Hired Slum Goondas to Make my Sister Pregnant& Save her Marriage

Hired Slum Goondas to Make my Sister Pregnant& Save her Marriage


Hey my name is Ankit, I’m 20yrs old and this story is about a real incidence which happened in my life a few months back. I belong to a respectable middle class family in a posh residential colony of Delhi. I live with my mother and sister, who is currently living with us became of some marital discord with her husband because even after 3yrs of marriage she could not produce a child. Let me give a little detail about them.

Name- Jyoti
Age- 40 (she looks like she’s in her 20s)
Figure- 36(DD), 26, 42
She has a well matured body, massive boobies which only have just started to sag and a huge ass. Whenever she walks they sway left and right. Whenever we’re out in the market everyone from the rich business man to the rikshawala turn their heads.

Elder Sister:-
Name- Shalini
Age- 26
Figure- 36(DD), 26, 40

Like her mother she is also a buxom lady. Big boobs and ass runs in the family. She was married 3yrs ago but now for the past week living with us since her husband belongs to a big land owning class rural family and she isn’t able to produce any children and without children he’s afraid that her ancestral property and land would be usurped by his brothers.


Now I am a very thin, lanky looking guy who likes doing social work. I usually teach maths for free to the poor kids in a slum colony near my house which is mostly occupied by maids, drivers, tailors, small time goons, gardeners, and lower class men. I have made a quite name for myself there and many poor kids come to my class, some of whom are small times goons and ruffians who just needed to pass the class or were going to give compartment exams or were repeating the same class 2-3 times. Now you can imagine what kind of people I teach. Some of these ruffians don’t even like me but are forced to come here by their parents because I teach for free, time they think they could better spend by playing cards, drinking local beer or fucking the slum girls here. They call me by all sorts of names behind my back like “gora chutiya” (fair fucker) as I’m fair and my skin is more clear than and “zero lulli” (zero cock) as one of them must have seen my cock while I was taking a piss at a nearby garbage heap and realized how small and frail my cock was. But I never bothered because I liked teaching.

One day when I was teaching such a class, my phone rang, it was my sister and I picked it up. The phone was quite loud and I was teaching in a empty basement so the sound echoed clearly thorugh the room. “Hello, Hi Ankit, ghar kab aaoge? Main kab se tumhara wait kar rahi hu, dinner thanda ho jaiga” (Hello, Ankit, when will you be home? I’ve been waiting for you since a long time, dinner is getting cold) She said it in her usual seductive voice. Most of the girls in the slum have a very coarse and high pitch voice which would defeat your erection even before you saw them and these thugs were not used to listening to such an angelic voice. One of the older boys, Junaid went mad and began whistling thinking it was my girlfriend or something. Another rowdy Abdul commented that, “lagta hai aaj sir ki suhaag raat hone wali hai” (looks like sir is about to get some pussy tonight). I was very embarrassed but couldn’t tell that she’s my sister as these rowdies would target her so I continued with my teaching and then hurriedly went home.

When I got home I saw my mom and sister were already at the dinner table and I sat down to eat. My mom spoke, “beta tere jija se baat ki thi aaj maine, woh toh tere didi ko divorce deni ki baat kar rahe hai” (son, today I spoke to your brother in law, he’s talking about divorcing your sister)… I was worried because he had spoken about this earlier that if my sister couldn’t bear a child then he would divorce her and marry someone new. He needed an heir to claim the immense property of his father. I knew of IVF technology but to be honest it was far too expensive for us. We had been to a reputed clinic but the doctor said that the procedure will cost around Rs.90,000 with Rs.1,80,000 additional for surrogacy and that too is not certain of success. Jijaji had agreed to come to the hospital and donate his sperm for the process but refused to bear the expenses as he said it was cheaper to marry someone instead. After the death of father a few years ago we had been strapped for cash and we simply couldn’t afford that money for that much risk. It’s amazing that something that simple as fucking and getting pregnant would cost as much as Rs. 2.7lakh.

I reassured my mother and sister that “mai iss ghar ka bada hu, mai kuch na kuch soch lunga, aap log chinta na kare” (I’m the head of this family now, I’ll think of something, you don’t worry). Hearing words of reassurance my sister Shalini leaned over and hugged me. As she was sitting a distance from me her cleavage was right in front of my face, I looked down for a split second only to see her perfect and huge boobies held together by only a thin bra. She pressed me and mashed the boobies against my face. As she was my sister she didn’t have any bad feelings but I, being a man, got an instant erection. I completed the rest of my meal with great difficulty as I was trying hard to hide my erection.

After the meal as was my habit I went to the balcony to enjoy a cigarette and fresh air, at about 11pm I heard my sister call out, “bhaiyya bed bana diya hai, aao so jao” (brother, I’ve made your bed, come sleep). I, for a minute did think that she was my girlfriend and how nice would it be to have a busty curvaceous girl like that to be laid on the bed, just waiting for me. Just then the taunts of my rowdy students Junaid and Abdul came to my mind and I came up with a DEVILISH idea. Why should I have to pay Rs. 2.7Lakh for something which I can get paid for in return! These guys probally waste millions of sperm cells per day either masturbating about high class women like my sister or fucking these low class slum girls in dingy places like back allies, factories, shacks, etc. Why wouldn’t it be nice to get my sister someone fucked by these ruffians and get some money in return from them as well as ensure that my sister bears a child. When she indeed gets pregnant, she can say that its her husband’s child and I can get some fake medical certificates using that money to prove it. For a moment I thought that all the weight off my shoulders has been lifted and I was feeling like a new man. The only problem now was somehow coming up with a plan and convincing my sister and mother. But that was only half of the problem, the other half had been solved. I finished my cigarette and went to my bedroom and slept happily, waiting for tomorrow and how I could convince them…..

I woke up to the sound of my room’s door being opened and in came my sister with tea and biscuits on a plate. She was wearing a loose pyjama and top which did little to hide her curves. She came close to me and bent down to put the plate down on my bed side table and oh my god!!! Her pegions were flying! I could see her boobs from the top her top as she bent down. They were hanging down NOT like mangos but like coconuts as they were very large. I didn’t know that boobs can be so large. You see whenever she’s in the house she wears a tight bra which conceal the true size of her melons but before she sleeps she wears a looser bra as its more comfortable. She thought that she could trust me with letting lose her assets but she didn’t know that all men are the same. If they see a nice pair of boobs then they get an erection, regardless of whom the boobs belong to; his sister, mother, daughter, etc. It’s human nature. She then asked me, “bhaiiya, chini kitni?” (brother, how much sugar?) I was completely lost in between the valley of her boobs and forgot to reply, she again said, “bhaiyya, kya hua” (brother, what happened?) I came to my senses and replied “do do…. do chammach” (two…two…. two spoons) my voice was shaking when I said this. She then took out the sugar from the sugar pot and began to stir it in with the spoon. While she was doing that I was enjoying the show of her boobs jiggling with every movement they made, they looked like freshly made jelly dancing and inviting me to come play with them. Unbeknownst to me my cock was already rock solid with attention and was creating a tent in my pants, she must have noticed it but thought nothing of it, or thought that I have morning wood (a condition when you get erection in the morning and need to go take a piss). She came to my bed side and sat down right next to me and opened the biscuit packet and began to take them out and put them on the plate. I had a great side view of her boobs which were large yet firm and only with slight sag. I was lying on my side facing her so that she wouldn’t notice my erection but many times she became careless and her movements caused my penis to bump into her ass like a spear and I was amazed at its softness. She told me to finish up and then come down for breakfast where mother was waiting and left. I felt relieved that I no longer had to hide my erection but was watching the show of her slowly walk out of my room, her body looked like a coke bottle, thick on the boobs, thin waist and thick in the hips, her massive ass swayed left to right inviting me to come stick my cock in between her soft ass cheeks.

Immediately after she closed the door I finished the tea and went to the bathroom where I took a piss and entered the shower. While I was showering I was pumping my cock with my hands and thinking how nice it would be to instead pump my cock between my didi’s massive boobs or her plump ass. Why do I have to look for sex outside the house when there is such a buxom whore in the house? Actually we are a middle class conservative family so ever since didi hit puberty mom personally made sure that she never showed much. She always wore full clothes inside the house and mom always made sure she wore tight bras to conceal her boobs, but this had a added benefit of giving her a great shape; large yet shapely, firm yet jiggly. Just thinking about it I came and wasted my sperm in the drain. I was now determined that if I couldn’t fuck her myself, I’d for sure watch her get fuck and perhaps make a mms of it which I could use later. So I thought about how to make the plan work and came up with a daring idea which I’d implement in the next hour.

I finished my shower and came down to see that both mother and sister were waiting in the dining room. I sat down in a sombre mood and after a few bites mom asked me what’s wrong, I replied… “Maa woh… kal raat ko maine apne bahut dosto ko phone kiya tha kuch paiso ke liye…. taki didi ki treatment ho paye…. par sabne mana kar diya…. kehne lage pahle hi tu ne bahut paise liye hai… fir bank ne bhi mana kar diya hai…” (Mother, yesterday I called my friends for some money to treat my sister but they all refused saying I already have borrowed a lot of money and even the banks are refusing to give any loan). Mother heard this and began to sob, “beta ab kya kare… tu hi bata, agar isko baccha nehi hua toh damad isko talaq de denge aur fir kaun isse shaadi karega…. ek toh talaqshuda, uske upar baanj” (Son what will we do now, there is no other way, what will happen if her husband gives her divorce, who will marry her; she’s a divorcee and barren.) She was crying but my eyes were on her massive boobs. Mother usually wears a saree at home, when she goes out she changes her blouse to a more conservative one but at home she wears a lose fitting blouse with a large neck and in her troubled state she had slumped down crying exposing almost 3 inches of her cleavage as her pallu fell down from her shoulder. I quickly ran to her and tried to console her but in the process I accidently grabbed her coconut sized boob and pressed it, I quickly moved my hand away and put in on her shoulder to console her. I told her that, “maa mere paas kuch savings hai aur kuch bonds jo mai bech kar costs cover ho jayenge” (Mother, I do have some savings and bonds which I can cash and that will cover the cost.) She was elated hearing this and from sitting position she gave me a big hug by throwing her arms around my waist. Her mouth was just inches away from my cock and I was really struggling to hide my instant erection. It felt like my cock will explode out of my pants and pierce her mouth, but I pulled away to save myself the embarrassment.

After breakfast mother left to watch TV and didi asked me from where was I going to arrange the money because she knew that I wasn’t interested in stocks and I don’t have any savings because I waste all of it in video games. The conversation went something like this:-

Me- “didi maine maa ka man rakhne ke liye bol diay, mere paas koi savings nehi hai aur na koi bonds, par mere pas ek idea hai” (sister I don’t have any savings nor any bonds, I just told a lie as to not upset mother).

Didi- “toh fir kaise hoga? Kuch aur socha hai?” (Then how will it be done, what is your plan)

Me- “dekho didi jo mai bolunga thoda mushkil hai par aapko maana hi padega, aur koi rasta nehi hai aur maa bhi bahut khush hai abhi” (look sister you will have to agree with whatever I say, this is the only way and mother is also very hopeful now)

Didi- “mujhe pata hai, theek hai, tu bol main mana nehi karungi” (I know, okay, tell me, I wont say no”

Me- “Didi…. mera ek dost hai… aapko usse….. matlab………..”

Didi- understood what I was about to say, her eyes got wide and she slapped me hard….. and walked away into her room and slammed the door shut.

Now I was shit scared, I thought that she would tell mom and what will happen to me, so I went to my room and was waiting for mom to call me and everything to be finished but then I fell asleep. I woke up by an sms on my mobile from my sister which said that to meet her when I woke. I went to her room and knocked on her door and she told me to come in. She firstly apologised for slapping me when she said I was trying my best to solve the situation. She also said that she gave it a lot of thought and that it was indeed the only way to save her marriage and the family’s honour. So she agreed to being bred by one of my friends. I could tell that she wasn’t exactly sad so she was actually looking forward to being fucked by a real man. She also added that, “bhaiyya dekhna jo bhi ho, theek thaak aadmi ho, aakhir kar mere bacche ka baap banne ja raha jo, lamba chouda, gora aur dekhne me handsome ho, tere jija jaisa nehi toh usse shak ho jaiga” (brother please see that whomever it is, must be healthy, after all he will be the biological father of my child, he must be tall, well built and fair, like your brother in law else he’ll get suspicious). She also told me the right date for the deed when she’s be biologically most fertile. Then I asked her what about mom, so she said that she’s thought of that also….. I’ll mix some of my anti-depressants in her milk so she’ll be sound asleep while its done. She also requested me to be outside the house while its being done as she’ll die of shame knowing she’s getting fucked in the same house where I know what’s happening.

Hearing all this I became elated and left the room. I knew exactly the type of people who I wanted to give the job to. Not to some high class chocolaty boy but some low class ruffian who treats women only as machine to make babies, have sex and cook and clean around the house. I don’t want someone who wouldn’t have sex to make her happy; to look into her eyes, caress her skin, give kisses over her body and do lots of foreplay…… wanted a thug, a gunda whose only goal would be to have fun from her body, to treat her like a Rs. 100 whore and deposit his low class seed in her aristocratic womb and have an illegitimate child. I wanted someone with a dirty smelly cock who would pull her hair, shove his cock down her throat, tear her pussy and gape her ass. And I knew the only one fit for the job, my student Junaid.

That day I finished the class at the slum, and asked Junaid to stay back and speak to me. After class me and Junaid had the following conversation.
Me- “Kaise ho Junaid, padhai kaisi chal rahi hai” (how are you Junaid, how are studies going?)

Junaid- “Sir theek hu, pass ho jaunga, mujhe bas pass hona hai, fir toh baap ke kabadi ki dhande me lag jaunga” (sir, I’m good, studies are going well, I’ll pass, that’s all I need, to pass class, after which I’ll join dad’s scrap metal business.

Me- “chinta mat karo, pass ho jaoge…. waise tumse mujhe ek baat karni thi” (don’t worry, you’ll pass….. I wanted to talk to you about something)

Junaid- “Pucho sir, aap ka hokum sar aakho pe” (ask sir, your wish is my command)

Me- “tumne kabhi sex kiya hai?” (have you ever had sex before?)

Junaid- “hahahahha hohohohoho sir bas itni si baat, yeh toh pure class ke samne bol sakte the, hum basti walo ke paas paisa toh hota nehi iss liye aap ki tarah mall ya picture dekhne nehi jaa sakte, iss liye hum aapas me hi chudai karte rehte hai…. free ka timepass” (hahahahaha hohohohohoh sir, is that it? This you could have asked me in front of the entire class, look us slum dwellers don’t have much money so we can’t go to the mall or watch a movie like you guys so we fuck whenever we get the chance to.)

Me- “Accha toh kaha choddte ho inn ladkiyo ko?” (ok then where do you fuck girls like these)

Junaid- “kahi bhi; ghar pe, khaali factory me, dost ke ghar pe, yaha tak hi aapke jaane ke baad kitni baas yehi thukai ki hai” (wherever; in my house, in an empty factory, in friend’s house, even after you leave so many time I’ve fucked here also.)
Me- “Accha fir toh tum sex me expert honge” (really, then you must be an expert in sex)

Junaid- “Arre sir ab khud hi khud ki tareef nehi karna chahta par koi bhi rundi; ghassad ho ya virgin, mere aage nehi tik sakti, usse chodke maa na bana du toh mera naam bhi Junaid nehi. (Sir, now I don’t want to praise myself but whether it be a seasoned whore or a virgin, no girl can last before me. If I don’t fuck them and make them pregnant than change my name)

Me- “Maa?! Matlab tumhare bacche bhi hai?!” (mother?! Meaning you have kids also?!).

Junaid- “aur nehi toh kya? Ladki ko choda aur pet me baccha nehi aaya toh kya choda, sir mai dikhne me baccha lag sakta hu par mere iss sheher ke slums me kam se kam 10 najayez bacche honge, yeh mera showk hai mai shaadi shuda ya fir jinki shaadi abhi hone wali hai ladkiyo ko choddta hu taki shak na ho unke patiyo ko, aur unhe maa bana deta hu, mujhe bada accha lagta hai” (Yes sir, if you fuck a girl and she doesn’t bear your child than you only did half a fucking. In this slum and the other ones in the city I must be having at least 10 illegitimate children. I usually fuck girls who are about to get married or women who are married so that their husbands don’t suspect and impregnate them, it’s like a game to me, I enjoy it very much.)

Me- “Accha agar unke pati ko pata chal gaya toh?” (Okay and if their husbands come to know then?)

Junaid- “kaise pata chalega? DNA test karwaiga kya? Agar utne paise hote toh slume ne thodi na rehta….. waise hum logo hi zindigi bhi aise hai…. mai apne baap ka beta hu ki nehi mujhe bhi nehi pata.” (how will he find out, do a DNA test? If he had that much money, then why would he be living in the slums? And us slum dwellers lives are like this only, even I’m not sure that I’m my father’s son)

Me- “tera kabhi man nehi hota ki tu kisi amir ghar ki ladki ko chode?” (Dont you ever feel like fucking a girl from rich household?)

Junaid- “Sirji mann toh bahut karta hai, jo maza un dudhel rando ko chodne be hoga woh in slum wali ghassado me kaha? Waise aap yeh sab kyu puch rahe ho?” (Sir I really want to after all there is no comparison between a busty milky girl from the rich household and a slum whore. But why are you asking all this?)

Me- I pulled out my ipad and showed Junaid some pics of my sister which were taken from her Facebook profile pictures and had some pics of her in a swimsuit in Goa. I said, “isse chodega?” (will you fuck her?)

Junaid- His eyes was fixed on the screen as I showed many pics of didi on the screen and pinched in to zoom into her massive boobs, “kya sir mazak mat karo, mere jaise slumwale ki itni aukat kaha” (Sir, don’t joke, I’m a slum dweller and it’s beyond my means)

Me- I told him that this is a girl, who is my friend and she’s having marital problems because her husband is an impotent but refuses to accept it, I told him that he has to go and fuck her and make her pregnant.

Junaid- “arre sir aap china na karo, aisa chodunga ki 9 mahine me mere mahenat ka phal dikhega…. kasam chudai ki ek ke badle do bacche iss raand ke pet me dunga….. par sir, isme aapka commission kitna?” (Sir, don’t worry, I’ll fuck her so badly that in 9 months you’ll see the fruits of my labour, I’ll fuck her so that she gets twins! Two for the price of one!….. But sir what is your commission in this deal?)

Me- “Mujhe Rs. 15,000 chahea” (I want Rs. 15000)

Junaid- “nehi nehi mere paas itna nehi hai, mai sirf Rs. 1000 hi de paunga…. aakhir kar mai iske pet me do do bacche bhi toh dalunga” (no no I don’t have that much money, I’ll pay Rs. 1000…. afterall I’m going to put two lovely kids in her womb)

Me- I was thinking the irony of my buxom sister whom could have easily asked for Rs. 50,000 from a rich businessman is going to be fucked for Rs. 1000 at the hands of this common street thug. I said, “chal theek hai, par isse batana mat ki maine paise mange the” (okay but don’t tell her that I’ve asked for money)

Junaid- “theek hai sir, china na karo, aap bas ab ghar jao aur fir mera khel dekho” (okay sir you don’t worry, just go home and wait for me to do my part of the deal).

I gave him final instructions to dress well as I told her that a friend of mine will be doing the job and to behave. I than went home and the wait was absolutely restless. In the next 3dys I imagined my sweet sister getting fucked in almost every position and every corner of the room. Laid out over the kitchen corner, being humped on the bed, getting throat fucked in the bathroom, everywhere. Everytime I used to see my sister in the house I couldn’t focus anywhere else but only focused on her jiggling boobs or her waving ass and how they’d respond to the ruffian goonda Junaid. When the pressure used to get too much I used to masturbate and get relief, but only for a few hours. In the mean while I spoke very little with my sister and largely remained in my room, my sister was probally thinking that as a loving brother it might be difficult for me to imagine her getting fucked by my friend but she had no idea of a man’s nature that he’s fuck his own daughter or mother if he was enough aroused.

When the 4th day finally came I called Junaid and confirmed the plan, then I told did to get ready…. In the evening when we all had dinner and didi had given mom the pills in her milk to make her sleep. I told didi that I would not be in the house and would go to a friend’s house for the night but I lied! I quickly went and hid in the balcony and was watching sister’s room from a ventilation shaft. I called Junaid and he said that he was on his way. I told him that the door is open and he can walk all the way upto the 2nd floor where the girl, my friend, was waiting for him. Didi put on a sexy one piece short black dress, put on makeup and was sitting on bed, probally thinking of what’s about to happen and whether its right or not. It was about at 15mins later when I heard Junaid’s scooter and watched him park below and open the door and get inside…. My heart was absolutely pounding…. Just then a knock on my sister’s door…..

