned as Barney kneaded and squeezed her ass.

“I love you, too, Buttercup.” was her dad’s panting reply. “But nobody can ever know about this. If your grandmother finds out, she’ll disown us, and Sandy will take everything I’ve got! If you get pregnant, you can go to college online until after you have the baby.”

“Lick my asshole, daddy!” Bekah ordered, standing up and bending over to grind her anus on her dad’s face, moaning with lust as he tongue-fucked her cunt and anus! “What about Sandy, daddy?” the horny teen moaned. “What do we tell her, that some hot boy with a big prick at school knocked me up?”

Barney slapped his daughter’s wiggling rump and shoved a couple of fingers up her cunt! Bekah squealed with pleasure and humped his hand gleefully, her long, pink tongue lewdly licking her lips!

“Yeah, I guess so. But when we’re sure you’re pregnant, with a boy now, mind you, I’ll divorce Sandy and give her a few thousand dollars to get lost. We can just use her as a fuck toy until then.” Barney plotted. “She really won’t have a choice, because the pre-nup she signed says I can divorce her for any reason and don’t have to give her squat! She wasn’t smart enough to read it before she signed it, and she doesn’t have the money or the brains to contest it. Like I said, she’s a dumb slut.”

The stocky lawyer was smiling evilly at his own cleverness as he finger fucked his daughter! “After you give me a son, we’ll tell your grandmother that the kid was Sandy’s, but that being a Jewish mother didn’t agree with her. We’ll say the blonde slut left me for another man, abandoning us here with the baby. That way, we keep the baby, my mother will be happy, and it won’t cost us a fucking dime.”

“Won’t Gran go ballistic if Sandy tells her the baby is mine and not hers?” Bekah panted, riding hard on the three fingers her father was hammering in and out her!

“Your gran won’t believe anything that blonde bimbo says.” Barney laughed. “She’ll call Sandy a sick slut and kick her out of the house.”

“Then it’ll be just you and me, daddy, and we can fuck and suck and lick and dick as much as we like! That dumbass blonde will be gone, and then your big cock will be all mine!” Bekah crowed, squealing excitedly when Barney spun her around and shoved his rigid cock deep into her sweet honey hole!

“Oh, yeah, daddy, fuck me again!” the teen slut begged her father! Barney grunted like an animal and slapped her little ass as he hammered hard cock up his little girl’s twat! Bekah groaned and licked her lips, loving every thrust of her daddy’s steely fuck meat, wiggling her hips, her hands busily squeezing her small titties!

I shut the phone off. We had all the video we needed for our little blackmail scheme. Sandy turned over, and I could tell she was boiling over at what she had just heard Barney tell his daughter.

“Dumb slut, am I? Use me as a fuck toy and throw me out when that little tramp gets knocked up, huh?” the beautiful blonde fumed. “Well maybe I should just take him for everything he’s got! Why shouldn’t I? Asshole!”

“Whoa, darlin’, keep your eyes on the prize, here.” I warned her. “You’ll never get anything, even if you take him to court with this video. As soon as you tell Barney about Cheyenne, he’ll have grounds to have the marriage annulled no matter what he did, because you never told him you have another daughter. It would be like you were never married. Your failure to tell him about Cheyenne would cancel out his adultery, see?”

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t think about that.” she said regretfully, her temper cooling somewhat. “I’ll tell you, though, Chris, it pisses me off to hear what those two really think about me! I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the box, but I’ve never done anything for them to treat me that way! If I felt bad before – I mean, about blackmailing that evil little bastard to get my daughter back, well – I don’t anymore!”

“I know just what you mean, baby.” I said. “I’ve been working for people like Barney my whole life, and found out they pretty much think I’m a piece of shit, no matter how friendly they are to my face. Just because I’m not as rich as they are, they believe they can use me however they want. Barney thinks you and I will do whatever he wants, anything at all, just to get our mitts on some of his cash. He thinks we’re fucking whores.”

“Like with the yacht!” I gestured irritably towards the boathouse. “Me and the boys were just trying to do ol’ Barn a good turn by towing him in, but he’d never understand that in a million years. He’s just glad he got out of the tow fee and thinks we were stupid to not make him pay for it.”

“Yeah, I learned a long time ago that friendship is just another tool that people like him use to get what they want.” I continued cynically. “The chiseling bastard deliberately swindled you when he let you sign that pre-nup without making you read it, too!”

