Green University – The Beginning

Green University – The Beginning

It is 9’o clock in the night and Samir is in his apartment which is right in the middle of the Green Valley town. He is on his bed inside the blanket and he is wearing just a blue t-shirt and a boxer.

He already has a boner thinking about Sandhya’s huge ass. Sandhya is a girl who works in the same office with Samir.

She has that huge ass which could give anyone an instant hard-on and it was no different for Samir when he saw Sandhya for the first time. She is his junior; in fact, she works under him. Because of that, it did not take much time for Samir to get close to her.

After a few months of working together, Samir finally convinced her to come to his apartment and from that day, they started meeting and fucking a lot.

Samir was never a relationship type of guy, so Sandhya could not bear that and later, she got into a relationship with another guy and then, Samir had no one to fuck with. And also, he did not put much effort to get another girl to fuck with.

It has been almost 6 months since Samir fucked Sandhya in his apartment and during these 6 months, it has all been his hands and this was really frustrating him.

Coming to present day, Samir thinks about Sandhya’s ass and the time they spent together in his apartment, and slowly slides his hand inside his boxer and grab his cock which is already hard and erect.

He strokes it for sometimes thinking about Sandhya but that doesn’t help him get the ecstasy he was looking for. He pushes the blanket aside and takes off his boxer. Now, he is there wearing just a t-shirt and holding his already hard and throbbing dick.

Since the image of Sandhya, her ass and they fucking together were not helping him, Samir takes his phone and opens an online dating site. He starts talking with a random foreign girl and strokes his penis. He talks with the girl for like 15 minutes and the conversation gets really intense.

Samir occasionally closes his eyes in pleasure and strokes his 8-inch long shaft with every text he gets from that girl. He is sweating and his dick looks moist with the juice that has been coming out from his throbbing cock. Even his hand is wet which is holding and stroking his penis.

He is about to cum, so he keeps looking at the screen for the text. And suddenly, he doesn’t get any reply and that too in a moment where he is about to cum. That frustrates him and he just cleans his dick and then, he goes to sleep.

This has been Samir’s everyday story for past 6 months and if we exclude those 2-3 months with Sandhya, it has been almost 2 years.

Samir finished his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from one of the reputed college of Green Valley town and right after finishing his engineering, he joined Alphanet Company which is the leading ISP in the town. He is working there as a Network Engineer.

Since Samir has never been a relationship guy, he always looked for a hook up during his college days and he often used to get girls.

There is no count how many girls he fucked during his college days and also, there used to have a rumor that he has fucked almost 75% of girls in his college. And why won’t there will be such a rumor? Samir is a handsome guy and he has always been.

Standing 6 feet tall and a muscular body with perfectly shaped abs, and on top of that, a fairly white skin and a perfect jawline; who was going to say no to him? Also, he always used to have a trimmed beard and that added more sexiness to his already sexy appearance.

He used his appearance as much as he could to get girls to his bedroom but it changed after he finished his college and joined Alphanet.

The girls in the office used to get close to him and they still do but Samir rarely got time to talk with them and lure them to his trap. And also, most of them girls didn’t look tempting to Samir but that changed when Sandhya joined.

She was a real hottie with a big ass any guy could fall for and Samir was no different. Since they worked together, it didn’t get too hard for Samir to trap her.

After their first meeting in Samir’s apartment, Sandhya could not stop herself thinking about Samir’s body and his enormous eight inch cock and after that, they fucked like every day for two months. Eventually, Sandhya could not bear this “just sex” game and decided to stop it.

And now, Samir is all alone and he is really frustrated. As usual, he wakes up in the morning and he is still naked below his waist, and his cock looks still sticky. He looks at his cock with some kind of frustration as he desperately wants someone to hold it and put it in her mouth.

With all this frustration in his mind, he takes the shower and goes to his office.

Samir reaches his office and walks towards his cabin where Sandhya has already came and she is giggling looking at her phone.

“Must be her boyfriend” thinks Samir and then takes his seat. Sandhya tries to talk with him as she has still not been able to erase all the good moments she had with Samir. But Samir ignores her and opens his laptop.

Suddenly, his phone beeps and there is a text from his college friend Aryan. “Bro, check this website” the message reads with a link of a website.

Aryan is Samir’s best friend and they were together in college. Like his name, Aryan has that typical Arab look even though he is not a Muslim.

He has a brownish white skin and he usually keeps his face clean and shaved. Like Samir, he is almost 6 feet tall and has even better physical figure than Samir. But still, he doesn’t have that charming look like Samir has. Anyway, these two friends used to have so much fun in college where they shared a lot of girls.

Samir clicks on the link and while he was looking at the link sent by Aryan, almost a km away from his office, inside a huge bungalow, Shruti is with her close friend Manisha.

Shruti is from a very rich family and her father is one of the business tycoon of the town and owns many companies; Alphanet is one of them. She is the only child and as her parents are quite conservative type, they have always tried to keep her away from guys and always motivated her to keep focused on her study.

Because of this, Shruti is still a virgin and she doesn’t even know much about how sex works and how it feels to have a penis inside a vagina.

Even though Shruti is a virgin, she has a body so tempting that every guy would get a hard on even looking at her fully covered body. She was born and raised in such a rich family and she was always provided with all the facilities she needed in order to stay healthy and fit.

Her bungalow had its own gym where she used to workout in free time; she still does. And the result of all those workouts is clearly visible in her body.