With every knock at the door my sister had a mini earthquake inside her, this was the point of no return. She still could have refused to open the door and it would have been all over but then how would she save her marriage and the family name… She gathered the courage and meekly said, “c…c…c…. come in,” Junaid fumbled with the door knob and couldn’t get it open, probably because they didn’t have doors in the slums, they most likely had door latches or strings attached to the door and a nail on the wall to keep it from opening. There is no telling how many times he had accidently opened a door only to find his father pounding upon his own mother and trying to make his brother from her. Anyways back to the scene before me.

Junaid finally got the door opened and stood dumb founded on seeing didi in a short right black dress which was in stark contrast to her milky white skin and her red lipstick. He was mesmerised by her coke bottle type curvaceous body punctuated by massive 36DD boobs and a 38 inch ass. Didi on the other hand was utterly surprised, she had expected to see a sharply dressed, clean shaven man in a coat pant but here was this scruffy young man who was dressed in a Pathani salwar and sporting a short beard. Junaid could see from her facial expressions that she wasn’t happy with what she say, but it mattered not to him, only one thing mattered to him, which was to somehow her these women on their backs… his cock could do the rest.

Didi was about to voice her displeasure but then she thought that since I have entrusted him with the job then she must not question it. She swallowed a bitter pill and for the sake of her future and our family name was willing to get fucked by this slum brute. Didi said meekly, “h..h…hello… mera naam Shalini hai, k k k kya Ankit ne mere situation ke bare me bataya aapko?” (h h h hello, my name is Shalini, d d d did Ankit explain my situation?). Junaid replied, “haan kiya toh tha, tu chinta na kar kaam ho jaiga…. ek nehi judwa honge, yeh meri gurantee hai” (yes he did, you don’t worry, you’ll have twins, that is my gurantee.) Didi was stunned by his words and manner of speaking. If she wasn’t sure before that he was a slum dwelling rat, she was sure by now.

Didi- “dekho sirf tum mere andar daaloge, koi dusra kuch nehi karoge, bas mujhe pregnant hona hai, koi sex nehi” (look, you will only put it inside me, nothing else, no enjoyment and no sex, I just want to get pregnant and don’t want sex)

Junaid- “kya andar dalu?” (what shall I put in?)

Didi- “woh woh cock, bas andar dalo, apna cum karo aur jao” (that that cock, just put it in, cum inside me and leave).

Junaid- “bhai yeh cock kya hota hai, aur yeh cum kya hai, mujhe zada English nehi aati, theek se bool” (what is this cock, and what is cum? I don’t know much of English so whatever you want to say, say it clearly).

Didi- “l l l lund, tum apna lund mere andar daalo, aur uska paani chodo aur jao yaha se” (c c c cock…. put your cock inside me, cum inside and leave pleaes)

Junaid- “Accha toh aisa bol na…. arre yeh kaise ho sakta hai, koi tap thodi na hai, bas andar dala, tuti ghumai aur pani ger diya” (okkk then now you’re making sense, but how is that possible, my cock is not like a kitchen tap, just put it in, turn the knob and put water.”

Didi- “dekho mai koi aise waise ladki nehi, shaadi shuda hu, acche gharane ki hu, mere se yeh sab nehi hoga” (look, I’m not that kind of girl, I’m a married woman, I won’t be able to do all this)

Junaid- “Accha ji, khud parai mard se chudwane chali aur ab randi rona ki mai aisi nehi hu” (really? You, yourself is wanting to get fucked by a stranger and now saying you’re not like that)

Didi- “chale jao yaha se abhi!” (get out of here now!)

Junaid- “bahut dekhe hai tere jaise kapdo ke sath bhi aur kapdo ke bina bhi… mera lund koi light bulb nehi ki switch on karte hi khada ho jai… mehnat karna padega tujhe… aur agar itna ghumar hai toh mai jaa raha hu… aur yeh bhi mat sochna ki mai chup rahunga” (I’ve seen manly like you, with clothes and without clothes, and my cock isn’t a light bulb that lights up just as you press the switch, it needs hard work… If you have that much attitude then I’m leaving and oh yes, don’t expect me to be discreet about this also!)

Hearing this threat didi immediately realised her mistake and the damage that will happen if Junaid got away empty handed, he would gossip about it to his friends, and then to the maids, vegetable vendors, butchers, etc and it wouldn’t be time before the gossip reaches her in laws, then her marriage would be absolutely finished. So as Junaid was leaving and going to open the door, didi grabbed his hand and gave him a hug and pinned him against the wall. I was surprised because didi was normally very shy and reserved but the fear of getting exposed had made her a momentary tigress it seemed. Junaid said “ab aai na line pe” (now you’re in line) Didi replied “theek hai, aap jaisa bolenge karungi par please zada kuch nehi” (okay, I’ll do as you say, but please nothing more) Junaid knew that he had her in his grips and he was going to have his way tonight, it was just a matter of breaking her resistance one by one.

Junaid leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips, she also reciprocriated hesistantly but she was surprised by the expertise of his smooching style. He was tasting her lips like sweet candy. Licking, sucking, feeling and using his tongue to act like a penis and dart in and out of her mouth. As she was enamoured in the smooch, probally the first real smooch of her life she leaned into him and placed her hands on his chest. Junaid knew that this bitch was now breaking. His experience had taught him that any girl, regardless of her upbringing or status was just a few touches from becoming a whore, you just had to rub her right. In case of the countless slum girls he had fucked it was quite simple, just one sloppy kiss, tear her clothes and throw her on the bed, but in the case of upper class ladies it was a bit more complicated. They continued kissing for some 5mins, didi was completely into it, she was tilting her head and making slight moaning sounds “mmmmmmmpppffffff,” Junaid took his right hand which was against the wall and out it on her back and began to stroke it up and down like a cat. Junaid slowly took it a bit more lower each stroke until he put his hand right at the beginning of her ass. Didi suddenly was jolted to attention by this and shirked away.

Junaid- “kya hua, maza nehi aa raha kya” (what happened, aren’t you having fun?)

Didi- “nehi maze ki baat nehi, chalo kaam jaldi khatam karte hai” (no its not about fun, lets get this over with as soon as possible)

She then gripped her dress and was about to pull it up to take it off. Just then Junaid took a grab of her hands and stopped her. He took her hands and pinned them behind her with one of his own hands and swooped in for another massive smooch. Didi was hesitating but with both her hands behind her back, she was hardly any effective. Junaid who had one hand, holding both her hands behind her back put another hand behind her waist and pulled her close and began to smooch her again, this time more vigorously. While smooching her, he also started biting her lips lightly and kissing her neck and collar bone. This was too much for didi and she started moaning, more then before “ooouuuuu uuiiii mmmmmm hmmmmm” Junaid knew that the bitch was almost tamed so he let go of her hands from the back and instead of pushing him away they dropped to the sides. Junaid now decided to strike the iron when it was hot, he ran his hands on her back, from her neck down to her lower back, he did this 2-3 times then he slowly moved his hands down to her ample ass. At first he was stroking them over the tight black fabric of her dress then he became more adventurous and gave it a little squeeze. Didi broke away from to smooch to arch her back and give a long moan in reaction to the sudden manhandling and “uuuuuuufffffffffff” Junaid didn’t miss the opportunity and began to lick, kiss and lightly bite her neck, like a vampire, but instead of sucking blood, he was sucking away didi’s shame and conservativeness.

I was absolutely stunned to see such expertise at the hands of a slum dweller, while teaching at the slum I had noticed through some open windows how these people have sex. Generally the man is piss drunk and simply gives a sloppy kiss, pinches the woman’s ass and throws her on the bed. Sometimes the woman has to beg for the man not to rip off her clothes. But this guy had real skill. In fact I thought that why not take notes on this master play unfolding before me. I took out my phone and opened the note app and was about to take notes, but just then I had a devilish idea, why should I take notes if I can record the whole thing!!! So I turned on the video camera and began to record, I was watching the scene from the mobile’s screen.

By now didi’s hands had reached behind Junaid and she was caressing his back and trying to balance herself from falling down by holding him. Didi was read hot by the smooching, caressing and him stroking her back like a cat, just then Junaid cupped and grabbed her ass HARD and began to move each ass cheek up and down independently. Her fleshy ass looked just like that of a porn star jiggling like jelly to the touch of this ruffian gunda. He was making profane gestures with her ass. Groping them together, jiggling them up and down, pinching them, slapping them… My conservative didi was completely a toy in his hands and she was enjoying every bit of her. Junaid was used to fucking thin dark skinned girls of the slums who didn’t have much for boobs and ass I wonder what lay in store when he gets his hands on the cream of the crop of the aristocratic class of society. My didi was a masterpiece, she was a masterpiece of boobs and ass and today Junaid was going to enjoy her to the fullest.

Suddenly Junaid grabbed her hair and pulled her back, breaking the kiss. I could see that my didi’s eyes were still closed and she was panting and moaning from the forced smooching. Obviously she had never been smooched like that. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if she had came in her panties from the smooch alone. Her hair was all dishevelled and on her face. Junaid took his index finger and romantically removed the hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. The scene looked like from a bollywood movie. Didi opened her eyes and her eyes met his, she was probably thinking that she’s going to be fucked like a princess tonight, but boy oh boy was she wrong…. Without any warning Junaid gave one push to didi and she went flying back and landed on her back on the bed…. “uuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooouuuuuucccccchhhhh” As she landed her thighs and boobs shook with the force and didi was unsure about what just happened. She had no idea that her class, her manners, her aristocracy meant nothing more to this slum goonda then the dozens Rs. 200 whores he’s fucked in the slum brothel. As didi lay on her back on the bed dazed and surprised at what just happened Junaid approached her like a victorious warrior waiting to claim his prize at the end of a long and hard fought battle. Junaid bent down and positioned himself on top of her and put his pelvis right alongside her’s she was at first hesitant to give her another smooch but Junaid positioned himself such that he was laying there on top of didi and she was like a little rabbit trapped by a mighty lion, completely at his mercy. Didi began to struggle a little but then Junaid gave a mighty push with his pelvis and I guess the lump in his pants must have been right over her pussy area because despite both of them being dressed she let out a moan “aaaaaaahhhhhhh” then seizing the opportunity he ran his hands from her waist upwards from the sides of her massive boobs (not touching them) to her hands where first he held her hands then put them on either side of her head and then pinned them there so that she couldn’t move. Then he let another push with his pelvis and didi let out another moan and Junaid used this opportunity to plant another massive smooch on her lips, it sounded like this “aaaaaaaahhhhh oup” didi was surprised as her moan was cut short by his smooch and he began to be more vigorous then even last time. His massive chest was pressing own on her large mammaries which made them almost spill out from the top of her low neck dress, I could clearly make out her cleavage and general outline of her boobs from this distance then imagine what kind of sight Junaid had before him.

This smooching went on for about 15mins, I was surprised that Junaid hadn’t much touched her ass or boobs, and was reducing my respectable didi to moaning like a common whore merely by his fanatical smooching…. then imagine what he would do if he sued all of her body!!! Junaid had let go of didi’s hands a long time ago, she was constantly trying to push Junaid’s head to kiss her harder, scratching his back over his pathani kurta or grabbing his buttocks, trying to make his thrusts more pronounced. Suddenly in a split second Junaid put his hands on the hem of her dress (which as you guys remember was a little black dress which came to her upper thighs) He grabbed the hemline firmly and in one swift go pulled it off from her body from over her head. Didi was dumb founded as now she was laying before him in only a thin matching red bra and panty. She then pushed Junaid from on top of her and rolled on the bed, some distance away from the bed and then stood up. Oh my gosh, she looked like a porn star, her assets jiggled with every movement she made, and her body was covered in a sheen of sweat from her past half hour of manhandling.

Didi stood up and was angry at Junaid, at what only god knows because she was the one who had agreed to get fucked. Perhaps she was angry that she was not setting the pace of things. I tell you these rich women always like to be in control of their sex lives. They like to wear short and reavealing clothes to seduce men and tease them, in school, collage she likes to keep a few male friends around them like flies who will do her chores like getting books from library, getting notes photocopied, picking her up, dropping her home…. all in the hopes of one day getting their hands of that piece of all, but that will never happen because as soon as school/ college is over she will delete your number and forget who you even are. In the bedroom these women like to set the tone of things, from what you can and can’t do to the positions in which you will have sex in. But for once she was absolutely powerless and she was also ashamed at herself that her mind kept saying no but her body had surrendered.

Junaid- “kya hua be?” (what happened you?) this was the first time he spoke in a rough manner to didi.

Didi- Silent.

Junaid- “kuch der pahle tak toh bada maza aaraha tha tujhe, ab kya hua?” (what happened until few minutes back you were enjoying yourself, what happened now?)

Didi- “nehi, mai aisi nehi hun… plz aap samjhe, mujhe sirf baccha chahea, aap bas andar dale aur jai yaha se” (no, I’m not like that, please try to understand, I just want a baby, you put it in there and leave)

Junaid- “fir wahi baat, kya matlab tu aise nehi hai, ek toh chudwane ke liye bulai hai, uske baad nakhre chod rahi hai” (again the same thing, what do you mean you not “like that” you’ve called me here to get fucked, no other better way to put it.)

Didi- Silent

Junaid- “Ab chup chap yaha aa yar mere paas let ja, nehi toh tera kaam bhi nehi hoga, upar se badnaami alag se” (now come here and lay down quietly next to me, if you don’t then your job wont be done and your reputation will be ruined.)

Didi understood the gravity of the situation, she understood that it wasn’t that simple, she couldn’t just get up and leave…. It’s like you or me walking into the lion’s den in a zoo and expecting to walk out unscathed. Didi was feeling two feelings; one was that she was afraid that her aristocratic body was going to be enjoyed by this slum dwelling rat so she was scared and disgusted, and on the other hand she was excited that a man who made her panties wet without even touching her boobs or ass, what was his real potential…. Finally she decided that she had to get pregnant and save her marriage so why not have fun in the process, in any circumstances she had to take his penis inside her pussy, so why not enjoy.

She walked slowly over to Junaid, she knew that she was trapped. She stood before Junaid, not really knowing what to do or what to say in this ackward situation. Junaid sat up on the edge of the bed so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed and didi was standing there right in front of him. He slowly extended his hand and began to caress her milky thighs up and down, like stroking a cat. I must admit that this guy a lot of patience, because had it been me I would have attacked her and tackled her onto the bed. First Junaid was stroking her outer thighs and then slowly moved to her inner thighs. He started at her knees and began to move his hands upto her pussy. Didi threw her head back as a soft moan escaped her mouth. Slowly and steadily he was moving his hands up, from her knees to her thighs and as he got close to her pussy she instinctively parted her legs to ease the passage of his hands. He gently placed his hands over the mound of her pussy, even with her panty on he could feel the heat it was eminating. He cupped his hands to fit the contures of her mound and gave it a gentle squeeze which caused her to arch her back, throw her head back and moan like a whore…. “aaaaaaahhhhhh” Junaid kept caressing her pussy mound and commented. “dekh teri choot gili ho chuki hai, yeh mera lund lene ke liye betab hai, par mai itni aasani se nehi dunga, tadpaunga tujhe” (look you pussy is wet, it yearns for my cock, but I’m not going to give it to you that easily, I’m going to tease you first.” Saying that he put a little more pressure on her pussy and began to rub her panties over her clit. Didi bit her lower lip and moaned like a common whore in heat. I could clearly see the tent in Junaid’s payjama, today he was going to destroy didi’s soft aristocratic pussy.

Junaid now stood up and made didi sit down, he took off his Pathani salwar with one swift stroke and folded it neatly and placed on the edge of the bed. He looked didi in the eye and said, “chal khol” (now open) didi looked dumbfounded and wasn’t doing anything and just staring at him, Junaid broke this impasse by saying, “khol na, nehi toh daalunga kaise” (open it or how else would I put it in). It now struck didi that how was he doing to accomplish what he had come here to do if he was still clothed. Didi then started pulling down his payjama but it wasn’t going down, she then was looking for the belt or zip but Junaid let out a huge laugh and said, “yeh tum amiro ke pant nehi ki belt ya zip hogi, isme toh nada hai, bas kheecha aur show chalu” (this isn’t a pant that you rich folks wear, it doesn’t have a belt or zip, there’s just a string, you pull and let the show begin). Didi then looked for the “nada” (thread) which was tied up in a nice bow knot, she grabbed one end and gave it a nice pull. The pulling of the string was like a death sentence to her chastity, with his pants along came down the last chance of her saving her rich, fair, aristocratic pussy from that brute. Junaid’s pyjama fell down exposing an old, stained and probally stinky local underwear. Now I was thinking that what reactions was going on in didi’s head, she was used to seeing only imported or expensive underwear and here was this slum rat wearing only a Rs. 15 “kaccha” (underwear) in front of her, and what made it worse is that his massive erection could clearly be seen. It was like a massive bullet, just waiting to pierce her soft and succulent pussy. Junaid began to scratch his penis over his underwear and stroke it. There was a few wetspots on his underwear indicating that he was continuously leaking pre-cum. He then began to stroke his massive organ and asked, “kabhi dekha hai itna bada” (have you ever seen this big), didi moved her head in negation. Junaid now said “chal ab kaccha khol” (now open my underwear). Didi fumbled a little but even she was very eager to see what lied inside, what kind of monster did he hide in his underwear. She dug in both of her thumbs on either side of his underwear and pulled the elastic from his body a little and began to tug it down. Centimeter by centimetre she was pulling it down until the fabric was stuck on his pole like cock. What would she do now? Will she forcibly pull it down, will she put her hand inside and fish out his cock, or will she gently adjust his cock out of its shroud…..


Junaid opened the balcony door and headed back into didi’s bedroom. Didi was trying to stand up, as if in a feeble attempt to lodge a protest but Junaid would have none of that. He was a slick fellow and in one swift move bent down, grabbed didi’s panties by its elastic and simply pulled it down. Didi was now standing there dumb founded with just a bra and no panties…. She immediately put her hands down to cover her asset but Junaid said with a laugh, “ab kya chut dekhunga nehi toh chodunga kaise?” (now if I don’t see it how will I fuck it?)… it was ovious that he was right, the only reason that he was here was because to knock up didi and save her marriage but for a woman her pussy is the most sacred and secret place. Whether she’s being fucked for promotion, increment, by her lover, or gynaecologist exam, she always hesitates to part her legs and show a man her most treasured place. Anyways back to what I was seeing. Junaid then took a step forward, but didi took a step backward, then another until the bed was behind her and she fell on top of it. Junaid laughed and said that, “dekha rundi tere ghar ka furniture bhi yehi chahta hai ki aaj tu kisi asli mard se chude” (see whore, even your house furniture wants that you get fucked by a real man today). She was about to get up when Junaid held both of her ankles and parted them, exposing her delicate pussy, didi shivered when the cold air hit her inner most parts. I turned on the zoom of my camera phone to get a better look at her pussy, oh my god friends let me tell you, it was just like a flower. It was just like a delicate flower; her thighs were milky white and pussy absolutely shaven for the date today, her pussy lips were delicate petals, thin and pink, her pussy itself was sweet pink, a thin line running between her legs. All this was topped off with a sweet button for a clit sitting atop of her womanhood like a crown.

Junaid was staring at her pussy, it was the first time he had laid eyes on such an aristocratic pussy… he was used to slum pussy; black, hairy, stinky but this was heaven for him. He didn’t know if to fuck or take a picture of the pussy and frame it. He spoke in a teasing way, “arre wah tera pati toh bilkul ek na mard chutiya hai…. shaadi ke itne saalo baad bhi teri choot bilkul ek kacchi kali ki tarah hai… tu meri biwi hoti tab toh iska bhosda banake kab ka 4-5 bacche nikal chukka hoga” (your husband must be impotent retard…. after many years of marriage your pussy looks like an immature flower, if you had been my wife I would have made it a dirty gutter cunt and pushed 4-5 babies out of it.) He then bend down and took a big wiff of her scent and said, “wah re rundi, tere choot se toh phoolo ki mahek aati hai, humare yaha toh choot se gutter ki smell aate hai, sach mai aaj iss choot ko phadne me maza aayega” (wow your pussy smells like a flower, pussy in our slums smell like a fucking gutter…. really I’m going to enjoy ripping your pussy today.)

