His wife is on video and then watches her fuck black

His wife is on video and then watches her fuck black

My best friend and his wife, Slate and Georgia, came by Saturday for one of our frequent get togethers. My wife and Georgia decided to go shopping and Slate and I figured on kicking back with some beer and TV. What my wife, Samantha, didn’t know was that Slate had brought along a couple videos. Naturally, they were fuck films.

The gals took off and Slate and I went into the family room. I got us a couple of beers while he popped the first video in and turned on the TV. We sat down with our beers and watched a truly amateur flick. It had to be the poorest quality video I’ve ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong. The fucking and sucking were great. The people were good looking and obviously amateurs. But the camera didn’t stay still long enough and it was shaking a lot. I figured the cameraman must have been inexperienced and was getting too turned on to do a good job filming.

Still I liked the flick. When it was time for the cum shots the woman held her mouth open wide and you could see the cum spurt into her mouth. Then the camera moved in for a close-up and you could see a puddle of cum on her tongue before she made a big show of swallowing. Then she opened her mouth to show that all the cum was gone. I’d never seen one like that before.

That video starred one woman. It was about two hours long and obviously shot over a longer period of time. The woman changed outfits a few times and there were a couple of location changes. Six different guys fucked her. Sometimes alone and sometimes two at a time.

Even with the poor filming I liked it. I always have preferred the amateurs to the professional stuff.

We took a break after that first film and joked about who had the wettest pants. I know I had leaked a lot of pre-cum and I’m sure Slate did too.

As he put the next video in the VCR Slate said he had borrowed it from the same guy and he hoped it was better. He had a big grin on his face, which I took to mean he was sorry if it wasn’t a better movie. I told him the first one had been OK and I could easily have jacked-off while watching. He laughed and said he could too. Then he pulled his pants off and sat down of the couch.

Well, we’d seen each other jack-off before while we watched videos. So I wasn’t totally surprised. I will have to say that I was envious. Slate has a monster cock. That black pole of his must be 10″ long and at least 2″ across. Every time I see that giant I get jealous. Oh well. We can’t all be blessed. But it sure seems like most black guys have bigger cocks than us white guys. I pulled my own pants off and we sat back to watch the next video.

The second video was another amateur one. If anything the filming was poorer than the first one. You really couldn’t see the faces or their expressions. The lighting was pretty weak so things didn’t show up very well. There was lots of moaning and groaning and it did look like the woman was getting fucked pretty good.

Slate and I had both dropped the idea of jacking off. It might have been a hot video if you could see it, but it was just too dark to see. We kind of watched the movie while we talked about sex. After awhile I was thinking about switching back to the first movie when the screen got brighter. It looked like someone had figured out how to turn on the lights.

We started paying attention to the TV again. Now the movie was looking good and hot. The guy was holding the woman’s head while he fucked her mouth. You still couldn’t see her face because of his hands but you could see his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I told Slate, “Things are looking up now.”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, my dick is starting to stand up too.”

I’ve always liked seeing some bitch get her face fucked. And this one was really taking it. Her lips were wrapped tight around that guy’s cock and were moving back and forth over his slick meat as he banged her mouth.

I started stroking my own dick while the guy on the screen started going faster and faster. You could hear the woman struggling to stay with him and take his entire tool down her throat. Then the guy shoved his dick all the way down her throat and you could see his balls twitch as he shot his load of cum down the slut’s throat. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and pumped some more cum onto her tongue. Then he smeared some on her lips.

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Boy, that was one hot cum shot. A few more minutes watching something like that and I would be ready to cum. The guy let go of the slut’s head and stepped out of the way so the cameraman could do a close-up of her facial.

I yelled and my cock erupted at the same time. That goddamn slut was my WIFE! Jesus Christ! My cock wouldn’t stop shooting cum. My slut wife wiped her lips with her left hand and I could see her wedding ring. Then she licked her fingers.

I was standing there wondering ” what the hell?” then I looked over at Slate. He had a big smile on his face and he was still stroking his cock while he watched me. “Wow, Mike. That Samantha is one hot cock-sucking slut.”

I almost screamed at him, “How can you say that? That’s my wife you’re talking about, goddamn it. She’s no slut and I won’t have you talking about her that way.”

“I thought you liked it. In all the movies we’ve watched I’ve never seen you cum like that. You shot cum all over the room. You must have liked what you saw.”

I looked around the room and saw that he was right. I had sprayed the room down with cum. There was a big glob of cum running down the wall a good 10 feet away from me. I hadn’t even realized it while it was happening.