“And Barney doesn’t even need his mom’s money! He’s already got a gazillion bucks of his own!” Sandy fumed. “He doesn’t really want any more kids, either. He’s just terrified that his mom will leave her money to somebody else if he doesn’t give her a grandson! What he ought to do is tell her to go fuck herself, just like I told my parents. That’s what any real man would have done.”

“Well, we’re not going to let the Shalowitz’s off the hook so easily, now.” I growled. “I might have been satisfied to just let Barney get Cheyenne back for us and go our separate ways until I heard him and Bekah planning to dump you like a piece of trash they can just throw away whenever they want. They’ve got another thing coming if they think I’m gonna let them get away with that.”

Sandy embraced me and kissed me tenderly. “My champion.” she said sweetly, nestling close and rubbing her big, beautiful tits against my chest! “What’s our next move, then, baby?”

“First we get Cheyenne back. Right now, that’s the only thing that counts.” I said deliberately. “No matter how mad we are, we can’t jeopardize that.”

“You’re right.” Sandy agreed resolutely. “I’d sure like to make him pay for what he said, though.”

“I’m sorry he was using you, baby.” I told the gorgeous blonde gently. “But after all, you were doing the same thing to him, weren’t you? Marrying him for his money?”

Sandy looked as if she was going to cry. “Yeah. I did.” she said. “I guess I deserve this…”

“Whoa, Sandy baby, hold it a minute!” She looked at me quizzically. “Look, he’s just been using you, too! He just said the only reason he married you was to get you pregnant! He didn’t tell you about that pre-nup or let you read it because he was planning on divorcing you anyway!” I pointed out. “We were just lucky enough to find out about him before he found out about us, that’s all. Barney’s not pure as the driven snow, and you’re not going to be breaking any hearts, here, so don’t feel bad about yourself!”

Sandy looked so hard at me I thought she was angry about something. That’s just her mannerism when she’s thinking really hard, though, and right then that’s exactly what she was doing!

“I know!” she finally blurted. “I know how to make them sorry for the way they planned to treat me!”

“Tell me.” I said.

“Listen, Chris, Bekah’s a little slut, and no matter what she said to you this afternoon, she’s still got the hots for that big cock of yours.” Sandy said with a devilish smile. “You need to fuck her again, and this time we’ll get it on video, just like we did with them tonight! After we have Cheyenne back, we’ll send Barney the video of you fucking the shit out of his daughter!”

I thought about it for a minute. “That’s not a bad idea, baby.” I mused. “He’d just love the shit out of that, wouldn’t he? Say, maybe you can get in on this little fuck orgy, too!” I said, my cock stirring at the thought of a hot three-way with Sandy and her stepdaughter! “You heard Bekah tell her dad how much she wants to suck on your asshole! Well, why not let her? Then ol’ Barn will get to see us use his daughter for a fuck toy, just like they were planning to do to you!”

Sandy licked her lips. “Mmmm, I could really get off pissing on her little face, Chrissy! After what they said about me, I think I’d enjoy pissing all over them both! Think you could get that on vid, baby, me pissing in her mouth while you fuck my asshole?” The hot blonde ducked her head to slurp my rapidly stiffening joint into her mouth!

“Oh, yeah, baby, anything you want!” I growled happily, licking my lips! “You make it happen and I’ll shoot the video!”

* * * * *

I had to work the following morning. The site supervisor was pleased enough that I had shown up, but he was even more grateful that I didn’t bring Sandy with me! “That blonde will cost me money every time she shows up here!” he groused, indicating his crew. “When she’s around, all these yahoos can do is stand around with their tongues hanging out and run to the port-a-john to beat off!”

“Like you don’t do the same thing!” I ribbed him, and went out to my work barge. My materials weren’t here yet, but I could put in the coffer dam around the first section of wall and start pumping it out. With the excavations and layout done, my recycled plastic timber would go in fast and easy when it arrived. I always bid my jobs to take too long and cost too much. That way, my clients are never disappointed, and I seldom have to work more than a six or seven hour day. I get away with it because there’s just not that many people that do what I do, or at least not many that do a decent job. I’ll never hurt for seawall work.

