Hindu Wife Degradation Part 1

Hindu Wife Degradation Part 1

Selvam arrived at his house some 15 minutes later. Maari and Muthu, friends from his village, were waiting for him. They were seasonal labourers and had decided to stay at Selvam’s house for a few days now that the harvest season was over. It was opportune, given that his wife was away. The three of them poured some drinks then sat down. They chatted about their village and other things.

It was Maari who took the conversation in a different direction, pulling out his mobile phone and excitedly announcing he had something to show them. It was an MMS clip.

“It’s this college girl. Isn’t she wonderful? She’s the cutest girl I’ve seen.”

Muthu was the first to react. “Show me then.”

Maari opened his phone and both of them were watching the video. They were so engrossed that they didn’t notice that Selvam hadn’t joined them.

“What happened? ” Maari asked some 5 minutes later. “Did you promise your wife not to cheat by even watching porn?” he laughed.

Selvam took a swig at the bottle then gave a sarcastic reply. “Why should I watch these, when I have been fucking my own high-class bitch for past two days?”

At once Maari paused. The two men looked at Selvam with awe.

“Not just any bitch,” Selvam continued “a Brahmin housewife. She is such a beauty, fair in colour, boobs as big as melons, and her pussy… oh my, it was so tight. The way it engulfed me completely… mmmm, I had forgotten how tight they used to be.”

Muthu and Maari were looking at him, speechless. It was Muthu who turned to Maari.

“I told you not to buy cheap beer. Now our friend has started hallucinating.”

Both started laughing.

Selvam at once took his mobile and showed them the videos of Kayal. He had secretly taken them while the two were having sex. The quality wasn’t perfect, but the imagery was quite clear. There was one video of her giving a blowjob. Another of her fucking in a doggie position.

A third one, the best of the lot, showed her on the edge of the bed with Selvam thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed but her boobs were jiggling to his every movement. Her thaali (mangalsutra) was dancing all over her chest.

Selvam watched the expression on his friend’s faces change. It was rare to see a woman with such beauty. Kayal had a combination of cuteness with the perfect hourglass body. She was looking better than many movie star heroines.

After seeing those videos, the friends both believed Selvam. What happened next took him by surprise, when the two friends urged him to allow them to fuck her too. Selvam didn’t agree to the request.

“Selvam please let us also fuck that slut. It is not every day we would get a chance to fuck a high-class bitch like that… please Selvam,” Maari pleaded.

“No… no, it would get me into big trouble.”

“Please Selvam, if you give me a chance to fuck that bitch, I would forget the ₹15,000 you borrowed from me,” said Muthu.

Selvam was stunned by the offer. Would he really go that far?

“It’s a small price to pay for stuffing my dick into that upper caste cunt,” he continued. “Remember the way they treat us in our village? We can’t even walk in their areas or drink from their shops.”

Selvam couldn’t believe what he was hearing. There was a shocked look on his face. Maari noticed it and thought that he had made a breakthrough.

“Remember when I caught you fucking my sister?” said Maari.

Selvam put his head down in shame.

“Any other brother would have killed you or at least broken your limbs for deflowering his little sister,” he continued. “But I just allowed it, even though I knew you wouldn’t leave your wife for her.”

There was a pause as Maari let the words sink in.

“I let you take my sister… but you can’t find it in yourself to share some random bitch?”

Muthu chipped in. “And remember the time I brought that construction worker to our room and we all fun together?”

“But… guys… Kayal is not like that,” Selvam tried to explain. “She is a very nice girl…”

“Hahahaha,” interrupted Muthu. “If a woman can cheat on her husband with one guy, she would be fine cheating with 100 guys.”

They’d got him there. Selvam knew his mistake of being boastful, and now his childhood friends won’t leave him if he denies them.

“Friends, it is very risky. I may fall into trouble. She is very hot and sexy and has a very good figure. I will fuck her daily and enjoy her tight hole, which I will lose if something goes wrong.”

“Nothing will go wrong buddy. And you still have videos of the bitch on your mobile. It will come in handy, if she does try anything,” Maari said.

There was no choice. The friends would not let the matter drop and reluctantly Selvam agreed to their deal.

“Come on, we must go now, or it will be too late,” Selvam announced.

The three friends made the short drive to Kayal’s house. It was 8:30 at night by the time they arrived. They sneaked into the house without making any noise. Selvam made his friends wait in the hall, before heading off into the bedroom to see Kayal.

A few minutes later he was back.

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“She is still sleeping and completely nude, just as I left her.”

