Got My Amazing Girlfriend Fucked

Got My Amazing Girlfriend Fucked

Hi! My name is ‘M’ and I am aged 24. I live in Delhi with my family. My girlfriend’s name is ‘A’ and she is 22 as of today 2020.

Before I start this story let me give you folks a little prologue. So, I was in my final year when this new girl came to college (my girlfriend). She was really beautiful and not just for the sake of it, really fair, long hair, spoke well and absolutely amazing. Then a guy who was in her class became my friend. His name was ‘U’.

Things happened and I and ‘A’ started dating while ‘U’ was a common close friend of ours.

My girlfriend and I were very active sexually. Wherever we went, we did something or the other. Once we went to a friend’s house and ‘U’ walked into us while my girlfriend was sitting on me. My hand was in her jeggings at that time. Our common friend was probably too drunk so I doubt he remembered anything.

Time went by and I and my girlfriend were already dating for 3+ years by then. I had noticed that I had grown a kink of watching threesome porn of girlfriends and wives getting fucked by other men. It grew so much that I started jerking off to imagining my girl doing it – that is, getting fucked hard while I watch her.

I wanted to make it happen but didn’t know how until one day I saw a video on Xvideos on how to get your wife into a threesome. I followed the ways of introducing her to threesome porn.

I did read that it was a fantasy of girls to be fucked by multiple guys. My gf didn’t like porn much at first but eventually, she did really enjoy it. I started saying things like, we will try it someday.

Things kept moving to a point where she was ready to do it. She asked to me find someone but it was not as easy to find a decent guy who would keep things discreet and would be a part of it too. I found some guys online but she wasn’t comfortable doing it with anyone.

One day, while watching porn, I remembered how our common friend U walked in on us. I started to think that he could be involved. I couldn’t say his name directly so I started asking my girl if she wanted to have sex with any guy she knew, any friend, or any ex-bf. She just started saying random names in fun as we can’t do it with anyone.

When my lover was talking random names, I was hoping she said U’s name which she did. I immediately said we can involve him actually as he was a good friend and he will keep things a secret. She hesitated at first but eventually asked me how would we even ask him.

So I started making a plan with my girlfriend that we could call him over to meet us. We use to sit at our building’s terrace as it was winter’s and it’s usually empty there.

We planned how we’ll pretend to kiss in front of him and say we met after quite some time. Eventually, I will undress my girlfriend and at some point, he will get involved.

So we called him the next day to meet us.

We went to the terrace and waited for the sun to go down. As it went dark, we started the execution of the plan. We sat in a corner with a wall behind us, with me and my girl with our backs against the wall while U sat in front.

I started giving her random kisses while talking and slowly increased the duration of the kisses. He was smoking and telling a story when I put my left hand in my girlfriend’s top from under. I found my way to her left boob. I made sure that he could see my hand moving inside her top but I didn’t make it too obvious.

He asked us if we wanted to be excused. We said it’s fine and stopped for a few minutes. But we picked up where we left.

This time, my girl said, “let me take off this poncho” which she wore over her top. She kept it on the side.

I started to slowly lift her top slightly so our friend could see her boob. I kept lifting it till it could be seen clearly in its entirety. He saw it while we occasionally kissed.

I knew he looked at my gf’s boobs and nipples. After a while, he said, “Good show, not gonna regret coming here”.

My girlfriend blushed and acted like, hiding. I said, “You have already seen, so I hope you don’t mind.”

He said, “I don’t. It’s a good show.”

After this, I removed my girlfriend’s bra and lifted the top. Her boobs were out now.

I knew my fantasy was coming true and my dick was rock hard. He smoked and saw her tits clearly, me playing with them.

To get things moving ahead, I whispered in my girlfriend’s ear, “Ask him to join.”

So she asked him, “Wanna join?”

He looked at me, I said, “It’s alright.”

So he put his cigarette out and sat beside my girlfriend on her left. At this point, I knew that things were on now. He finally held my girlfriend’s left boob and put his lips on her tits. I started sucking her right boob.

I could see my girlfriend resting her head back against the wall enjoying every second of it. And to be honest, our friend was good at what he did. My girlfriend said, “He’s good.”

We laughed a little while sucking her. I stopped sucking for a minute and then started kissing her neck. She slid her hand in my pant, so I asked her to put her hand in his pants too. She struggled to open his pants so he helped her.

My girlfriend put her hand inside our friend’s underwear and I saw it. Our friend brought his head closer to her face while grinning. I slid my hand inside her jeggings and started fingering her.

After a while, I asked him if he wanted to finger my gf and he agreed. He spat on his fingers and started fingering her. I was enjoying watching my girl fingered by another guy.

I wanted to see more, so I took my condoms out. I asked him, “You wanna go first?” He accepted.

My girl turned her butt up towards him and her face toward me. He tore the wrapper and wore the condom. He got in position for the doggy. He was ready to put it in but she was tight as I hadn’t fucked her in a while.

He spat on my girlfriend’s pussy and fingered her saying, “Need to loosen it up”.

Then he slowly touched and then pushed it in her. My girlfriend gave out a small moan and was frozen for a second.

After bringing her ass closer, my friend started fucking my girlfriend in front of me. I took my camera out and started recording while getting my dick sucked.

I could hear his belt moving, my girlfriend’s ass slapping against his body. While fucking my girlfriend, he said, “You’ve got a good one.”

We laughed as he fucked. He fucked for 5 minutes more. Then we sensed that someone was watching us and we ducked a bit. I asked him to check. He got up and checked. But there was nobody.

Then I started fucking my girlfriend but I was so horny already that I came in 5 minutes and then got up. He said he wasn’t finished but we had to stop to not get caught. She got dressed and we left.

It was an amazing experience. I and my girlfriend are trying to go to his place soon with another plan for a more erotic threesome. I hope it turns out well.

Got My Amazing Girlfriend Fucked