Hot Indian Gold Digger Shreya Finally Fucked!

Hot Indian Gold Digger Shreya Finally Fucked!

Hi, this is Nick from Ranchi, an average looking guy with a great sense of humor and sarcastic behavior. About the gold digger in this story, her name is Shreya and she belongs to the same city. She is a hot girl and has flesh in the right places. She is a little short in height but she has the biggest boobs I have ever seen and an ass to die for.

Now, coming to the story about how I met her.

One day, I browsing on Facebook and came across a display picture of a cute girl named Shreya. We had some mutual friends and I sent her a friend request thinking she will accept it. I slept for the night.

The next morning, I got the notification of the friend request being accepted.

My friend Prabhas was also in Shreya’s friend list so I asked him about her and he told me all about her. Shreya was studying in the community college near Bahu bazaar and she was a party animal and shopaholic in nature. But she was tough to crack. Anyway, I thought to give it a try.

I messaged her, hi, hello (blah blahh blaah) and asked her where she lives, what she does, whether she had a bf or not. Even though she had a lover, she denied that.

I straightly asked her number like most of the boys. She rejected my plea for the mobile number. I thought she was arrogant and thought of quit befriending her as it would be a waste of time.

Then, the next Saturday, I got to know from my friend Prabhas that Shreya was a beer-lover and she loves to drink especially in bars and restros. Then it struck me how to handle this chick.

I waiting for her to come online and finally, I asked her out. She denied about her alcohol drinking habit.

I couldn’t believe this girl but I kept asking her out for a couple of beers at fork and cork bar. But she rejected every time and then asked me to meet for shopping instead. I wasn’t a fool so I asked her whether we can go for beer or we are not meeting at all.

Finally, Shreya accepted that she drinks and she accepted to go with me to a bar for some drinks. Then we decided to go on Friday as it would be less crowded than other days. I told her to meet me at the chowk where I will pick her up and then we will hit the bar.

After 1 hour, my phone rang and it was Shreya calling to come to the chowk. I reached there at the location and there she came, in a yellow top containing the 34D softest boobs and sky blue tight jeans. She sat on my bike.

While riding the bike, I was applying the brakes intentionally to feel this gold digger girl’s boobs. It was an amazing feeling which I cannot describe in words.

We reached the bar and we ordered some beers and starters for us and started drinking. After some time, the beer started to show its effect. Shreya started to tell about her life relationship, etc. She started getting cozy with me as I started to compliment her.

She rested her head on my shoulder and I placed my hands on her thighs. She was not resisting.

Then the music started at the bar and she went crazy and started dancing here and there. I had to control her and that’s why I drank less than her. While pulling back her to the seat, I accidentally touched the hot girl’s boobs which she didn’t mind at all!

As we were enjoying each other’s company, we forgot about the time. It was getting dawn and she lived in a Girls’ PG which she had to enter by 7 pm. So we left the place to drop her at the PG. While reaching there, she told me not to tell anyone about this meeting and I told her I will not tell anyone about this.

But there was something else was on my mind which was to take this drunk Indian gold digger chick to my friend’s flat and fuck her brains out.

So I asked her to come with me to my friend’s flat where I will make her coffee to reduce the effect of the alcohol. But Shreya was a clever bitch. She said, “Not today but I will surely come someday for a coffee with you.”

And then we reached her PG which was on the thin lanes of the chowk where even the street light wasn’t working. Before bidding goodbye to her, I asked her for a kiss so that I can remember the moment we had.

Shreya leaned over me and we had a passionate smooch that lasted 3-4 minutes, exploring each other’s mouth and caressing her boobs in that pitch dark lane. Then we broke the kiss and came back to our senses. She said bye and entered her PG without getting noticed by the warden.

After this incident our frequency of meetings increased and talks were getting dirty and dark but whenever I bring the topic of sex she always changed it or disconnects the call.

So I was thinking about how to fuck this bitch then an idea struck me. As she was a shopaholic, I can gift her an expensive top and ask her to come friend’s flat. There can have a couple of beers and by taking advantage of her situation, I can fuck the gold digger.

So, as per my plan, she came to my friend’s flat. We started drinking beer and smoking up some cigarettes. We got high as I thought. I started to caress and kiss Shreya on her cheeks and lips. Then I proceeded to the second base and started rubbing her clit over her jeans. But she was resisting slightly and I was getting restless by her actions.

I asked her, “What’s the problem?” She told me that she has a boyfriend and she cannot sex with me. Saying that, she left. And I was there lying there with my fully erected dick waiting for some action. I was fooled and couldn’t do anything.

So for 2 days, I didn’t message or called her for once. Then the next day morning, she called and behaved normally. But I wasn’t in the mood to talk so I directly told all the things which came on my mind.

I told her I wanted to fuck her from the beginning and told her that why should I spend money on her if she didn’t let me fuck her. Also, I told her that if it was any other girl in her spot, that girl would have happily spread her legs for me.

I also told her that I didn’t care about her bf and if we have sex, it will be only between us.

She didn’t say anything for some time. I thought she hung up but she suddenly asked me to reach my friend’s flat by 11 am. After listening to this, I got very happy. I said ok and started my bike and reached there in 40 minutes.

I reached there, took a bath quickly, changed the bedsheets and sprayed room fresheners everywhere. At 11 am, Shreya knocked on the door. I opened smiling and she was smirking.

I told her to get inside. I asked her whether she wanted anything to refresh herself. She told me to fetch a glass of water and I gave it to her.

I wanted to make her comfortable and so, I started saying some jokes followed by complimenting her beauty while sitting on the bed where I was going to bang her.

As she getting opened up, she told me to strip. I stripped in a flash and my chotu was saluting her. She was shocked and put her hands on her mouth in awe.

I started to caress her after making her sit on my lap. I kissed her on her cheeks and lips and started undressing with top, and then her jeans. In no time, she was completely naked in front of me.

I quickly started licking her sexy body and my saliva was everywhere on her body. Shreya was oozing out of her wet vagina. As I had already kissed her everywhere, I inserted my dick into the entrance of her vagina without any delay and started penetrating her.

As it was my first time, it was difficult for me to enter. So I had to use some vaseline which was kept nearby. I applied it some on my dick and started to enter the sexy gold digger girl. This time, my hard dick got inside Shreya’s wet pussy in one push. She screamed it was thicker than her boyfriend’s dick.

I started fucking the hottie and with every stroke, Shreya was enjoying and reciprocating.

After some time, I felt a peeing-sensation and the next second, I released my load inside her!! The feeling was beyond words. I cummed hard, really hard and my cum was dripping from her pussy. Shreya seemed happy and satisfied but I wanted more of her.

So, after taking a short break, I dragged her to the shower. I kissed and fingered her clit vigorously till she was so desperate to have my dick inside her. Then I told her to bend under the shower and after that, I put my dick near her cunt and started teasing her till she started begging to fuck her.

The next moment, I started fucking her hard and with every stroke, Shreya was moaning my name. After 5-6 minutes, I shot my load in her cunt.

We started making out there and then I took her in my arms and put her in the bed and told her to rest before the next round.

I kept her till 6 pm and we fucked like rabbits. There were 5 rounds happened that day. And after that day, sex became regular between me and Shreya. I use to fuck her like there is no tomorrow and her ass hole has also got wider by our daily doggy style sex.

So, how was my story? All kind of responses is welcome.

Hot Indian Gold Digger Shreya Finally Fucked!