On hearing this, his friends become excited.

“Can we go in?” Maari asked eagerly.

Selvam slowly nodded, then led the way. They stood inside the doorway, and saw Kayal completely naked on the bed, sleeping so innocently.

The effect was mesmerizing. All the friends could do was stand and stare at her beauty. Out of sight though, Kayal’s nakedness was having an effect. Almost as if on command, each found their cocks hardening with anticipation.

Meanwhile, Selvam locked the front door and came back into the bedroom with a honey pot in his hand. When he entered the bedroom both his friends had moved to the bed so close to the sleeping Kayal and were examining her whole body with their eyes. It was just in time, as Maari had lost his control, moving his hands towards Kayal’s boobs to press them. Selvam stopped him.

“Stop Maari, don’t rush. You have all night. Now, follow my instructions. I am sure you will enjoy it.”

Saying that Selvam opened the honey pot and eased Kayal onto her back. She moaned gently as he rolled her over, and the three held their breath. Sure that she was still asleep, Selvam poured the runny honey over her boobs, then down across her tummy and navel.

“Go on then, gently lick her clean,” Selvam announced.

They were not going to wait to be asked twice. In unison, Maari and Muthu ripped of their cloths and climbed back on the bed. How they didn’t wake Kayal was a mystery. All Selvam could think was that the passionate sex of earlier had really taken it out of his lover.

Maari started licking the honey on Kayal’s breast. He used his tongue more passionately and moved it all over her plump melons. Meanwhile Muthu was busy cleaning her tummy. They were being careful now, trying not to wake her up.

Maari moved his focus to Kayal’s nipples, tickling them in turn with the tip of his tongue, intrigued at the way they hardened into sensitive little nubs.

“Aaghhhh… Selvam… mmmmm,” Kayal let out a mild moan in her sleep as Muthu dipped his tongue into her belly button and licked it clean.

After a few minutes of almost constant licking, Kayal’s body was free of honey. It didn’t stop the two friends. Both continued to lick their respective areas. Confused by the strange yet satisfying feelings, Kayal started to rouse. She moaned, her sex becoming excited from the teasing onslaught. In her dreamy state she could feel the sensitivity build between her legs, even a little wetness. The confusion though, well it did feel strange how he could lick both sides of her body at the same time. It was just a dream, she told herself, but it did feel so… so… real.

Suddenly, without warning, Kayal opened her eyes.

“What!” she screamed, shocked to see two men on the bed with her, busily licking at her naked flesh. Immediately she pushed them aside, grabbed the bed sheet and covered her body. She thought that they were robbers and when she was about to scream for a second time, a hand covered her mouth from behind. She looked back and saw Selvam standing behind her.

“Don’t shout Kayu, they are my friends.”

“Why are they here?”

“Well… they are here to serve you.”

“What do you mean?”

“They just want to give company to you. I thought you would like some extra attention, three men instead of one.”

Kayal got angry when she heard this.

“Do you think I am a thevidiya mundai (cheap prostitute) you bastard,” Kayal shouted at Selvam.

“Now’s not the time to act like a good girl, you Brahmin bitch. For two days you have been cheating on your husband and letting me take care of your aching cunt, and now you have the cheek to act like a Savitri.”

Hearing this, Kayal got angrier.

“If you guys don’t leave now, I will call the police and complain that you were trying to rob the house and rape me,” Kayal retorted, in an angry tone.

Hearing this, Selvam started laughing.

“I knew you would say this…”

He took his mobile and showed her the video of her giving him a blowjob. Kayal was shocked to see it.

“You weren’t supposed to…” she murmured.

“I just took this video as a SOUVENIR, but if you didn’t obey as we say, I will just send it to your loving hubby. Try explaining to him how you were raped into giving a blowjob.”

Kayal didn’t know what to do and sat silently. Seeing her silence, Selvam thought that he was in control now and he pulled the bed sheet off Kayal. He climbed over the bed and pulled her close to him. He pushed her down, made her lay on the bed and then he spread her legs. Slowly, Selvam positioned himself between her legs.

“Ha Kayu you look so tense. I know just how to calm you down.”

Selvam placed his hand over Kayal’s snatch and rubbed her cunt slowly. His touch had a magic effect on her protestations and Kayal started to calm down. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of Selvam’s fingers as they teased at her swollen pussy lips.

“Mmmm… aaaghhhh…” she moaned.