Now didi was laying on her back and had Junaid grab her ankles and part her legs so that her pussy was exposed….. she was trying to reach down with her hands and cover her shame but Junaid was much faster than that, he immediately put his head down and brought it into contact with her pussy. She shivered as she felt his hot stinky breath on her pussy and delicate insides….. she tried saying “nehiii nehiiii waha nehiiii kisine kiya nehi ab tak………. aaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” (no no, not there, no one has done this there……aaaaaauuuuuuu) before she could finish the sentence Junaid brought his lips into contact with her inner thighs and began gently lick and kiss them, from time to time he was also gently using his teeth to bite them… didi was really getting excited, her hands were now on her sides clenching the bed sheet… she was gasping for air and making sounds like, “oooouuuuu oooouuuuuu OUCH!” Junaid was continuing his play, alternating between her right and left inner thigh and slowly moving upto her pussy, my phone had 4x optical zoom so I zoomed in and saw that her pussy was now shining and glistening with fluids, in anticipation of the massive invasion, but Junaid wasn’t going to make it that easy for her. After getting mere centimetres from her pussy he again took in a deep breath and savoured the aristocratic aroma of this rich aristocratic whore who was now laying before her like a trash whore. Another thing is that my didi used an expensive pussy cream, it was like a light get which smelled like citrus which she would use after shower to keep her pussy moist and hygienic. Junaid then lightly blew on her pussy which again sent shivers down didi’s spine, having the hot breath of another man blowing in her most private parts. Junaid then slowly lowered his head and first planted light kiss on her lips (the ones between her legs) he turned his head sideways to make it so that he was kissing her lips. First he gave a series of light kisses which got progressive heavier… the whole room filled with sounds of his lewd kisses and didi’s moaning “mmmuuuuaaahhh muuuuaaaahhhh aaaaiiiiii oooohhhhhhhh” then he turned his attention to her clit and used his tongue like an arrow to tease her clit, he began moving the tip of his tongue up and down, left and right as of to tease her clit and play boxing with it. Didi has totally lost all control, it was the first time that someone had done this to her. Her husband at most used to tease her pussy with his fingers but never had the tricks or know how to make her dance like this. It is said that if you’re with a woman there are several barriers in order to fully enjoy her body; the first being kiss; if you can kiss her right, then you can fondle her boobs, if you can fondle her boobs right then you can touch her pussy, and finally if you can touch her pussy right, you can go ahead and fuck it also. And lets not forget that in all the trickery Junaid hadn’t even taken of didi’s bra, her breasts really wanted to escape the confines of her tight bra and be subject to his manly touch, they were shaking with every movement, and the fabric had darkened with their sweat as if to invite Junaid’s manly touch and play with them. Her nipples were like bullets and could be clearly seen though the fabric of her bra. Junaid hadn’t even touched her boobs, this was totally in contrary to other men who would have jumped on her boobs and sucked them dry. Anyways back to the story… Junaid began to really work her pussy, he was slowly licking up and down her pussy slit and gently knobbing her clit and she was taking deep breaths with his every stroke. At first she had clamped her legs around his head because she was a shy conservating woman and didn’t like a stranger savouring her most treasured spot but now all that shyness was gone and she has parted her legs as wide as she could and was greatly enjoying the whole performance with her hands still on her sides and gripping the bed it was as if she was having so much illicit fun that she was afraid that she might actually fly off the bed. She was frantically moving her head side to side, her face was contorted and her she was biting her lips to hide her screams of pleasure and was making sounds like “aaaaaaiiiii aaaaiiiiiii uffffff uuuufffff” She was being used and ravaged like a common slut by this slum dweller and this was the most wonderful thing that could happen.

Junaid briefly raised his head to say, “kyu be rand maza aaraha hai, tera choot toh bilkul gili ho gayi hai, yeh dekh pura bed sheet kharab ho gaya….” (why slut, are you having fun? Look your pussy is completely wet, the bed sheet is even ruined). I looked and yes, the bed sheet under her was completely wet by her juices…… Junaid spoke again, “ye bata janeman, kisine aaj tak tere dane ko cheda hai?” (has anyone ever teased your lump before?) now I was surprised at what the meant, it was probably a slum word for something rich aristocrats never indulged in. Didi replied reluctantly, “neeehhiiii nehiiii woh kya hota hai?” (nnnooooo nnnnooooo, what is that?) Junaid then didn’t say a word. He took his two fingers of his right hand and licked them to lubricate them, and slowly inserted them into her pussy and positioned so that his palm faced upwards, then he bent his fingers upwards and touched the roof of her pussy….. then with a sex move only perfected in the shabby shacks of the slums he attacked her clit with her tongue and began vigorously rubber her pussy wall with his finger…….. then it came to my mind that he was talking about her G-Spot…. what a low class word for the G-spot “dana” but I thought that it’s apt because this illiterate ruffian can’t even pronounce simple single syllabus English worlds, how’s he going to say G-Spot. He continued his dual attack of finger rubbing G-spot and tongue rubbing clit…. didi went absolutely mad and off the edge, she took her hands and was wailing them around, she was shaking, shivering and arched her back like a gymnast, normally my sister is a little bit more on the bulky side with her fat boobs and ass so it was a treat to see her in that position. She was moaning, shivering, sweating and convulsion like she was delirous with fever. She then took her hands and began furiously squeezing her own boobs, this was the first time that she actually touched herself. And began kneading her massive boobs like dough for preparation of roti (Indian flat bread). She was making lews noises “oooooohhhhh oooohhhhhh uffffffff uuuuuffffff nneeeeeehhhhhiiiii OUCH!” sometimes Junaid used to lightly bite her clit and this caused didi to buck her ass, leading to vibrations across her massive ass and boobs.

I was intrigued by this play, how Junaid was able to play my didi like a musical instrument. Just then Junaid stopped everything, his fingers were still insider her pussy but he stopped massaging her g-spot and he stopped licking her clit. Didi didn’t understand what was going on, he bucked her ass once or twice to coax him into continuing but she didn’t do it, then in a raspy voice she said

Didi- kyu, band kyu kar diya? (why did you stop)

Junaid- nehi mujhe laga tum high class auroto ko yeh sab pasand nehi (because I didn’t think that you high class women enjoyed this)- He was clearly playin a trick because he knew that didi enjoyed it very much.

Didi- plz band mat karo, aur karo (no please don’t stop, do more)

Junaid- par mujhe laga ki mujhe sirf tere choot me lund ghusake apna pani dalna hai, toh in ab ka kya kaam (but i thought you said that all I had to do was put my cock in your pussy and drop my seed, so what is the need for all this)

Didi- plz mere se raha nehi jaata (please i can’t stand it)

Junaid- accha toh bata tu kya hai (then tell me what are you?)

Didi- silence

Junaid- Bol! Ki tu meri raand hai…. Junaid ki raand (say that you are a whore, Junaid’s whore)

Didi- mai mai mai nehi bol sakti (I…. I….. I…. can’t say it)

Junaid- He then slapped her pussy quite hard which made a loud, wet “thap” sound.

Didi- “ooooooouuuuuuu”….. nehi plz mat karo, dard hota hai (no please don’t do it, it hurts)

Junaid- he then put his hands on top of her pussy and with his fingers parted the lips exposing her clit and insides, then he said, “janeman yeh Junaid bada mahir khiladi hai…. maza bhi de sakta hai, aur dard bhi” (darling, this Junaid is an old player, he can give pleasure or pain) then he slapped her pussy again…. THAP!

Didi- oooooooooiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaa (oooooohhhhh mother) she yelled even more as because Junaid had parted her pussy lips, it hurt even more….

Junaid- was getting ready for another slap but instead rubbed her clit slowly.

Didi- was completely taken over by this pleasure and pain and said, “r-r-r-rand hu,
aapki Rand, J-j-j-junaid ki rand” (I’m a s-s-s-slut, your slut, j-j-junaid’s slut)

Junaid- “ab aayi na rundi line pe”……. he bent down and began continuing what he was doing before abeit even harder….

Didi was completely bonkers now and had one hand behind Junaid’s head, trying to push it in and another hand was massaging her boobs, she tried to open her bra with that hand but Junaid saw her reach for the bra clasp in the back and quickly slapped her boobs which made her boobs jiggle and said, “abhi nehi rundi, jab bola jai tab kholna” (now now whore, do it when you’re told)…. I was completely astounded because boobs were the first thing any man would notice about didi and what was this guy keeping them for…… Junaid continued his assault on her pussy and in the middle was biting her pussy lips and clit, causing didi to yelp in pain, “oooooohhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh OUCH!….ssssssttttttt mmmmmmmm” then after 5mins he took the entire clit into his mouth and began to lick, suck, and lightly bite it…. this caused didi to absolutely go over the edge……. “Juuunnnnaaaiiiiddddd aaaauuurrrrrrr tezzzzzz and she screamed so hard it would have awoken the dead, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh hhhhhuuuuuuuuuu oooooouuuuuuuu” and I realised that she was having an earth shattering orgasm and was actually cumming. It took her about 5mins to settle down and relax, I saw that Junaid’s entire face was wet with her pussy juice, even his hair, and the entire bedsheet was absolutely drenched in her pussy juices….. She way laying there absolutely exhausted and spent, her face had a strange and divine glow, just like a women gets after an orgasm.

Junaid- “kyu be, kabhi pani nehi choda kya” (why? Have you never came?)

Didi- “nehi…. kkkkkabhiii nehi…….” (noooo nnnnever)

Junaid- haha karigi bhi kaise, tera pati namard jo thaira, tere jaise dudhel raand ka pani nikalne ke liye mere jaisa shatir khiladi chahea (how could you? Its not upto that impotent husband of yours, to make a busty slut like you come, you need an experienced player like me)

Junaid then grabbed didi’s expensive imported one peice black dress and wiped off his face, throat, chest, belly and cock and rid himself of the sweat and pussy juice. It’s interesting to note here that Junaid had folded neatly and kept aside his clothes and was using didi’s dress like a rag. Didi had closed her eyes and enjoying the waves upon waves of pleasure running across her body…… when she opened her eyes, she was in for a ferocious sight. Junaid standing in between her legs with a MASSIVE fully erect cock, ready to ruin her pussy…

*Friends first of all I would like to apologise to anyone who might have been offended reading this story. If you are a slum dweller yourself or belong to a aristocratic or elite society. You have to remember that this is an erotic story and posted on such a forum so why would you come here if you didn’t want to read such stories. As long as I don’t post anything illegal or againt the rules of xossip, I think I’m good to go…. anyways getting back to the story.

Didi opened her eyes to a terrible sight, she saw from between the vally created by her massive boobs, and her fair parted legs that Junaid had now risen up, to where he was inbetween her legs and displaying his ugly, stinky but massive weapon. She gulped in anticipation about what was going to happen.

Junaid- “kyu be rundi? Ready hai mera lund lene ke liye” (why slut, are you ready to take my cock)

Didi- “nnnn nehi nnn nehi, plz mat karo” (nnnn no no, please don’t do it)

Junaid- took his cock and began to rub the massive head on her clit and run it up and down her slit.

Didi- “aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh uffffffffff mat karo” (don’t do it)

Junaid- began to take his massive bat sized cock and slowly tap its head against her clit, thap thap thap.

Didi- “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh pllllzzzzzzz aur nehi, aur mat tadpao” (don’t tease me any more)

Junaid- “toh bata, dal du andar?” (so tell me, shall I put it in?)

Didi- “daalllloooo plz” (put in in plzzz)

Junaid- “banegi mere bacche ki maa?” (will you give birth to my child?)

Didi- “haa hhaaa” (yyeesss yessss)

Junaid- Yaha rakhegi mere bacche ko “will you keep my baby here?” He said while stroking her slightly flabby belly….

Didi- “jjjj ji” (yyyy yes)

Junaid- “Milayegi mere bacche ko in milk tankero se dudu” (will you feed my baby milk from these milk tankers) he said while squeezing her boobies HARD!

Didi- “aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuu haaaaaaa” (aaauuuuuuuuu yyyesssss)

Junaid- “Fir dekh baccha paida karne ka baad tere yeh 36DD mumme 36DDD ho jayenge aur 38 gand 42…. Fir chodne ka asli maza aayega.” (look after giving birth to my child your 36DD boobs will become 36DDD and your 38 ass will become 42… then the real fun in fucking will come)

Didi- “t t t theek haiiiii plz chhhodo…” (oooo k please f-f-fuck now)… she was getting ready to absolutely faint from the absolute pleaure of getting her pussy slit rubbed up and down by his massive cock. Later I understood that he was rubbing her pussy and heating her up because he wanted to tease her and he wanted her pussy to be at its wet and slimiest so that his cock could slide in….. but mind you, it was by no means going to be an easy task.

Junaid- “chal theek hai toh le mera kala lumba gareeb lund, aaj tere iss gore, naram, mulayam, kuleen fuddi ko fhad ke tere khandaan me asli mard paida karega” (ok then take this black, long, poor cock…. Today it will pound your fair, soft, and aristocratic pussy and introduce some real men in your family bloodline.) He then stopped rubbing his cock up and down, positioned his massive door knob sized cock head on her pussy’s sacred entrance and gave a few taps to jerk of excess drops of pussy fluid, he grabbed his cock an inch below the head and gave a MASSIVE PUSH!!!

Didi- “hhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh nikalo isse, dard ho raha hai, phat jaungi mai!!!!” (hhhhhhuuuuuuuu aaaaaahhhhhhh take it out!!! It’s paining, It’ll rip me in half!) Didi’s eyes buldged out of her sockets, she was in such a shock from her pussy lips being pushed up apart and having his bat sized cock push into her insides.

Junaid- “koi nehi rundi, shuru shuru me aisa dard hota hai, fir dekh asli mard ke lund se maza kitna aaya hai” (no issues whore, it pains a bit at the start, then see what pleasure it is to get fucked by a real man’s cock.) Saying that he gave another big push, but only half the head of his massive cock was insdie her pussy.

Didi- “aaauuuuuuuuuu nnnnnnneeeeehiiiiiiiii, dard ho raha hai, nikalo plzzzzzs mai marrr jaungi!” (aaaaauuuuuuuu nnoooooooooo its paining, please take it out, I’ll die)

Junaid- “Arre rundi mare tere dushman, mera lund ka supada bhi nehi le payi, toh mere bacche ko kaise janegi? Pata hai, mere ghar me hum delivery hospital se nehi, dai maa se karwate hai, aur jab aurat baccha nikalti hai tab uski choot ki kya haalat hoti hai… maine khud apni api ka dekha tha, buri haalat ho gayi thi uski”? Isse practice man ke chal” (Nothing will happen to you slut, you still haven’t been able to take my cock head so how are you going to give birth to my child? You know in my home, none of us have babies delivered in hospitals, we get it done at home by midwives…. I’ve seen my own elder sister give birth…. Her pussy was really split and she was in great pain)…… Saying that he gave another quick but foreciful thrust and the entire door knob sized cock head was insider her pussy, secured tightly because her pussy lips had closed around his mushroom sized glans.

Didi- “oh oh oh nehi nikaloooooo, dard ho raha hai!!!” (oh oh oh take it out… its paining)….

I could see that entire of didi’s body, especially her forehead was covered in a thin film of sweat, and so was Junaid’s who was towering over her. Peridiocally deops of sweat from Junaid’s body was trickling down onto didi’s body, this I found disgusting as his slum sweat were contaminating my didi’s aristocratic body. I could see that Junaid was having great difficulty on his part also because didi’s pussy was so increadibly tight. He was constantly pushing with his cock and it was being constantly being resisted by didi’s cunt muscles. Here entire pussy region was red, trying to resist this brutal invader’s dirty cock. But as we all know in the battle for cock and pussy…. One has to surrender and its NEVER the cock.

Junaid began to ready himself for another push, as he pushed forward I could see his cock was bending from the strain. He was panting from the efforts he was putting in, because imagine this guy who was laying on top of my didi, he had to spend his energy in trying to hold this slut down as well as fuck her increadibly tight pussy. Had it been any other man…. Didi would have knocked him over and kicked him in the balls but in front of Junaid she was absolutely no match… she could resist but she could’t stop the inevitable. Junaid then quickly changed position, he brought his hands down and grabbed her by the knees and spread her legs such that her knees were touching her sides and her pussy was badly exposed right in front of him, and mind you, he did all this without taking his cock out of this slut, I was admiring his skill. How dozens of girls must have found themselves alone with him, thinking that they will try to delay the inevitable, how they would prevent this man from getting what all men seek…. But at the end of the day all the girls had to go home with a busted pussy, a limp and a womb full of seamen.

Junaid then told her, “le rundi apne zindigi ke sabse bade dard ke liye ready ho jaa, ab mai apna pura lund tere bacchedani me dalunga” (here whore get ready for your life’s greatest pain, I’m going to give one push and shove this cock up your womb)….. He then began to count “eeeeek…..dooooooo…….FUCH!!!!” (oneeeee…..two……FUCH!!!) That bastard had tricked her, he shoved it in when she wans’t fully prepared and didi payed the price, “HHHHHAAAAAYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE” and she fainted for some time…… Junaid had about half his cock inside her pussy…. Not the full as he imagined. Didi was laying there motionless, she had passed out from the pain….. Junaid bent over and began smooching her passionately, kissing her neck and licking her face like a dog…. Didi soon recovered and I guess was starting to adjust to his massive size. She was not in pain like before but she did welp with every jerk of the pelvis Junaid made. Junaid then began to slowly give small pushes only upto half his cock length…. To make her accustomed to the size. She had closed her eyes and bit her lip in pain at first but as time went by and she began to adjust she was beginning to enjoy this illicit breeding session.

Entire room was sounding like “slup slup slup” form the slow movement of his cock in and out of her pussy. Soon the pain had subsided and she was beginning to enjoy…. She put her hands behind Junaid and began to scratch her back and buttocks in pleasure. Note if you’re having sex with a woman and she really is enjoying then you WILL end up with scratch marks on your back and ass, if yo don’t that means you didn’t do your job right. Both were making lewd sex noises. I was afraid that the neighbours better not hear the noises as I’d I’m hearing it clearly then why can’t they. Didi was making unmistakable sex noises “aaaaaahhhh aaaaahhhh uffffff mmmmmffffff” and enjoying her fucking, bucking her hips up and down and trying to meet his thrusts. After about 30mins of doing this didi remarked, “Junaid…. Kitna bada hai tumhara,…. Uuuuffffff mujhe nehi laga mai kabhi pura le paungi” (Junaid…. Your’s is really huge, uuuufffff I never imagined I’d be able to take your entire cock) Junaid said mockingly, “pura?! Rundi dekh theek se” (whole?!, whore check again) Didi put her hand onto her pussy region to try to feel how much cock was left and to her utter surprise she was still easily able to grab a fist full of cock!!!! More then half of the monster was still left outside, and it was much thicker than the part insider her!!!!!!

Didi put her hand and grasped Junaid’s cock to see just how much of it was left, she was absolutely dumbfounded to see that more than half of his cock was still outside her cock. She became very scared and shy all of a sudden.

Didi- “Junaid, nehi, ruko… aur nehi plz” (Junaid, no, stop, not more)

Junaid- Reached out and grabbed her boob over her bra and squeezed it HARD!!!!

Didi- “nnnneeeehiiiiii OUCH!!! Sharam aati hai!” (noooo I’m embarrassed)

Junaid- “hahaha sharam! Kahe ka sharam? Mere samne nangi padi hai, mera lund tere andar aadha ghusa hua hai, aur kehti hai ki sharam aati hai?!” (hahaha shame? What kind of shame?! Here you are lying naked before me, my cock is half buried into your pussy and you feel shame?)…. Saying that he took his thumb and started rubbing her clit.

The combination of having his cock continuously push into her pussy and rubbing her clit made didi mad with pleasure and pain but she still kept a thread of shyness and shame inside her. I must tell you here didi’s nature…. she knew from an early age that she had assets which other girls would kill for. Our parents were rich, aristocratic and strict so she also couldn’t flaunt them but she also knew that assets like hers (36DD boobs and 38” ass couldn’t be kept hidden) so there was a sweet paradox. And also didi isn’t the kind of girl that would show off her assets but wasn’t the kind that would actively try to hide them either, I guess you can say that she was shy with a naughty streak. When she was young she used to wear jeans and top, but as she got older and her assets heavier and the contures of her ass and boobs were clearly visible, my mom notied said, “beta aaj se tum salwar pahen na, hum acche ghar ki ladkiya yehi pahenti hai” (daughter, from now on you wear salwars, we aristocratic women wear this only)…. my mom was afraid that since our home was located next to a slum, a road side romeo wouldn’t seduce my naieve daughter and bang her on the floor of a cheap slum. But didi always found a way to show off a little. When I once went in the slum to buy a ball to play cricket I heard that resident tailor say, “woh ladki hai na, arre wahi dudhel rand, hamesha kehti hai, masterji zara tight silna, seena, gaand sab ek dam bahar ubhar aata hai, dekh kar man karta hai ki isko table pe patak ke chod dalu” (you know that girl, that one with the huge milk tankers, she keeps on telling me, stich it a bit tight…. her boobs and ass are really prominent.) She also used to wear her salwar in solid light colors liek white, yellow, green and as you know if a girl with big boobs wears light solid colors, what are the effects. One day I was sleeping and didi came to wake me, she was wearing a light yellow salwar and when I opened my eyes, my got it looked like two yellow suns have risen near my face. Whenever a guy would repeatedly eye her in a mall or something she did subtle things like stick out her chest and pull down her dupatta to expose a little of her cleavage and it sued to drive the guys mad, once in a mall a guy nearly fell down the stairs he was staring at her so badly. And now imagine my sheer joy as I was getting to watch my beloved didi not only fucked by down right degraded by this slum brute, for whome she is not more than a Rs.50 whore. Now back to the story…

I don’t know why but didi was getting shy suddenly, she was feebly trying to push Junaid away, but as Junaid was skilfully massaging her clit her feeble resistance mealted away fast. She was making lewd noises like a slum whore, and covered her face with her hands in shame.