I met Sandy back at her place at lunchtime for a free sandwich and a hot fuck! After I deposited big wads of spunk in both her sweet cunt and tender asshole, she told me that Barney wouldn’t even look at her that morning, and barely spoke. Bekah, on the other hand, was chatty and inquisitive, asking how it went with the rabbi’s wife the night before.

“The mercenary little bitch!” Sandy steamed. “Now that she’s getting some hard dick, she wants cozy up and be friends, right before she and her old man throw me out on my ass! Before last night, I would have fallen for it, too.”

“But what a magnificent ass to be thrown out on!” I chuckled, giving her shapely derriere a pat! “Don’t worry baby, Bekah and her pop aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are, and we’re not nearly as dumb as they think, either! Besides, she wants to stick her face between your pretty butt cheeks and and suck that asshole! You heard her say it last night, remember?”

Sandy giggled. “Yeah, I do remember. She asked about you this morning, too, Mr. Big Dick!” Sandy giggled. “She wanted to know if you and I have ever done the nasty. I told her we did, years ago, but asked her to please not tell her dad about it. I wanted her to think I was falling for her fake friendliness, and that I was telling her a secret, just between us girls.”

“Be careful, sweetie,…” I began.

“Oh, don’t worry about me telling her too much, Chris.” Sandy assured me. “I worked in a strip joint for eight years, and women a lot more experienced than Bekah’s spoiled ass have tried to play me for a fool! I just want her to be secure in thinking how stupid I am.”

I looked at my gorgeous slut of a girlfriend with a new respect! I made a mental note to never, ever underestimate Sandy’s intellect again.

“I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna get her naked again.” I said.

Sandy sniggered. “Don’t worry about that,” she said. “Bekah will take care of that! She may not be in love with you anymore, but she’s still got the hots for that big dick of yours! She’s gonna jump back on it as soon as you get in range!”

“Well, then, we know what we have to do, right?” I asked the horny blonde slut, pulling her close for another kiss, my hands busy playing with her tits and ass! “We need to get her to start munching on your wet cunt this afternoon, while I ream out her cunt and asshole with hard cock!”

The plan was that Sandy would fake a headache, and I would cruise by on the SeaDoo, supposedly on my way home from work, while Bekah was sunning herself by the pool alone. I would get the slut teen to duck into the boathouse with me for some hot sex, where Sandy would be hiding in the yacht to get us on video. After she took a vid of me spunking in Bekah’s sluttish cunt, she would join in the fun!

I left work around two, and cruised by Sandy’s as planned. Sure enough, Bekah’s hot little ass was laying out by the pool, all alone, in a scarlet bikini! I felt like a Big Bad Wolf, about to shove my big canine dick up Red Riding Hood’s creamy little ass! (My, what a big dick you have, granny!)

The hot little teen looked so young and sweet lying there, I almost felt a twinge of guilt as I thought about how we planned to use her. Then I remembered her laughing, smiling face when she and Barney were planning to dump Sandy, and the names they had called her while Bekah rode her father’s cock like a rodeo bull! My guilt quickly turned into cold, calculated lust!

“What’s cookin,’ good lookin?” I called to the pretty teenager.

She looked up and laughed. “Hey, Chris, what’s up? What are you doing in this neck of the woods?”

“I’m working only two or three miles up the slough.” I answered. “Got done early and thought I’d stop by to see my favorite girl.”

“Save that shit for somebody that believes it.” she said, but she smiled as she said it, and strolled over to me. “Sandy’s in bed with a sick headache, if that’s who you were looking for.”

“Sandy’s not the reason I’m here.” I replied. “You are. I came by to tell you how sorry I am for hurting your feelings yesterday. I sure didn’t mean to hurt you.” I looked at the dock sheepishly. “I just couldn’t help myself, you’re so beautiful, and turn me on so much…!”

Bekah smiled broadly and grabbed my hand. “Aww, that’s so sweet! I’m not hurt, Chris, I’m really not. My life has changed a lot, though, in just one afternoon! I got together with my dad last night, thanks to you. I’m not afraid of anything, anymore.”

“Did you really?” I asked, feigning surprised interest. “How’d it go? I mean, was it good for you? What was he like?” I tried to ask the questions I thought another teenage girl would ask. I wanted this little tramp to think I was her new bestie.

“It was great!” she answered with another broad grin, her brown eyes sparkling. “I know what making love is all about, now! I’ll do anything for my dad, now, and I’ve never felt so beautiful, and feminine.”