Seeing the change in her mannerisms, Maari and Muthu inched forward until they were in touching distance of the beauty’s naked body. Muthu started licking Kayal’s tummy again, picking up from where he had left off. Maari raised Kayal’s left hand above her head and licked her armpit. Selvam joined in also, stopping his rubbing at her now wet cunt and starting to lick her instead.

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“Aaaaghhhh… mmmm… ooohhh… yaaaa…” Kayal started to moan louder as the three tongues kept licking her increasingly sensitive body.

Maari switched his attention to her left breast and started licking and sucking it. Muthu grabbed her other breast and cupped it for a while before suckling on her sexy melon. All the while, pushed on by the feelings of sucking and licking, Kayal was becoming more and more excited. Before long, she was as much encouraging the friends, as simply enjoying the feeling.


Kayal was eager for more, and feeling Maari’s dick as it brushed against her left hand was too big an opportunity. She suddenly grabbed it and gave it a few strokes. It was like an electric shock had passed all over Maari’s body, and he gasped with surprised. Her hand moving over his dick was so good. He turned Kayal’s face towards him and placed his lips against hers. Slowly at first, Maari started to suck those sexy pink lips of Kayal, as she continued to stroke his dick.

By now, Kayal had forgotten all about her disgust at finding two strangers in her bedroom. Her life had changed so much in the last few days. Married she might have been, but it hadn’t made her any less desperate. Back then Kayal had longed for a dick. Now, she was surrounded by three big ones, all waiting to pound her aching cunt.

After kissing her for a while, Maari got up, pulling his hard dick from her grasp. Slowly, tentatively, he moved the tip closer and closer to Kayal’s mouth, unsure as to how she would react. He needn’t have worried though. Kayal knew what he wanted. Flicking her tongue out, she licked the tip of his dick, before slowly taking his head into her mouth. Then she was away, licking and sucking at his dick like a lollipop. It was Maari who was moaning now.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned as Kayal slowly moved her mouth down over his dick, only stopping when his head nudged into her throat, some three quarters of his length now in her mouth. Maari was in dreamland. When Kayal started to move her head to and fro, he felt like he had gone to heaven. Maari had never felt so good in his life, and he started to moan profusely as she fucked him with her warm mouth.

“Aaaghhh… Yaaaa…” he continued, his dick relishing the attention.

While Kayal was sucking Maari’s penis, Selvam continued to suck on Kayal’s cunt and Muthu was feeding on her milk buns. And so the three-way action continued, until suddenly Kayal’s body started to shake. She clamped her thighs down around Selvam’s head, pulled her mouth from Maari’s dick and…

“Aaaaaaghhhhhhh!” Kayal’s scream pierced the room.

Once more, louder than before and then… her body shook as Kayal gushed love juices right over the face of Selvam. He laughed at her and signalled Muthu to take his place at her cunt. As soon as she stopped cumming, Maari grabbed Kayal’s head and put his dick back into her mouth and asked her to continue.

While Kayal continued to blow Maari’s dick, Selvam moved to her breasts, his mouth sucking one nipple and his hand cupping her other breast. Muthu then spread Kayal’s legs and knelt between them, stroking his dick in his hand as he looked down at the shameless beauty. He gathered himself with a huge breath and lowered his dick towards her cunt. In one push, he forced himself into her tight pussy.

“Aaaaaghhhhhh…” Kayal screamed as she felt his cock open her up. Muthu was slightly bigger than Selvam, his girth taking her by surprise.

It was the first time Muthu had fucked a women this young and hot. He couldn’t control his excitement and started pounding her pussy at full pace, concerned only about his own release.

“Agh… agh… aghhh…” Kayal moaned with each thrust from above.

It was Maari’s turn next. Kayal’s carnal symphony had him wanting the same for himself. Maari became infatuated with the idea of cumming. He grabbed Kayal’s head and pushed his dick back into her mouth. Her moans were soon muffled as Maari started mouth fucking her.

With two openings now full of meat, Kayal found it difficult to concentrate on the overload to her senses. Eventually she managed to bring her body to a sort of rhythm, the pulls and pushes from either end becoming synchronised as she started to work the two cocks. It took only a few minutes before Maari announced his impending climax.

“Yaaa… I am gonna cum… aaaghhhh…”

He held Kayal’s head tightly and released his sperm deep into her throat. To his surprise Kayal swallowed every last drop of his copious load, without wasting any. Maari had never received a blowjob from his wife and now, not only had he just enjoyed the best blowjob, he had offloaded his cum into the mouth of a woman he had not even dreamt of. What’s more, he had enjoyed every moment of it. Kayal too enjoyed the rough mouth fuck and the taste of his cum.