Junaid- “haha Rundi kya chupa rahi hai? Yaha mai tere pet me apna najayez beej dalne wala hu aur tu sharam ke mare mere se muh chupa rahi hai….. uske liye thora late ho gaya” (hahaha slut, what are you hiding? Here I am getting ready to put my seed into your fertile womb and you’re hiding your face from me in shame, I think its a little too late for that).

Saying that he lunged forward, his cock was halfway inside and he put pressure behind it for the other half to go in also, there was so much pressure that his cock was bending like an arrow being pushed into the wall…. He has closed his eyes and grimaced his face because his cock was circumcised and didi’s pussy so tight that his foreskin was peeling back and greatly hurting him. Didi also closed her eyes and was throwing her head side to side because of the pain of having this iron rod like cock, being thrust into her, she felt more pain then she felt when her virgin pussy was first fucked. Didi was in so much pain that she was tapping the sides of the bedsheets like she was in a wresling match and that was a signal for him to let go, but none of that was going to happen. Junaid got another 2 inches in her pussy, there was 3 inches still left…. He decided to stop her for a little while and get her pussy muscles accustomed to his girth….

Junaid- “madarchodni Sali rand, itni tight chut toh maine aaj tak nehi chodi” (stupid motherfucking whore, I haven’t encountered a pussy this tight till now)

Didi- aaaaaaah aaarrrrrrggghhhh uuuuuuuu mmmmmmmmm

Junaid- “chinta mat kar, abhi dard ho raha hai, baad me maza aayega….. fir apne aap chalkar mere kholi me aayegi chudwane ko” (don’t worry slut, it only pains int he start, later you’ll be coming on your own to my shack to get serviced) He bent down and put both of his palms on her bra, which was wet with her sweat by now and began squeezing them like ripe mangos, and his lips touched didi’s lips and began another foreceful smooch which muffled didi’s moans. “aaaaaaauuuuu hhhhmmmmmffffff.” Junaid kept his cock inside her pussy for a few minutes and in meanwhile didi was moaning and panting, trying to adjust to his massive size insider her pussy. It was like someone had shoved his fist into her pussy. Junaid bend down and was whispering things in her ear, somehow I was able to hear their dialogue.

Junaid- “jaan dard ho raha hai?” (darling is it paining?)

Didi- “hmmmm thora sa….” (yessss a little bit….)

Junaid- “chinta na kar, aaj tera yeh makhmali choot ka bhosda banaunga…. fir haathi ka lund bhi legi toh pata nehi chalega…. hahaha” (don’t worry today I’ll turn this velvety pussy into a gutter…. then you wont feel even if you take an elephant cock… hahaha)

Saying this he began to nibble on her ear lobe, kiss her neck and gently put love bites on them, didi was moaning and gasping with every single contact of his dirty lips, who knows where the same lips were 3hrs ago? Probally on the cunt of a dirty slum slut or sipping on some locally made hoonch, or perhaps puffing away on a bidi… all things that didi had considered low class but here she was right now getting absolutely toyed with the same lips. Junaid began madely to lick her entire face like a dog and this really turned on didi who was making lewd sounds, “uuuuffffff, aaahhhhhhh” Junaid now began to slowly pump in and out of her… I could clearly see that his cock was such a tight fit inside her pussy that with every push, her pussy lips were being pushed inside her cunt and with every pull her pussy stuck to his cock like a pink glove. But after a few thrusts as her pussy became more wet she adjused to the size and thrust and began to enjoy.

Junaid- “dekh rundi teri choot ab ek rasmalai ki tarah gili ho chuki hai” (look slut, your pussy is moist like a rasmalai (North Indian tasty desert).

Didi- “nnnn nehi, ddd dhere” (nnnn no, ssssslower)

Junaid- began to move his cock in and out faster, sounds of wet bodies grinding and slappin filled the room…. “aaahhh aaaahhhh meri jaan yeh fuddi hai ya jannat ka rasta” (aaahhh aaahhh is this a pussy or gateway to heaven)

Didi- was jus starting to enjoy this fucking, she had never been fucked to this extent and her pussy was never ploughed to this extreme depth. “ooouuuuuu yeeeehhh yyeeeehhhh fuck me fuck me, deeper, harrrrrdd”

Junaid- “kya bol rahi hai rundi? Mujhe itni angrezi samajh aati nehi par lagta hai ki tujhe maza aaraha hai” (what are you saying slut? I don’t understand much English but it seems like you’re having fun).

He bagan moving his cock in and out faster…. He used to move his cock until just the head was touching the tip of her pussy and then shove it back in…. When he did that I could see that his entire cock was glistening with didi’s greedy pussy juice. He was doing that quite frequently, pulled out his cock until only the tipped was inside her pussy and thrust it in. He was fucking her in a rythm and the melody of sex filled the room; thap thap thap, oouuu ouuu ouuu… Junaid was a wicked boy, he never liked to play by the rules… so sometimes he varied the pattern of his fucking to keep her guessing… sometimes he would miss a beat and not pull his cock out other times he would pull it out and immediately thrust it in, not waiting. This unpredictability was making didi mad. She now put her hands around his buttocks and used her long nails to scratch his buttock and back in pleaure…. as you all might know that you msut be careful while fucking a girl with long nails because she turns into a tigress…. she will maul your back, buttocks and face…. with her long nails in pleasure… its just like a retribution for the pain you’re causing her inside her pussy.

I will also tell you another thing that Junaid told me…. Never make all pleasurable for a woman. Women are social creatures full of emotions so they like to be taken through the entire ambeit of emotions.If you’re having sex only to give her pleasure then pretty soon she will leave you and find someone like him how is not afraid to give her some much needed pain. Go ahead, cuddle her, kiss her, comfort her…. but also don’t forget to bite her, spank her or pull her hair a little bit.

Imagine the scene… Didi was laying there like a defeated princess whose only purpose was to carnally please the victorious general as to spare her kingdom from loot and plunder. She was lying on her back, her hair desheveled and spread across her face…. Her entire body was covered in sweat…. and this dark monster Junaid, towering between her legs which was spread oven and he was pumping into her pussy like scoring a goal, Every time he would thrust his cock in, her flabby thighs would quiver and she would dig her nails into Junaid’s ass a little deeper. I noticed that her pussy was streachced like the letter “O” around his cock like a rubber band and was foaming at the edges from the furous fucking and copious mixture of pussy lubricant and pre cum. I could sense from Junaid’s expression that he was about to cum, he couldn’t hold on any longer…. He suddenly grabbed a hold of didi’s legs and pushed them apart on either side by holding her ankles, didi yelped in pain “aaaaauuuuuuu!!!” He completely removed his cock form her pussy, even the tip, there was pussy juice dripping from his tip… and then with brutal force he thrust it back in didi yelped, “OUCH NEHI!!!” (OUCH NOOO!!!)… then he did the same thing, he would take out his cock clear out of her pussy and thrust it back in…. after 4-5 times he did this didi’s pussy began to make strange sounds…. “pppprrrrrrr, ppprrrrrrrr, Phak, Phak, brrrrrrrr” it was actually sound which came from air being pushed into her pussy and being trapped there, and when his piston like cock pushed and created pressue, it escaped, vibrating the velvety walls and making noise…

Didi got quite shy from this lewd noise which she thought sounded like farting, and the fact that she be the source of this noise was unacceptable to her…. he pleaded with Junaid to stop fucking her like this.

Didi- “Ju Ju Ju Junaid…. aise nehi…. sharam aati hai” (ju ju ju Junaid, please not like this…. I feel embarrassed)

Junaid- “kyu be saali rand maza nehi aaraha” (why slut, aren’t you having fun?)

Didi- “plz aise mat andar dalo, aisa lagta hai ki ki…..” (please don’t fuck me like this its sounding like…..)

Junaid- “jaise kya? Pad mar rahi hai hahahahahaha” (like what…. like you’re farting hahahaha)

Didi- turned her head away from him in extreme embarrassment, her cheeks became bright red…. as the lewd sounds of pussy farting still resounded throughout the room… “bbbrrrrrrrr, prrrrrrrrr, ppeeerrrrrrr, vach, vach”

After some time she stopped paying attention to the noises and began to enjoy herself, she moved her hips in unison to Junaids to take his cock into her pussy. She was still digging her nails into his back and buttocks in extreme pleasure. She also sometimes squeezed her own boobs which Junaid seemed love love. One odd thing I noticed, much to my annoyance is that why didn’t Junaid open her bra yet, surely any guy who noticed didi would firstly fantacise about her boobs, then what’s keeping him from opening them and experiencing them himself… we’ll I would get the answer later that night…. Junaid quickened his pace of fuckeing and now he was pushing his body off the bed and lunging into her pussy making her yell in pleasure/ pain making her moan like a whore, “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” and also his pussy was making sounds like a seasoned whore’s pussy, “bbbrrrrrrrpppppp” he did that a few times and said.

Junaid- “baby ready hai” (baby are you ready)

Didi- “ah ah ah ah haan” (ah ah ah ah yessss)

Junaid- “ready hai mere bacche ki ammi banne ke liye” (are you ready to be the mother of my child)

Didi- “uff uff uff uff haan” (uff uff uff yesss)

Junaid- “toh leh Sali do take ki raand, aaj se teri jawani, zindigi, sanman sab mera hua, tu hui merei rakhel” (than take it whore, from today, your youth, life, respect are all mine…. you are now my keep)

He lunged massively deep into her pussy…. so deep that the 3 inches of his cock which he had saved all went inside. Didi was surprised beyond belief that this guy still had cock left outside…. Her eyes popped out of her socket as she arched her back and gave out a gasp, “ooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!” She raised her massive ass off the bed and Junaid used this opportunity to slide a pillow under her ass. So that her pussy was raised… he then mashed his cock into her pussy until his balls rested on her ass and grabbed his shoulders…. Didi began scratching his face because she was in pain for him to let got but he was absolutely cemented to her body…. cock buried upto hilt in her pussy, hairy chest mashed against her boobs, and lips totaly against hers in a sloopy smooch….. he let out a massive groan….. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH and was cumming torrents inside her… His cock was so buried inside her that it was clear that he wasn’t cumming into her pussy but his cock went past her pussy, past her cervix and he was directly bathing her fertile eggs with his spearm and flooding her womb. My jija probally cummed very little and even when it did it was watery… but this guy’s cum was like ghee (clarified butter) think and stringy, like mozeralla pizza cheese…. As we speak trillions of little Junaids must be in her womb frantically searching for her prized aristocratic egg trying to make another carbon copies of Junaid….. She was in a sublime state from having her womb absolutely full to the brim with his sperm, her eyes were glazed and distant and her pain had given away to pleaure. It was a very primal pleasure from knowing that she had just been bred by a powerful and dominating man…. that she would give birth to his new generation…. FUCK marriage, she wasn’t even aware of jijaji (her husband) I bet if you even went and asked for his name, she’d not be able to recall.

After laying on top of her for a few minutes Junaid withdrew…. as he pulled his cock away in an audible “plop!” I could see strings of cum attached to her cock head to her pussy insides… She tried to get up but junaid slapped her boobs HARD!!! And they jiggled and she fell back down….

Junaid- “Kaha jaa rahi hai rundi” (where are you going slut)

Didi- “bathroom, saaf karne” (bathroom, to clean)

Junaid- “kya saaf karegi” (what will you clean?)

Didi- “yeh” (this) she said pointing to a few strands of cum leaking from he pussy…

Junaid- “chup saali chinal, yehi toh asli maal hai, isi se toh tere pet ba bacche aayege” (shut up fucking whore, this is the real deal, with this only will you get a baby in your belly)

While saying he adjusted the pillow under her ass so that her pussy was facing up and her belly (womb) down and he took her hand, placed it on her pussy and said, “ab isse band rakh” (now keep it closed)…. he said so that his precious sperm doesn’t leak out and she gets pregnant assured….. “Jaan tere ander jitna maal giraya hai, isse judwa toh kya tirwa bhi ho sakte hai hahaha” (darling, the amount I’ve cummed inside you, leave twins you could have triplets also hahaha)……

Just then I heard a silent humming and looked down from the balconey to the road leading to my house..

I noticed a slight humming noise coming from downstairs from the road leading from my house to the nearby slums. The road was dark but after sometime I noticed a lone e-rickshaw coming towards my house. I was thinking who could it be at this house and where were they headed? To my horror they stopped right below my house and out came two other well built goons. One was Aslam the same slum tailor’s son& assistant who had kept a bad eye on her when she went to get her dresses stitched. He would often fight with his father on taking her measurements that he should let him learn. His father was also a tharki (horny man) and he wanted to compete with his son for the opportunity but often gave him the tape measure. He would deliberately do mistakes so that his father asked him to do it again. He conversation would go like while taking measurements:-

Tailor- “beta naap batana” (son tell me the measurements)

Aslam- “papa seena 45” (dad chest 45)

Tailor- “bhap madarchod, theek se le, niche se” (stupid fucker take it properly, from underneath) implying that chest messurements are not taken from over the boobs but underneath them. *note when we mention a boob size the digits are the chest size that is the diameter of the ribcage, and the letters are the boob cup size*

Aslam- he would deliberately fumble with the tape measure rubbing his knuckles uner her boobs and grazing his hand along them. Making pulses of pleasure wave thorugh her body. He would ask her many times, “madam itna tight?” (madam this tight?) and use this excuse to stay only her boobs for a good 5mins and take many measurements. He would also take unnecessary measurements like the distance form one nipple to another. When my didi asked that this wasn’t done in any ladies tailor he would used to say, “arre madam aap jante nehi papa ek mashoor darzi hai, jab ki dusre darzi 4-5 maap lete hai, hum kam se kam 20 alag alag maap lete hai taki dress ekdam badiya aur fitted ho, aur aap jaise sundar madam pe toh yeh aur bhi zada zaroorat hai” (madam, you’re not aware that father is a very famous tailor, while others take only 4-5 measurements we take at least 20 so that the final product is perfectly fitted, this is even more important when madam is as beautiful as you)…. didi used to blush with happiness while completely unaware that she was smiling at her own molestation. Aslam used to take the measurement and say, “papa seena 36” (dad chest 36)

Tailor- “theek hai beta, aur cup?” (ok son, and cup?)

Aslam- “papa dekhkar toh D lagta hai” (dad, looks like a D-cup)

Tailor- “nehi beta, madam ka DD cup hai, unhone tight shaped bra pahen rakhi hai iss liye bade nehi dikh rahe, dekh unke straps unke side pe kitne tight hai, chamdi me ghuse hui hai, yeh bhi dekh ki madam ke bra clasp pe 4 hooks hai na ki 1-2” (no son, madam is at least a DD cup, she’s wearing a tight shaped bra which makes them look smaller, look at her bra straps, they’re tight and have sunk into her skin, also look that her bra clasp has 4 hooks instead of 1 or 2) *note- if you really want to know a woman’s boob size don’t fall for the cleavage because that can be easily fooled by wearing a push up bra and low cut top…. always keep an eye for how tight her bra is, her tight its straps her, and how prominent the clasp is how many hooks its held up by; 1,2 or 4…. basically look if she’s trying to hide something or trying to stop something from falling out… then you’ll know you got a realy “dudhel rand” (milk tanker slut) on your hands.* By hearing the 100% accurate and degrading description of her body she was blushing but she was impressed how knowledgable this man was and how he was always teaching his son.

The other boy was Rashid, he is a student of my class and son of the local pimp and drug dealer as well, he helped out his father whenever he got a chance. Sometimes I asked him that why he’s doing all this and if he is doing this why is he coming to my class. He honestly said that he needs to pass class XII (he had failed many times) to be eligible for man govt. yojanas which would be extra financial help. Many times I saw him in the back allies pimping local girls and selling packets of drugs. Most of the girls pimped by him were thin, and ugly, but today he really had an opportunity to test his hands on a real high class slut.

Anyways I was both petrified and excited. Petrified because inviding two people was never in the deal and many things could go wrong in leaving these slum brutes with my aristocratic family members, and excited because it is a golden opportunity, afterall what’s better than wathing my sister get ravaged by one slum brute? It’s wathing her get ravaged by three slum brutes haha.

So they opened the front door (which had been left open by Junaid) and walked up the stairs into didi’s room (I guess in the phone call Junaid had also told the location of didi’s room) my heart paused for a moment because these junior goondas (gangsters) were headed to the wrong room! They were going to my mother’s room!!! My mother’s room was besides didi’s room so they must have read the direction wrong. They opened the door and walked in, I was petrified of what may happen…. shifted my position so that I could see the window of the adjacent room. They opened the door and walked in, mom was sleeping on her back, wearing a bath robe… she had a habit of taking a warm shower just before sleeping. Her wet discheveled hair and fair legs with tiny water droplets made her look just like a goddess. They went near and say her and immediately began to scratch their cocks over pants. But they also look confused that where was Junaid, and he was supposed to call them when half of the work was already done.

Aslam -“abe chutiye sidi se teesra darwaza, yeh dusra hai” (you idiot, the third door from the stairs, these are teh second)….

Rashid- “haan yar par dekh iss rundi ko, kaise leti hui hai, isi ko aaj chak lete hai” (yeh man, but look at this whore, how’s she’s lying down, lets taste her instead)

Aslam- “nehi be plan pe chal, chal agle darwaze pe” (no, stick to the plan…. lets go to the other door)

I breathed a shigh of relief that atelase my mother was spared, she would have never agreed to this dishonourable plan of didi’s aristocratic womb being bread with these common thugs, that is why as I’ve mentioned before didi had ground up some anti depressants and mixed it in her milk so that she would not be disturbed by the moaning and screaming coming form the next door. I shifted back to my original position, still looking through my mobile phone and recording the entire scene. The irony is that I could easily afford the expensive phone which was recording the whole scene but I can never have the skills or courage to fuck such a goddess. I bet ther were thousands of men who dreamed of fucking my didi but they would be in for a shock of their lives if they knew that she was here getting her brains fucked out by this low class brute. Anyways…. I was reacording and waiting for what would happen next. Didi was still laying down with her hand closing her pussy entrance and a pillow under her ass so that all the buckets of sperm deposited by Junaid would flow back and collect in her fertile womb. She was in a state of bliss, her skin was flushed, covered in a thin layer of sweat, her eyes were half closed…. it was a mixture of sheer orgasmic pleasure and the mental peace of knowing that she was now impregnated and would be able to save her marriage and family. Junaid on the other hand was laying shamelessly besides her, his cock now deflated but impressive none the less.

He was looking at his phone, as if waiting for something, well he didn’t have to wait for long.

Tak taka tak tak (knocking music)… there was a knock on the door…. One thing Junaid told me later was that often when slum people were fucking girls in their slums, they may be fucking the daughter or sister or even wife of the owner of the shack…. they send out their friends as lookout to tell them before hand if someone was coming so that they would get a few minutes to run away or send them to get soft drinks and snacks (after all fucking is a tiresome game) so when their friends came they made a certain type of knock on the door, letting them know that it is same and not to worry and open the door. We don’t have this time of openness and cooperation in our high class society. First off all if you manage to get a girl who is willing to get fucked, none of your friends will lend you a room for a few hours, not even theirs, in fact if they, themselves are in love with the girl they will downright sabotage your plans by telling yoru parents or her parents… But what I like about these guys is that they not only cooperate with eachother to fuck, but also pass around the girl. When one guy has fucked her and kicked her to the side, immediately his friend warms up to the girl, comforots her, and then he fucks her also… this goes on until the girl is fucked from the entire group. All the friends have a great laugh about it over drinks but all the girl gets is a streached out pussy and ass and boobs increase without surgery. Anyways getting back to the story.

After hearing the knock, didi immediately became frigntened and stood up, using the pillow placed under her ass to cover her pussy (remember she was still wearing her bra which was by now drenched in her sweat) Junaid said in a loud and firm voice, “aa gaye madar chodo, darwaza khula hai” (so you’ve finally come fuckers, the door is open) The door knob was turned and in their excitement they flung open the door…. And here stood two contrasting slum dwelling lower class brutes. Aslam the tailor’s son was pretty lanky fellow wearing a dirty lungi an a kurta, he was young and sported a typical gotee. Rashid on the other hand was shaped like a bull, he was barrel chested and very tall, had a mean looking face and was wearing a diry work pants and cheap shirt, stained by grease and paint. As soon as didi saw these brutes she let out a shreaking scream, “aaaaaaaaahhhh” Junaid got annoyed and used this oppertinity to take one hand behind her back, and completely rip apart the bra clasp and put her bra along the strap and threw it at Rashid, now didi was sitting before them totally topless…. My GOD! I was dumbfounded to see her boobs for real, for years she has dangled them in front of me. They were absolutely massive milktankers free from any blemishes… msut have been 36DD in size, with just a hint of sag, because they were so big… but their over all form was simply gravit defying. They were topped off by two of the sweetest pink nipples I’ve ever seen, they looked like cherry on top my my didi’s fair vanilla mounds. Sensing what happened didi shrieked and used the pillow she was hiding her pussy with to cover her boobs, in the process exposing her freshly exposed pussy to the brutes. In a split second she recognized her mistake and again used the pillow to cover her pussy and her hands to cover her boobs. But the fun part was that her boobs were so big that her hands only covered 20% of them and the rest was bulging out from the sides lewdly.

