Hot Reunion With Teacher

Hot Reunion With Teacher

Hi everyone, my name is Rudra and I am 23 years old. I am born and brought up in Delhi. I am 5.11 feet tall, fair complexion with average body size.

This story is about my English teacher Aarti back in 2015. She was not that beautiful but there was something about her to which I was attracted. She was around 30-35 years old at that time and 5.4 feet tall. She was married but me being the bhabhis and aunties person, it really didn’t matter to me.

I was really attracted to my teacher’s big boobs and round ass. She was little chubby and when she wore saree her chubby waist really made my Dick hard.

During summer days her sweaty underarms and forehead really made me uncomfortable that I was forced to go to the washroom to jerk it off. I just wanted one fucking session with her but I was helpless at that time.

After the mid-year vacations, she left the school and I never saw her again until the day I found her on Facebook after 3 years on 17th Jan 2020. I immediately sent her a friend request which she accepted the next day.

I checked her profile and I was flattered to see her again. She was now a sex bomb with mid-length blonde hair, ever bigger boobs, and more sexy and attractive big round ass. My teacher was now chubbier than 3 years ago. I jerked off really hard that night.

The next day, I hesitated a lot to send her ‘Hi’ but I gathered all my courage and messaged her to which she replied after a couple of hours. I reminded her of myself and she remembered me. She was now a mother and we really talked very much and it became our day to day routine.

Eventually, we exchanged numbers and we started texting on WhatsApp.

She told me about her family that her husband was a branch manager of a reputed bank in Lucknow and here she was living with her in-laws and her son. Her husband used to come on weekends due to which we did not talk on weekends.

We continued talking for a month and I was regularly jerking off by imagining two of us. Finally, we decided to meet. It was the time of valentine’s and we planned to watch a movie together.

The D-day had finally come. We met on 19th Feb 2020. She was wearing a pink salwar kameez in which her ass was really seeking everyone’s attention. We watched a horror movie and that was also my plan because she told me that she gets really scared. And she was holding my hand all the time during the movie.

After the movie, we came out of the theater and I asked her to drop her home on my Royal Enfield to which she agreed.

While on my bike, it suddenly started raining and we both got badly drenched. It was 1 pm and as everyone is working in my family, my house was empty. So I offered her to come to my house and wait there until the weather gets clear and she agrees.

We reached my home, I looked at my teacher. She was completely drenched in water and was looking really sexy. Her transparent suit was really appealing. Her red bra and black panty were clearly visible. I really got excited and got the boner but thanks to my jeans, it was not visible.

But the water was rolling down her cheeks and neck and was going inside her cleavage. I just wanted to pull her, rip her clothes apart, and make love to her. So I gave her my towel, t-shirt and shorts.

She went to the bathroom, changed her clothes. After her, I went to the bathroom and saw her bra and panty. I took her panty and it was really smelling like Lilies. I rubbed her panty on my dick and came on it.

After changing my clothes, I came out and she took her panty and bra and started ironing them to make it dry.

I took a look at her and I noticed that her t-shirt was really tight that I could clearly see her cleavage and half of her tits. Those big milky melons were eagerly waiting to come outside.

While she was ironing her panty, she noticed something fluid which I obviously forgot to clean after jerking off on her panties. She called me and gave me the angry look and I got scared and I was unable to look at her.

My teacher asked me about that I quickly said sorry and started murmuring to forgive me to which she laughed and came closer to me and said, “Try me”. I got really shocked and she was giving me the naughty and sultry smile. I gathered my senses and hugged her tightly.

I started kissing her. In a minute, my lips were experiencing the taste of her juicy lips and my tongue was playing with hers. With one hand, I grabbed her one boob. I put my other hand in her shorts and grabbed her big round ass.

I started kissing her neck trying to give her the love bite. She moaned, “Aahhhhh Rudra..” and now her body really got heated up.

I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom and threw her gently on the bed. I got on her and started kissing her again and this time, much deeper and harder. My teacher was equally participating and rubbing her hand on my back and gently pushing my head more towards her.

I took off her t-shirts and now those big hilly milky tits were waiting for me. I took those hard brown nipple in my mouth and started tickling with my tongue. She was now breathing very heavily. I started sucking her tits and sucked until it got red and I was rubbing her pussy over her shorts simultaneously.

My teacher was really enjoying it. She took off my t-shirt and her shorts. Now she was all naked and surrendered herself to me.

I went to her navel and started licking it round and round. I started rubbing her clitoris and gently put my index finger inside her wet and soft pussy. She now again breathing heavily.

I put my second finger and started fingering her. She moaned, “Aaahhh Rudra, I am enjoying it.. aahmmm, ummmm.. Please go down, Rudra, please lick me, lick me hard.” I followed her and went down on her.

I started licking her clitoris, and then put my tongue inside her pussy and started licking her mad. She became mad and pushed my head and locked me through her legs. She was moaning like a bitch, “Aahhhh baby fuck me with your nasty tongue.. ahhh I am about to come baby ahhhh don’t stop.. harder baby ahhhh.”

I got really excited and licked her so hard that she came and it was all around my face. She laughed at me. I went up and started kissing her and finger her. She again started moaning and said, “fuck me.” Now I took off my shorts and took out my 5.-inches dick which was now become a hard hot rod ready to be inserted.

I started rubbing my dick on her pussy and clitoris, she was now begging to me, “Baby, andar dalo na, I am hungry please baby put it in.”

I took my dick and put it in her vagina but she was not sexually active for a long time. So it took time. I pushed my dick a little and it went halfway and she was like, “Ahhhhh baby it’s hurting, stop.”

I pushed it more and now I was fully into her to which she started screaming, “Ahhhh baby, it is hurting take it out” and she started pushing me and hitting me. I held her hands and took her lips into mine to make her silent and started fucking her slowly and gently, in and out, in and out.

She got comfortable and started enjoying it. I increased the speed and applied more thrust. She was now enjoying with pleasure and she started biting her lips and moaning, “Aaahhh baby, faster and deeper, deeper aahhhhh.. ummm fuck me baby.. ahh fuck me like your whore.. ahhh make me your whore baby ahhh.”

After 15 minutes of fucking, she screamed, “I am coming baby, aahhhh please don’t stop ahhhh I am coming,” and she came all over my dick. I could feel the fluid and wetness. She pushed me and I laid beside her. I told her that I was about to come. She pushed me to which she kissed me on my cheeks and went down on me.

She took my dick and started giving me handjob. When I was fully erected, she took my dick in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob I have ever got. I was really moaning to which she got excited and started taking it deeper.

I took her head and I was now fucking her mouth. I got so excited that I forgot to tell her that I was about to come and came in her mouth. Now it was all over her face. She looked at me smiling. She was looking really cute and innocent. I winked at her and said, “Hisaab barabar.”

My teacher was now tired and fell onto my chest. I hugged her and kissed her. After that, we went for a bath together where I fucked her again.

It was really a dream come true. Now, as there is a lockdown, her husband is with her and we talk rarely. But surely it was a memorable one for both of us.

Hot Reunion With Teacher