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Meanwhile down in her cunt, Muthu increased his pace, reacting to the action between Kayal and Maari. He moved his dick so rapidly that Kayal’s whole body started to bounce in time with his rhythm. Selvam stopped sucking her boobs and watched how they danced to Muthu’s beat.

“Agh… agh… agh…” both Muthu and Kayal moaned.

Maari’s dick started to get harder again seeing Kayal’s boobs bouncing and moving to and fro. Her moaning and facial contortions simply added fuel to the fire and he was soon ready to join the action once more. The sacred thread called thaali reminded them just how taboo it was to be fucking another man’s property. Maari sat beside her, casually stroking his dick as he watched his friend fuck the life out of Kayal.

After few minutes Muthu shouted

“Aaaghhh… I ammm cummming!”

A final grunt and then nothing. He was still, his cock deep inside as he filled Kayal’s cunt with his cum. Was it the rough fuck or the feeling of warm jizz inside? Whatever it was, Kayal screamed out again as yet another orgasm racked her body. Muthu withdrew, watching a pearly stream drip out of her pussy as he sat beside her. Both were panting hard.

Kayal was so tired. She has been doing this all day, first Selvam and then the two friends. It was Selvam who broke the momentary silence which filled the room.

“Ok boys, ready for the next round?”

“No… no… I… can’t… not anymore,” Kayal pleaded.

“I didn’t ask your opinion kandaraoli (bitch), just shut up and do as we say.”

Kayal got off the bed and tried run out of the room, but Muthu grabbed her by the hair and threw her back on the bed.

“You Brahmin whore. After such a nice fuck are you running away? We are wasting our bodily fluids to keep you happy, but you don’t have the courtesy to honour our commitment. I think you forget that I still have the videos of your slutty side in my mobile. One click and your married life will be over.”

Kayal knew that she had no other choice. She sat on the bed, closed her eyes and started crying. She blamed herself for the position she was in.

Then Selvam told his friends to change their positions. He told Maari to fuck her cunt and Muthu to take over her mouth. He himself, was eagerly waiting to take her virgin ass.

Selvam made Maari lay on the bed and he and Muthu carried Kayal and made her sit over his dick. Oh, how easily it slid inside her wet cunt. In a flash Kayal will filled once more.

Maari started moving his hips up and down, in this position his dick pushed deeper into Kayal’s sodden sex. Immediately she lay down over his chest, hugged him tight and let him pummel her pussy. Soft moans told of another enjoyable fuck.

Meanwhile Selvam went into the kitchen. He returned holding a bottle of coconut oil, a smile on his face. He poured a little into his hand and applied it to his dick, before pouring a drizzle down Kayal’s snatch and over her puckered virgin asshole.

“Hold her,” he mouthed down at Maari.

Maari wrapped his arms around Kayal, holding her in close as he continued to pound her pussy from beneath. He had picked up a hard, savage rhythm.

“Agh… agh… agh…” he grunted as he punched his cock into her pussy.

Selvam after applying oil over her asshole, slowly pushed his middle finger into her anus, stretching the tight little rosebud. It felt so strange for Kayal, and she couldn’t bear the sensation.

“Ooohhh… nooo… please stop… please,” she pleaded.

But Selvam continued to slowly work his finger into and out of her asshole. Muthu, who had been patiently watching everything, decided it was time to get involved. He moved forward in front of Kayal and stood with his ass right in front of her face. He spread his cheeks.

“Lick my ass, whore…” Muthu commanded.

Saying that he moved his ass closer to Kayal’s mouth. But Kayal moved her head back and waved her head. At that instant, she saw Selvam. He smiled at her and showed her his mobile. Kayal understood what he meant, and she knew that she had no choice.

So Kayal slowly opened her mouth and dragged her tongue out and moved her head towards Muthu’s ass and began to lick his ass hole.

“Aaaaaghhhh…” Muthu’s body shivered as Kayal’s tongue touched his ass hole.

Kayal felt like a cheap whore, but as she continued to roll her tongue over his anus, she slowly started to like it and did it with more passion, She even tried to penetrate her tongue into his asshole and Muthu enjoyed every bit of it. It was his turn to moan and shake his booties in rhythm with Kayal’s tongue movement.While Kayal was rimming Muthu’s asshole, Selvam continued to finger her still relaxing rosebud. He slowly inserted one finger into her anal entry, then a second.

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Hindu Wife Degradation Part 1

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