And to top it off, my cock was still hard!

I stood there panting like I’d run a race. I’ve got to think about this. Did I like seeing some guy face fuck my wife? I did like the movie up till I saw that it was Samantha. I admit that. But that fucking slut was my wife. Man, I was totally confused. My stomach felt like Mike Tyson had driven his fist through me and at the same time my dick was throbbing.

I slumped down on the couch. My dick sure didn’t slump any. My mind was spinning in circles. Then I saw the TV come back to life. I didn’t know it but Slate had backed the film up and turned it on again right where the guy grabbed the slut’s head and started face fucking her.

For some strange reason, now that I knew it was my wife, it was even more exciting to watch than before. I stroked my dick at the same speed as the guy was fucking my slut wife’s face. I watched him shove his cock down her throat and unleash a torrent of cum into her belly. I let out a groan as my own cock blew up again, shooting cum all over the place.

The second time I came exhausted me. I was drained. I didn’t/couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, but I actually got turned on by watching some guy feed my wife his cock.

This time the movie kept going. The slut, my wife, rolled over and raised her ass up off the bed. A new guy got on the bed behind her and without any preliminaries at all shoved his cock in her pussy. He started banging away at her cunt. It looked like someone had turned the lights off again. It was too dark to see anyone’s face, but you could see that cock thrusting in and out of that cunt.

He fucked her without let up for a good twenty minutes. Then he slowed down the pace but slammed into her harder and harder. I was so drained from before I found it hard to believe that I was hard again and jacking away at my dick.

The guy slammed in one final time and then his ass clenched several times. I knew each time was pumping another glob of cum in that woman, my wife.

When he pulled back out the lights got bright again, for just a second. But it was long enough that you could see his cum inside her wide-open cunt. I don’t think I’ve ever cum harder than I did right then.

“Oh my God!” I whirled around and saw Samantha and Georgia standing there. I knew she was shocked and humiliated to see that I was watching her video but what she said next didn’t make sense. “How could you?”

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Georgia said, “Lot’s of guys get off on watching their wife get fucked.”

Samantha tried to play little miss innocent, “What do you mean?”

Then I heard the TV again and turned around in time to see the replay of the picture where my slut wife takes a mouthful of cum from some guy. Sam’s jaw just about dropped to the floor. I thought maybe when it happened she hadn’t known she was starring in a fuck film.

My head was buzzing and I couldn’t hear what Georgia said to her next. I didn’t notice Slate until he was standing behind my wife. He had taken his shirt off and was naked. He put his arms around Samantha and cupped her tits.

My heart started pounding. Slate said, “Is this little white pussy reserved for white guys? Or are you going to share her with your best friend?” I was too confused to answer. All I could do was stand there and look at them.

Samantha said, “Honey, I …” and was cut off by Slate sticking a finger in her mouth. His other hand was squeezing and pinching her tits. I had to do or say something but I didn’t know what. So I just stood there and watched Slate fondle my wife’s tits. Georgia leaned close to Sam and whispered to her.

Samantha started sucking on Slate’s finger while he unbuttoned her blouse. His hand slipped under the material of her blouse and I could see her blouse move as his hand caressed her tits. Then he pushed her blouse open and I was watching his black hand crawling over her bra.

Georgia walked over behind me and wrapped her arms around me. Her hands closed over my dick. I groaned as she slowly stroked my hard-on. Samantha was staring at Georgia’s hands stroking my cock. I almost screamed when Georgia squeezed and twisted my dick. It felt like she had broken it in two. Then she let go of my soft cock.

Slate popped his finger out of Sam’s mouth and unfastened her front clasp bra. Samantha said, “That wasn…..” and was cut off by Slate putting another finger in her mouth. Now I was watching his large black hands tease her bare tits.

He would squeeze her whole tit and then pinch the nipple. He twisted and pulled her nipples and then mashed her tits flat.

Samantha moaned and she shivered as she came from Slate’s hand working over her sensitive tits. My cock started growing hard again. Samantha kept staring at my cock while Slate fondled her. Then his hand was moving down to the button and zipper of her skirt. He unfastened them and her skirt dropped to the floor.

I shivered uncontrollably as I watched that large black hand caress my wife’s pure white skin. Samantha was moaning again while she watched my dick growing. Georgia hands slithered around me and stroked me again. My legs were shaking and I was afraid I was going to fall.

