How Traditions Start – part 5 by starrynight

How Traditions Start – part 5
by starrynight

How Traditions Start – part 5

An original story by Starrynight.


Presley woke up to a cold white winter morning. She opened her eyes and peered outside through the window at the snow-covered farm. It took a few seconds for the memories of the previous night to pop into her mind. She was not a virgin anymore, was the first thought to run through her mind, as a flutter filled her stomach.

It was still early, and the house was quiet as Presley stayed under the covers, replaying the events of what her father and her had done last night. While still thinking about it, Presley slowly slid her hand down her body and under her pajama pants. She combed her fingers through her bush, sliding them along her pubic mound until she reached her vagina. She gave her clit a little rub, thinking what her father had done down there only a couple hours ago. She then slid her middle finger along her slit before pushing it into her warm wet pussy.

At the age of eighteen and a day, Presley Fletcher was masturbating for the first time in her life. She let out a surprised moan at the unexpected volume of the pleasure she had inflicted upon herself and made sure to stifle the next ones. Presley began to slowly finger herself as she snuck her other hand under her shirt and started to fondle her large breasts. She stifled another moan as she touched and caressed herself, and after a few minutes of wonderful self-induced pleasure, she drifted back to sleep.

Presley woke up two hours later, and as soon as she got out of bed, she could smell what can only be described as the heavy scent of sex, on her. She grabbed a change of clothes and quickly walked over to the shower, relieved it was vacant as she stripped down and entered the warm water.

Presley strode downstairs confidently only to find her parents and older twin siblings around the table drinking coffee. All four looked up at her and Presley turned red. She was sure they were giving her a knowing look, but they said nothing about last night, only invited her to join them, pouring her a mug of coffee as they continued talking about nothing in specific.

After Jack and Lisa woke up, and throughout the day, the family spent their time getting things ready for Christmas. They hung up all the decorations, finished putting up the tree, and prepared the house for the holiday.

Tom and Liz did not talk to Presley about what happened last night, and as far as she was aware, there was no mention of it between them. She did feel though, that her older brother and sister were giving her sinister looks when they saw her. It was like their expressions were saying “we know you fucked dad”, but after each time she saw them, Presley admitted to herself that it was probably her imagination.

After dinner, like most nights, the entire family retired to the living room. They played a few games and read books until Lisa went to bed and Jack followed not too long after. Shortly after her brother, Presley excused herself and bid her family good night. They were looking at her very strange, especially Zach, as they returned her good night and went back to their books.

Presley finished brushing her teeth and walked out of the bathroom when she heard her brother call her. “Hey Presley” he called to her from the top of the stairs “can you come to my room for a sec?” he asked and headed there himself.

“Sure” Presley answered him thinking nothing of it. She had not changed into her pajamas yet and was wearing a light blue blouse and dark blue jeans. She followed her brother to his room and entered right after him.

Zach was nervous as he entered his room with his younger sister right behind him. He looked at her body, noting her feminine curves and closed the door behind her, with the excuse of keeping the warmth generated by the radiator in.

“What’s up?” Presley asked her older brother as she stepped into his bedroom.

“Hey,” Zach said nervously as his younger sister walked into the room “I just wanted to ask you, how were things with dad last night?” Zach said cautiously.

“Whhaaatt? What do you mean?” Presley stuttered back while turning red. She couldn’t believe her brother knew about it and hopped he was referring to something else.

“Come on,” Zach started saying sounding full of confidence “I know you and dad did it last night. How was it? And are you all right?” Zach asked her with a sympathetic look on his handsome face.

“You knew?” Presley asked her brother with a squeaky voice. She was so embarrassed that her brother, who she always looked up too, and even had a small sisterly crush on, knew that she lost her virginity to their father.

“Yeah,” Zach said and blushed slightly “mom and dad told us before…”

“Us?” Presley cut him off “Molly knows too?” she asked sounding horrified.

“Uh hu” Zach said while nodding “You know mom and dad did the same thing with us, right?”

“They told me last night” Presley told her brother. “So, it’s true, you really had sex with mom and Molly with dad?” she asked shyly.

“Yep,” Zach said and blushed slightly “on the night of our eighteenth birthday, just like with you” he said.

“Wow” Presley said, a little lost for words “what was it like?” she asked her brother.

“You mean what was it like fucking mom?” he asked his sister and watched her face turn red at his bluntness as she nodded. “It was weird at first, and I felt really embarrassed” he admitted “but mom was really cool about everything, and after we got into it, I really enjoyed it” Zach confided in Presley. He hoped that she would open up and share with him how last night was.

