Home invasion – Sex Stories

Home invasion – Sex Stories

On June 29, at 1962 S.Muskego Ave., in the City of Milwaukee, Bethzaida G.-T., 23, and her husband Hector S.C., 25, were watching a movie with their 4-year old son.

The movie had just started and had the surround sound on and the volume was turned up. Bethzaida heard a noise towards the kitchen and when she looked towards the kitchen from the living room she saw three subjects standing in the kitchen area with guns pointed at her, Hector, and her son. The three subjects were hispanic guys about 25 of age and their names were Chucky, Manni and R.. They had guns, masks, and gloves on and they accessed the home through an open back window.

One of the subjects told them,
“If you stay calm and keep quiet nothing will happen.”
Hector immediately stated,
“Take whatever you want!”

Chucky came up to Hector and hit him in the head with the gun. Manni had a plastic bag zip ties. He took out the zip ties and tied Hector’s hands together in front of him.

Manni then used duct tape which was lying on the kitchen table to duct tape Hector’s hands and feet together. They also used the duct tape to tape Hector’s eyes and mouth shut as well.

Home invasion - Sex Stories

They left Hector on the couch tied up with duct tape all over and Bethzaida and her son were seated on the couch as well. One of the subjects said,
“Someone told us that you had money and that you are the owner of a company. We were told you had $40,000 and we want the money.”
Bethzaida then stated,
“We don’t have that kind of money. It’s a lie.”
R. then stated,
“If you’re lying, we will kill you.”

Bethzaida offered to take them to the bank to prove that she wasn’t lying. She explained that she could go to the ATM and only take out $500 during the course of the day from an ATM machine. Manni said they could take out $500 now and wait til midnight and take out another $500.
The three intruders discussed among themselves and came to the conclusion that Chucky would go with Bethzaida to the bank. They directed her to the floor while they were pointing guns at her and Hector.

While Bethzaida was looking at the floor, Chucky took off his mask and put on large round black sunglasses that covered most of his face. He told Bethzaida to drive to the ATM and if she did anything bad or wrong, he would shoot her. He put the gun in the waistband of his pants. Bethzaida drove to the ATM and withdrew $300. She put the cash in her lap on top of her legs and Chucky grabbed the money. She thought he put the money in his pants pocket but she could not be sure. Chucky told her to try to withdraw more money but the ATM denied her withdrawing any more money.

As she was driving, Bethzaida was instructed to pull over on the side of the road. She pulled over mid-block on W. Rogers Street and Chucky said,
“Get on your knees and give me a blowjob.”
Bethzaida feared that if she did not comply, the man would kill her, so she crawled over the seat onto the floor of the front passenger side of the vehicle and knelt in front of him. The gunman had his zipper already open and his penis was exposed. Bethzaida took his penis in her right hand and placed her mouth on it.

“Come on, suck it”, the man said.

Bethzaida performed a fellatio until he ejaculated in her mouth and pulled away. A small amount of ejaculate got onto her hands before the man was able to ejaculate in the white cloth that was in the vehicle. The man finished ejaculating in the cloth and they both exited the vehicle.

They walked through the alley and back upstairs to the rear door.
The intruders told Bethzaida they needed more money and Hector was trying to talk, so one of the intruders removed the duct tape from his mouth. Hector stated to wait til midnight and they could transfer money from savings to checking and they could withdraw more money.
Chucky and the R. took Hector and the 4-year old son upstairs. They all went up to the attic. Manni remained down the stairs while the other two intruders went upstairs.

Manni then placed a piece of duct tape around Bethzaida’s eyes and walked her upstairs. At one point she asked what time it was and they told her it was 11:29 p.m. Right after Bethzaida asked what time it was, she was told to go downstairs by one of the intruders. She still had her eyes covered and they walked behind her to the living room.
While they were in the living room, Manni took the tape off of Bethzaida eyes. Chucky pulled her off into the bedroom. Both men had their guns on the sides of their bodies and pointed down, but as she was walking, they poked her in the back with the gun.
As Bethzaida entered the room, Manni, standing behind her, pulled her shorts and underwear down to her ankles.
“Nice ass,” he said.

The man told her to walk to the corner of the bed and he followed her. He told her to get on her knees on the corner of the bed. Chucky was standing in front of her at the foot of the bed facing north so their bodies were facing
each other. Bethzaida complied.

Chucky’s pants were pulled down to his knees and he grabbed Bethzaida’s head and pushed it down towards his exposed penis.
Chucky’s penis went into Bethzaida’s mouth with no condom on and he was taking his hands and pushing her head down while she was performing fellatio on him. Bethzaida was crying and feared that they would kill her.
Shortly after Bethzaida started to perform oral sex on Chucky, Manni was standing behind her on the west side of the bed. He removed Bethzaida’s shirt and bra and fondled the woman’s breasts. He then started rubbing Bethzaida’s clitoris and put his fingers deep into her vagina for a few minutes. He then said to his friend,

“Hey guy, she’s wet!”

So Manni pullled down his pants down to his knees and started rubbing his bare penis between Bethzaida’s vaginal lips.
When Manni’s penis was fully erect, he pushed it into Bethzaida’s vagina while she was still forced to give oral sex to Chucky. Manni started thrusting very slowly and deeply into Bethzaida’s vagina.

“She’s loving it,” Chucky said. “Look at her move her ass.”
After about 10 minutes, Manni withdrew his penis from Bethzaida’s vagina and put his finger in her rectum.
“You like having your asshole fucked?”
“Please not….” begged Bethzaida.
“Relax and I think you will like it, baby.”

So Manni put his penis at the entrance of the woman’s anus and pushed it slowly into it.
After a few more 10 minutes both men stopped and switched places with another. In the meantime they had taken their gloves off and the lights were off in the bedroom.
“Please stop it,” Bethzaida said, as Chucky was spreading her hairless labia apart and putting his erect penis at the entrance of her vaginal opening.
“Your mouth says no, but your body says yes, baby,” replied the man.

Chucky then pushed his bare penis into Bethzaida’s vagina and started thrusting in and out of her, while Manni forced her head down by grabbing her buttocks and pushing her body down towards his penis. Out of fear, Bethzaida took Manni’s penis into her mouth and performed fellatio on him.

After about 20 minutes both intruders sexually penetrating her, Bethzaida heard R. yelling something from upstairs. He had been upstairs in the attic with Hector and their son. Hector heard Bethzaida crying during this time and started banging on the floor, in an effort to get Chucky and Manni to stop hurting his wife. R stayed in the attic with Hector and his son preventing them from leaving.
Chucky then speed up his thrusts into Bethzaida’s vagina, finally ejaculating into her.

At the same time Manni pushed the woman’s head to his penis as he was releasing his semen into her mouth.

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Home invasion – Sex Stories