Rashid -“Junaid mian lagta hai tum apna kaam kar chuke hao, iss rundi ki choot toh bilkul cream roll bana diya” (brother Junaid, looks like you really did a number on this whore…. her pussy looks like a cream roll) while sniffing didi’s bra thrown to him.

Aslam -“wah re Junaid, mumme dekh iske, jaise bacche ko dudu pilane ki dairy ho” (wow Junaid, look at her boobs look like they were made to suckle a child) and the entire room filled with laughter.

Rashid- “Junaid mian, iska toh tune kam kar diya…. ab toh baccha tera hi nikelga iske pet se, toh humare liye maza kya?” (but Junaid brother you have done the job on her, the child will be yours, so where is the fun for us?)

Junaid -“mian ab tak toh tumhare khud ke 10 aur najayez 120 bacche ghum rahe hai, aurto ko pet se karna toh aapka showk ho chukka hai” (brother, you have atleast 10 kids on yoru own and 120 illigitimate ones roaming the city, impregnating women has become your hobby).

Aslam- “arre dost tu janta nehi kya maza aata hai, aurat ki choot me pani girana fir roz uska pet phulte hue dekhna, fir ek din uske god me apne ansh ko khelte dekhna, kitna badiya feeling hai” (dear friend, you don’t know yet what fun it is, to deposit your sperm in a woman’s womb, to watch her belly swell with time and then one day watch you own blood playing with her in her lap).

Rashid- “accha yeh bata Junaid sath wali room me kaun hai, badi gadariya raand hai, doodh, gand ekdam phoole hue” (Junaid, who is the curvaceous slut in the next room, boobs, ass totally huge)

Junaid’s eyes lit up as he realised that there were more hidden treasure in the house and he had another womb to father his child. He became excited like a small child…. But didi on the other hand was petrified she realised that her entire plan was going to unravel fast! So forgot all her aristocratic grace and got up with one hand trying to feebly cover her boobs and the small pillow covering her pussy she ran upto Rashid and fell to his feet and began begging to spare her, to do anything to her and forget about anyone else.

Rashid kicked her and she fell lewdly on her ass, her legs were parted and I bet he was getting a wide angled view of her pussy and boobs. She quickly realised her position and used her right hand to cover her pussy and left hand to cover both boobs. To be honest she was looking more hot that way than if she was completely naked because here was an aristocratic lady who had just been not only fucked by bred by a lower class brute and she was still trying to protect her modesty, how cute! She was weeping because she figured out that these people in front of her were brutes and now that they’ve seen our mom in the next room, they’re sure to act.

Rashid- “bata rundi kaun hai woh” (tell me whore, who is she)

Didi- “meri maa hai….. plz plz plz chor do…..” (my mom, please please please, let her go)

Rashid- “Rundi tujhe darr nehi lagta, teri maa bagal wali kamre me so rahi hai, aur tu yaha chinal ki tarah chud rahi hai?” (slut aren’t you afraid that here you are being bred like a street whore and your mom is sleeping in the next room)

Didi- “nnnnehi nnnehi maine neend ki goli de di hai unhe, woh nehi jaagenge” (n n no nnnnno I’ve given her sleeping pills, she wont awoken)

Rashid- “hahaha dekho bhaiyo, yeh uche khandan ki rundiya kitni chalu hoti hai, yeh toh bilkul humari slum wali technique hai….. tujhe pata hai rundi, kabhi kabhi humare slums me bhi ladkiya apne gharwalo ko neend ki dawai deke sula deti hai aur fir unhi ke paas bed pe chud jati hai…. “ (haha look brothers, these aristocratic women are so cunning, this is just like the girls in our slums… sometimes when their boyfriends are to come over, they also grind sleeping pills in the food, then get fucked right next to the bed where everyone is sleeping)…

Aslam- “toh kya kare bhai jaan?” (Then what should we do brother?)

Rashid- “karna kya hai? Uthake laa uss rundi ko yaha, ek ke sath ek free hahaha” (what is to be done, bring here here….. we’ve gotten one free with another… hahaha)

Didi- “nehi nehi plz aisa mat karo…. jo karna hai mere sath karo…. meri maa ko chod do” (no no please don’t do this to her, whatever you want to do, do with me, leave her alone)

But the two; Aslam and Junaid didn’t listen to her and went to the other room to fetch mom. I was dead scared because this wasn’t part of the deal, i should have sent mom on a trip or to her relative’s house…. this was a mistake I had done by doing this while she was home and now i was going to have to pay for it. There was also no question of my intervension else they would have thrown me off the same balcony I was secretly filming them from. Didi on the other hand was hysterical, she got up and tried to run and stop Junaid and Aslam from bringing her into the room but Rashid had anticipated this, as she got up to run behind them, she caught her by the arm, pinned her on the wall and began to grope her boobs and wildly smooch her lips. Didi was still struggling to free her self and prevent the goons from executing their plan of get one free aristocratic pussy with another but this looked like it was not going to happen. Didi, in her desperation gave a kick with her knees to Rashid’s balls but Rashid immediately took his right hand and landed a massive slap on her open pussy, “CHARAAK!!!” didi fell forward from the surprise and pain, imagine getting slapped across the face surprisingly but now imagine that its the most sensitive part of your body, guarded with only two thin delicate rose petal of lips.

In the meanwhile I could see that Aslam and Junaid had picked up my mom and brought her to the room, they set her down on the bed which was now wet with the sweat, sperm and pussy juices of my didi’s and Junaid’s illegitimate breeding:-

Junaid- “kafi bhaari hai yeh rundi” (this whore is quite heavy)

Aslam- “haan be sab in mummo aur gaand ka wazan hai” (yes, you’re right, its all weight of the huge boobs and ass)

I was really shocked as they were talking about my mom as she was just a peice of meat, although at times I’ve also seen her in that way. Often times my mother would hug me tightly but she wouldn’t think of me like a grown man, my face would be rubbing against her massive boobies, resting in the valley between and my dick would stand in ovation to enter the hole I came out from years ago.

Now she was at the mercy of these brutes and didn’t even know about it. Didi was now completely lost in Rashid’s expert hands, she was getting her boobs milked like a cow with one hand and pussy caressed with another hand while his expert mouth smooched hers. Just than Rashid gave another light slap to her pussy, “chatak!” which made her come to her senses. She laid eyes on her mother who was now laid out on the bed where only minutes before she was getting fucked…

Didi started getting uncomfortable and crying hysterically, “dekho plz meri zindigi barbaad mat karo plz, mai ek acche ghar ki ladki hu” (please don’t ruin my life, I’m a girl from an aristrocratic household) Junaid was getting pissed at hearing this…. “chup Sali rand, kahe ka accha ghar? Apne maa ko neened ki dawai deke mujhse chudwati hai, apne pati ko dhoka deke dusre ka baccha paida karwane chali aur ab sharif hone ka dhong karti hai!” (shut up your fucking slut, what aristocracy? You have sedated your mother so that you can get fucked in the next room, so that you pass on someone else’s child in front of your husband and you call yourself honourable!) Those words stung didi like anything, he was absolutely correct. She was nothing but a selfish bitch, no better than those slum sluts… she was willing to pass of this man’s illegitimate child as her husband’s own just to protech her own marriage. If she has done such a dishonourable deed then what right does she have to stop these guys what they’re doing now? Just while she was thinking all these heavy thought, Rashid gave her a big push and she landed on the bed right next to mom. It was wonderfull to see these two buxom ladies laid side by side on the bed. Two generations of the finest meat that our rich aristocratic society has to offer to these slum dwelling brutes. They were already raping them with their eyes and thinking all sorts of things.

Junaid- “toh dost log, plan kya hai?” (so friends, what is the plan?)

Rashid- “plan kaisa, tune iss chinal ko chak liya hai toh ab tu iske maa pe chad jaa” (what plan, you’ve already tasted this slut, so go on mount her mother…)

Aslam- “Bhaijaan mujhe bhi aise dudhel auntiya pasand hai, mai bhi pahle isse chakhunga fir iski beti ko” (brother, I too like these kind of MILFs, so I’d like to taste her first and then her daughter)

Rashid- “chal theek hai mere bhai, jaise teri marzi, aur sun Junaid tu ne jo mere se loan liya tha na Rs. 6000 ka, chal woh bhi maaf, aise top class dudhel rundiya dhundne ke liye” (ok brother, as you see fit, oh yeah listen Junaid, the loan you took from me of Rs. 6000, I’ll write that off, afterall where are you going to find such buxom babes, they’re priceless)

I was absolutely stunned at this, here I was who thought himself as clever taking Rs. 1000 from Junaid for fucking my didi, I didn’t need the money, I just thought of the devilish pleasure I’d get from knowing that I had pimped my sister, even if for a paltry sum and here was this mother fucker who further pimped my sister for six times the amount…. And on top of that got my mom free with the deal… Didi was just lying there stunned, both fearful and anticipatory of what was about to happen next…

Both mother and daughter were lying side by side, oh what sight it was, both sluts in their own time, having a generation gap between them. I’m sure it was possible that the father’s of these ruffians had fucked mom in the same dingly room in the slums where they were born… Imagine the sheer irony that today the same cock was going to taste the pussy where which their father had tasted. Didi was beginning to regain her composure and was beginning to sit up, but Rashid had anticipated this and made a pre-emptive move… Immidiately he moved inbetween her legs and thrust his hand in her pussy and began to gently massage her yoni like caressing the petals of a delicate flower. He gently pinched the pussy lips, ran his fingers up and down her slit and occasionally rubbed her clit with his knuckles. His knuckles were calloused with years of hard manual labour so his hard hands created quite a sensation on her soft pussy. It was like the merget of yin and yang. Now I was surprised as to why at even this juncture didi had completely surrendered to this brute, why wasn’t she kicking her legs and protesting. I was later told by Junaid, in his own words that, “sir yeh ladkiya apne choot ki gulam hoti hai, bas chodne wala chahea, theek tarah se ragda toh kya bhai, kya baap, dost, ya nowker kuch nehi dekhti, bas tange failake dene ko ready rehti hai…. Isse liye hum slumwale apne auroto ko zada aazadi nehi dete, pata nehi khai humara aur chude padosi se” (sir, these girls are slaves of their pussy, if rubbed right doesn’t matter who it is; father, brother, friend or servant… just spread their legs… that is why we slum dwellers don’t give our women much freedom, or it will turn out that they eat from our house and get fucked elsewhere.) I though his statements were very sexist and he saw women in a very poor light but then what was my sister doing? A rich aristocratic buxom woman getting broken down and reduced to a common street slut by these ruffians.

While didi was getting her pussy rubbed, I could clearly see that she was arching her back, means she was wanting for more. Rashid bent over and planted a kiss on her forehead, then on her nose, then on her lips and she responded positively, she arched her back and went forward for another kiss, this mader her mountainous breasts stand out even more, Rashid used the opportunity to grab one with his bear paw like hands and give them a nice firm squeeze, a slight moan escaped her mouth, “ooohhh” and her pussy began to moisten again. Sensing the time being right she began to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear. One thing he told me that sometimes a woman’s ears are more sensitive than her pussy, if you are close ot a woman and can give her a hug, give her a kiss, and if you can give her a kiss, nibble her ear, and if you do nibble her ear then she will herself offer her pussy to you. So after a few rubs of her pussy didi instinctively threw her arms around his neck and began to enjoy the smooch. Rashid instinctively laid on top of didi with his clothes on and began to smooch her as well as grope her body. There is a sense of humiliation when the man has his clothes on and the woman is naked and completely lost, it means that the woman’s shame is exposed in front of the man and that the man is in control of taking off his clothes and taking things to the next level. So both of them were like two snakes mating, kissing and groping. Next I turned my attention to mom who was about to be moutend by Aslam and Junaid.

My mom was lying face down with her ass facing upwards, her thin nightey wraped around tightly so all of my mom’s monsterous curves could clearly be seen. The contures of her massive ass, as well as the deep valley between them. Aslam had never seen such a woman in his life, he might have seen some in movies but he was absolutely mad to see one in real life, and that too lying only centimetres away from him. He went absolutely beserk and began to grope my mom, he was stroking, pinching, licking, kissing and god knows what to her body. Clearly his favourite was her prominent ass as he began to focus on that. Hungrily he began to stroke her ample ass over the thin fabric. He was pawing her ass like a hungry dig paws at food wrapped in plastic, trying to rip it off and satisfy his hunger. He then lifted her nighty over her waist to expose her huge ass, it was covered by a thing satin panties. Rashid wasted absolutely no time, he grabbed two ends of the elastic and giave it a massive tug resuling in it taring down and he flug the useless piece of cloth to one side. When I watched that worthless piece of cloth hit the ground and turned my attention to my mom, I was dumb founded. I could see two massive globes of her ass, illuminated by the room’s light and drops of bath water which shone like beads of perls. Oh my god she looked like a sea mermain just waiting to be fucked. She had a deep valley between her ass cheeks which hid two of her greatest assets; her asshole and pussy. Rashid’s eyes almost popped out of their socket after seeing this. He left her nightly crunched around her waist for the time being and decided to focus on her ass for some time. Like a greedy wolf he plunged his face into her ass and pushed it deep. He was clearly an ass man and like a dog he was licking and trying to get to her treasures of pussy and ass. I could see that only his ears were out and his entire face was insider her ass. Junaid grabbed him by the hair and pulled him away and said, “saale madarchod, kha jaiga kya? Chal nangi kar chinal ko, subah nikalna bhi hai” (motherfucker, will you eat her? Quick take off her clothes, we have to fuck her and leave by sunrise). Reluctantly both Rashind and Aslam agreed. Both of them stood aside the bed getting off of their respective bitches and began taking their clothes off. They first took off their shirts and then their pants… as usual both were wearing cheap undergarments stained by grease and other things. Without any fanfare they took their vests off and flung them to their sides. Didi was now agape in anticipation, she had already been fucked and flooded with cum by a monster, what new thing did this brute bring to the table. Rashid walked closed to didi and grabbed the back of her head and brought it mere one inch from his crotch and said, “chal rundi khol” (now bitch open it) This time didi knew exactly what to do so she took both of her hands and tugged at the elastic, as his underwear came down bit by bit I was agast, if the previous guy was a monster then he was a king monster, his cock was an inch longer and a inche thicker. It looked like an ugly aelien protruding from his body with a stocky base and a purple head with only one small slit for an opening. Didi didn’t say anything because she was speechless…. She didn’t question him on how that monster was going to fit inside her tiny pussy because Junaid had done most of the streaching before him, and she now realised the joy of taking a monster cock, her pussy was literally weeping with the joy of being split impossibly open by another of these ruffian gunda cock.

My mom was another story, Rashid was also similarly disrobing and his cock was no less impressive… He was a lanky fellow but his cock was extraordinary, it looked like the trunk of an elephant. He then quickly turned my mother on her back and ripped the remainder of her nighty off. This was the first time I had seen mom’s boobs absolutely without any cover. Oh my god they were HUGE!!! What was more surprising that they were with just a little hint of sag but all the while maintained their shape perfectly. All those who have fucked busty women in the past would understand when I say boobs need to have natural sag, because if they didn’t they’d look like the silicone boobs of the pornstars, like an inflated balloon or ball on a woman’s chest. Rashid commented, “bahenchod mumme dekh iss rand ke…. Jaise Mt. Everest ho! Man karta hai ki aaj hi iska saara dudu pi jau!” (Holy shit, look at the boobs on this thing…. Like Mt. Evrest, I feel liking drinking all her milk today)…. Junaid replied, “chal teri yeh iccha bhi puri kar denge… par aaj nehi, 9 mahine baad…” (Okay we’ll also make your this wish come true but not today, but after 9 months). It took me a minute to grasp the jist of the joke but then the seriousness finally hit me. Holy Shit! They were planning on making my mom pregnanat! This wasn’t in the deal! What was I going to do!!! In an involuntary moment of fear I lunged forward and this made a noise, I quickly realised the error of my ways and how easy it was for these seasoned goons to simply toss me over the edge of my balcony and I hid again. The three gundas looked like hyenas to where the noise came from but since it wasn’t the ground floor they must have thought it was the wind and focused on the buxom aristocratic women and their humiliation and destruction at hand….

My mother was laying there on her back, with her massive mount Everest sized boobies uncovered, they were masterpieces of biology and what made them even better was the fact that so many years ago I had grown up sucking nutricious milk from those same boobies… I’ve often heard my mother complain to my aunts, “mere seene me toh doodh ka pressure bahut badh jata hai, aggar Ankit ko aaj teej bhuk nehi lagi toh fir se raat ko nipples me dard hoga” (my chest is paining again, looks like the pressure of milk is building up, if Ankit isn’t hungry as much today than it will pain my nipples in the night) then the reply used to come, “aggar Ankit ko no lage toh bhi kuch nehi, bas apne pati dev ko bol dena woh pi lenge” (if Ankit isn’t hungry still no issues, just tell your husband dear your problem and he’ll empty them) and they had a good laugh on this afterwards. Mom was laying there and her massive mounds reminded me like that of the Taj Mahal, her entire body was white as marble, which you could trace down to her wide hips and massive ass, although she was naked, I still couldn’t see her pussy as her legs was closed, but Rashid was soon to change that, he was a man who took things slow, he liked to savour the moment. He took his palms and gently began caressing her thighs upto her pussy region, he did that a few times while resting her head next to his dirty unclothe cock. I bet she could smell the strong stench of poverty and manliness from his cobra sized cock. He began to stroke her thighs like someone does for a cat. He began moaning in her sleep indicating the extreme pleasure she was feeling and instinctively opened her legs…. for the first time I could clearly see the same canal I came from. I was surprised to see how clean it was, her thighs were milky white with a thin pink slit running across the middle topped off by a button shaped clit. It seemed that she had shaved just that night because there wasn’t even a strand of hair Rashid commented, “bhai jaan choot dekh iss rand ka, jaise abhi chudne jaa rahi hai” (brother look at this whore’s pussy, looks like she’s going to get fucked just now). Then he took his index finger and ran it up and down her slit, feeling the slickness of her juices, then he grazed his finger on her clit very lightly and ran it in circles…. it was clear that mom was aroused because now she was heaving her chest heavily. She was resting her head on Rashid’s naked lap heavily and from that distance he grabbed her heaving boobs and squeezed them HARD!, a little moan escaped my mom’s mouth… uuufffff. He grabbed hold of her nipples and began to play with it, rolling it between his fingers and squeezing them, pinching softly. This attention mady mom’s pussy wet, I could see it from here glistening. Rashid commented, “rundi ki choot dekh, Ganga, Yamuna beh rahi hai, pata nehi kitni dino se chudi nehi hai” (look at the whore’s pussy, its flowing like the Ganga and Yamuna, from the looks of it seems that it’s not been fucked in ages). Then he positioned the tip of his index finger on the entrance of her pussy, he rubbed it for a moment and then slowly began to push in… clearly he was having difficulty pushing his finger into her pussy than imagine what would his cock do? After he had got his finger past the second knuckle he began to swirl around and mom responded with more thrusting of her massive chest in his face. Rashid took the opportunity to gently bend down and kiss her boobs and lick her nipples like one would do to the cherry on an ice cream. Mom was getting unsettled by the constant assault of pleasure on her pussy and wiggling around like a worm, but she was still asleep. After some pushing he managed to get his entire index finger in her pussy and commented, “saali ka choot dekh itna tight hai, lagta hi nehi ki iss dudhel rand yaha se nikli hogi” (look at this bitche’s pussy, it’s so tight, doesn’t even look like this buxom whore came out of there) he said pointing at my sister. Junaid replied, “koi baat nehi bhai, tu iss choot se ek aur nikalna” (don’t worry brother, you make another come out of her pussy)… I was greatly worried from their dialogues that if they did manage to impregnate my mom, how was I to handle the situation, but thanks to morden medicine I thought that like didi had crushed and mixed sedatives in her night milk, I’ll do the same with an i-pill. So that thought made me quite relieved and made me enjoy the show care free. Rashid continued to finger fuck her slowly and enjoy the sight of mom’s heaving boobs and her moans. He than plunged his finger entirely into her pussy and turned his hand so that his palm faced upwards, he curled his finger upwards so that to caress her G-spot and began to gently scratch it. By doing this small thing mom absolutely went mad, she began to move her body furiously, it was as if her entire body was on fire and she was moving to put it out. After a few strokes there was a sound like chap chap chap meaning that her pussy was so filled with her juices that it was splashing inside, I could see that drops of juice was raining out of her pussy. Her pussy looked like a flower, moistened by the cool morning dew drops. He than did the same thing that Junaid had done to didi, he was teasing her G-spot with his index finger and massaging her clit with his thumb. Mother was moaning uncontrobally, “oooohhhhhh uuuuuhhhhhh aaayyyyyiiiiii uuuuiiiii maaaaaaa” all the dirty men began to laugh uncontrobally as he continued to massage her cunt and maul her boobs.

