How a really gorgeous Chinese married woman had a great time with me

How a really gorgeous Chinese married woman had a great time with me

Sharon and I met on an adult website catering to people who want to explore sexual liaisons with likeminded individuals of the opposite sex . It was just a few weeks ago that I glanced upon her profile which had a very sensual picture of her posing naked in a sensual pose in her shower.

The lines of her body caught my eyes. She is slender, sensually !! Her pose in that profile picture is perhaps the most arousing but not of the vulgar type. It has poise, it has class and it has a compellingly carnal effect on any person who looks at her picture. In my case, I had an instant hard on that I never had felt so before – in spite of the fact that I had met so many ladies on sex sites before. Sharon’s body is a sculpture of feminity ! Even that, is an understatement.

Immediately I set about writing a short email to her – asking her if she meets only chinese guys or men of other races too. She replied a day later, instead, asking if I was Chinese ? I replied am not. We then traded our emails and chat identities to chat online, which led both of us to trade pictures of each other. She sent me a few more nude / semi-nude pictures of hers which had my adrenalin rush to sky high levels. That led both of us to decide on a day to meet up . I thought it would be a long drawn process of meeting over coffee first or drinks and then chit chat and then see how each others ‘waves’ react to each other.

How wrong was I ! Sharon was direct. She wanted carnal action and she wanted it her way. Being in a relationship, she did not want to spend her evenings out but she was bold enough to tell me that we should meet up during day time for a ‘great time’. Both of us wanted a good session of wild passionate sex and I obliged. On a public holiday, we met.. finally.

The way we met was pre-determined. I would book a small time motel and then text her the address. She would sneak out of her office and meet me in the given address . That’s exactly how we did it. Day time, in the din of all activity , I texted her the address and in about 10 minutes, Sharon, whom I had seen only a few days back in pictures sent through file transfer , was now standing in front of me , breathing and heaving.. with a face confident of what she was here for !.

And she looked even gorgeous as she walked through the door. Her long mane of hair was free flowing without any hair bands or clips ! She wore beige shoes with high heels and a tanned trench type short summer dress with a big black Chanel belt. Her finely toned legs were well toned and has some of the sexiest calfs and thighs I have seen on a Chinese woman. She did not wear any stockings or panty hose ! (Guess she had figured out ‘why bother wearing anything if it’s to be removed’? Hahaha.. ) Her face was partly made up with a speck of red lipstick on her lips.

Her waist was enhanced with the black belt she was wearing and her breasts and their shape were accentuated by the natural hold of her leopard skin printed lingerie that was beneath but in glimpsed view for any man to see. I offered her water and after settling herself down, she removed her shoes – which gave me another visual surprise ! Her feet and toes are so attractive to look at (and to touch ). At that point I was just looking at her and did not touch her ! It was only when she told me that she wanted to take a shower and started to place her hands on her buttons.. that I made my move towards her… and set a prelude to a great afternoon of two hours that we could afford for each other.

The Flowing Amour ! : Part 1

And she stood up to unbutton her tanned coat buttons and black Chanel belt. I stood up immediately and held her hand that was on her buttons. I pulled her close to me and placed a long kiss on her lips while we both had our hands on each other in no time. Mine were feeling the texture of her clothes (I find it more sexier to feel a woman’s dress texture and then slowly move on to other parts of her clothes and body).

I took my own sweet time to run my hands around her back, her neck and slowly down her spine.. and down towards her butt. My hand were floating on her and soon enough she was standing legs parted .. with one leg on the sofa and one standing. My manhood was already at its ‘bursting at seams’ phase and while we were both clothed at that time, we were dry humping and pushing each other on the most erogenous parts of our body . ( I like it slow, very slow and I like to build up time on foreplay before going for the main course).

I slowly unbuttoned her and was pleasantly surprised to see that she was wearing a sheer leopard skinned two piece lingerie ! The top was a spaghetti strap body hugging type with the panties being the normal type (no T back and no G strings). Just perfect panties which accentuated her curvy butt ! And what curves she has !.. Her breasts are one of the most succulent but firm types with erect nipples which are dark tone and a great contrast to her skin tone.

I was excited at the feeling of my fingers going over her nipples, flicking them and teasing them in slow speed up-n-down motions and then alternating to round and round twists to which she reacted very well. Her eyes were closed as my mouth made way to her neck, gently kissing it , nibbling it , sliding my tongue over her shoulders and down to her nipples sucking and flicking my tongue on those lovely breasts. Her moans were audible now .. not loud, but very sensually low moans.. and they were making me even harder by the minute.