“Sounds like you’re in love to me!” I agreed. “Ah, Bekah…? Was it as good as, ah… I mean, well, did you like it more than, ah,…?”

She giggled. “Was it as good as it was with you, is that what you’re trying to say?” I nodded sheepishly.

Bekah stepped closer, looking in my face hungrily! “Dad’s dick isn’t as big as yours, Chris,” she said in a low, husky voice. “I think he’s a little more uptight about some things, too. I wish I could make him relax a little more. He’d have a lot more fun.”

“I could show you a couple of things that will make him putty in your hands, if you’d like…” I offered gallantly, leering at her and pulling her close.

The gorgeous little teen put her arms around my neck. “Like what, baby?” she breathed into my mouth. “What’ll you teach me to get my dad to fuck me like a pro, the way you do!”

I kissed her gently, gauging her desire. The way she shoved her horny tongue into my pie hole let me know right away that she wasn’t looking for love, she was looking for dick! I glommed onto her sweet ass cheeks with both hands, hoisting her up to wrap her long, coltish legs around me while she flicked her tongue in and out of my mouth!

“Let’s go in the boathouse. We don’t want to let the neighbors watch us fuck without paying for it!” I quipped, getting a giggle in response.

We went inside to the deck of the yacht and shucked our swimsuits, my big soldier standing at attention and reporting for duty! Bekah dropped to her knees and began greedily sucking me off, her luscious little lips smacking and slurping on my hard tool, her hands caressing my bronzed six-pack abs, fondling my nuts and slapping my ass!

I fucked her hot teenage dick sucker for a couple of minutes, holding her head and making short, slow thrusts into her slobbering maw, getting my dick good and greasy for the main event of the evening! I grabbed a couple of towels for Bekah to pad her knees with as she assumed the doggy position on the polished teak deck. Then I put my hands around her pretty neck and drew her mouth to mine for a lustful tongue fight, rubbing my hard dong in the crack of her ass!

“Oh, God, Chris, you’re so hard!” Bekah cooed lustfully! “So big! Fuck me hard, baby, make me cum all over that monster cock!”

I grinned devilishly as I stroked the fat mushroom of my cock head up and down her moist labia, making her squirm and groan in frustration! She reached back in an attempt to force my big rod into her horny cooze, but I grabbed her hand and slapped her ass hard! She squealed!

“Don’t be hasty!” I chided her. “Daddy’s gonna ream out your sluttish little cunt when he’s good and ready! If you’re naughty, daddy will spank!”

My role playing, plus the filthy language I used, drove Bekah wild with desire! She humped her ass back against my pelvis, craving my hard dick!

“I’m sorry, daddy!” she cooed, reaching back with both hands to spread her ass cheeks as widely as possible, gaping her pussy open for my rigid tool! “Please, fuck me, daddy! Your little girl wants your big cock so bad!”

Bekah shouted in ecstasy when I suddenly drove my steely slut pole deep into her wet twat and began slamming it! I grabbed her waist and cocked her tiny cunt like a big diesel piston!

“Ahh! Chrissy! So good!” she yelled. “Cumming! Cumming! Aw, yeah!

I felt the hot juice of her orgasm flood into her spasming twat, salty juices splattering as I plowed in and out of her, dripping down my balls and onto the deck! I put my hands around her throat and pulled her mouth to mine for a lustful kiss, my raging pecker still buried deep in her cunt!

“Teach me something new, Chris, teach me something that I can use to make my daddy’s dick as hard as yours!” she whined, gyrating her hips to corkscrew my big prick around inside her!

“Have you ever tried ass fucking?” I breathed into the wiggling slut’s ear. “Have you ever thought about your daddy’s hard cock fucking in and out of your filthy shit hole?”

“Oh my God, yes!” the horny girl groaned. “All the time! But you’re too big, Chris, you’ll split my ass in two with that giant dick of yours!”

“It’ll fit, baby, trust me!” I grunted. I was rock hard, horny and losing patience! I pushed her back to a doggy position, placed the big purple helmet of my dick against her tiny puckered anus, and started pushing!

“Ahh! Oh God, Chris, it hurts! You’re too fucking big!” Bekah whined, squirming around and trying to escape the hard anal reaming I was about to give her!

