Having Sex With My Parents In-law

Having Sex With My Parents In-law

I could not believe what was happening to me, a couple of minutes earlier I had been crouched at my parents bedroom door, cock in my hand as I watched them having sex. Now as I looked down, my cock was throbbing, erect and waving up and down in front of my mother’s cunt, a cunt that was already full to overflowing with my father’s sperm. I could see it slowly seeping out from her loose, old vagina.

Let me explain, we had all been out to a party and had had a fair bit to drink and were very merry to say the least. As was their way on such evenings, my parents retired soon after returning home and I could soon hear the sounds of their lovemaking. I had always fantasized about seeing them at it and to my luck tonight I spotted their bedroom door slightly ajar, I couldn’t resist a peek. I had been watching them for many minutes, my mother was on her knees and dad was giving her a good fucking until he thrust one more time and obviously deposited his load of cum deep inside her. That’s when I toppled forward in my excitement, knocking the door wide open. Dad jumped off my mother and dragged me into the room. In his merry state my reward was to be invited in for a “closer look”, none too gently I may add. So here I was stripped off and kneeling behind my mother to be treated to my “better view” She had the most fantastic pair of cunt lips I had ever seen; they looked like a pair of butterfly’s wings hanging down and stretched out as if they were about to take flight. Lips that had been servicing my father’s cock for all those years, lips that wrapped around his knob most nights of the week, what on earth was I doing here? “Go on my darling, put your lovely cock inside your mummy’s cunt, you know it would like to come inside me ” she said giggling eagerly and rotating her lovely big arse in a most suggestive way.

I could tell she was begging for it, her cunt was pulsing, her cunt opening and closing so I could see all my Dad’s cum right up inside her, it was inviting me in. I could not help but think that this is where I had come from 18 years ago, just such a load of cum from my Dad’s cock pumped up inside my mother’s cunt, a single sperm successfully finding her egg. Whatever you think it was very, very erotic and my father was just sitting there watching his son about to commit adultery with his wife and incest with my mother.

“Go on what are you waiting for, not up to it are you when it actually comes to it, looking is one thing but doing is something else, even I know you wouldn’t dare fuck your own mother” he jested.

My knob was now touching her cunt lips; Mum was being a real tease beginning to move her arse against my cock in a very erotic way. I couldn’t help wiping my knob in their juices, it was soon covered and dripping. Not sure what to do, should I or shouldn’t I, one quick thrust was so tempting, but no I couldn’t, my father’s words rang in my head. Not knowing what to do, I stroked my cock between her beautiful lips, I watched with fascination as if I was watching somebody else’s knob as it rubbed against my mom from her sweet swollen little clit, down over her large vagina, picking up more juices on the way, my knob teasing her lips apart; my mother’s intake of breath coming in anticipation. But still I could not bring myself to enter my mother’s vagina; so down towards her beautiful arse hole I went. I was feeling very cheeky so as my father watched I began to tease her other hole, pushing my knob gently against it and rubbing it around the closed little hole.

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“What are you doing, your mother doesn’t like her arse being played with” I knew then that they had never tried anything anal; nor had I for that matter, I was only teasing.

But if she didn’t like it then why was she responding to my touch, her arse was beginning to move in motion to my knob. So imagine my surprise when she reached back behind her, grasped my cock around its base and guided it back over her arse hole and began to push back against my now very, very juicy knob. My cock was so slippery that it didn’t stand a chance, I saw Mum’s arse spasm as she eased her rectum muscles, her arse hole began to open wide and I watched in awe as my knob stretched her hole and slipped smoothly inside, her anus opening and then closing around the head of my cock as it’s helmet disappeared from view. My father jumped to his feet in shock and amazement and my mother moaned “Oh that’s gorgeous, you cannot imagine how I’ve wanted a stiff cock up my arse all these years, I didn’t dare ask your father for it, he can be so old fashioned”

I watched as Mom continued to push back against me, my shaft continued to slide into her wonderful warm, dark hole. It was not like entering a cunt, it gripped much tighter around me and it felt so smooth and warm as I continued to get deeper and deeper inside her bowls, unlike a cunt there was no bottom to it, I kept on going until there was no more cock to go, my balls were tight against her arse. Mum responded by thrusting back against me hard and I felt my cock give her one last inch. By this time dad was standing next to us and to my surprise his cock was rock hard again and looked ready to explode. “I don’t believe it, all these years I fantasized about getting some of your arse and all this time you wanted it just as much as I did”

“You never asked me, and I didn’t dare ask you for it either” mom replied.

