Guitar Lessons Turns Into Sex Lessons

Guitar Lessons Turns Into Sex Lessons

Hi readers, it’s Mike here. This story is real.

Let me give a short intro about myself. I am a 24-year-old not so good looking guy from Mumbai.

I teach guitars as well as play music for my living. Now I had to say this because the whole story took place because of my guitar lessons.

So, one fine day when I was teaching guitar lessons in the music academy, I was approached by one good student of mine who was totally unknown to me at that time. She turned up with her mom and wanted to learn guitar as soon as possible as there was some shitty family function coming at their place in a few months.

I told her that she can signup for 48 sessions + 2 for free. They agreed and started learning. As time went on, my new student learned things quickly and was ready to play guitar on her own. One fine day, I received a call from her mom’s number saying –

“Hey, thank you sir for the lessons. My daughter did great. Can you please take home-guitar sessions as I doubt she was bunking your classes and I don’t want to stop her from learning.”

As I was getting paid more why would I reject such an offer? I quickly said yes and we extended the sessions. It was going really well at the start but slowly and after a month or so, she had to quit due to her studies and extra classes.

So there were still 12 sessions left and I said I cannot refund the fees as it is my policy. Her mom then jokingly said, “Teach me then”.

This is where the actual story began. I said I am okay and we can continue on the same timings and days to which she questioned, “Are you sure? I can’t even hold this thing and you want me to learn?”

“I don’t want you to lose your money, madam”, I said.

To which she replied, “Better call me Asha, I am supposed to call you sir.”

And trust me guys, it had that typical flirty essence in it which I couldn’t recognize at first!

So we began our lessons and there was a different sense of tension building in between me and my student’s mother. Even I was slipping slowly somewhere after watching Asha’s sexy curves, that slender neck, her essence, and everything.

Asha was not so slim but had a great pair of boobs and a good ass with nice milky thighs. Her dressing sense was good too – enough to cover her body fully yet expose with the perfect tightness of tops and pair of pajamas. Very often, I also saw her in sarees.

She had a great tattoo which marked her husband’s name who was a government employee. I got to know this because it was the first personal question I asked her. I was more than excited to teach her as I was slipping slowly to lust. But it was natural.

One Friday, she called me and asked me to come a little early if possible.

I went early and to my surprise, she was not at home. I had to wait for a while outside her complex until she came.

We went inside and as usual, she told me to be comfortable and that she will change and come. She came wearing a white top and black pajamas. And mother of god, her nipples were very visible! I couldn’t stop staring at those and halfway through the lesson, even she noticed it and gave me an awkward smile.

My cock was swinging up just waiting to get jerked. Somehow I was controlling while she was trying to adjust her top. I don’t know how or what made me say this, but I said, “Those are beautiful”.

She yelled, “Whattt??!”

I quickly apologized and made a shameful face. She jumped from her place and slapped me and asked again, “Whatt did you just say?”

I said, “I didn’t mean such..”

She stared for a few seconds, then took the guitar from my hands and kept it aside. I thought she might ask me to leave. But, instead, she took my hand and placed it on her left boob and asked me, “What did you say earlier?”

I was actually numb and couldn’t respond. She herself pressed her boob with my hand while her second hand ran down my chin! I managed to regain my senses and realized what was happening. This time, I pressed her boob and then I got up from my place. But she pulled me closer to kiss deeply.

I could feel her tongue rolling deep in my mouth as we kissed passionately. Asha then unbuttoned my shirt while my hand went in her top to feel her boobs. I could easily tell that she had round dark and perfect nipples which were tightened inside the bra. She took some time to kiss my chest as I was rampantly pressing her tits.

We quickly rushed into her bedroom. She asked me to lie down while she came on top and slowly kissed and started licking my chest. She went down till my pants, unzipped it and took my cock in her hand and stroked it gently.

Then she looked into my eyes with a lusty expression and slowly sucked my cock once. (I have a decent length cock by the way).

Asha was blowing me and I was having the best blowjob of my life. She took it deep and licked the top, again took it deep till her throat.

I was about to drop my load when she stopped and took her top off exposing her black bra which only had one job – hide her nipples. She took it off too and gave me an amazing titjob placing my cock in between her boobs and rubbing it slowly.

Then I pulled her up and kissed her. After a minute or two, we flipped our positions. I took her pajamas off and inserted my cock in her super wet cunt.

I started thrusting her slowly. By every passing minute, my strokes were getting deeper and deeper. I was sucking her brown nipples at the same time. In fact, I was biting them, crushing them and slowly licking them.

Asha was moaning hard and loud as I kept pounding her deep and hard. I could feel her fingernails all over my back. After some time, she said, “Wait, let me catch my breath, I want more of that dick”.

I stopped and I laid beside her. Then she jumped on top of me again and she started fucking me in cowgirl position. After almost 20 minutes, we returned to missionary position as we knew the climax was closer. We did it slow this time as I was more into kissing her, slapping her, pinching her nipples just to see her shout.

When I was about to cum, I pulled it out and dropped all the load on her tits and stomach. She took a little of it, tasted it and said, “You are good, much better than I expected”.

I said, “This has to be my best experience. And you do look experienced, I need to learn a few more lessons from you.”

She replied jokingly, “What did you just say? Okay, we will see that in the next lesson”.


Guys, this was my first but not last part of the ‘lessons’ which I learned from my student’s mom.

You guys can send me a feedback mail, opinions, views, whatever the fuck at [email protected]

Stay blessed, thanks.

Guitar Lessons Turns Into Sex Lessons