“Oh, quit your bitching,” I scolded. “I’m not even inside you yet! I promise we’ll take it slow, Bekah, and you’ll love it. Besides, if you let your dad do this, he’ll fuck you night and day!”

“Okay …,” she whimpered. “Will you stop if I ask?”

“Sure, baby,” I lied. I totally intended to slam this slut teen’s sphincter like a goddam sledgehammer! I looked up and saw Sandy on companionway steps to the cabin, cell phone in hand as she captured Bekah and I on video. I winked at her and she grinned back, giving me a thumbs up.

“Here’s how we’ll do it.” I explained to Beckah. “When I get inside your asshole, I’ll wait a few seconds for you to relax and get used to me before I fuck my cock farther in. We’ll take it nice and slow, until you’re comfortable and it starts to feel good, okay?”

“Okay, Chris, if you say so.” she said. “Just… take it ….easy!” She gasped the last word as I popped the big head of my prick inside her anus! God, she was tight! True to my word, I gave her a minute or so to relax and become accustomed to the immense girth of my meaty shaft. I was gritting my teeth to hold back, though, because I felt an incredible urge to ream my cock up this hot teen nympho’s asshole all the way up to my bloated nuts!

Bekah moaned and mewled pitifully as I started to fuck her, making short, slow thrusts into her bowels, taking my time, easing in and out of her until her painful grunts gradually turned to coos of pleasure!

“Yeah, baby, that’s goood!” she moaned, “You’re so big, Chris, I love your big dick! Fuck me, baby!”

She began to move, rocking backward on her hips to meet my thrusting cock! I moved more boldly, thrusting my fuck tool deeper into her ass, sawing back and forth with strokes of increasing depth and urgency! Within a couple of minutes I was pounding Bekah’s tiny asshole like the energizer bunny – fast, hard, and deep! I grunted like an animal and fat drops of sweat rolled off my forehead in the hot boathouse, listening to the erotic sounds of my big prick as it squelched in and out of her tiny hole!

Bekah’s tits were mashed flat on the dock, eyes closed as I pounded her ass, gasping joyfully with each hard stab of my prick! She loved the savage cornholing I was giving her, one of her fingers between her clenched teeth as she made sharp little barks of lustful joy with every slamming thrust!

The petite teen was utterly relaxed. I grabbed the base of my big pecker to guide it, and started fucking both her sweet holes, first her asshole, then her cunt! Both of her slutty cock holsters were gaping wide for me, and I crammed my rock hard prick into each of them to the hilt! Bekah groaned and reached between her legs to feel the hard shaft of hot flesh that was fucking so deeply into her guts!

“Hot! Too fucking hot, baby!” she shouted. “Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! I’m gonna cum all over that big dick!”

I felt my own orgasm building! I dropped my cock to start pounding it into her sopping twat savagely, the salty cum she was squirting making my hard fucking almost frictionless! I splattered her girlish juices all over the deck with every thrust, the sound of my pelvis smacking the cheeks of her ass echoing loudly, in the cavernous boathouse!

My cock erupted, spewing thick wads of jizz deep into Bekah’s spasming cunt! I reached under the wiggling, gasping teen to maul her tender breasts and pull her mouth to mine for a savage kiss, thrusting my tongue deep to tickle her tonsils! I kept up my rapid fucking as long as I could, slamming into her from behind again and again, until my cock was too soft to penetrate her.

I fell down on the deck, trying hard to catch my breath! Bekah lay next to me, her chest also heaving as she looked at me with an amazed expression.

“That was fucking incredible!” she huffed. “Let’s do it again!”

I laughed weakly. “Okay, sweetie, maybe in a little while. It’s gonna be an hour or so, though, ‘cause I think I just spunked out my immortal soul!” Bekah giggled.

“Not necessarily!” Sandy exclaimed from the boathouse door. Bekah screamed and looked around wildly, putting an arm across her little tits and covering up her cum-leaking pussy!

“Oh, don’t be afraid, Bekah.” Sandy cooed, walking slowly onto the boat and stripping off the baby blue shortie bathrobe she wore. The beautiful, statuesque blonde knelt next to the horrified teen, taking Bekah’s face in her hands to kiss her tenderly on the lips!