My fingers were flowing down her waist and over her butt ! I slowly took a ‘bite’ of her undies and pulled them down slightly using my teeth. There lay a lovely tattoo right on her lower abdomen. In no time, my fingers were over her partly covered clit by which time, was getting wetter and wetter. I slid my finger over her camel-toed swollen pussy and sure enough , her wetness had made her undies wet ! It was a sight to taste and enjoy. In no time, I bent her over the bed and started licking her swollen pussy .. and really guys, it was SWOLLEN due to her horny-ness.

It was a feast for me and I pushed my tongue in her crack and started flicking my tongue on her dripping wet moist clit. Neatly trimmed, it has a great entry point for any man who loves to give a good oral to Sharon and she obliges. My mouth was busy while with each push and twist of my tongue inside her, her legs were spreading apart in a ‘pre-doggy’ position. And she tastes good ! I mean, really TASTES good. I have tasted pussies before but Sharon’s pussy is sooo great to dip your tongue into . After giving her a good taste (or taking a good taste of her pussy), I let it (tongue) run over her butt-crack and slowly, very slowly, it went up her spine, upto her neck, then her shoulder blades.. and then down.

This I repeated over 5-6 times and she was moaning some very interesting reactions as I did that. My second set of tongue running licks was again starting from her pussy and then down her legs and then to her thighs and over to her feet.. I did that – enjoying myself too – with the most deliberately slow motions I could afford for each other. With each cycle of my tongue slides, her legs were getting wider and wider .. till a moment when she climbed on the bed and gave me a full doggy pose.

Note about her legs – I AM SOLD on Sharon’s body. Her legs are a feast for the eyes and for the mouth. Soft, not overly firm and neither overly fat nor thin. Just 100% perfect for any man who wants to feel and experience lovely legs! If I were a poet, I could write odes of Shakespearian prose about her legs.

With Sharon now giving me a full view of a doggy pose and being on all fours , I took my cue with my own hard black dick ready for some juicy action.

*** The Dog & the Venus : Part 2

By a good measure, I had already licked quite a lot of dripping juices from Sharon’s cunt. She has a cunt that gives nectar to anyone who can arouse her sexual senses and it never stops, trust me ! She is ever wet, ever dripping and the streaks of my saliva mixing with pussy juice was a sight to see. At times, we had slivers of our mixed fluids streaking with bubbly love-juice.

My black skinned cock with a pink strawberry tip was hard and it could not wait any longer. I was wondering if I should offer it to her so that she could lick it and perform some oral mystical magic on it but it was a wild and rabid cock that wanted the warmth and tightness of Sharon’s pussy. Her pussy was as inviting in her doggy pose and my cock was as hungry to dip inside her invitation. So I positioned the tip of my cock on her pussy lips and let her pussy flaps feel the curvature, the length and the girth of my engorged cock. It too, was moist then .. partly with my own pre-cum and partly with her ever flowing pussy juice – which , honestly guys, made my dark skin cock glow and glitter in the dim lights of the rented room.

It was great to see my cock being taken inside by Sharon inch by inch. Slowly, slowly, in and out. Slowly in, in.. and slowly out. She carried on this sequence till she was comfortable with the pulsating thickness of my cock all the way inside her. And I must say this – she took me ALL by herself.. there was no effort on my part.. I just tood there rock hard and up, but she was the one who had the freedom and the desire to take as much cock as possible. Glad !!! She took me all the whole mile.

When it comes to penetration, I am a slow steam engine of the old era. I like to start slow.. really slow. I enjoy the sight of my cock and my sex partner’s pussy flaps reacting to each others moves in unison. Nothing turns me more harder than the sight of seeing pussy flaps flapping in and out with my cock’s skin glistening in the juices. Add to that the sight of Sharon’s and my precum being CHURNED with every push inside and out of her.

I love it when I get to put the entire long strength of my cock in different styles. Even in Doggy, I try variations of the movement and Sharon was ever gamely in her boldness . She took me in corkscrew style (where I make entry in a round screw type motion). She loved it when I pumped her from left side and pumped out frm the right (a repeat action motion which she was really enjoying and moaning about. Then I gave her my “pile driver” position where I held her ass a bit higher and started to pump her in vertically. The next phase was when I slowly went inside with a movement of forward up and backward down piston pump. All this while, my cock tip was playing inside her in the most unexpected ways and she was dripping her cummy juice on my cock while our action was in heat.