Slate pulled his finger out of Samantha’s mouth again and grabbed both of her tits. She started to say something but it was cut off as another orgasm shook her. Georgia whispered in my ear, “He’s soooo good with those hands.” And she tried to break my cock in two. If she hadn’t been holding me up I would have fallen on the floor.

Georgia held my waist while I regained some semblance of strength in my legs.

As my wife’s breathing returned to normal, she said, “Honey, that, I mean….”. She was cut off by Slate again. This time she didn’t have to be told what to do, she just went ahead and started sucking his finger.

When Slate’s hand brushed over my wife’s panties my dick became totally hard again. I groaned when Georgia reached around me and caressed my cock. I knew she was going to try to break my dick again, but I couldn’t seem to be able to move or even to tell her to stop. My whole mind and body was focused on what Slate was doing to my wife.

Slate rubbed his big black hand up and down over Samantha’s panty covered mound. Then he took her right hand and hooked her thumb in the top of her panties. He did the same with her left hand and then resumed rubbing her pussy.

Samantha was moaning and still trying to suck Slate’s thumb when he whispered in her ear, “Take your panties off.” She shivered as her arms pushed down and her panties rolled down past her cunt.

I groaned as I watched Slate’s finger disappear between the folds of my wife’s cunt lips and delve into her wet hole. I almost screamed as ten fingernails dug into the soft underside of my cock. Georgia couldn’t hold me up and I sank down to my knees.

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Slate pushed Samantha down to her knees and then pushed her forward until she was resting on her hands and knees. She was looking at my dick grow hard while Slate started rubbing the head of his cock up and down her wet slit.

Her mouth opened wide and a gasp escaped from her when Slate entered her tight little hole with his massive black pole. “Oh Sammi, baby, your pussy is so full of my cock you can’t even talk.”

Georgia and Slate laughed. Georgia’s hands began stroking my dick again. I was so hot from watching Slate use my wife that I couldn’t do anything to stop her. Or him.

I knew Slate couldn’t have much of his cock in Samantha’s tight pussy. But he was still able to pull back a little bit. He grabbed her hips and slammed forward as hard as he could, burying his big black cock to the hilt in my wife’s little cunt.

Samantha’s head snapped up and her eyes opened wide when she felt that black muscle hit the bottom of her pussy. She screamed in pain and pleasure as another orgasm racked her body.

Georgia jerked on my dick twice and I erupted, spewing hot white cum on my wife’s upturned face. Slate and Georgia laughed as Samantha continued to cum while he slammed into her tight pussy.

I couldn’t believe how much cum my own dick pumped out, covering my wife’s lovely face. Poor Samantha had cum running down her cheeks and into her open mouth. She was struggling to breathe, much less being able to swallow. But finally she had to swallow or drown in cum.

She quickly gulped twice swallowing all of the cum I had shot on her face and into her mouth.

Slate hollered, “Oh fuck man! This bitch has one tight pussy.” Georgia yelled at him to fuck her good and fill her up with his fertile sperm.

I groaned at the thought that my wife might get pregnant with Slate’s black baby. My little slut wife didn’t even seem to care. She was pushing back to meet each and every one of his thrusts.

“Oh, Goddamn! Man! I’m going to CUM! Oh baby I’m going to fill your tight little white pussy.”

Samantha screamed, “YES! YES! Do it. Give me that cum.” I watched Slate grab her hips and his body jerked several times as he tried to pump his hot black sperm as deep into my wife’s cunt as he could.

When he had drained his balls Slate let go of Samantha and she fell to the floor. His cock popped out of her pussy as loud as a cork coming out of a champaign bottle.

Slate got up and dressed then he and Georgia left. I looked at my wife exhaustedly laying in a heap and thought she never looked prettier.

After resting a few minutes I helped Samantha up and we went to bed. I held her and kissed and caressed her until she stopped shivering.

After a bit she said, “I’m sorry honey. I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s over now. Let’s not worry about it now.”

“But I have to know why you let Slate fuck me.”

“I don’t know why, but after seeing you in that movie it didn’t seem like it made any difference. I don’t understand it myself but seeing you get fucked in that movie and then watching Slate fuck you was just about the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen.”

Samantha stroked my cheek and said, “Honey, I’ve been trying to tell you that that wasn’t me in the movie. It was Georgia.”

“Babe, that was a white woman in the movie and I saw your face and wedding ring after that guy fucked your mouth. I watched while you swallowed all of his cum.”

“No, it wasn’t Georgia in the movie. It was Georgia that used her computer to put my face and wedding ring in the movie and make you think it was me.”

Boy, did I fuck up!

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His wife is on video and then watches her fuck black

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