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for the longest, time, Bekah,” Sandy whispered to her stepdaughter. “I just didn’t know if it would frighten you. But I can see now that you love fucking and sucking as much as I do!” She kissed Bekah again, soulfully and deeply.

Bekah seemed paralyzed with amazement, but offered no resistance when Sandy pushed her back to lay on the deck. The little teen whimpered a little and then gasped as Sandy kissed both of her small breasts, then her belly and groin, and finally her cum-covered slit! Bekah’s legs seemed to part of their own accord, an automatic reflex to Sandy’s lewd oral ministrations!

“Mmmm, your cum still tastes delicious, Chrissy!” Sandy said. “Yours, too, Bekah. Cum on my face!” she ordered the little brunette breathlessly.

Bekah had grasped Sandy’s hair with both hands, pushing her slut stepmom’s head hard against her wet twat! Sandy’s tongue was going to town on the hard little nub of Bekah’s clit, and she squeezed and pinched Bekah’s hot little buttocks! Then she shoved her finger into her stepdaughter’s well-fucked asshole!

I had silently moved to the boathouse door, where Sandy had left her phone. I picked it up and started getting some really excellent video of the girl-on-girl fuck action!

Bekah’s eyes were closed in rapturous delight! The petite teen groaned lustfully and began bucking her hips into Sandy’s face! Sandy hammered her finger in and out of Bekah’s abused asshole, and the slut teenager squirted sparkling girly cum all over Sandy’s face!

“Good girl!” Sandy breathed. “Now it’s my turn!” She stood up and moved forward to straddle Bekah’s face, kneeling down to grind her moist cunt against the smaller girl’s mouth! Bekah sank her claws into her stepmother’s beautiful butt and started greedily munching shaved twat!

Sandy looked over to where I was capturing the hot girly fuck on the cell camera, winked broadly and licked her lucious lips lewdly! Her pelvis gyrated in small circles on Bekah’s face, and her hands were squeezing, slapping, and pinching her bountiful tits! It was incredibly erotic, and I once again felt the stirrings of life in my flaccid prick.

“I need to pee, Bekah baby.” Sandy huskily told her depraved stepdaughter. “Would you like it if I piss on your face?”

Bekah slapped Sandy’s beautiful ass hard, and sank her fingernails into her stepmother’s sweet ass! The look on Sandy’s face was one of wanton, evil lust, her pink tongue licking her luscious lips lewdly as she pissed all over her stepdaughter’s face!

After she finished her pee, Sandy turned around and fell forward to start munching Bekah’s little cunt again in a hot sixty-nine. Sandy soon flooded her stepdaughter’s face again, this time with her salty orgasmic juice, and greedily lapped up Bekah’s girly dew as the little teen squirted as well!

The girls sat up, kissed, and embraced, Bekah putting her head down to lick and kiss Sandy’s gorgeous tits!

“Did you like Chrissy’s big dick up your ass, baby?” Sandy asked her stepdaughter. “And did you like being pissed on?”

“It was fucking incredible, Sandy! I’ve fantasized about you peeing on me! I was always too scared to even think about asking, though!” the little brunette replied, still breathing heavily. “ And Chris! I love it when he fucks my ass! And isn’t his cock just the best? He was fucking magnificent!”

“Hmm, he is quite the cocksman, isn’t he baby?” Sandy answered. “Wash the pee off your face and I’ll show you how to get a man hard again after he cums. If you know how to do it, you can be riding his fat dick again in five or ten minutes, instead of having to wait an hour!”

Sandy winked at me and crooked her little finger. I gestured for her to wait a second, and set the cell phone up on top of the cabin to record our three-way fuck while Bekah washed the piss off her face.Then I went over to lay prostrate on the deck next to the two smiling hotties.

The two horny sluts knelt over my prone form. “Suck his dick, baby,” Sandy told Bekah. “See what your own cum tastes like! I love sucking a mans soft prick after he blows his wad in me! It tastes like his spunk and mine at the same time!”

Bekah eagerly complied with her stepmom’s instructions, slurping my spent soldier into her mouth and sucking hard, making appreciative yummy noises while she did so.

“Now watch this, baby!” Sandy said. Bekah sat up attentively for her stepmom.

Sandy held out a finger. “This is the tube that runs from a guy’s nuts to his cum hole. It’s called the vas deferens. I know it’s made a “vas deferens” to me!” The hot blonde chortled at her own joke. “Anyway, the vas deferens leaves the ball sack and runs up through the prostate.”