Her moans were turning me on and I swear, I have never seen a body as beautiful as Sharon’s ! Long hair strewn around her back.. an ass that is really great to pump in doggy ! And tits OOOHH those tits can move with every thrust and pound that you give to her. As we slow steamed our fucking positions, we gathered steam and my poundings were getting deeper and more intense for her. I made sure she was fine .. or if I was hurting her but she replied “Keep going on.. am ok.. am ok.. yess please.. keep going”.

We built up the speed ! My cock was gravitating and zoning into her Gspot and by this time I could sense she was getting in a mode of total surrender. We were both looking at each other through the mirror on the side of the bed and enjoyed our own sight of coital fucking like two people gone wildest !

A few minutes later I changed her position and made my way to kiss her lips and her tits and slowly attempt a missionary pumping position. But she seemed somehow to enjoy the sideway position and let me have the freedom to fuck her anyways I wanted as long as she remained ‘sideways’. I licked her nipples in the fast and frenzied pumping of my cock in her pussy while she was eyes closed and moaning loud. Her nipples were really so erect at this time that I wish someone had filmed us having an aroused state of sexual bliss. My strokes were getting longer and deeper and her body was shaking with every thrust.

We were grunting and moaning and saying things (I think) that we did not make any sense of but whatever we were – we were two bodies going in frenzied sexual hunger and we were not getting enough of each other. Her pussy was leaking fluid and my cock was going crazy inside her to a point where we just wanted to CUM together. I pulled out my cock and let the pulsations of the hungry impregnations spew the juice of my manhood on her pussy and her abdomen.

This was the first phase of us cumming – rather I CAME on her . It was so erotic to see my cum juice flowing on her abdomen, her belly button then streaking down her pussy as we had our hearts racing and her moans “yes, yes, yes,, yes fuck me , fuck me please oh yes fuck me please. Fuck my pussy with your thick cock!! GIVE IT TO ME MMM BANG ME HARD YEAHH YEAHH “ were ringing in my ears till we both collapsed into each others arms.

We lay there.. for a few good minutes and with the fluidy juicy mess on our bodies and sheets, we made it to the bathroom for a short shower (both of us intent on carrying on to session number two because the first fuck was only a starter).

Sharon entered the bathroom perhaps wanting to take a shower alone. But I followed right behind her and started rubbing my still pulsating cock on her butt. The water in the shower nozzle was flowing and she had already taken out the body wash ! After soaking both of us wet, we took turns applying the body wash on each other and this kept her turned on. She grabbed hold of my dark skinned cock and started stroking it with her left hand making sure that she was tugging it right and in the right grip.

Now – remember !! During our first fuck , I had come outside of her and not inside? She – like an expert , drained out the last drop of fluid in my “unfinished business” and she took some of the remaining fluid in the shower. We were rubbing our soapy bodies on each other and at one point I attempted a ‘shower doggy’ in standing position but I guess she did not want it standing. We were deep kissing and fingering each other again and in the same mode, got out of the shower and on to the bed.

We kept on to it !! Our sheets were wet / moist from our cum drips and our just showered droplets. The whole bed was a mess of erotica! Sharon lay there.. perhaps a bit exhausted and gave me a good view while she lay on her tummy , eyes closed.

The Oil Massage Erotica : Part 3

As she lay there , I produced a bottle of oil that I had bought initially to give her a good massage . It was the right time. She was exhausted and I proceeded to pouring the slithering droplets of oil from the top of her spine to the middle and then on to the lower back. It felt great to see the oil trickle down and then my hands were on her, gently massaging the entire length of her. It was again, a slow, deliberate but sensual massage. The low dimmed lights made her skin reflect the oily surface and every sweep of my hand gave a round or a straight line pattern. This itself was making my dark long cock go hard again and it was pulsating for a second session .

I then whispered into her ears if she was ready for her body to be massaged in the front torso – to which she readily obliged. I massaged her tits , her belly (ooooh such a sexy belly !!!) and down her love triangle.. and between her legs. I guess she got aroused with frontal body massage and her left leg slowly folded up .. giving me more and more better view and access to her lovely pussy . Soon enough my cock was rubbing against her as I was rubbing her body .. and as her leg grew wider apart, she took hold of my large thick cock and started stroking it and then rubbing it on her pussy lips.