While they were busy regretting all their lost opportunities I had reached around mom’s arse and was now hanging onto both of her pendulous breasts as I began to ride her arse for all it was worth, my cock was going in and out like a piston, her tits were being swung back and forth as I rode her like a horse. I was surprised that it came out so clean on every stroke.

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“Move over I have got to get some of that arse, I’ve waited for too many years already and if anybody is going to christen her it’s going to be me” said dad, all but pushing me out of the way.

He was standing over her arse, legs bent until his cock was poised at her now gaping arse hole, I had done a great job of loosening it up, and drove his swollen cock straight in up to the hilt. Mother let out a loud scream and began to climax, her orgasm shaking her whole body. She was pumping her arse against dad as the spasms continued to rack her body for several minutes, she collapsed face down on the bed breathing heavily to get her breath back.

“What about the two of us, we need servicing now” laughed dad. “Ok give me a minute, and I’ll be ready to service the whole family” she replied still breathing heavily. That gave her another thought “Father, how do you fancy a family threesome” mom asked.

“I’m up to it if the rest of the family is” he replied “Son how about it” he asked. Well you didn’t have to ask me twice.

“Darling let John have his choice, John what do you fancy” Mom asked

“Well, I have got to get my cock between your beautiful cunt lips and Dad seems to be very happy with his new accommodation” I said, we all laughed.

“OK we have got to do this right, after all I’m the one on the receiving end of you two studs, John lie on your back next to me” said Mom.

So as I lay there, rock hard cock standing to attention, Mom shuffled across and swung her legs over my chest to position her cunt ready for my cock. As I looked down I watched her guide my cock between her beautiful pair of butterfly lips that sank down around my cock and then down my shaft as she swallowed up every inch of her sons cock, back to the womb that it came from. Her vagina was much looser than the young girls I was used to but her juices were gushing and I loved the feel of her juicy warm insides. As she lifted off I had the most marvelous view of those fabulous lips pulled downwards as if they were holding onto my shaft, unwilling to let it escape, stretched down my shaft that was now dripping with her juices. The base of my cock was ringed in a pool of white froth from her insides making it much more erotic realizing that this was a mixture of her recent orgasm and my fathers load of cum that was now running down my balls, god he could still shoot an awesome load. Mom began to ride me sitting down hard on my chest to thrust every last inch deep inside.

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“OK mother wait for me” Dad exclaimed and mom sat down on me, ready and waiting.

“Take it easy darling, I’m not sure how this is going to feel, let me take the lead” said Mom excited by what was to come.

Dad stood over both our bodies and again crouched until the head of his cock was teasing her arse hole once more. “Here goes” Mom explained and she began to lift herself off my cock, Dad stayed where he was and his cock began to enter her anus. For one glorious moment I could feel his cock enter my mom’s arse, just two sheaths of skin separating father and son. Mom let out a gasp and collapsed back down onto my shaft. Dad followed the lead and followed her down and gently in, until we were both impaled inside her. As we both began to ride her holes in rhythm the feeling can only be described as like being fucked and masturbated at the same time, delicious.

“Dad why don’t you try and have a go at my cunt as well, I think my big old loose cunt can take you both, it could do with a good stretching” said Mom invitingly. Dad withdrew, switched holes and had to push hard to get his cock in beside mine inside her vagina, now stretched wide around both her family’s cocks. This was too much for all of us; I exploded my load first, closely followed by Dad and Mom’s orgasm that followed, collapsing the whole family in a heap.

Dad had one more surprise in store for me, it turns out he is a connoisseur of the delicacies of lovemaking. After I extracted myself from the heap I turned around to see him already on his hands and knees with his face buried in Moms pubes, lapping up both our loads of cum. Having well and truly lapped all around her cunt and arse hole he planted his lips around her lips and began to suck, I could hear from his gurgling sounds that he was making quite a meal of it. I couldn’t resist it, our digital camera was on the dressing table, click, the flash went off.

“Oh goody family photos” mum exclaimed. “Let’s get some really good action photos out of you two” Well in the next hour we had quiet a collection of family pics, of course Dad’s favorite was one of him lying on his back with Mum crouching over him and his cock embedded all the way up her arse hole, Mom’s favorite was taken a few minutes later as I added my cock to her other hole. And mine was Mum-performing bukake with her face covered in both of our second loads of cum, needless to say Dad enjoyed cleaning Mom’s face up afterwards.

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Having Sex With My Parents In-law

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