She encircled her finger with the thumb and forefinger of her other hand. “The vas deferens fits right through the prostate like the hole of a doughnut, see?” Bekah nodded. “When a guy gets hard, the prostate squeezes his vas deferens tight, and keeps the spunk in the spunk holder until the guy’s ready to shoot his load. When your guy creams, the sperm goes up to the prostate and mixes with the sticky junk the prostate makes, and that’s spunk. When the guy can’t stand any more pleasure, the cum tube sends a signal to the prostate, and the muscles at the base of your guy’s cock put the squeeze on the prostate and squirts the cum out, see?” Bekah nodded again.

“The reason I’m telling you this stuff is because if you know how it works, you can make it work for you.” Sandy explained. “See, if I shove my finger up Chrissy’s ass and use it to stimulate his prostate, then it fools his prostate into thinking it’s sexytime again! You’ll be able to get him hard in five or ten minutes, instead of thirty minutes or an hour. Ready to try?”

“Sure!” the slut teenager replied, licking her lips! “Do I need to keep sucking his dick while I tickle his prostate?” Sandy nodded.

I put my hands behind my head, and waited, amused to be treated like a CPR dummy for sluts! Bekah obediently slurped my limp dick in her mouth and shoved her little finger up my ass!

“Yeah! That’s good! Keep it up, you hot slut! I’m gonna fuck you till your eyes pop out!” I shouted.

Sandy glanced at my face, smiled broadly and gave me a wink! “Sure you do, baby, you need to suck his cock, fondle and lick his balls, and keep wiggling your fingers up his ass! A lot of girls will only use one finger, cause they say it’s nasty, but I use two fingers, and then I suck them clean. I love the taste of a man’s asshole, almost as much as I love my own, and they like to watch me sucking my fingers. It really turns them on.”

“It takes some getting used to,” Bekah said conversationally, sniffing her shitty fingers. “Sex is stinky and sticky sometimes.”

“Yeah, but if you can get past your squeamishness, what a payoff!” Sandy declared. “I’ve learned to do anything a man wants to please him. Oh, I’m not into real pain, or getting beaten up, or shit like that, but I don’t mind some whips and leather, or a little pee, or other kinkiness. If I can play whatever game a man wants, then he’ll fuck me for a long, long time! I’ll get to cum again and again and again!”

Bekah nodded, busily sucking on my schlong and hammering my asshole with two of her fingers! My spent soldier (‘Private Part,’ heh-heh!) was standing at attention again in no time!

The tiny teen slut followed her stepmother’s instructions, obediently licking and sucking her shitty fingers after she pulled them out of my ass. She watched me as she did so, and sure enough, she was turned on by the animal lust she saw gleaming in my eyes! She was such a hot, degenerate little thing!

“Come over here and climb on my cock, baby!” I told her. I glanced over at Sandy when Bekah inserted my big meat in her greasy twat, and saw that my adulterous slut of a girlfriend had produced a big purple strap-on dildo from somewhere! It was the double dick kind, with one big rubber dick that fit into the cunt of the person wearing the strap-on, and another, even bigger rubber dick to cram into the selected hole of somebody else!

Bekah started squealing and bouncing up and down gleefully on my hard cock, and I pulled her down so I could lick and nibble her hard little nipples. While she was distracted by big dick squelching in and out of her sloppy cunt, and my mouthing of her hot little fuck pillows, Sandy knelt behind her and lubed up her big rubber dick! At the first opportunity, my slut blonde girlfriend aimed Barney the Big Purple Dinosaur Dick at the tight little rosebud of Bekah’s anus and crammed that puppy deep!

Bekah screamed in surprised pain and lust, and began flailing and windmilling her arms as Sandy and I went to town in her holes! I could feel Sandy’s hard rubber cock sliding against mine, separated only by the thin walls of tissue between Bekah’s cunt and colon! I grabbed the teen by her sweet ass cheeks and Sandy grabbed her shoulders, both of us fucking Bekah’s tiny holes with everything we had!

Bekah was totally lost in the pleasure of our hammering cocks! Her drooling, slack mouth hung open, droning a low, constant moan of carnal passion! I pulled her lips to mine and thrust my tongue deep, tongue-fucking her sluttish mouth while her other holes were crammed with great big hard dicks!

