Her Wicked Smile

Her Wicked Smile

“O that tattoo on your neck looks elegant!” she turned her head back to confirm the person passing the compliment. She gave him an uneasy smile and resumed her work back. She was new to the office. moreover, she wasn’t an employee, she was a vendor for one of our client.

The application was developed fully functional and she was testing it. Her name was Miti, a sweet girl, who might be 26 at that time. She wasn’t the best looking girl on the floor. But was beautiful enough to turn everyone’s head. Slightly on the slim side, but bulk at right places and always a pleasant smile on the face.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t part of the project she was working on. So there was no direct way to establish communication with her. One of my female colleagues came to rescue. Through her, I was introduced to her. As days were passing, we started chitchatting casually, while others were around.

I used to pull her in every conversion being discussed. I often started passing compliments to her in flirting ways. She used to accept those with a smile. But all these days, we never got a chance to talk one on one. After one month, the application was launched. She was deployed back to her office.

You won’t believe, but we both didn’t even bother to exchange our numbers in that 30 days. The story was back to normal life but not to end.

The very next weekend, I got a new follower on Instagram. This new follower was an altogether different person than whom I met in the office. A sizzling hot personality wrapped in equally sexy dresses in each picture. Wasting no time, I followed her back and liked her 4-5 photographs. Immediately, a DM popped in the inbox.

She: “Hi, your profile is impressive.”
Me: “Hey, thanks. You look so different here.”
She: “Different as in?”
Me: “Beautiful and hot.”

She blushed and thanked me.
Me: “I thought, I will never see you again.”
She: “Why? Come on dude, we are techies. One knows how to find one on the social network.”

She was bold. I never saw her initiating a discussion with me while back at the office. Anyways this was good news for me. We discussed a few things about the office and then she got busy with household chores.

I received a new message again at late night around 11:15. I was eagerly awaiting the one.
She: “Awake? Or sleeping?”

I replied, “Yup I’m here, I was waiting for your message.”
Things were forwarding at a much greater pace. We both were aware of where we’re heading. And I felt we both wanted it. She suddenly asked me.
She: “Do you like my tattoo?”

It reminded me of the office day and I was stunned that she hadn’t forgotten. I replied.
Me: ”I loved it.”
She: “Do you want to have a closer look at it?”

Me: “Why not! We have to meet then.”
She: “How about tomorrow?”
Me: “Works for me.”

I never thought that we will meet at the very second of our chatting. Bandra was finalized and at noon. I felt the night was longer than usual. The second day rose, we both reach before time. She was wearing a black one-piece. Her milky white legs were shining in the sunshine.

Her eyes were glittering and I saw some extra shine in it when our eyes met. I hugged her and asked, “What’s the plan then!” She smiled and replied, “Shopping.” I was a little disappointed and she noticed it and gave a wicked smile.

We walked together on Linking road. She bought 2 tops and some accessories. She was good at bargaining. We had lunch at a good cafe. Then again a round of shopping. I was super disappointed. She was teasing me and I was bored. She silently held my palm and whispered, “Let’s spend some time at Bandstand.”

I pressed it back in confirmation and we headed to Bandra fort in an auto. Bandra bandstand is a lovers’ paradise. We grabbed a corner such that our faces were least visible to others. We sat together hand in hand, the sun was about to set. She pulled a scarf from her handbag and wrapped around her shoulder.

She was well prepared in advance. A thought flashed in my head. So I boldly moved close to her, placed one hand around her waist and rested it there for a while. She moved her hips closer to me. Then I started moving my hand and feeling her soft thighs over her dress. I wanted to proceed faster.

But I was cautious enough as I don’t want to hurt her. I was moving my hand smoothly feeling her panty line overdress with my finger. The heat was rising between us. Now I rolled my fingers on her boobs overdress just to took her approval. She grabbed my thigh and pressed harder in ecstasy.

It was a green signal for me. I removed my hand from her waist and put it over her shoulder. She came much closer. I rolled my fingers on her bare shoulder moving them downward direction to her globe. She leaned her head on my shoulder. I placed my palm on her boob overdress measuring its size.

Lift her face and placed my lips over her red moist lips. We were slowly tasting each other. then I started groping her boob. Her breath was heavy by now. I encircled her nipple with a finger and pushed my tongue in her mouth. For a moment, we lost all senses.

The moment I placed another hand on her bare thigh and started moving it inside the one-piece, She stopped me suddenly and stood up. Her face was red. To my surprise, she started walking away. It was confusing to me. I immediately followed her and questioned, “Hey, what happened?”

She pulled me close and gave a wicked smile again. The confusion was not over. I thought I had lost the opportunity. She whispered, “Mom will be visiting my aunt today.” I was so stuck in my thoughts that I took a minute to realize her hint. She was laughing by now looking at my face.

She asked the auto driver to drop us at her colony in Khar. We were at her place within 20 minutes. She was staying in a lavish apartment. She offered me some water and we sat back on the sofa. Due to the incident took place on the bandstand, I was reluctant to step forward.

She asked me to follow her to the bedroom to show it. I took the hint this time in a fraction of seconds. But laid back a while, just to see her swinging ass. Slightly turned on, we entered her bedroom. She turned back and asked, “Now what is stopping you, my tiger!”