I then shifted attention to my dear sister who was being serviced by Asif, I could see that he had his eyes closed and was now getting the blowjob of his life. His cock looked like a telephone pole stuffed in didi’s mouth, all sticky and slim from her, he didn’t need to put his hands behind her head and guide her or coax her, her inner slut was now out in the open and she didn’t mind if she was getting fucked by lower class men right next to her naked mother or in front of her entire town. She was swirling her tounge round his bulbous cockhead, as well as making vulgar sucking sounds; “chak chak chak slurpppp” and as well as cupping his hairy balls with another hand and massaging them gently, pulling and tugging them as to maximise the sperm production. The combination of the touch of her slender finger nails grazing against his balls and her wet, warm inviting mouth wrapped around his cock would have been enough for any man to blow a load in her mouth but he knew that he had to deliver his load elsewhere, where it would do much more damage.

Again I turned my attention to mom, Rashid was still caressing her face on his lap and with the other hand playing guitar inside her pussy. The juices from her pussy were like a waterfall and gathered in a dark wetpatch on the expensive bedsheet underneath. I wondered in the slums where these ruffians lived, how many wet patches did their bedsheets have; from bringing in different women, or when someone came into their house and fucked their women. I’ve heard that one one of these ruffians took a loan from another and was unable to repay it, it was common for the creditor to come and fuck one of their women instead, the debitor would turn a blind, he would be out of the house that night and not speak of the incidence. Now I saw Junaid, who had taken the liberty to use didi’s bathroom to take a shower came out and said, “bahenchod ghusalkhana dekha hai inka?! Shower se leke English toilet, sab hai, man karta hai inn rundiyo ko shower ke niche ragad ragad ke chodu” (did you see these fucker’s bathroom, from showers to commode toilet, they have it all, feels like turn on the shower and fucking both of these sluts underneath). He walked up straight to where Rashid was finger fucking my mom, he grabbed one of her legs and turned them over another so that she now was laying on her belly. Her mouth was resting on Khalid’s hairy balls, her massive boobs crushed on his thighs and her ass was spread eagle and exposed to all. Just than Junaid grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart, exposing her pussy and ass hole, he positioned her so that her ass was resting just on the edge of the bed and than he took a deep breath and lunged his face inside her ass. I could immediately see mother moving her ass like a worm, in response to his assault on her most private parts. Mom was making strange and lewd noises…… “hoiiiii hoooo uuffffffffff mmmmmm” Rashid used this opportunity to grab her hair and place her mouth on his hairy balls, which she automatically started sucking, in fact the sucking was so good he had to say, “Arre Junaid bhai, kya kar raha hai rundi ke gaand me, saali pagal ho gayi hai” (hey brother what are you doing in the whore’s ass, she’s gone mad with pleasure). Junaid took a moment, pulled away from his ass worship and said, “bhai yeh secret technique hai, isi se sari rundiya tuthti hai” (brothe this is a secret technique to break the sluts). Then he again plunged his head into her ass and a small gasp escaped mom’s mouth, “ooohhhhh” he was licking her pussy, darting his tounge in and out of her cunt, and licking her ass hole… these are feelings that mom had never experienced before so she was totally lost. On her ass end she was receiving increadible pleasure, but on her mouth’s end she was also giving same amount of pleasure. It was a often quotes saying in the slum that what you do to a woman’s pussy or ass she’ll do to your cock, so often where two slum guys were fucking the same slut one would deliberately bite her clit or pinch he ass hard and she in turn would bite the cock or balls of the person she was servicing at her end. It was like a adult game. Junaid went absolutely mad in his relentless ass worship, in the slums women were often very petite, they didn’t have anything in terms of ass or boobs, so this ruffian was really enjoying the treat. He was sliding his tongue along her crack, flicking her rose bud like asshole and slurping her pussy. It was an out of the world experience for mom. She wasn’t exactly awake, nor was she asleep, I guess because of the effects of the drugs, she was in a middle state, fully aware about what was going on but unable to tell difference between dream and reality, you can say that she was fully living out her fantasy without actually being aware of it. I could see that she was really enjoying the pleasure assault on her massive ass because she was now furiously attacking Khalid’s hairy balls, she was sucking, massaging and kissing them. The sight of her, an aristocratic lady being degraded in front of this cruel slum dwelling brute, her slurping his tree trunk like cock shaft like a dog, her massive boobies dangling like ripe mangos were a sight to behold. Our ancestors were watching on this scene and hiding their faces in shame that a lady of the same household was servicing these brutes like a Rs. 50 whore who were supposed to be treated like common household servants. Khalid had decided that it was enough, his cock stood there like a pole and he desperately needed relief which could only be got by thrusting his cock into the depths of a aristocratic womb.

Khalid was standing there like a monster, ready to destroy my mother’s honourable pussy with his dirty pole. He poked at Aslam and said, “abe madarchod kya poori raat lund chuswaiga chal leta iss chinal ko” (hey motherfucker are you doing to be getting you dick sucked all night, lay this whore!) Prompted by this authoritative voice Aslam quickly withdrew his cock from my sister’s mouth with a large plop. I could clearly see that strings of saliva and cum still connected my sister’s mouth and his cock. He than pushed my sister so that she lied flat on the bed on her back, he than went towards the edge of the bed and grabbed her by the ankles and gave her a tug.”Uiiiiii!” didi slid down until just her ass was on the edge of the bed and both of her legs were dangling and in the solid embrace of Aslam. Khalid did a similar thing with mom grabbed the ankles and dragged her so that only her ass was on the bed’s edge. Than as if syncronysed…. they both put their cocks on top of her pelvis just to see how much of it would go it, I was amazed to see that the cock was reacing past their belly buttons, imagine how deep the pussy and womb has to be to accommodate this monster cock else it will do some serious damage to the internal organs. They gave their cocks a few taps and the rod was so heavy that it caused a ripple in the sexy belly fat of both my mom and sister. It was a marvellous and scary contrast, the fair flawless bellies of these aristocratic women and the massive black and slimy cocks of these slum men. Then came the real fun, they took their cocks and almost in unioson placed it on the entrance of their pussy and began to tease it by running it up and down the slit, lubricating their cocks with the pussy juices. They were rubbing it in ways which I couldn’t even imagine. Sometimes using the smooth cockhead to slide the cock up and down the slit, sometimes using the shaft to rub along the pussy and when the cock bumps hit a sensitive spot (innder pussy lips or the clit they would jump in pleasure with an audible, “OOOUUUU or Uiiiii” both of them enjoyed lubricating their cocks that way using the pussy juices of my mom and didi. They rubbed their entire cock lengths along their pussies and giving the occasional cock slap on their pussy causing them to twitch in surprise/ pain/ pleasure and drops of pussy juice to fly off their cocks. Khalid then gripped his cock firmly and withdrew the foreskin to expose the pink/ purple warhead like cock tip. It was shaped like a prehistoric monster, very wide and like a door knob, this was shaped this way so that it acted like a hammer and broke the pussy resistance and softened up the pussy for the rest of the cock to follow, this was important because those of us who have fucked virgins know that just how tight they are andwhen you’re fucking often your own cock skin peels back so much that instead of pleasure you’re in pain…… Another devilish logic behind that shape was that the bulbous cock head would seal off the womb by it’s sheer girth when he eventually came, which ment that not even a single sperm could go back, once he came into you there was only one direction the sperm could take, that is forwards towards a waiting egg.

So he positioned his swollen cockhead on her tiny entrance and said, “dekh rundi teri choot roo rahi hai, khush karu isko” (look whore your pussy is crying, shall I make it happy?) mother couln’t form any cognizable reply and merely managed to blurt out, “ch ch chodo mujhe plzzz” (fu fu fu fuck me now plzz)… Rashid finally said, “hahaha chal theek hai rundi teri yeh khwaish bhi puri kar dete hai” (haha okay whore we’ll fulfil your this wish also). Saying that he gave a short but brutal jerk but the cock was so large that he merely refused to go in and only cause mom to jerk in surprise, “OOOOUUUUUU!” he agains positioned the cockhead right at the pussy entrance, this time he was extra careful to get the alignment dead on and have a more prolonged and sustained thrust, mom’s pussy was NOT yielding the his thrust and his cock simply refused to enter even a centimetre. Rashid remarked in surprise, “rundi, aaj tak bahut choot tode hai maine, par teri toh extra nakhre dikha rahi hai, lagta hai jaise iss chinaal ko nikalne ke liye teri choot ka kachumar bana tha, aaj bhi wohi hoga” (slut, I’ve fucked many pussies in my life but your’s is extra feisty, looks like you’ll pussy will be reduced by me to a pulp just like all those years ago when you were pushing this whore (my didi) through this canal.) Actually in the slums when a child is born, they mostly don’t go to the hospital, most deliveries happen at home with the help of a mid-wife, children are born sometimes in the full view of other members of the family and the even where a woman’s pussy is forever changed by streaching to near destruction is witnessed by all. Slum dwellers often use this as a warning to their young daughters of the concequences if they ever fuck outside marriage and end up pregnant. Khalid now grabbed mom’s ankles and pulled them apart so that now each of her legs were resting very nearly on either side of her ears, she was badly exposed with her pussy, fully gaping, and for all to see. Khalid than again took his battering ram like cock and positioned at her entrance and gave another inhumane push.
Khalid- “chal rundi khul ja sim sim” (lets go whore, open sesame)

Mom- “nehi nehi nehi dheere dheere ooouuuuuuu” (no no no, slower slower slower ooooouuuuu”

Khalid- “arree bahenchodi lund tut gaya re mera kitni tight hai teri choot aaarrrrrggggg!” (whore, my cock is alsose breaking, how tight is your pussy aaaarrrrrgggggggg!”


Khalid- “Rand tu aaj marr bhi jaye toh bhi aaj tere choot ka bhosda banakar hi chorunga” (whore even if you die, I’ll end up making loose your pussy).


With that final scream it appears that she fainted, and the efforts paid off because Khalid’s cock was about half planted inside my mom’s pussy, the last thing it was so streached, I was coming out of it. Mom’s limbs went limp as she lay there motionless, Khalid was also tired, like a dog, that last 5mins of breaking into mom had taken more efforts than often an entire session of fucking, he lay there cowering over mom’s fair, buxom, naked body…. like he’d won her in a war, with drops of sweat dripping off his chest, throat, forehead, onto mom’s fair skin like “tap tap tap tap” all evidence of his Hurculean effort. He than collapsed onto her, but luckily her massive boobs broke his fall as his face landed on them. He began to wildly kiss, lick, fondle her chest focusing on her perked nipples. He was flicking them with his tongue like pieces of candy… One thing I want to remind you readers, when you’re playing with a woman’s boobs, don’t focus so much on squeezing them or fondling them BUT focus on the nipples, only real players will tell you this, actually the reason is that sucking on the nipples or playing with them releases oxytocin in a female which is a very potent and primitive hormone, it’s main function is to create maternal bonding between the mother and the child who is suckling her. So remember that. Now back to the story, because of the constant pleasure mom was waking up, “aaaaaahhhhhh mmmmmhhhhhh” Khalid realised this and began to slowly fuck her, only to length that he had managed to penetrate, at first it was very hard and tight but eventually she loosened up, he slowly began fucking in and out the 6 inches he had managed to thrust into her… first slowly as he encountered resistance of her tight pussy walls but as her pussy cried more with pail and pleasure and lubricated his cock and her walls loosnened up the thrusting got quicker, you could tell the rate of his thrusting by the moans mom made.


Ou Ou Ou Ou OUCH!- Quick thrusts.

Just when mom was starting to enjoy the thrusting and giving out moans of pleasure and approval “yyyyesssssss, yeeeeaaaaahhhhh” Khalid had no intentions of her enjoying his only goal was that he should have a good time and he should see the fertile womb of this aristocratic slut. Let me tell you another thing which is slightly off topic. In ancient human history a deepest insult a man could instill on another man was that he fucks his wife, sister, daughter and makes her pregnant. Because the man would spend a lifetime raising a child which he knew wasn’t his. And the deepest insult a woman could give her man if she was enough unsatisfied was to get fucked and get pregnant by another man, evertime she’d watch him playing with the child, providing for him she’d know a deep secret wihch only she’s privy to. Anyways back to the story. Khalid had no intentions that the encounter be enjoyable to mom also because he knew in his heart that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and after this he’d never be able to fuck mom again, he’d probally saluting her in real life. So after a few short shallow thrusts he said, “chal rundi ab asli chudai ke liye tayyiar ho ja” (come slut, get ready for the real fucking), before mom could even comprehend the statement he gave another MASSIVE thrust into her soft pussy, I could see through the zoom of my smartphone that the skin of his massive cock was getting wrinkled and bunched around the base, at the entrance of her pussy, which meant that it was being peeled back by the immense friction of his renewed assault. Mom wasn’t the only one in pain because I noticed Khalid’s face which was also distorted in discomfort, his cock was being bent like a banana which ment that he was encountering a wall of steel like resistance inside her pussy because of renewed pushing. Mom was a totally different story, her position had gone instantaneously from pleasure to pain, her face was contorted and her mouth open from screaming, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” that is the only thing which escaped her mouth. Her hands were trying flaying around and trying to remove Khalid from on top of her but it was impossible, it was like a tender orchid vine trying to overpower an iron rod, it was simply NOT going to happen. This scene of extreme primitiveness and raw sex went on for about 5-10 mins until he finally managed to get his entire cock into her. Mom struggled like she was giving birth to a baby all again but this time instead of someting coming out, sometime was going in. But don’t worry something will come out 9 months later. As Khalid managed to get his entire cock into her with much effort he immediately laid on top of her, putting her entire weight on his busy frame, he put his hands around her armpits and held her shoulder from the back, as of to stop her from moving and stop his cock from sliping out even a centimetre. Khalid’s face now exuded extreme pleasure and satisfaction like a warrior who has vanquished his most fierce enemy. Time to time he was making sounds like; “OUP AAAH ARRR” I only guessed these pulses of pleasure was made by mom’s pussy contracting around his cock with each of her heartbeats. Mom didn’t faint this time but slowly slowly the pain subsided and she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of fullness, of her pussy streached to time limits and perhaps beyond. In between Khalid took the time to sppreciate her spectacular beauty, he was kissing her face, smooching her, nibbling her ear, pinching her nipples, grouping her massive breasts, and playfully spanking and grabbing her ass which was so massive that even both hands wouldn’t be able to fully hold them. It was a scene of the most primitive bliss. Imagine the most hottest woman that you’ve spend years masturbating to suddenly on your bed, beneath your naked body, her boobs crushed against your chest, her inner most pvt part in handshake with your cock and her face merely centimetres away from yours….. what would you do? How would you enjoy? How would you ravage and “eat” her beauty, that was exactly what this brute Khalid was doing to my fair, buxom, aristocratic mother…. I was on the edge of my seat for what was about to happen next.

Khalid was busy pounding away in my mother’s baby maker while Aslam was streaching out my beloved didi. Khalid was truely an expert fucker, he was about half my mother’s age and was still making her reach the extreme heights of illicit pleasure. It appeared as if his waist had a spring attached to it. His waist was giving her stroke after stroke while his torso and upper body was completely stable and he was using his hands to grope every inch of her body and his face was already plunged in her cleavage trying to get a taste of their creamy milkyness, he must have only seen such boobies on porn movies on his cheap mobile set and now imagine him going absolutely mad like a dog having them mere inches away from his face. Mom had her hands on his chest and was trying in vein to push him away, but not really hard because she needed the brutal fucking after years of neglect, she must had been feeling really full and streached, like a telephone poll was invading her receptive pussy. He was pumping so fast that at times his cock looked like a blur and the mouth of her pussy was now frothing from the forced mixing of cum and pussy juice. He wasn’t just pumping at one angle, that in in and now, but at times he would shift his position to the left or right so make sure that his cock head would bump and rub againt the sides of her pussy walls and send torrents of pleasure throughout her body. Mom had lost control of her senses long ago and was just lying there and moaning with ever thrust made into her or each tweak or bite of the nipples. “Uiii, Ouuuu, Ouch, AAhhhh, AAhhhh” that was all that was coming out. Didi on the other hand was also being serviced by Aslam who was doing a marvellous job of brining out the inner slut in her. He was focusing less on fucking (because didi had already been impregnated by Junaid) so there was no use of cumming into her, he was more focussed on enjoying her entire body and every conture of her feminity. He was squeezing her massive boobs, licking her nipples, flicking them with his dirty tongue, he was grabbing ahold of her massive ass and gently spanking her, running his hands across her back producing a symphony of moans and purrs of approval from didi. He said, “dekh rand, itni chudai ke baad teri choot ab dhili ho chuki hai, ab koi sadharam lulli tujhe khush nehi kar payega, agli baar jab aisi chudai ki iccha ho toh aayegi na humare kholi pe?” (look whore your pussy has been loosened from our fucking, now no ordinary pencil dick can satisfy you, next time when you need such a fucking you will come to our shack right?”…. didi was silent. Aslam got angry and pulled his cock out till almost the entire head was out then with inhumane force he stabbed it back it producing a LOUD farting noise, ppprrrrrrrrrrr, “bata aayegi ya nehi” (say, will you or wont you come!)…… “haaan haan aaungi aaaaaahhhh” (yeah yeah I’ll come aaaaaaahhhh)… She was quivering from the repeated thrusts which were punding her like a jackhammer. All the while he had the focus of mind to fully enjoy her upper body eg. He was kneading her boobs like preparing atta (flour) for roti (flat bread) and using his tongue to wrestle hers. He was also being playful with her like he would grab both her hands on top of her head and give small slaps her boobs which would cause them to jiggle wildly, but wouldn’t cuase her any pain. I could notice that after about 10mins of continuous pounding of mom’s pussy and enjoying of her other assets he was beginning to get increasingly disharmonious. He would skip and beat and miss a thrust, or he would thrust prematurely, this caused mom to moan out of sync which was damn sexy because of the randomness. You could never tell when he fumbled because mom would let out a mini moan only to realise that the associated pain/ pleasure of his cock wasn’t there. Mom’s pussy was fully opened up by now, it made a vulgar and cheap sound like a man fisting a gutter pipe…. “pppprrrrrrr pppprrrrrrrrrr pppptttttttt” it was like her pussy was not ripped, distenced beyond repair and its elasticity destroyed. That is why women fucked by these brutes can never go back to being fucked by their husbands and boyfriends because their pussy has been streached so wide that their cocks hardly make contact with the walls, all the fuck is air. On top of that he was playfully slapping her ass with every slap and teasing her, “bata rundi kaisa lag raha hai, maza aaya? Ab tu iss lund ki gulam hai, aaj ke bad tu issi tarah hamesha mere niche letkar mera musal legi” (say it whore, how are you feeling? Having fun? Now you’re a slave of this cock, and will forever remain under it, naked and taking it in your pussy).

Although I was having fun watching this live porn show, I was also fearful for what this might mean, how would these brutes exploit my sweet busty sex mom and sister. Will i get to see something like my mom going for vegetable shopping and she will suddenly make a turn into a dark ally only to disappear for a few hours to be fucked by Rashid, or my sister returning from parlour to be picked up by Junaid’s e-rickshaw, if she opposes he will gently place his hands on her ass to remind her that she is now his property. Or will they routinely come to our house dressed as plumbers or electricians and fuck both of these aristocratic whores in the same bed, side by side. Even the thought was getting my cock rock hard.

In the meanwhile the fucking of both the ladies were reaching a climax both Khalid and Aslam were pounding away at mom and didi’s pussy respectively…. They weren’t playing with their boobs or ass anymore but used their hands to hold their legs wide open so that their pussy would be the widest for easy and deep penetration. Since the pussy was wide much air was getting in with the thrusting of the cocks so it was making a sound like “pppprrrrr pptttttt fffrrrrrr bbbbrrrrrrrpppp” Aslam commented that, “dekho ustad iski toh choot barbad ho chuki hai, ab yeh kisi college girl ki chut nehi balki sahi me ek aurat ki choot ban chuki hai, aaj humne iss kali to kholke phool bana diya hahaha” (Look friends, these pussies have been destroyed, now they’re not like the pussy of college girls but more like real women…. we’ve made these buds bloom like flowers today). Everyone unanimously agreed to that. But Khalid wanted the opinon of the women so while thrusting he suddenly stopped and completely withdrew his cock and began to rub mom’s clit with his cock head and began to tease her.
Khalid- “kyu rundi yeh chahea kya?” (why whore do you want this?)