“And did you ever…? You know. Do it with her after that?” she asked her brother.

“No, that was the only time” Zach told her, and Presley felt an unclear disappointment as he said it.

“What about Molly?” Presley asked.

“What about her?” Zach asked and blushed slightly at the thought of his twin sister.

“Did she ever do it with dad after her birthday?” she asked, confused about her brother’s reaction when she asked about her sister.

“No” Zach said decisively. He didn’t like to think about Molly’s first time with their father.

“How do you know?” Presley kept pushing him, hoping she might have another chance at an intimate liaison with her father.

“Because she told me” Zach answered confidently.

“You two talked about this?” Presley asked her brother shocked. She knew he and Molly were close, but to share the details of the sex they had with their parents was over the top.

“Yeah, we did” Zach told her shyly. The way he talked about it made Presley feel like there was something she was missing. “You still didn’t answer my question, how was last night?” he asked her again, trying to change the subject.

“I don’t know,” Presley said shyly “probably like what Molly told you.”

“Did you like it?” Zach asked interested and Presley nodded, turning a bright red. “Did it hurt?” he continued.

“At first, yes” Presley admitted “but after a few times it started to feel really good.”

“Did dad…um, make you…orgasm?” he asked with a sly grin and Presley nodded in embarrassment. “How many times?” Zach kept pressing nervously as they treaded into a dangerous territory.

“Three” Presley said shyly. She couldn’t believe she was sharing this with her brother. She could feel her panties getting moist.

“Wow” Zach said and turned quiet. Their conversation was getting a little intense and he did not really know how to continue.

“How many times did you, um, orgasm, when you were with mom?” Presley asked after an awkward pause.

“Twice,” Zach told his sister and cleared his throat as he felt himself getting warm. Blood was rushing to his cock and he put his hands into his pockets and shifted it in the hopes she wouldn’t notice.

“So, when was the next time for you after mom?” Presley asked after another pause.

“I’m not sure” Zach answered and shifted nervously.

“Come on” Presley kept pressing. She could tell her brother was keeping something from her.

“Fine,” Zach said nervously “it was two weeks later” he said hoping she wouldn’t push it but deep down knowing she would and wanting her to.

“Two weeks?” Presley let out in surprise “But you said you only had that one time with mom” she said confused.

“That’s right” Zach said.

“Then who did you…?” Presley asked, still not getting it yet.

“Molly” Zach confessed and blushed. He wasn’t sure he wanted her knowing this, but it was too late.

“Molly?” Presley let out wide eyed “You had sex with Molly?” she asked stunned.

“Yeah” Zach managed meekly and looked at the floor.

“How did that happen?” she asked still shocked. She could not believe how much she was learning about her family over the fast twenty-four hours.

“After we lost our virginities to mom and dad, it just kind of happened” Zach said, noticing the shock in his younger sister’s eyes.

“How many times did you two do it?” she asked, sensing that it happened more than once.

“I’m not sure” Zach said and gave his sister a look that was part embarrassment and part pride.

“Are you still having sex?” Presley blurted out as she noticed the look on her brother’s face, meaning they have had sex a lot.

“No, no,” Zach said “we stopped doing it when we went off to college.”

Presley was suddenly starting to make sense of things. All the late nights her brother and sister spend together in their rooms, the times she caught them exiting the bathroom together and they said they were just brushing their teeth, all the strange sounds that came out of their rooms, and the times she found them in the morning in each other’s bed. It suddenly all made sense. She looked up at her brother and was suddenly filled with intense jealousy towards her older sister.

“Presley,” Zach called her after she spaced out for a few seconds “that’s actually kind of what I wanted to talk to you about” Zach started, his face flushed. “I wanted to ask, maybe,” Zach started saying and choked on his own word “maybe you wanted to try and…have sex again, but with…someone closer to your age. Someone who you might be a little more comfortable doing it with?” he managed to say at last and watched his sister’s eyes study him in surprise.

“You…you want us to have sex?” Presley asked in a shaking voice, not sure she understood him correctly. She could feel her juices flowing out of her and soaking her panties at the prospect of her older brother fucking her. He looked so cute all nervous, so handsome in his tight black shirt and long khakis. She hoped he was serious.

“Um, yeah” Zach said nervously “we thought that after last night you might have some questions. Maybe things you wanted to know or to try.”

“Who is we?” she asked her brother as her mind raced with possibilities. She couldn’t believe her brother was offering himself to her.

“Mom, dad and I” Zach answered. He intentionally kept Molly’s name out.

