Heaven With Neighbor – Sex Stories

Heaven With Neighbor – Sex Stories

Hey guys, I am Jazzbir! Its is my first story which I am submitting on ISS. This is the story about me and my hot neighbor 😉 her name is Meenu, she will be approx 28-30 with a child of age 5. Well some one had said good point to reach to mom we have to go thorough the kid 😉 I started spending time with his kid and that kid use to be with me most of the time and Meenu use to come at my place to see where is her kid.

It was 20 June morning when she came up to my place that his kid autowala had been moved on coz of late and now he have to get to the school and she took a favor from to leave his kid to the school and as I was knowing the school but I pretended that I dont know where the school is, and as we came down I got on my bike as the kid was small he said that he will sit ahead and it was a golden chance for me that meenu was sitting behind me 😉 and as he started moving for the school I was driving slow in speed of 20-25 so that she get a point and say that to drive fast for school and by luck she said & I was on luck side as she said I said to grab me and I started to drive faster and I was putting up break to make her boobs fell on my back… And we reached the school and we were coming up back home..

But as we were coming up back the rain started and we stopped in the middle and we had a normal conversation and I offer her coffee but she denied and I saw by getting wet she was shivering and I get closer to her and asked weather she is getting cold? And she replied she is weak and she catches cold fast.. So I got more closer to her by saying if I got closer she won’t get cold much…. And as the rain get slow we got ready to move on to home, now I said her to sit as if she is hugging me so that she won’t fell cold and she agreed.

We were looking like couples on the bike and people were seeing us but we were in our own world. I was able to fell that she was getting more closer to me and her holding was getting more hard and as we about to reach near our house the rain started and I didn’t stopped the bike and till we reach we got wet.. And at that time she was wearing white top with blue jeans due to rain her inners were visible and the bra strip was visible to me…

I was about to head to my home she stopped me and said to get in her house coz I was wet and I enter in her house she offer me the towel to wipe my wet and she head to room for change and her room was near the kitchen and as I head towards the kitchen I saw the room was not locked and I was able to see she was changing.. Sorry :p I didn’t mentioned the figure her figure is bomb 34-32-36.

Then I made a noise that I am leaving and going at my house then she replied to wait and come in hurry outside while changing and she was trying wearing top but it was not getting her fully and she stopped my and asked me to help her out, I got closer to her and tried to make the top fit but it was getting small and I said her that top is not getting her fix up and should change it she was removing the top and heading towards room and I was watching her going and her ass moving…

As my clothes were wet I was felling cold now she came up with a kutri which had zip at back and he asked for help to zip up her kurti from back as I touched her she felt a cold hand and asked me that I am wet or not? I said I am, she said to remove the t-shirt and I was saying her that I am heading towards home and I will change there but she starting forcing and I removed my t-shirt and she also force for shorts and she offer my some cloths of her husband, but I denied and I was in towel in front of her by seeing my body I was sure she gonna be seduce and she got.

As I was in towel I sat on the sofa and she sat near to me we started to talk and I realise that she was getting closer and she asked my for my girlfriend and I replied that I had a girlfriend and I had breakup with her and am single t present.. Then she place her hand on my back and started to rub I don’t know why but she did :p and I asked her that her husband satisfy her? I got dam frank and asked her and I got the replied which I was thinking her husband was not satisfying her need and her eyes got tears I got closer and hug her..

She said her husband had stopped doing sex after the child and she had said him about to do but he always use to deny at that time she hugged too tightly that the boobs started crushing on my chest and I was getting a good felling and my tool was getting hard and she was able to fell is and she said that someone is getting a good time 😉 I said yes & as I said yes I kissed her on lips and she responded as well… And we kissed for around 10-15 min and we were lost in kissing so much then we forgot to lock the main door I got up and closed the main door..

I said her to get in room and as I get into room I saw her in bed I got on her and started kissing her as I was in towel I didn’t took me time to get nude in front of her I started to unzip her while kissing only… But I didn’t unzip her bra I didn’t want those melons to come out fast.. As I got nude and she was in bra & panty I started to rub her pussy outside her panty and she started to moan and I was making her more curious… And at a point when I realise her panty is wet I removed and started to rub and finger it…

She started to moan loudly “ahhhhh …. Ahhhhha aaahhhh ….. Yessss yessss plzzz get it finger yesss aaahhh …. Aahhhhh…. Jazz rub it faster….” as I was rubbing and fingering she got her 1st organ.. And then she said now its mine turn to make me fell heaven..

She started sucking my cock which was like rod and she was sucking like wow… And I was just seeing her it was like a porn star is sucking my cock and she took the whole cock in her mouth and I was in heaven by this felling….

She sucked my cock for 15min and I release my cum in her mouth and as my cum was release she suck whole cum and she said she was waiting for a long to get such cum.. And now I made her lay and started to suck her vagina and she was moaning loudly “ohhhhh…… Ohhh yess ohhh yesss…… Lick it yes lick it yess….. Jazz lick itt……. Aahhhhhaaahhh……” after 10min she got 2nd organ.. And by that time my tool was getting hard she realize that my tool is getting hard she started sucking it and make it hard…

As my tool was hard I made her lay and got into missionary position and started to rub my cock on her vagina she started to moan and she said”jazz she cant wait anymore get into her” I pushed and I got half my cock in her as she haven’t did sex from a long time it got it hard to enter and by second push my whole cock was in her and she was moan and I started for too and fro motion and she was moan “aaahhhh yess ohhh aaahhh yess……. Harder harder….” as I was making it faster she started to moan loud and fast “yes yes yes yes ah ah ah ah ah yes faster jazz faster yes”

Now it was 10 min with the missionary position and now I made her stand and I lay down on my back and made her sit on me.. As I told you I didn’t unhooked her bra it was the time to unhook it while having sex in this position I place my hand back and unhooked her bra and her melons were free and were jumping up and down.. And I took both the melons in the hand and started to suck them and at same time I was fucking her too… And she was enjoying a lot and she was moaning a lot…

As I stopped she started to move up and down she was now having control and as I was know she wont stopped so I kept sucking her boobs she was shaking her ass and making her comfortable and making herself enjoy with moan “yes yehh yehh yehh yess ohh yes yes yes ohhh”… She started to get faster and faster after 15min I was about to cum.. I said her that I am about to cum she said to cum inside her at same time and we both came together and she kept lay on me… After 30min we got freshen up and I fucked her in bathroom also and I left for my house..

She got satisfy with my cock and she calls me up when ever his husband is not there at home 😉 and I get and have sex with her and she is my sex machine now we had sex 5-6 time till now

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Heaven With Neighbor – Sex Stories