Help Hand Are Always Happy

Help Hand Are Always Happy

Hey guys this Icon, sorry for the delay was doing my real world thing with beauties. So many of uh don’t know that i have YouTube channel and insta page too please do Subscribe me on YouTube also follow on Instagram for latest videos and pictures !!

Thanks for being such a gr8 reader’s ❤️ ur love brings smile on my face ☺️, Enough of chapping i guess.

Coming directly to the story, since it’s lockdown I’m back in my village. Spending my time in morning to help the people’s in need offering food and many other things. Nw I’m so into this couldn’t even notice the signal comeing from my pads vali aunty as usual she use to smile at me daily in the morning and afternoon while, whenever i used to pass by she was smiling at me. This was going for 15-20 days I did notice it in the beginning.

She was in her mid 50s , 5.1 in height 38-36-40 aunty who used to live here with her son n husband. Her husband was not much at home he used to be out of house from morning to evening n her son was doing afternoon shift at his work. She used to ware saree her hair’s tied up in mid size bun always nit & oily. We never had conversation by few days back she called me as i was get out of my gate .

She asked me to bring someone medicine which wherr painkiller of some kind . By 3.15pm I was back i stopped near her gate and called her name twice she didn’t ans. So i went near her door, about to know it but it was open so I entered the house. Spoted her she was sleeping on her back which gave me glance of her cleavage due to her pallu which was on other side also her blue blouse had deep cut. I stood their took good look at it and walked backwards slowly closed the door. Because looking at her Mellon i was not able to control myself.

Afterwards in the evening she came at place to collect medicine. I wasn’t their, so by 7.30pm i went to her plce to take follow-up. Knocked at her door she opened the door with smile as if she was waiting for me. I stepped in her husband was not home yet she told me the medicine are okay, but she needs my help with something. I said okay tell me what else i have to bring. She smiled and said nothing to be brought from market but i was wondering if ur free in the afternoon uh can be helpful to me . I was bit confused but agreed to her and came back home.

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Next morning was Casual start aunty smiling at me me smiling back so on, i returned home early so had my lunch and rushed to her place so that i can reach their before she sleeps. Got at her place she was waiting for me at the varanda. We went inside she looked the main door, i asked her how can i help . She told me she has really bad headache also has some pain in the back mostly at lower back. I smiled at her and said this much only uh should have told me yesterday till now you would be relaxed.

She knew that I do part time massage and now was massaging the pandamic warrior for free of cost. So she asked me can we do it nw ?

I told her yes just bring me little oil and make yourself comfortable frist I’ll start with your head and then back. She seat below me in front of couch. Her mid size bun was right in middle of knees so i spread my legs to let her come close to couch she leaned back rested her back. I began with massage by applying some oil on my hands, came nere her bun smelled the bun it was pure coconut oil. She rested her hand on my legs to comfort herself.

Her hair’s are really silky smooth, as my fingers begin to run thought her hairs on the scalp the oily bun was becoming lose, i bend over to look at her face she was relaxing closed her eye so slow i manged to lower my boxer, her bun was tentative and her htop view was making it hard for me to control. 20 mins later she was nooding now I was having fun.

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Opened her bun pulled all her hair’s towards my dick but was not able to roll them properly around it. So i slided close to her head now my dick was right above her head balls touching her head. I rested my hard dick on her head she didn’t notice it as she was relaxing nodding. That felt so awesome ❤️ i tangled her hair on my dick and slowly thrusted it on her head this continue for 20-25mins suddenly she moved in sleep i panicked.

Her hairs where all over my dick and my dick was over her head, the dick was oily now but had to come back in my sences b4 she caught me. So unwilling i took my dick out of her tangled oily hair’s. Zipped it up in boxers still hard enough to panatrate. Called her name she woke up. I told her to get on bed so that i can massage her back.

She woke up asked me to pull her up because her weight i more for her age. I helped her from behind and picked her up her oily hair where on my chest i could smell them & my semi erect dick trying to enter her ass hole thought clothes she must have noticed it but didn’t say a word so. I kept the same hug, she showed me way towards bedroom i was still holding her. She was not able to stand straight because she was seating down on floor.

We reached her bed room i told her to sleep on the stomach so that i can properly massage her back.
Gave her pillow, she adjusted her self, begin the massage my putting oil on her back the lower portion. She was relaxing with ever press, i was going up and down in the small portion but was not satisfied by that so asked her if she doesn’t mind i pit my hands under her clothes to massage or if she can remove her blouse and lower her saree below waistline . She immediately turned showing me back unhooked her blouse from front and removed it slowly covering her melons.

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Help Hand Are Always Happy

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