“So, they know about this?” Presley asked surprised and her brother nodded. “And they are okay with it?” she asked and received another nod.

“What do you say?” Zach asked her “Do you want to?”

“Yeah, I guess so” she said, succeeding to contain her enthusiasm. She did not realize this until that very moment, but she had wanted to fuck her older brother for a while. She looked up and down his strong masculine body and had no shred of doubt that she wanted to feel him inside her.

“Are you sure?” Zach asked as he stepped towards her and looked into her eyes.

“Yes” Presley answered shyly and looked up at her brother. She took a step towards him, closing the small gap between them and looked up at him as his lips were drawn to hers. Presley closed her eyes and lost herself in the kiss, her big brother’s soft lips gently caressing hers as he brought his hands down to her waist and pulled her into him.

Zach could feel his sister’s hunger as she returned his kisses. Her lips were soft and warm, and her breath was sweet and minty as their lips continued to dance. Despite how pretty and cute Presley was, Zach was no attracted to her. To him she was his little sister and no matter how much she would grow up and mature, he would always look at her as a little girl. Still, he was still determined to continue, and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Presley moaned into her brother’s mouth and opened her eyes in surprise as she felt his tongue insider her mouth. He swirled it around until he found her tongue, gave it a few nice touches then quickly pulled it out.

“What was that you just did?” Presley asked her brother after breaking their kiss.

“What do you mean?” Zach asked confused, he was just kissing her.

“That thing, with your tongue…” Presley said.

“Just a kiss with tongue” Zach said surprised “Dad didn’t do that with you?” he asked, knowing his father did indeed tongue Molly.

“No” Presley said slightly embarrassed. “Can I try?” she asked.

“Sure” Zach answered and was quickly lip locked once more with his sister. She pushed her tongue inexperiencedly into his mouth as they began a hot session of kissing, their tongues dueling as they moved between mouths.

They broke their kissing only when they were completely out of breath and gazed at each other breathless. They stood there in silence for a few moments before Zach started taking his shirt off.

Presley bit her lower lip as she looked at her brother’s strong upper body. He was completely smooth, a fact that made her pussy even wetter as she too started to undress. She unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off as her brother was taking his pants off, and followed by removing her pants too.

The room seemed to grow warmer, as brother and sister faced each other in just their underwear. Nervous smiles were spread across their faces as they looked at each other’s exposed bodies. Zach’s semi erect penis was starting to grow as he looked at Presley’s young body, her large breasts covered with a beige bra, and her crotch clad in thin white panties, a noticeable wet patch at the bottom.

Presley looked at her handsome brother with desire. His body so strong and hot as he stood in front of her in a pair of black boxers. She could see the outline of his penis through the fabric and watched her brother as he slowly exposed himself, removing his boxers and showing his cock to her. Presley looked at her brother’s dick and felt the wet patch in her panties growing. It wasn’t nearly as thick as her father’s, but it looked about the same length, or so she thought. She couldn’t really tell since it wasn’t completely hard. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed she noted, something his girlfriend asked him to do.

Zach felt very self-conscious as he stood on display for his little sister. He noticed the way she was looking at him and could tell she wanted this to happen. He stood like that for a couple seconds, his dick not quite hard, before Presley started to remove the last pieces of clothing. He watched as she shyly removed her bra, blushing as she exposed her firm boobs to her brother, then slowly slipped off her panties.

“Wow” Zach let out as he ogled his little sister’s amazing naked body. He looked at her enormous breasts, thinking they ware as big as their mother’s maybe even more, as they stood firmly in place. She had small dark areolas and her small nipples were hard. He gazed down her curvy body, looking at her slightly dark skin, her nearly flat stomach, her sexy legs, shapely thighs, her young wild patch of dark pubic hair and her enticing teenage pussy. “You have a really beautiful body” Zach told his sister who turned a bright red. He noticed her looking intently at his cock, and only when he looked down himself, did he notice he was completely hard.

Presley looked at her brother’s hard dick in awe. She could appreciate its full length now that it was hard, and she took a step towards her brother, admiring his penis from only inches away, and slowly moved her hand to grasp it. Her brother let out a gasp as she placed her hand upon his manhood and began to gently stroke it.

As Presley caressed her brother, she took her time to study his nice cock. It was long and thin, not close to their father’s girth and curved up slightly. She could easily wrap her hand around it and did so, slowly stroking him from base to tip as he let out a gentle moan.

