Hot And Wild Sex With My Friend Neelu

Hot And Wild Sex With My Friend Neelu

Hello readers, I am Rahul here sharing with you my first experience of wild sex that I have encountered a few months back with my best friend. I am 23 years old, studying my M.Tech in college. I live with my parents in Mumbai. I have a friend whose name is Neelu and she lives beside my house.

I and Neelu have been pretty close since our childhood as both our parents are really good friends too.

One fine day when I came back from my college, my parents told me that they and Neelu’s parents were going out of town as a distant relative had expired. They told me to stay with Neelu for a couple of days.

I have always liked my friend Neelu from my childhood but never expressed myself to her. So I thought this may be a chance where I could say that to her.

Neelu has a very fair complexion. She had a figure of 36 for boobs, 28 for hips, 38 for ass. Her ass was very busty. Her titties and her ass jiggled in rhythm whenever she walked which made my dick hard.

At night when my parents left, I went to her house. She was in her tight tees and a short skirt, and no bra as I could see her nipples through her pink t-shirt.

Neelu told me to come in and she bought some snacks and coffee as we talked. It was late at night and we were watching a horror movie.

We had some drinks too as our parents were out. We drank some beers finished the film. And we decided to go to sleep.

She told me to come and sleep in her room. I was shocked and I asked her why and she told me that she was scared to sleep alone after seeing the movie. So I agreed. Then we headed to her bedroom. I immediately had a hard-on when I saw Neelu in her bedroom. Her thighs were very fair and smooth.

We got into bed. I was in my shorts and I was sleeping beside her with my face opposite her.

The atmosphere there was getting really hot. And I could not control myself. After some time, I unexpectedly kept my hands on her waist. Then I slowly moved towards her as she slept with face opposite to me.

I slowly kissed her juicy lips. She suddenly woke up and ran outside the bedroom! I then went to her and apologized, “I am sorry, I have always liked you very much. And I couldn’t control tonight.”

Neelu looked surprised and told me, “I too like you but did not have the courage to tell you.”

As soon as I heard that. I grabbed and hugged tightly. Her mellow boobs were now touching my chest. I kissed her on her soft lips. At first, she didn’t cooperate but after some time, she responded. My friend cum neighbour was a really good kisser. While kissing, I started to play with her titties which were super soft.

Then I turned her back such that her ass touched my dick. And I started to squeeze her boobs over her tight t-shirt. She touched my dick which was now straight as a rod.

I slid my hands into her short skirt to her panties. Now she started to moan as she was all wet inside. It was like lava flowing out of her. I started to rub her clit which made her moan and go crazy.

We went back to bed. After that, I slowly removed her pink tee. I saw those boobs which were of perfect size. Her nipples were dark pink. I started to kiss on her neck and squeeze those cup size boobs hard.

Now she bought her boobs onto my face. I immediately understood and started to suck her nipples. She started to moan even louder as her nipples got harder.

After sucking the nipples, I opened my shorts which already had a tent. She held my hard 6.5-inch dick. She was surprised to see such a long dick. She started to stroke it up and down.

Then I asked her to give me a blowjob to which she hesitated. But then I convinced her that I would lick her pussy afterward.

At first, she was just licking the tip of my cock. I couldn’t control myself and took her by the back of her head and pushed my hot dick inside her mouth and started mouth fucking my friend. She seemed to enjoy that and started to gag as I began to deep-throat her with my hard cock.

After some 10 minutes of mouth fucking, I could not hold much and loaded my cum in her mouth which she drank merrily.

Neelu was pleading for me to go down. So I removed her short skirt and her panties which were already wet. Now she was completely naked and wet and I too was completely naked.

She had a clean-shaven pussy, which was so juicy and wet. Her pussy was dripping with love juice. I started to lick it like a monster. As I licked her, she moaned louder and louder and had her first orgasm.

Then I put my finger in pussy which was so hot and started to lick her clit with my tongue and also bit her pussy lips. Now she went crazy and started quivering and she was pulling my hair in excitement.

After some licking, she came all over the mouth. Then I got up and kissed her making her taste her juices. Now my dick started to hard on after tasting her hot pussy. She was now begging for me to put that hard cock in her pussy.

Now I laid her on her back and opening her legs, I started to rub my dick on her pussy lips. She started to moan. I slowly put my dick in her pussy. It was tight but I rammed my dick in.

As I entered my dick in her, she screamed with pleasure and some pain. The to and fro motion started. I first fucked her at a slow pace and then at a fast pace.

After some hot fuck, I told her to go for doggy style. She obeyed immediately and turned around. Now I held her jiggly ass and spanked them as I fingered her pussy. Then I started to poke her butt-hole.

I entered my dick her pussy and started fingering her butt-hole at the same time. She was moaning and screaming with pleasure as her both holes were filled.

I began licking her neck and biting her ear. She moaned louder and had her orgasm for the third time. She was shaking and squirted her juices on my hard dick.

Now I couldn’t hold and told her that I was about to cum. Then as I approached the climax for the second time, I pulled out my dick and came all around her butt hole.

We were now sweating heavily. The bed was a mess. So we took a bath and cleaned our bed and slept naked. In the morning, I got up. She again gave me a blowjob and we left for our colleges.

We still fuck each other when nobody is around but that’s it for now.

Hot And Wild Sex With My Friend Neelu