Khalid- “uuuuuu uuuuuu aaaahhhh aaaahhhh”

Khalid- “saali rand theek se bol chahea ya nehi” (stupid slut say clearly do you want it or not?)

Mom- “aaaiiii aaaaaiiiiii aaaaaahhhhh”

Khalid- “lagta hai saali randi ko aise samajh nehi aayega” (looks like the stupid slut wont understand like this) Saying that he stopped rubbing her clit and withdrew his cock from her pussy all together.

Mom- began to dance like a fish out of water, her entire body was on fire and she needed Khalid’s rough, low class touch to quench it. She was desperately bucking her hips and trying to somehow catch his cock with her pussy, when that failed she used her boobs and thrust it at his face to somehow encite him to continue his fucking. Although her marble white massive boobs were mere centimetres from his face and her cherry like pink nipples teasing him to suck or tease them, he remained unmovabale like a rock. Mom was getting more and more desperate and finally broke the last vestiges of shame and directly requested Khalid to continue the illegitimate fucking, “aaaaahhhhh tadpao mat, chodo mujhe, aur ashen nehi hota” (aaaaaah don’t tease me, fuck me already, I can’t bear it for much longer).

Khalid- “accha, ab aayi na rundi pahad ke niche” (okkk now the whore has come under control)….

Mom- “haan haan hu mai rundi, ab chod mujhe” (yes yes I’m a whore, now fuck me)

Khalid- “par mere paas condom nehi hai, tere andar tapak gaya toh?” (but I don’t have a condom, what if I cum inside you?)

Mom- “koi baat nehi, dekha jaiga…. i-pill le lungi” (no problem, we’ll see…. I’ll take an I-pill)

Khalid- instantly got angry and slapped her, not too hard but enough to tell that he’s serious, “saali chinal, i-pill legi? Mere bacche ko giraigi……. bahen ki lodi tere chut pe toh me mutu bhi na, chodna toh dur ki baat hai” (stupid slut, you’ll take an i-pill, you want to kill my seed….. fucking cunt I’d wont even piss on your cunt, let alone make love to it.)

Mom- was getting desperate now, the fire inside of her was growing more intense and melted away all her judgement& thinking she replied meekly, “accha nehi lungi” (ok I wont take it)

Khalid- Instantly sounded elated and said, “such me? Toh mere bacche ke maa banegi?”… He knew it was a very tough question so he took his cock head and began to against massage the knob of her clit and run in up and down her slit.

Mom- She had reached a tipping point now, nothing else mattered to her in the world; respect, family, reputation…. than getting fucked… she said, “haan banungi aapke bacche ki ma” (yes I’ll be the mother of your child).

Khalid- “theek hai, toh rakhegi usko apne pet me 9 mahine ke liye?” (so will you keep it in your womb for 9 months) he said while stroking her tummy, “pilayegi apna dooth in doodh ki dairy se” (will your nurse it with your milk from these giant milk tankers) he said while stroking and squeezing her boobies.

Mom- “haan haan sab karungi, bas chodo mujhe, aur sahan nehi hota” (yes yes, I’ll do everything, just fuck me, I can’t take it much longer) He greedily grabbed the tip of Khalid’s cock and pulled it to her pussy. She would have this cock, no matter what the concequences.

Khalid also obliged and put his cock onto the entrance of her pussy and slowly began to impalse her with his massive tool. Inch by inch it buried itself deep inside her pussy hilt deep. He kept it there for sometime and began pumping again. I could sense that he was near an end. Aslam who was next to him and fucking my didi senseless told him, “bhai subah hone ko hai…. jaldi karte hai, in rundiyo ko maa bana dete hai” (brother, it’s getting morning, let’s hurry, let’s make these whores pregnant and leave). So both used what was left of their strength for the final mile of their fucking journey. Both were pounding their pussies while used their hands to tickle their cunts. Their cock heads were circumcised and mushroom shaped so with every pull or push the head was scraping against the G-spot, this was sending small pulses of joy across the ladies’s body as they were jumping and twitching in joy…. Infact there was so much happiness and joy going around that they even forgot the relation that they shared between them, they had forgotten that they were mother and daughter (the most sacred relationship known to man) the fierce fucking had reduced them from respectable aristocratic ladies who were mother and daughter to mere sluts, who were slaves to pleasures of the flesh. Now only were they getting fucked so close that their hips were in contact with each other, they were secreting so much juices that both of them had a giant puddle of pussy juice, sweat and sperm between their legs which had comebined to make a giant dark spot on the expensive bedsheet. They were so lost in the mutual fuckign that they were wildly throwing their arms around which were sometimes resting on eachother’s pussies or boobs, which they were squeezing because of the dirty low class men sending immeasureable waves of pleasure across their bodies. As the time for climax got near both men started giving small shallow thrusts, as if saying “on your marks, get set, GO!” these small shallow thrusts were making both the women yelp in pulses of pleasure, “ou ou ou ou ou ou” as the cocks were first rubbing the clit then the g-spot. Both the heavy set of bobbies were bouncing and jiggling with every short thrust that the men gave, since the thrust were in unison, the boobs were also dancing in unison. I noticed that both didi and mother were now holding hands, this was an increadibly sweet and sexy gesture as if both the women were re-assuring eachother that what was now to follow will be the most pleasurable moment of their lives and will change it forever. They were going to enter a new phase of their lives where they were to live a dual existence, one of a respectable housewife and mother and another as a dirty cum gutter slut, a slave and toy at the hands of these low class men.

Just then I noticed both of their balls contract, meaning that the load of baby making sperm was now ready and on its way. Khalid immediately grabbed mom’s knees and spread her legs as wide as possible and simply plunged his cock as far as it will go, he had kept half an inch outside of her cunt from the beginning to when he did plunge in the entire length it went until his dirty matted pubic hard was grinding against her fair pelvis…. mom was taken aback by this sudden thrust and let out a moan/ scream. “OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” his cock had reached so far that the head was now beyond the cervix and projecting directly into her aristocratic womb, he was going to deliver his potent seed directly into her baby making factory and make it count! Mom dug her nails into his black ass trying to get him to withdraw a little bit, because as I’ve been told the sensation of having your cervix pushed open is an unpleasant experience with those women who are unfamiliar to it (but to do it, you need a cock atleast 10in long and amazing stamina. Despite mom’s protests Khalid wouldn’t budge, she tried sctatching his back, but that was also uselsess. In a few seconds he let out a animalistic moan, “AAARRRRRRRHHHHHHH GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR” I could see that his balls were contracting repeatedly meaning that he was already pumping his fertile seed directly into her receptive and fertile womb. Mom’s eyes widened as if they were going to pop out of her sockets, the feeling of having her womb receive splash after splash of pearly white sperm was so new and magnificiant that they put her hands above her head to streach as if she was getting up after a long sleep. Khalid used this opportunity to use both of his hands to grab her massive boobies and plant a smooch on her face, mom’s eyes were closed, she was enjoying every second of it. Khalid’s strokes got shallow and shallow until his flaccid but impressive cock withdrew from her cunt with a loud plop, his cock was covered with a creamy white fluid which was a mixture of her pussy juices and his own thickly deposited cum. Mom’s pussy was busted open, it looked like what a bulldog must look like after chewing on mayonnaise, nowhere did it resemble a flower it did before. Her pussy was leaking pearly white sperm, it looked like a thick baby making goo, there must have been billions of little Khalids inside each drop, there was no way in hell that mom wasn’t already pregnant. In fact as we speak a little Khalid sperm must have been fucking her egg to produce another of his father’s bastard children. Khalid quickly took mom’s hand and placed it on her pussy and took a nearby pillow and placed it under his hip so that it was raised and sperm didn’t leak out he said heavily panting, “jaani isse waste na kar, badi keemti cheez hai” (honey don’t waste it, it’s very expensive). Didi on the other hand got a much simplier treatment, she didn’t get spermed in her pussy as that was already done by Junaid and these slum people have a unwritten code that they hever cum into the same woman in a day, because that would create conflict on who the father of the child was, not that they were going to care for it, but who is going to take creadit for it. At the moment of releasing his load, he pulled out his monster cock, grabbed didi’s hair and pulled her unsuspecting face towards his cock, he didn’t try to make her open her mouth for a blowjob or anything but like a “pichkari” (hose pump) sprayed thick, gooey, milky sperm onto her face, hair, throat, chest, boobs and belly. I could clearly see that thick globs of pearly white cum were rollind down from her forehead, past her eyes and nose and dripping from her chin onto her mammoth boobs. It was a truly sexy and degrading sight. Aster doing that, he pushed her back onto the bed as if throwing a piece of chocolate wrapper after you have eaten the chocolate. Both women were now lying side by side, their hips thighs and shoulder in contact, one with sperm dribbling across her face, and another with spearm firmly planted in her womb…. It was a marvellous sight of depravity..

Wathicng the obscene fucking and reduction of the proud ladies of my house to mere whores was really giving me a hard on… I had masturbated 6-7 times during the whole episode and was more happy that the entire scene was being captured on my mobile phone, which I could view later or use to my advantage. But I had two concerns that firstly the first rays of the sun dawn was beginning to fall, I looked at my watch and it was already 4:30am, secondly the batteries of my phone was running low, I knew that I only had about 1hr of recording time left. I was curious as to what more these thugs had in mind to do with these ladies as everything a man could possibly do with a woman had been done by them. Mom and didi were simply lying there in a dazed state, they were both holding eachother in their arms, there was actually no fear in them as they had been fucked for hours now and there was no physical threat nor any mention of a robbery by these low class goons. If you were unaware of the fact that they were in fact mother and daughter, you’d assume that they were lesbian lovers, both of them were holding eachother in their arms. Mom’s hand was on didi’s ass, as her mouth was nestled between her ample bosom, just like a mother would console a child, didi’s leg was inbetween mom’s legs, intertwined and for sure touching her damp and recently used pussy. The scene was erotic beyond imagination.

Junaid looked at the beautiful duo and got a beautiful idea, “bahenchod, in khandaani rundiyo ko puri raat chodkar thakan ho rahi hai, ek cup chai ho jati toh maza aajata” (fuck, fucking this aristocratic bitches has made me tired, it’d be nice ot have a cup of tea). He than looked at mom with a stern look and she knew that his comment was directed at her, she stumbled to get up and was romantically helped up by Aslam, who didn’t forget to press her boobs like a horn and slap her ass like a drum when she did get up. Junaid said, “jaa jake chai bana laa, aur sun kuch khane ko bhi le ana” (go and bring tea, and bring something to eat also)… I was amazed that my mom, who all her life had given orders to servants and till now only listened to orders from her children or husband was now at the beck and call of this servent class man, before she was about to leave, Junaid grabbed her hand and told didi, “tujhe kya special letter bhejna padega, chal uth!” (do i have to send you a special latter, get the fuck up!). Didi was stunned by the roughness of his voice and stumbled to get up hurriedly, causing her assets to sway all over the place, Junaid agains extended his hand but didi refused to take it because she knew that he’ll simply press her boobs at the end, but when she did get up, she got a big slap to the ass, CCCHHHAAARRRAAAKKKK, “OUCH!!!”… now both of them were searching for something to hide their nakedness with, mom grabbed the bedsheet to wrap around herself but Junaid grabbed it and pulled it off her and said, “jab malik ghar pe hote hai, rundiya tan pe ek kapda bhi nehi dalti” (when the master is at home, the whore doesn’t even put a thread of cloth on her body)… Then he cracked, “JAAAA” (GOOOO!) both mom and sister went hurriedly towards the kitchen, I watched in utter amazement as both of their backs were turned towards me and both of their MASSIVE asses were swaying in unison… left right left right. Such a nice scene… a coke bottle shapend body, terminating in massive hips and ass. There are two things a man never looks away from; massive mango bobbies when they’re exposed downblouse, or watermelon shaped asses swaying when a woman walks past. Anyways I watched that all their cocks were twitching back to life watching their massive asses sway side to side. The kitched was just next to the bedroom so all I had to do is move a little to the left and I got a clear view of the kitchen through the ventelation shaft. I watched as mom and sister meekly walk into the kitchen, they weren’t speaking to eachother and started preparing tea. Boiled milk and water, added tea leaves and sugar…. The boiling was causing a thin sheen of sweat to deposit on their skin which made them look like twin sex goddesses. Massive boobs swayed with even the lightest movement made by them. Hair was discheveled over their face and boobs, they were looking like whore goddesses. Just then Junaid walked in from behind silently and stood behind the two, he took both his hands and thrust it from behind between the massive ass cheeks of mom and didi until he reached the pussy and began playin with their clits. Both mom and sister welped in surprise and tried to get away, but with clever manipulation of the clit they were stopped dead in their tracks. Soon they began to rub their legs together and with their hands squeeze their own boobs for added pleasure… This continued for about 5 minutes until the tea was boiling and was about to spill out, then Junaid withdrew his hands and gave a crackling slap on both of their asses at once, “CCCHHHAAAARRRRAAAAAKKKKK”, “OOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU” and said “chal rundiya, chai ho gayi hai, buiscuit ke sat andar la” (lets go whores, tea is ready, bring it in with buiscuits). He than washed his hands on the adjacent sink and walked away with a smile. Mom finished pouring the tea into cups, put it on a nice tray, didi took out some nice expensive butter buiscuits and put them on a saucer and they both walked towards the waiting men. Again I was baffled with the swaying of asses in complete unison.

Again i shifted to my old position on the balcony to watch the bedroom and saw that mom and sister slowly made their way inside to the rowdy men. They put the tray on the table and were about to sit down on the bed (didi started to sit first) when Khalid quickly gave another massive crack on on he ass as she fell on the floor and mom rushed in to pick her up, oh my god her boobs were dangling like two ripe mangos ment for sucking the pulp out of.

Khalid-“bhenchodi, pata nehi hai, nokar ki jagah niche hoti hai, malik ka sath baithne ki uski aukad nehi” (fucking whore don’t you know that the servant’s place is on the ground, don’t dare sit with us)

Mom- “par par yeh mera ghar hai” (but but this is my house)

Khalid- “saali rand ghar tera ho sakta hai par yeh raseele mumme aur gadriya gaand humari hai samjhi?” (whore, this house may be yours but these juicy boobs and this massive ass is ours, understand?)

Junaid- “sahi kaha bhaijaan, aaj ke baat tu ya toh apne peeth pe, ya apne pet pe hogi humare samne samjhi” (you’re right brother, from today you will be either on your back, or your belly in front of us, understand?).

Didi- “dekhiye aap aisa…………………………..” (look you can’t……………..) Junaid, who was drinking tea grabbed her hair and pulled her head between his legs with such expertise that his rod like cock scored a direct goal inside her mouth.

Didi- HHHHMMMMPPPPHHHHH GRRRRRR AAAAAA all that escaped her mouth as Junaid held per head and repeated thrust into her open mouth like a wood pecker….

Mom- “nehi aap meri beti ke sath aisa nehi kar sakte!” (no you can’t do this to my daughter) She tried to get up to protest but Khalid tactfully tripped her and she fell face first on the bed (it didn’t hurt her as the mattress was very soft) the landed such that her upper body, upto her waist was on the bed, while her lower body, waist down was hanging off the edge of the bed such that her massive ass was exposed for all to see.

Aslam- “wah bahenchod, gaand dekh iss rundi ka, hare k chootar kam se kam 3kg ka hoga…” (wow fuckers look at this slut’s ass, each cheek must be at least 3kg!)… All the men brust in laughter and hi fived eachother.

Mother tried to get up, her bulky mass made her very awkward, Aslam rushed in and gave her ass a massive slap which caused her to stumble forward and fall flat on her boobs on the mattress again. Without saying anything Aslam plunged his face between her ass and began to lick her pussy again, flicking her clit, rubbing her cunt lips up and down, and darting his tongue in and out of her pussy. Mom was totally lost in the assault on her senses. She was making faces which were a mixture of sheer pleasure and guilt. She was opening her mouth to moan and scream in pleasure but then again biting her own lips to muffle her voice as to not let the ruffians know that she was on cloud 9. Aslam was busily licking and biting away at her pussy, like a dog, plunging half his face between her mammoth cheeks, taking time to time to withdraw and gasp for air. The scene was amazing. Mom was on the bed facing me and I could see a wonderful sight. My milky white buxom mom was there on the bed, defeated, her boobs crushed agsint the soft expensive mattress, her ass up in the air and the face of that cheap slum urchin Aslam lodged in her cunt. It appeared as though his tongue was touching directly her soul she was enjoying it that much. It wasn’t as if he was only licking her cunt, no he’s to good for monotonous things like that. I could tell by mom’s facial expressions the different things he was doing to her. I’ll attempt to explain.

Simply running tongue up and down her cunt lips- gentle moaning, “uuuuuuuffffff”

Flicking of clit with tongue- small bursts of lound moans “Ou! Ou!”

Kissing her clit- Shivering and surprise “SSHHHHHH”

Driving tongue inside cunt- throwing head back and moaning, “mmmmhhhhhh”

Gentle biting of the pussy lips or clit- mom bites her lip and grimaces her face…

Rimming (running her tongue round and round her asshole)- This was a new experience for mom and initially she tried to avoid and jerk away but Aslam simply held onto her hips like the He-man he was and she couldn’t budge even an inch. She was giving an odd expression of possible pleasure, pain, surprise and disgust all mixed in one..

My cock was completely limp, it had gone erect so many times and I had masturbated it back to submission that many times that it didn’t dare go up again, it was very tired and needed proper rest before it could do anything else. As for didi, Khalid was happily drinking his tea and making her suck his cock, she was sucking it so nicely that it appeared like she would actually suck the black off his cock. One surprising thing was that he no longer kept his hands on the back of her head to force it in, rather he was quite relaxed and was drinking tea and buiscuits. Then why was it that didi was sucking his cock with such zeal, doign things that was unthinkable in our aristocratic socity…. like kissing the tip of his cock multiple times “muah muah muah”, or running her toung round and round between his foreskin and cock head, or massaging his tennis ball sized balls or even deep throating… that is trying to put all of his cock inside her mouth and throat so that her nose would rest against his thick and matted pubic hair, and I could see the impression of his bulbous head on her throat. I was surprised that why was she even doing that. Well Khalid told me later on that the key is to dominate women, and in case of these aristocratic and buxom women who are used to instead dominating others all their lives it’s more important. When you have sex with a girl such as this don’t give everything to her, don’t give her all the power, don’t make it seem that it’s happening at a time, place and mood of her choice…. it should be your choice, you should be in control. Submission to a dominant man and making a chutiya (fool) out of a submissive man is in a woman’s nature… no matter how hot or famous she is, she will bow down to someone who she knows isn’t impressed by her. That’s why in college you see so many hot girls with angelic face, big boobs, and huge asses (like my didi) befriend chutiyas (fools) like me. They are there to take her to the movies, drop her home, listen to endless converstions of her complaining how big of an asshole her boyfriend is, and when you think that they will break up and you finally have a change….. a few days later she’s back together with him again. I’ve even heard of one of my friends who got a call from such a girl that she had snuck out of her house at midnight and got on her bf’s bike, whose name was Imran, he took her to an abandoned construction site and fucked her over a dirty tarpoline sheet, then when she asked when will you take me home, he simply said, “saali rand mujhe jo chahea tha, woh mujhe mil gaya, ab toh ma chuda, bahut nakhre jhele hai tere” (fucking slut, do what you want to do, I’ve got what I wanted now go fuck yourself, you’ve given me lot of attitude). He then got on his bike and left. The girl became shit scared and called my firend at the middle of the night who, beign the chutiya (fool) he is ran after her and took another 2hrs to find the building there after he brought her to her house and while she was attempting to sneak in, the guard caught him…. and you will be fucking surprised that the girl completely refused to recognise him. The boy spent the night in jail and was charged with attempted kidnapping of the girl and robbery and spent 2yrs in jail for rescuing her. And the girl completely cut all ties with him. So you can see that the rescuer got in trouble. He could NOT prove that it was her who called him because he had called her and NOT given an SMS… When he told the judge that it was her that called him and than he called many times to ascertain her location, he calmly said that she called to tell him to stay away from her as friends were questioning her over him and he called many times later to try to convince her otherwise and when all this failed he came and tried to kidnap her. His final plea was to do a medical on her to prove that she had sex with someone before he came but since her bf Imran played it rough and had a massive musal (club) sized cock, it bruised her pussy and medical report came back of sexual assault and he was totally and utterly fucked…. He was only saved because the girl didn’t want her reputation destroyed for marriage and hence didn’t disclose the sexual assault part and the boy (my friend) actually considered himself lucky to have spend only 2yrs in jail for attempted kidnapping, attempted robbery, and criminal conspiracy and not 10yrs for rape. Now why the fuck am I telling you this? Becaues it’s true and I want my dear reader to learn something….. Now back to the story.