“Oh god Presley” Zach moaned as his sister began to stroke him. He didn’t even get a chance to ask her where she wanted to start before she grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. She gave him a few tugs, then brought her palm to her mouth and spit on it. He watched her as she then got down on her knees and commenced to jerk him off with her slick hand. “Oh yes” Zach called in pleasure as he watched her sliding her hand along his shaft.

Presley jerked her brother off to their mutual pleasure. She enjoyed the feel of his cock in her hand, its smooth skin, the way her hand glided along it and the sexual sounds coming from her brother’s mouth. She continued playing with his cock a little more to his growing moans, before bringing her mouth over and taking it in.

Zach let out a surprised grunt as his sister engulfed his cock with her mouth. She grabbed the base with her hand and started sucking on it. “Fuck!” Zach moaned at the pleasure of his dick inside her warm mouth. She sucked on the head for a few seconds, then pulled it out with a sucking sound and started licking his cock like it was candy. She licked it all over, starting at the head, moving down along the shaft and even shortly running her tongue over his testicles, before wrapping her lips around it and continuing to suck it.

Presley started bobbing her head on her brother’s cock to his growing moans. She could fit him much more easily than she could her father and tried to take as much of him in her mouth without gagging. As she did so, she tightened her grip at the base of his dick and continued to stroke him as she sucked on his nice hard cock.

Zach let out a loud groan as Presley started to stroke him while giving him a blowjob. The feeling of her soft hand jerking his shaft while her sly tongue slid over it and her warm mouth hugged it, was exquisite. “Presley, I’m getting close” he told his sister as he felt his release nearing. He let out another moan and noticed she wasn’t slowing down, still sucking on his pulsing rod with enthusiasm. “Presley,” Zach said with a little more urgency in his voice “I’m gonna cum” he announced, expecting her to stop sucking him and stroke him until he came, but she didn’t. She looked up at him and kept going.

Since the night he lost his virginity to his mother, Zach did not get a chance to ejaculate from a blowjob. Both Molly and his current girlfriend, were disgusted by the idea of him ejaculating in their mouth and would always switch to using their hand when he was close to finishing. Presley on the other hand, was showing no sign of slowing down.

“Fuck, fuck, Ugh!” Zach moaned as he exploded inside his little sister’s mouth. He could see the surprise on her young face, but it was too late, he was already squirting his load into it. “No, don’t stop!” Zach called out to his sister as in the middle of his orgasmic pleasure she stopped sucking and stroking him, but she quickly continued, making him fill her mouth to the brink with his warm sticky spunk.

Presley waited for her brother to stop ejaculating. As soon as he finished and stopped moaning, she quickly pulled her mouth off and crawled over to a trash can, spitting the content of her brother’s sperm from her mouth. She tried to spit it all out, but there was so much, she ended swallowing some.

“That was amazing, but did you mean for me to cum in your mouth?” Zach asked his sister after she got to her feet. He noticed her surprise when he started to shoot his load into her mouth. She still had a little cum on her chin and she used a tissue to wipe it off. “I told you I was about to” he added.

“I didn’t know what you meant” she said in a shy voice. The whole thing was a bit overwhelming for her, but it wasn’t bad.

“Oh, sorry” Zach said embarrassed. “Did dad not…?” he tried to ask.

“No” Presley answered also embarrassed and shook her head. “I mean, we did do that” she said and blushed “but he didn’t…um…finish when we did it.”

“Mm, yeah, so, you should probably know that when you’re doing this with a guy, and he says he’s about to…cum” Zach started saying nervously. “If you don’t want him to do it in your mouth, just pull him out and stroke him with your hand until he finishes.”

“Oh okay” Presley said in a sweet voice and had an apologetic expression on her face that her brother noticed immediately.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Zach started to say, “that felt incredible. Every guy, including me, would much rather finish in the girl’s mouth, but a lot of girls don’t like to do that”.

“Well, I think I liked it” Presley said, her face brightening up as she gave her brother an innocent smile.

“Oh, good, I guess” Zach said and let out a nervous laugh as he scratched the back of his head. He didn’t really know how he was supposed to respond to the fact except to think that his sister’s future boyfriends owe him one.

Presley looked down at her brother’s limp cock with disappointment. Yesterday, after her father’s cock went soft, they were done. But unlike tonight, last night she had three amazing orgasms before her father’s cock went limp.

She was under the ridiculous notion they were finished for the night when her brother took a few steps forward and wrapped his arms around her. He leaned in to give her a kiss on the lips and after breaking it off, he grabbed her juicy ass tightly and picked her up. Presley squealed in surprise as her feet left the ground and she wrapped her legs around her brother’s waist as he carried her over to the bed and dropped her onto her back while she giggled delightfully.