The tiger roared and jump on the tigress. In no time, our lips were flighting. I was caressing her back and her ass chicks. I bite her lower lip, she pushed me away. That broke our kiss, I pulled her dress strap from her shoulder and started kissing her bare shoulder. The next spot was her melons.

Before attacking the tender globe orally, I pressed them harder. She let out a moan. She was now fully involved. I lifted her from the waist and pushed her or her king-sized bed. I was furious with her, Maybe because I was hungry since morning. We lip locked again testing each other saliva for another 15 minutes.

She started removing my shirt buttons and I was madly pressing her right boob. My eyes were eager to see this goddess naked, to whom I had undressed in my mind from the last month almost every day without fail. I was like a little kid opening his birthday gift.

I tore her beautiful dress in the excitement in efforts of revealing her boob. She raised her voice, “Easy boy.” I realized my mistake, paused hardly for a second and then resumed back to my mission of revealing that treasure. I had seen that valley many times in the office, whenever she bent to pick up something.

Today it was time to see the mountains. I removed her dress and I was shirtless. Her bra was inviting me to unhook it. So I obeyed like a good student. Her melons were in front of me. I was doing all crazy possible things with it, pressing, licking, sucking. She was going mad by all this.

My tool was rock solid in my pants and it was pocking to come out. I let her do that task. We both were in our underpants. An undeclared competition started between us, who will first pull others pant down and made him or her completely nude. I overpowered her and removed her panty.

She was happy about me winning this competition and in return pulled my underwear down and started stroking my penis. Much needed relief since morning. The very next moment, I felt her warm saliva on my thing. I closed my eyes and started enjoying.

She was pro at sucking balls. She was making my skin back and forth, playing with her tongue. Maximum within 5 minutes, I released my load without any prior notice. She slapped my bum but drank my cum without hesitation. She laid back on the bed spreading her legs wide indicating me to do my job.

I jumped on the bed. Touch her pussy walls. She was already wet. I took my head one inch away from her pussy and teased her by just blowing some hot air. She let out a moan. She was pushing her hips up to reach my tongue, I move away by 2 inches. She wanted it badly.

She yelled, “You bastard,” and caught my head and buried my face into her wet pussy. I licked her clit, pushed my tongue deep in the crack. She was in extreme pleasure. I blew her mind for another 10-15 minutes. A point came when her body was shivering.

She crossed her legs and pulled the bed sheet by her nails. She collapsed. I halted for her to come to the normal state. My dick was fully erect by then. I grab my jeans from the floor and took out the chocolate-flavored condom. I rolled one on my dick and put my body weight on her.

She was below me now, completely in my control. I was pointing my blood pulsing organ to her heavenly hole. It took me a small effort to penetrate her. My penis smoothly slides in her vagina. A thought flashed again in mind that she was not new to this world.

I was placing my lips on her and she again gave a shock to me. She was straight looking in my eyes and questioned, “Who is she on your Instagram profile?” I took out my penis from her juice dripping pussy. I wasn’t expecting this question at that moment.

I fumbled but then thought I couldn’t lie. She must be aware. And further, she was not a virgin too. I answered, “She is my girlfriend.” I tried to look confident. The next question came immediately, “Still you are here with me in bed.” With some courage, I placed my penis’s head on her pussy wall and started rubbing it.

Then again slide it in her pussy and rested it there. Before she could speak a word, I started narrating the truth, “I know, it’s ethically wrong. But you are too beautiful. I dreamed of you every night. but never thought we could come this far. I have fucked you in my dreams. Let me do it once.” I was pleading her.

Again that wicked smile on her face followed by loud laughter. She rolled me over to her left side and came on top. “I know all men are dogs. I will let you in my pussy but you will have to be available for me anytime I called you.” I replied quickly,” I am all yours.”

I wanted her pussy badly, more precisely my penis wanted it badly. She took my black tool in hand guided it in her pussy. And there she started riding me. My penis was getting hide on the alternate motion. It reminded me of porn. I had watched a few days back, ‘black dick in white chick’.

Recapping that episode my hand automatically went to her boobs. I pinch her nipple and she wildly increased her speed. My penis was hitting her pussy deep down. She was moaning, screaming like a pornstar. It boosts my confidence. I held her by hair smooched her and made her sleep below me.

I started fucking her hard in missionary position now. The fuck game was on from the last 15-20 minutes non-stop. She shouted, “I am coming, I am coming.” Her pussy was dripping loads of sticky juices. I was still on. I commanded this time, “This dog wants it doggy style, move your ass.”

I slapped hard on her right butt. She quickly came to that position. I pointed my penis in her pussy. I felt it a little tighter in this position. I started moving in and out. Slowly increasing my pace. She was almost exhausted by then. And I was on the edge to spite my sperms.

We were hardly for 5 minutes in that position fucking like wild street dogs. And I exploded my white fluid in the condom. She broke down on the bed, facing her back to the ceiling. I fell on her. I lasted longer than usual maybe because of wild reactions and dominance.

The next 20 minutes we were laying on the bed all naked. My black cobra had transformed into baby prawn. The condom on it might have fall anytime spoiling the bedsheet. But her phone rang and we came to our senses. It was around 9:30 in the clock. Her mom might come soon, I had to rush fast.

She offered me a Diet Coke can from her fridge to regain energy. We washed our private parts. I was wearing my clothes back and the doorbell rang.

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Her Wicked Smile