As my oily palms and fingers moved , she was massaging her pussy with my cock tip. Soon , my cock tip was going inside her smoothly .. in and out.. in and out.. Sharon was visually excited with the entire massage and the sensation of my thick pulsating and wet cock going magic in her cunt. It was swollen cunt and every push of my thrust was making her contract her muscles. One thing about Sharon is that she loves to contract her muscles when a long cock is on its “pull” which makes it even harder and longer but she loosens her pussy muscles when the cock goes in.

The rhythm of her pussy contracting and constricting (tightening and loosening ) was taking me to heavenly heights. Add to that, the fact that her juices were coating my black skinned cock again. It was a vicious cycle of turn-ons and the visual treat was making me pump her deeper and deeper in slow strokes.

Sharon loves a slow deep stroke in many positions. It gives her time to pulsate her pussy and that gives her a turnon that makes her moan and groan. At this time, I was stroking her with a ‘push-push-POOOOOSHH…. Pull out slowly… push-push-POOOOSH and pull out slowly.. agains repeating the small pushes in increments and the 3rd push as DEEPER one.

We were deep kissing each other as I was doing this while her nipples were hard again .. and her butt cheeks were getting wet from the juicy discharge of our ‘fluids’. Her butt crack was wet with the dripping outflow from her pussy as I was stroking. The whole experience of it was awesome.

Having done her Doggy in the first session, this (2nd session) I wanted to give he sideway and then on to missionary in full force. I positioned myself over her and gave her my pile drive pump . Only difference was that my slow motion [ push – push – POOSH – pull ] were getting more faster and picking up speed. Again I gave her the corkscrew fuck as I was pumping her and varying my movements till she was in 7th heaven.

We were fucking wildly with her legs up in the air and toes curled inwards with every thundering thrust I gave her. She was moaning loudly..”Yes Yes Patrick.. fuck me.. oh yes fuck me please please please.. fuck me deeper.. oh yes, oh yes, fuck me harder” She wouldn’t stop uttering her sexual voices and thoughts out loud . “Yes fuck my pussy baby.. yes fuck me hard.. yess yess yess..” And I was grunting every push of mine inside her like a wild man ! My dark black cock was now thinly coated with her white creamy pussy juice and my precum and my pulsating veins were making my cock make wonders inside her .

The sight of it was making me so harder and harder that I wish I was fucking her like that all night and day ! I was pumping her and we both were looking into the mirror watching our bodies shake wildly in our sexual heaven. Her tits were bouncing up n down and her moans growing louder and louder as were my wild grunts. Her hands reached out to the sheets and pillows in the orgasmic ‘want’ of digging her fingers into something. At that moment her pussy and pelvic muscles were going in a turbo mode and I knew she was going to cum and CUM HARD.. I was so aroused by this that I yelled “Am cumming baby.. yeahh yeahh… cum on my cock baby and let me cum in your pussy”… And ohhh those long squirts of my cum inside her pussy !!!

I really came hard inside her and even while I had finished squirting my thrusts insider her, my cock was still up but in a bit of a flaccid state – yet enjoying her pussy warmth ! We lay there motionless – still in penetrated mode. Sweaty bodies, entwined like a sexual unison never before. I was in heaven at that moment and she lay there EXHAUSTED !! Surrendered!! Totally motionless !! Totally STILL !.. I could sense her pussy juice mixed with my cum was flowing down her cunt and after that we both went into a cuddly nap for maybe 10 minutes.

We woke up again after a short while as she wanted to check the time . Our room was booked for 2 hours and it was already the last ½ hour left. Sharon was trying to get out of the bed and get ready. I told her that we still have ½ hour and we better make good use of the time. And I really wanted to make good use of our time. Sharon has a killer sexy body and any man can see for himself that her shapes and her sexuality keeps you hard.

This is no exaggeration ! Within 2 hours, we both had foreplayed and fucked and massaged many times and I wanted to give her one last fuck ! As she was getting ready, I pulled her back to the bed and whispered “ONE LAST FUCK BEFORE YOU GO” . She is a horny woman and she obliged “Ok , Patrick, yes , lets fuck “. Our last penetrative fuck was shorter than the previous shots but nevertheless intensely stronger and I came inside her within 10 minutes after banging her. 5 more minutes before the room was up to be handed back and she got ready after a shower. It was a pleasure to see her dress up in her classy office attire and get ready to go. We kissed each other deeply and with a tight hug , parted our ways. She walked out first.. while I went back to the bed, looking at the bed sheets where our dripping wet cum was still visible.. I lay there.. sniffing our scents and closed my eyes. Heavenly Sharon !!

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How a really gorgeous Chinese married woman had a great time with me