Handing Over My Wife To Her Ex – Part 1

Handing Over My Wife To Her Ex – Part 1

Hi all! I am writing and contributing my first story today on this XIS site. I have read many stories here especially in the group sex stories category with great interest and some of them have motivated me to write a true life incident – one which has changed my wife’s and my life as well.

My wife Sonia and I have been married for the last 13 years and we are the proud parents of two beautiful kids. Her age is 36 and I, (Kamlesh) am 39 years old. Ours was a typical Indian arranged marriage in 2005 at a time when people were still not aware of the concept of cuckold and partner swapping.

My wife was brought up in a very conservative family and had two elder sisters and no brothers and so, her parents were all the more strict with them and always kept a tab on their whereabouts. Hence Sonia was not at all exposed to porn and practically didn’t know anything about sex.

On the other hand, I being the only child of my parents was outgoing and as all boys claimed to know everything about sex and had even kissed and petted a few girls from college.

When we got married, we both were virgins. But I had more knowledge about sex. My wife Sonia was beautiful. She never wore revealing clothes but underneath those saris and Punjabi suits was a body that one could kill for.

My wife had beautiful large boobs with brown tits and her navel was like one deep tunnel and her pussy tasted like sweet-salty nectar.

When I stripped her naked during our honeymoon, I thought that Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of sex) had herself descended in the form of my wife Sonia! She had awesome 36C boobs and the way in which her ass cheeks juggle with every thrust in doggy position was just amazing.

Even after 14 years of marriage, we had a great sex life. But for both of us, it was kind of monotonous. None of us admitted it but that feeling was mutual.

I was a serving officer in the defense forces and had to go away for long durations keeping Sonia and the kids behind and hence there were daily long periods of separation.

One time while I was back from such a long duty, I noticed that Sonia was getting a lot of messages on her Whatsapp. She was not the one who was very active on social media and the number of messages was a little surprising.

One day she had gone out and mistakenly left her mobile at home itself. After she had left, I saw her mobile lying in the bedroom and found that she had 30 unread messages and while I held the mobile in my hand two more messages chimed in.

My wife was not too tech-savvy and hence did not have any password for the mobile and so I decided to open it. They were all normal messages except for one and those were from her friend called Shailesh.

I had met this guy once or twice during the early years of our marriage and Sonia had herself told me that he had proposed to her many times in her college days.

What had surprised me was that all his messages were sexual in nature and more shocking was that Sonia was also very active in their chats! In one of the messages, he remarked that my wife’s cleavage was very beautiful and that he would love to boob-fuck her.

After reading his raunchy messages about my wife, I was taken aback. But I was also strangely aroused and a plan started to develop in my dirty brain! My wife’s birthday was approaching fast and I knew exactly how to surprise her with a great gift. And to make that plan a success, I required her ex-boyfriend (if you can say so) Shailesh’s help.

I contacted him and asked him out for a cup of coffee saying that I wanted to plan a birthday surprise for Sonia and required his help. He was surprised at my call but he did not show it and readily agreed to meet me.

Now was the tricky part. Over the coffee, I gently mentioned to him that I had read their messages and saw the pictures also. Now he was scared. But I put him at ease by assuring him that I, in fact, was kind of aroused on seeing their chats and pics. This confused him further but he kind of relaxed and got less freaked out.

I told him that my plan was to book a room in a 5-star hotel where after a few glasses of wine, he would suddenly appear as a surprise package and would fuck my wife. My only condition was that I wanted to watch every move of theirs. He again asked me if I was serious and when I assured him that I was, he agreed.

I asked him over coffee how did he find my wife and he said that Sonia had a hidden slut in her which was wanting to break out. Those words were music to my ears.

Now the other difficult part was to get my wife ready for the fuck session. I told her that I was planning something special for her birthday and that she would love it.

Every lady loves surprises and my wife was literally counting the days to her big day which finally arrived. I told her that I would be taking her to this classy place and that she should wear something classy.

Sonia had a great dressing sense which leaned more to the conservative side but on this occasion, she selected a Little Black Dress (LBD) which ended just short of her knees and had two thin straps that went around her shoulders giving just a teasing hint of her cleavage.

My wife was really looking hot as she had let her medium-length hair loose and was wearing black stilettos accompanied by a long pearl necklace. Aphrodite, the Greek sexy goddess, would have been proud!

When we entered the hotel, there were quite a few men (and also women) who turned their heads for a second look at my wife. Their looks kind of aroused me strangely. I could see that my wife was also a bit nervous but was enjoying the attention.

We went to our room number 2424. I had discreetly informed the reception that I was planning a surprise gift for my wife’s birthday and that there would be a friend coming in later and that they should allow him upstairs to our room.

The hotel was kind enough to place a cake in our room and some red wine bottles.

When we went entered the room, my wife was mighty impressed and seeing all this, Sonia kissed me full on my lips. While kissing her, I placed my palms on her ass and realized that she was not wearing any panties. I gave her a pinch to which she moaned softly.

We dug in the cake and opened the wine bottles and said cheers to her happiness.

Having wine always makes her tipsy and she was in a good mood that night and was having wine freely when we heard a knock on our door.

I already knew who it was but my wife didn’t. And when she saw who it was, she couldn’t quite understand why that person was there.


I hope you enjoyed and more of what happened later in the next part based on your feedback. Thanks for reading.

Handing Over My Wife To Her Ex – Part 1