I was having a great time myself, humping my steely flesh log into the petite girl’s tight, sloppy cooze and watching Sandy’s fabulous big tits flopping violently up and down and back and forth as she reamed her stepdaughter’s anus out with her giant rubber dick!

Bekah’s body convulsed with orgasm, her spasming cunt flooding my cock with her salty cum! Sandy and I kept right on fucking, and I reached around the shaking teenager to squeeze and slap Sandy’s big tits, and pinch her hard nips! I felt my wad gathering to spew, and thrust my dick deep into Bekah, bottoming out when my cum hole kissed the rounded bump of her cervix!

Bekah cried out joyfully when she felt my boiling cream filling her cunt! “So goddam hot, Chrissy! So hot! Cum in my cunt, cum in my asshole! Cum all over me!”

I did my best to do just that! I spewed what felt like a quart of jizz up her twat, pulling free when I was finished to stuff my softening tool into the horny teen’s mouth! She sucked the last drops of choad from my dick, all inhibition gone! I fell back on the dock, Bekah watching me with an utterly depraved stare and giving sharp little barks of pleasure as Sandy continued hammering her asshole!

Sandy pulled Bekah’s head up to kiss her, the older woman’s luscious lips locking with the little teen’s, their tongues darting wildly into each others’ mouths! Sandy continued to rabbit her big rubber cock in and out of Bekah’s ruined asshole, reaching down to pinch the teen slut’s nipples and slap her small breasts!

“Sandy! So goddam good! Fuck my ass, mommy, gonna squirt! Fuck me hard, mommy!” Bekah shouted, reaching behind her to feel Sandy’s thrusting buttocks as they slammed into her ass again and again! Sandy groaned with lust, her own sweet cunt being fucked by the duo dildo every time she hammered her stepdaughter’s anus!

I lay back on the dock to enjoy the show! Watching the two beautiful, insatiable sluts fucking each other was incredibly erotic, and I found my self jacking my cock as it began to stiffen yet again!

Bekah’s slight frame convulsed with another orgasm, and Sandy pulled the strap-on out of the little teen’s sphincter and jammed into her mouth! Then the blonde began squirting as Bekah eagerly licked and sucked the hard rubber prick, jiggling and wiggling its partner around in Sandy’s gushing hole!

Sandy fell back on the deck, big tits jiggling as she gasped for breath! Bekah climbed atop her stepmother to insert the dildo into her tiny slit, humping up and down and leaning forward to suck, lick, and slurp on Sandy’s heaving tits!

“That’s it, baby, suck your momma’s fat titties!” Sandy cooed breathlessly to her stepdaughter. “Momma loves fucking her little girl! We’ll be fucking and sucking all night!”

Bekah sat upright, gyrating her hips slowly, riding the strap-on leisurely. Her sweet face was flushed with sex, licking her lips wantonly as she enjoyed the feeling of Sandy’s rubber cock waggling around in her twat!

“What about daddy, momma?” she asked Sandy, her eyes closed in rapture. “Are we gonna fuck daddy, too? I wanna fuck both of you tonight! I just want to fuck and fuck and fuck!”

“Well, sure, sugar, if that’s what you want!” Sandy said, reaching up to squeeze and fondle Bekah’s sweet little tits! “Your dad’s gonna have the night of his life! He’ll get hard as a rock if you suck his dick while I lick his asshole! We probably shouldn’t tell him about Chris shoving that big dick of his in all your horny holes, though, baby. He won’t understand how much hot bitches like us dream about studly cocks like Chrissy’s reaming our holes!”

The petite teen looked over at me, smiling an utterly depraved grin! “Chrissy’s got the biggest cock in the world, Sandy! Even when I’m riding daddy’s big dick, I’m wishing it was Chris’s! Do you think we can get daddy to fuck my asshole while Chris fucks my wet cunt?”

“We might have to work on that, baby.” Sandy replied, giving me a wink! “But he’ll come around eventually. You’ve got your dad wrapped around your little finger. You and I can give him a hot three-way tonight, and then he’ll do anything you want!”

“I understand what you need, though, baby.” the gorgeous blonde adulteress told her stepdaughter. “I want Chrissy up my ass again, too!” She looked at me and licked her lips!

My prick was rock hard again!

To be continued …

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