She has a milky white skin and her height is around 5.5 feet. With the weight of around 50 kg and tempting curves at right places, she has a body to die for. A 32 inches breast size which needs 34C cup size to hold them and with hips of 33 inches and perfect waist size; 24 inches, she has a real hot body.

Like Samir and Aryan, Shruti is also from the engineering background but different faculty, i.e. Computer Engineering. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in girl’s college which was nearby her bungalow.

All in all, her family is really conservative and does everything to put her away from bad company and bad guys. That’s why, her father insisted her to join the Master’s programs in Green University which was little far from the Green Valley.

Even though the Master’s programs in Green University is for everyone, usually, only girls took admission as guys in Green Valley easily get a decent job after finishing their Bachelor’s degree. This was the biggest reason behind Shruti’s father to ask her for the admission in Green University.

Shruti had never been away from home and even though she had all the facilities she needed inside the bungalow, she wanted to explore. So she didn’t hesitate a bit and agreed to her father and took admission in Green University. That is where she met Manisha.

Manisha was enrolled in MBA in Green University but she was allotted to share a same hostel room with Shruti. Manisha has always been a real slut and there are rumors too in the University that she has already fucked with some of the teachers and even with Bachelor’s students.

But Shruti never had that kind of courage and she just used to rub herself to get the pleasure she wanted. Manisha used to tell her some of her stories to set her mood on and Shruti used to masturbate on that.

But one day, it was kind of cold inside their hostel room. So they decided to sleep together and Manisha slid herself inside Shruti’s bed.

Manisha is not just a slut because of her strong desire for sex with different men but her body also makes her look so. She looks like a latino with not so beautiful face but at the age of just 23, she has a voluptuous body with huge tits which need 40E cup size to hold them.

Even though she has a huge boobs, her ass looks comparatively smaller with just 33 inch wide and just like Shruti, her waist is 24 inch wide. Both the girls has maintained their body well and both looks equally sexier and hotter.

Even though it was cold, both the girls were wearing a deep neck sexy nighty which was exposing half of their tits gracefully. Shruti was wearing a blue color night while Manisha was on red one.

Manisha slid herself inside the blanket and moved herself beside Shruti. She was side sleeping facing herself towards the wall. Manisha got closer to Shruti and spooned her. Shruti had bent her knees and Manisha did the same and it looked like they are a single body.

As soon as Manisha’s body touched Shruti’s, she felt different kind of chill on her body. She felt the touch of Manisha’s big boobs on her back and that gave her a different kind of excitement.

Manisha had not have sex for a while, so sleeping with Shruti also gave her some kind of excitement. She didn’t hesitate and took her hand to Shruti’s belly. Shruti started breathing heavily as Manisha’s hand touched her belly through her nighty.

Shruti could already feel her nipples getting erected and Manisha was enjoying it too. She did not want to interrupt and let Manisha do what she was doing.

Manisha was aroused till then and was surprised too that she was enjoying with a girl which she has never done before. So she could not help herself and took her hand up towards Shruti’s breast and grabbed them.

Shruti closed her eyes and let out a soft moan “mmmmmmhhhhh”. Manisha realized Shruti was enjoying it too, so she grabbed her tits hard and started pressing it. As shruti was not wearing a bra inside, Manisha could feel her erected nipples through her thin nighty.

Shruti was already dripping between her legs and her pussy was itching for Manisha’s touch. She rubbed her thighs to stimulate her pussy which was dying to get a touch from Manisha. Manisha was feeling same between her legs as she took her hands down and pulled up Shruti’s nighty up to her belly.

She pushed her hand between Shruti’s thighs on which Shruti obliged like a small child and opened up a gap to let Manisha slid her hand between the thighs.

Manisha almost touched Shruti’s panty which gave chill all around her body. She arched her body in excitement and closed her eyes. It was getting intense, so Manisha could not wait much longer and rubbed Shruti’s pussy through her already wet panty. “Mmmmmmmmm”, Shruti moaned as she continued arching her back in excitement.

Manisha closed her eyes too and slid her hand inside Shruti’s panty. She felt Shruti’s soft pubic hair first which had gotten wet and sticky because of the juice coming out of her pussy.

Manisha then slide her finger between Shruti’s wet pussy lips and took it to her lovehole. Shruti could not control herself and with a huge moan, she turned towards Manisha.

Manisha looked at Shruti with so much lust that Shurti could not control herself and put her lips on Manisha’s. They both started kissing each other as Manisha pushed her finger inside Shruti’s pussy. It was so wet that her finger went in easily.

Even though Shruti was a virgin, she used to use her hand to pleasure herself and that was also the reason Manisha easily went inside her cunt.

With Manisha’s finger inside her pussy, Shruti moaned hard inside Manisha’s mouth while they were kissing. She had fingered herself but before that, she had never felt anyone’s touch on her body and that’s why, she was feeling so different with every touch from Manisha.

Slowly moving her finger inside Shruti’s wet cunt, Manisha sucked her lips passionately. Now, both the girls were moaning inside each other’s mouth and Shruti who was feeling the touch of different person on her body, especially on her cunt for the first time was about to explode.

Manisha realized that and fingered Shruti faster. Shruti got really excited with that and left Manisha’s mouth and started moaning really loud.

“Mmmmmmmm.. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh.. Mmmmmmmm” the whole room was ringing with her moans.

After a few minutes of continuous fingering from Manisha, Shruti released her cum and Manisha could feel the wet sperm on her finger which was still inside Shruti’s wet cunt. After the orgasm, Shruti got relaxed and lied down like a dead body. She was breathing heavily as she looked at Manisha. Both smiled at each other.


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Green University – The Beginning