Didi was bobbing her head like a woodpecker on Khalid’s cock and her boobs were dangling like mangos on a branch, swaying in the wind, with every moment of her head. I guess no one could resist the combination of the angelic face, the massive watermelon sized boobs and the velvet vice like mouth of her’s but Khalid stood strong. Then when even his patients were going to erode, he pulled her mouth off of his cock and when she relented he jolted her off with a small but tight slap. His cock came out with a plop and drops of her sliva flicked off it. His cock was like an ugly sea monster; absolutely black with a pinkish/ purple head, it had thick veins running on the surface which were throbbing with lust and a thik mat of public hair like the mane of a lion. The look of his cock was made even more ferocious by the fact that it had a sheen and glitter from didi’s saliva from sucking it for so long. I was at the eduge of my seat for what was about to happen next.

Khalid held didi under her armpits like his child and raised her up so that both were standing up, he was treating her like a gentle flower, in contrast to the gutter slut just a few minutes ago. Her face was at his chest level and his cock at her belly level. He stepped towards her and gently placed his arms around her and amazingly she reciprocated. It was amazing to see her white flower like delicate body dissolve into his hardened laborious physique. He gently put his hands on her head and spoke into her ear, “kaisa laga beti?” (how did you like it daughter) she was taken aback as since the death of her father, there was no one who had shown her such fatherly love, and as we all know that daughters have a special kind of relationship with their fathers. She replied, “ji ji ji accha laga” (well well well it was good). He than gently put his hands and cupped his chin with his fingers and brought his face near his and asked again, “pyar karti hai mujhse?” (do you love me), didi had already closed her eyes in expectation of the unavoidable kiss soon to come and meekly replied, “hmmmm” (yesss). She was lingering for the kiss which he gave while tenderly holding on to her, but instead of her lips, he kissed her on the forehead (where a father normally kisses a daughter). I was utterly confused as to what the scene was, it resembled a cross between a fucking and a daddy daughter loving. Both didi and Khalid were naked but didi was holding Khalid like one would hold their father, Khalid kissed her on her forehead but his hand rested on the small of her back, just where her ass began. So I was confused. I was later told by Khalid that women love to feel secure and if you are able to mix raw sexual pleasure with some heavy emotional element than that woman, regardless of her age, looks, and status will be forever your slave. He then lightly grabbed didi’s arm and sat her down next to mom, who was still in that position but Aslam had moved from eating her pussy to rubbing his cock up and down her pussy and ass, lubricating it for the inevitable fucking. Didi sat besides her own mom getting used like this and seeing the devine pleasure she was experiencing must have sent an itch between didi’s legs. She began to rub her thighs together slightly, meaning that her pussy was on fire and she needed someone to put it out. Khalid sat down on the floor between her legs and gently parted them and a small sigh escaped her mouth… He then inched his mouth towards her delicate flower and even before his mouth touched her flower his warm breath turned her on as she bucked her hips and a small gasp escaped her mouth….. “aaaaaah” Khalid then began experty to pleasure her pussy with his mouth and didi was enjoying it beyond description. She hands were wailing all over the place; sometimes pushing in Khalid’s head, sometimes massaging her own boobs or pinching her nipples and amazingly sometimes she would reach out and grab mom’s boobs, she was so horny that she had lost touch with all worldly family relations. The only sounds that resounded in that room was the “chuk chuk” of Khalid licking and kissing didi’s delicate pussy, and “swipe swipe” of Aslam rubbing his rod like cock up and down mom’s pussy and ass…. and the soft moans, whimpers, requests and occasional yelps of these two buxom, aristocratic ladies…. “aaaaahhhh oooohhhh eeeeee uuuuu OU! OUCH! Yeessss”…. just then when I thould the entire morning would pass in this, Khalid looked at the time and gave Aslam a slap on the ass and pointed at the clock and said, “chal in rundiyo ka gaand todte hai” (come let’s break these whore’s asses)…. Both mom and didi heard it but couldn’t quite make out what they meant, because anal sex was never ever even thought possible by them…. it only became real when the next second Khalid got up and Aslam stopped swiping her pussy and both in unison placed their cock tips on the backdoor entrances of the two ladies…. Their eyes popped out as they realised what was about the happen next………….

Knowing what was in store for them, both mom and didi became shit scared and tried desperately to move away. No one in our family had evey thought of putting it up the ass, it was considered dirty and undignified. But in the slum it was quite common. Sometimes done when condoms are in short supply, or when the girl is on her period or just to avoid pregnancy. Mom began to wail frantically to try and move away from what was going to happen, she tried to escape but Aslam’s iron grip prevented her from moving an inch. In desperation and as a last refort she laid down belly down on the bed and closed her legs so that only her massive ass was protruding, she thought that by closing her legs she had sealed her vunrable hole behind the confines of her thunder thighs….. oh boy was she mistaken. Aslam merely got on top of her so that his body was agasint her back. He then positioned his mightly rod on her massive chooters (ass cheeks) and began to push, by the look of her face, it was clear that his cock was making its way through her ass cheeks like a missile and when it hit her asshole she threw her head back and I could see by her face that she was absolutely terrified with the prospects of what was going to happen next.

Mom- “nehi nehi nehi” (no no no)

Aslam- “kya nehi bahen ki lodi” (what no you stupid whore)

Mom- “nehi nehi waha nehi….. aur kahi…. par waha nehi” (no no, not there, somewhere else, but there)

Aslam- “kaha nehi?” (where) he said while grouping her butt.

Mom- “udhar piche” (there in the back)- she couldn’t muster up the courage to say the work ass or gannd (ass).

Aslam- “bahen ki lodi kidhar” (sister fucker where?)- He said while he bagan to rider her ass like a surf borad, his cock hadn’t enered her ass, only knocking at the door.

Mom- “sssssss ass me” (sssssss in the ass)

Aslam- Gave a mightly laugh and slapped her ass hard and grabbed a handful of her ass and said, “madarchodni isse gand kehte hai” (mother fucker this is called an ass). “Aur teri toh itni badi hai, jab chalti hai, pura mohalla piche mudke dekhta hoga” (and your’s is so big that when you walk the entire neighbourhood must look back.)

I shiften my attention to my didi who was in an equally precaurious position. The more experienced Khalid was nowhere to be seen, he was gorging himself on the snacks brought with tea by mother and didi, he had probally never tasted such fine foods in his slum before. His vacant place was taken up by the much younger Junaid. Didi was in a precarious position. The scene was like a man, trying to coax out a wild animal out of its hiding spot. He had to show her that he ment no hard, and in the same place, she knew what was going to happen, looking at her mom being ass ridden next to her, but somewhere she wanted the same to happen, it’s like when you’re riding a roller coaster, you know it’s risky but you still want to do it, for the thrill and the experience. Junaid managed to stroke her arm and caress her neck to placate her and she closed her eyes momentarily. Then he firmly yet confidently grabbed her and took her over to mom and said, “dekh janeman, bas 1-2 min ka dard hai, fir puri life maza hai, ek bar gand me liye toh har time waha hi dalne ko bolegi” (look darling, it’s just 1-2 minutes of pain than a lifetime of enjoyment, once you’ve been fucked in the ass, that’s what you’ll demand the rest of your life). Acting on an unspoken signal Khalid who was lying on top of my mom and surf board riding her body in a prone bone position (look it up on the internet) put his hands under her body and tilted her sideways while Junaid guided didi to lay down next to her, face to face. It was very erotic to again see mother and daughter face to face, it was sexual extacy mixed with maternal love…. Very potent and cum drawing mix of emotions. Both ladies, their bodies, fair as marble and dew drops of swet were lying face to face, their bodies mashed agasint each other. Boobs were crushed agsint together into an erotic mass, and legs intertwined like two serpents making love. Junaid and Aslam lied down next to didi and mom respectively, the contrast of bodies were extraordinary. Two black, low class slum hooligans sandwitching two high class fair buxom goddesses. The scene alone would be enough to make me cum, if I hadn’t already several times. Khalid while gobbling up the snacks barked at them…. “madarchodo, bas time hone hi wala hai, ek ghante me mujhe factory pahuchna hai, jaldi se inki gaand phado aur chalo yaha se” (motherfuckers, time’s up, I have to be at the factory in an hour, quickly fuck their asses and lets get the fuck out of here).

Hearing Khalid’s words and looking at the clock they both agreed that time for ceremonies are now over and they both have limited time to do what they want.

Junaid- “Thuuuuuuuuu” spat on the palm of his hands and rubbed it on his cock as a sort of crude lubrication. He positioned his cockhead at my didi’s ass and after some thrusts got his cock aligned with her ass, then without any warning or ceremony gave a massive push.

Didi- Mouth gasped as she felt the pain and surprise of her ass being pried open for the first time in life. As a immediately response she clenched her butt cheeks shut, this greatly annoyed Junaid because as he was relatively young, he didn’t have the experience to counter this.

Junaid- Annoyed by didi’s resistance he too his hand and tried to put it between didi and mom’s boobs which were squished together as they lay face to face, with great effort he managed to get his hand between those walls of flesh and reached what he thought were didi’s nipples and gave a mighty pinch… But little did he realize that it was actually mom’s nipples and she gave a grate yelp and in the sudden surprise clenched her ass so hard that it crushed Khalid’s cock and balls between them.

Aslam- “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Bahenchod, kya kar raha hai, mujhe hidja banana ki planning kar raha hai kya!” (sister fucker what are youd doing, trying to make me a eunach).
Junaid- “Bhaijaan kya karu, iss chinal ki gand hi itni tight hai, lund mud raha hai” (what can I do brother, this whore’s ass is so tight that I can’t put it in, my cock is denting from her muscles.)

Khalid who had by now finished his snacks and wiped his face on didi’s torn maxi stood behind junaid, he grabbed him by he arm and pushed him aside and said, “beta, bahut der se chudai kar rahe ho, ab thoda aaram karo, gand kaisi mari jaati hai, yeh hum ustado ko dikhane do” (son, you’ve been fucking for too long, step aside and relax and let me show how us experts fuck ass) Saying that he simply removed the youth from the scene.

Khalid took on Junaid’s former position behind didi, he lied next to her in a spooning position, and took his cock and gave a few thrusts inside her pussy to get it lubricated, then he did the same thing as Junaid and positioned his cock on her tight asshole.

Khalid- “Aslam bhai choalo jaldi jaldi kaam khatam karte hai” (Aslam brother lets get the job over quickly)

Aslam- “Theek hai Khalid bhai, chola teen pe inki gand phadte hai” (ok Khalid brother, lets wait till 3 then tear their asses). “EEEEKKKKK DOOOOOOO……..” (ONEEEEEE TWOOOOOOO)………. They did the same sadistic trick again and thrust on Two.


Both mom and didi were trying frantically to get this massive club like cock out of their asses, they were strying to close and clench their ass cheeks but the devils had realised this and were holding it open with their monster hands, they were trying to reach behind and use their hands to remove their cocks from their asses but simply the rascals grabbed their arms and put it instead around each other’s necks and pushed both their heads so that they both appeared to be hugging eachother and smooching.

Both men were getting exhausted from fucking these tight virgin asses, Khalid exclaimed, “waise toh thak hum bahut gaye hai, par kya pata aise gadriya gaand chodne ko kya dekhne ko bhi mile, toh aaj yaha mar bhi jaye fir bhi iss land ka jhanda inke gand me gadenge” (We’re exhausted, but who knows in the future we are able to see such fine asses let alone fuck them, so today, even if we die of exhaustion, we’ll fuck these fine asses).

The session consisted of these two burtes pushing into their asses in unison which made my mom and sister wince in pain like, “hhhhhnnnnnn aaaaaaaahhhhhhh mmaaaaaaaaa” and resting where they would let their cocks rest and allow for them to accommodate to the size, this caused them to pant and breathe heavily. With every push mom and didi were flailing their legs around and trying to stop the invasion but little did they know that moving moving their thunder thighs actually produced immense pleasure to their cocks because their ass muscles would squeeze and milk their cocks in random and unexpected ways. Aslam simply took his hand and delt a massive slap on her ass cheeks whenever her legs got out of control, “CHHHHAAAARRRAAAAKKKK” which was followed by a vocal “OOOOUUUUUUUU”. It took around 20mins for them to inch their cocks completely into their asses, at which point they all were tired till breaking point. The slum goondas were motivated by the fact that they might never get to fuck such fine pieces of sluts again and my mom and didi were motivated because they might never get the opportunity to be fucked in such strong and degrading manner again. When they had taken their cocks to the hilt and their thick, dirty sweaty and hairy pubic mats were resting on their butt crack all of them sighed relief and accomplishment. After keeping their cocks warm in their asses for sometime they both began to pump slowly in unison. At first their cocks weren’t moving in and out of their asses only they were moving their hips, because the fit was so tight, but after a few strokes their muscles loosened and their spincter finally gave up its bashful resistance. Now their cocks were slowly moving inside their asses, first half an inch, than an inch, two inches….. at first they were giving slow and shallow thrusts to make them accoustomed to the feeling of being fucked in the ass. As I’ve heard that being fucked in the ass isn’t as much physically enjoyable for women but it’s the psychological feeling of doing something taboo and dirty and giving a man acess to the most private and forbidden places which really gets them on. The men were wincing and grinding with pain because they had circumcised cocks and in this type of cost you get added pleasure but at the cost of pain when you’re fucking at tight pussy or ass, your cock skin gets pulled back and you feel like your cock will tear off. After about 30mins of effort their asses loosened up and the brutes were pounding more freely. Sounds of “thap thap thap thap” were resounding through the entire room, as was the pungent smell of sweat mixed with cum and pussy juice.

Mom and didi were shining because they wre covered in a thin layer of sweat with beads rolling off their face, necks, boobs and thunder thighs. Aslam then thought to spice up the scene and while he was pumping didi’s ass he pushed her head towards mom and amazingly both were on cloud nine so both locked lips and began to shamelessly smooch eachother and play hockey with eachother’s tongues…. then Khalid took mom’s hands and put it on didi’s boobs directly and as expected she began to group, squeeze, fondle them…. It was like a self catalysing chemical reaction (eg. when fuel is added to fire, the more hotter it gets, the higher the flames reach and the higher the flames reach the hotter it gets.)… Khalid and Aslam both were rhythmically tapping their asses with low and diffused sounds of “thap thap thap thap chap chap chap chap” resonating all through the room…. and they both let their hands wonder around their bodies, both mom’s and didi’s at times they would slap the odd ass or pinch on of their nipples which illicited an “OUCH!” which broke the predictable and mezmerizing rythem of love making. This went on for about 30mins, young Junaid was sitting at their feet and watchin the older men do what they do best and trying to learn something. He also was not free but had his hands around his cock and was stroking it up and down. It’s only right that he was the one who took didi’s pussy and impregnated her so it’s only right that he let his ustaad (guru/ teacher) take her ass. The scene was of absolute chaos, both mother and didi lying face to face, hair discheveled, entire body covered in beads of sweat, lips intertwined in a sperpentine kiss, arms around each other, pressing and feeling each other’s boobs, legs between eachother’s, resing and feeling the dampness of their excited pussies. And to top it off slum goonda ruffians like Khalid and Aslam behind their fair and buxom bodies, their bellies glued to the ladies backs and humping their asses….. The whole room was filled with sounds of “thumps, kisses, moans and grunts.” Junaid was masturbating watching this whole scene, although he had fucked tens of slum girls the expertise and degredation in which these high class buxom sluts were subjected to…. this fucking and masturbating went on for another 10mins until I could see that they were getting tired. Their strokes were getting more unsynronised….

Aslam- “bhai ab zada der nehi, kharch hone wala huuuuuuu” (brother I can’t last long I’m going to cuuuuuummmmmmmmmm)

Khalid- “bhai kaha pe jhade?” (brother, where shall we discharge)

Junaid- “yeh rundiya chudte hue badi pyari lag rahi hai, muh pe hi ger do” (these sluts look so cute while getting fucked, discharge on their faces).

Aslam- “aaaaaahhhhh gggggrrrrrrrr aahhh aahhh aaahhhh”

Both of them pulled out from mother and didi’s ass respectively and made them lay on their backs, their entire body was covered in sweat, they went and sat on their ches, their boobs crushed under their filthy asses, and cocks jutting out like swords in front of their face. They began to pump their cocks while bucking their cocks on their boobs, it was a peculiar scene while my didi and mother was lying with legs wide open, both the men were sitting on their chests, straddling their boobs and stroking their dripping cocks merely half an inch from their faces. Junaid had joined them, he took up position at the opposite end of the bed so that his testicles rested on the forehead of my mother. Surely this was a huge insult that this ruffian vegnabond boy’s dirty, hairy testicle sack was resting on the forehead of my aristocratic, rich and cultured mother. All three began to grunt like animals and furiously pump their cocks, in the meanwhile their testicles were jumping up and down and doing soft landings on my didi and mom’s chin, cheeks and forehead… All of a sudden all their faces contorted and their testicles jumped up in contraction…..”AAAAAAHHHHHH HHHAAAAYYYYYY GGGGAAAAAHHHHHH” and like a high pressure pipe strings upon string of pearly white cum began to escape their cocks and drenched my mother and didi from left, right and center. They cummed in many stages for atleast a minute, when the pressure had reduced, they positioned their cocks so that they would place beads of cum on the slut’s faces wherever they wished; eyes, nose, throat, boobs…. After such a monster cum they simply stumbled away and fell on the floor for sometime. Mother and didi absolutely didn’t have any energy to get up, their entire face, throat and boobs was covered in cum, even their hair was caked in it, reminded me of an icing glazed donut. They were lying their in absolute bliss, knowing that none of their ancestors before them, or desendents after them will experience or enjoy such a carnal pleasure ever in life. After some resting the men got up, put on their clothes and Khalid and Aslam left unceremoniously. Junaid remained behind, he picked up his mobile phone form the table where he had placed it in the beginning and beganto laugh hysterically& gave the following dialogue.

Aslam- “Dekh rundi, maine aaj ka sara program mere iss Rs. 3000 ke mobile me record kar liya hai” (look whores I’ve recorded the entire day’s program in this Rs. 3000 mobile). He walked up to the bed where mom and didi were, “mai toh tum chinalo ko chuna bhi nehi chahta, tum gandi ho chuki ho mere aur mere ustado ke lees se” (i don’t even want to touch you, you’ve been soiled by my masters and my cum)…. He sat behind my between them and began to stroke their bellies… “inme toh humara beej gir hi chukka hai aur kamal 9 mahine baad dikhega, aur haa, tum dono ko bacche paida karna padega… agar abortion ki koshih ke toh tera yeh clip puri duniya me faila denge” (we’ve planted our seeds here, now the magic you’ll see in 9 months, and yes, both you sluts will give birth to our illegitimate children, if either of your tries to get an abortion we’ll distribute your clip to the whole world.)

Mother- “par par par mai kaise????” (but but but how shall I???)

Junaid- pressed her belly a little and white cum came out of her pussy…. “dekh rundi, kitna beej giraya hai tere andar, maa tu toh kya teri maa bhi banegi, par baaki ka hum dekh lenge, kuch din me bata dunga” (look whore, how much seed we’ve planted in you, let alone you, even your mother will be pregnant by now, but we’ll take care of the logistics).

Didi was getting up trying to reach for her panty to cover her pussy but Juanid snatched it from her hands and said, “yeh humari trophy hai, jaise ki hum maa beti ke mumme, chut aur gaand ab inpe tumhara koi hak nehi” (this is our trophy, much like you mother daugher’s boobs, pussy and ass, you have no rights over them. He grabbed my mother and sister’s bra and panties and simply left…… After some time I saw and heard the e-rickshaw zip away in the direction of the slums while the sun rose in the background and both my mother and sister lay there, naked and in eachother’s arms and assurance……

About 4 months later Juanid came to our house and told mother and didi that now that they’re 4 months into the pregnancy, their tummy would soon begin to show so they would not be able to hide it, they said that both of them should go to their village in Bihar where members of their family would take care of them and their child….. One day mother told me everything and pretended like it wasn’t any of their fault but someone had sedated them, fucked them and threatened to release the video if they didn’t cooperate and give birth to their children. She explained to me that this was good as didi had told her inlaws that she was now pregnant and hence saved her marriage and she would pass off her child as didi’s so that they could say that she had twins. So it was a fortunate outcome of a most unfortunate incidence. She said that I should stay here and work while they both go to the country side where they have rented a room to give birth….. and that’s what happened, they both went there and as i learnt later, many times in turns Khalid, Aslam and Junaid went there and fucked them many times, when they had their swollen bellies, he would fuck them in their asses which was more safe. After 5 months mother and didi returned, they were blessed with a son each, and passed them off as didi’s sons….. her in laws were very happy, but one thing they never noticed, didi and her husband are so fair and have straight hair, so why do the kids have dark skin and curly hair?


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