Zach gave his naked sister a quick look, then climbed on top of her, pressing his naked chest against her stomach. Presley’s legs were spread, and Zach could feel his stomach rub against her pubic hair as their bodies touched. He gently brought his hands over and placed them on his sister’s large beautiful boobs, getting his first feel of them.

“Mmmm” Presley moaned as her brother placed his hands upon her tits and started to fondle them. He massaged her arousing lumps, caressing them, squeezing them and playing with her hard nipples, all to her gentle moans, before bringing his mouth to her left breast and taking the nipple in his mouth. “Oh my god” Presley moaned as her brother started sucking on her sensitive nipple. It felt so good that she closed her eyes and moaned, letting her brother play with her heavy boobs for as long as he liked.

Zach lost himself in his little sister’s amazing rack. He squeezed and fondled her tits, played and pinched her hard nipples and sucked on them like a hungry baby, giving each one attention as his sister let out cock hardening sounds. Zack could feel his penis stirring as he enjoyed Presley’s breasts, and after he felt he gave them enough attention, he extracted himself from them and slid his body down hers until he reached her beautiful young pussy.

Presley felt both nervous and excited as she watched her big brother slide his body down along hers, until he stopped when he reached her vagina. She could feel herself turning red with embarrassment as her brother put both hands on her inner thighs and spread them even more, while examining her wet cunny. She watched him looking at her intimate zone with an unclear expression before sticking his tongue out and running it along her slit, sending a shiver through her young body.

Zach looked up as he ran his tongue along his sister’s slit. He could see her watching him intently as his tongue met her soft skin. His cock was getting harder by the minute as he traced the tip of his tongue back down. Her pussy was so young, so tight, so pure, and it turned Zach on so much. He used his thumbs to spread her petals, exposing her delicate pink flower before slowly snaking his tongue into it.

“Oh my god” Presley moaned as her big brother drove his tongue into her craving cunt. He buried his nose in her dark bush as he began to study her vagina to her moans of pleasure. “Oh Zach” she called out as her brother started to swirl and slide his tongue inside her pussy, making her claw at covers while her brother continued to devour her young pussy.

Zach’s cock was back to being hard as his tongue was still wildly exploring his sister’s muff. He came up for air, and while doing so, he pushed a finger into his sister’s tight hole. She let out a squeaky moan, as he pushed his finger inside her, and another deeper moan as he started to move his finger in and out of her pink pussy.

“Oh yes Zach, yes!” Presley yelled as her brother began to finger her. His probing finger felt so good, that when he also started licking her clit, she felt she was going to explode. “Oh god, oh god, oh god” she called out with quick sharp moans as her brother fingered her faster and started sucking on her clit. He rotated between sucking and licking her clit until she burst.

Presley squealed and closed her eyes as her body erupted in an orgasm. All the muscles in her body tensed and relaxed as burning waves of sexual delight rushed through her. She could feel her pussy convulse around her brother’s finger as the pleasure shot through her. She let out another primal grunt as a last few shivering waves of pleasure were send through her, and just like that, a few seconds later it was over. When her body finally relaxed, Zach pulled his finger out of her flowing pussy and stood up, his erect member standing proudly.

“Your penis, it’s hard again” Presley said surprised as she pointed at her brother’s manhood.

“Of course it is” Zach said confused by his sister’s surprise.

“But I thought…” Presley started to say and stopped as she started blushing.

“What?” Zach asked still confused.

“I thought that after boys…um, finish, it takes a long time for them to get it hard again.” Presley said in a weak voice.

Zach chuckled and gave his sister a sympathy filled look. He tried to remember if Molly was also this clueless when they started fooling around, but realized that if she was, probably he was too, and therefore he wouldn’t really notice. “When guys are older maybe, yeah, it takes longer for them to get hard. But that’s only around dad age, maybe even older. Younger guys can go at it a few times before they have trouble getting it hard.”

“And how many times do you…cum, before you need to stop?” Presley asked her brother interested.

“The most I managed is four.” Zach said.

“Four?” Presley blurted surprised. “And who were you with?” she asked as an embarrassed expression spread across her brother’s face.

“Molly” he admitted shyly.

There was an awkward silence after that. They looked at each other speechless until Zach turned around and walked over to his desk. He then reached into one of the bags he brought with him, and with Presley looking at him curiously, he pulled out a small stack of rolled up condom. He tore one and walked back to the bed, taking a seat next to his sister’s legs.

“I’m guessing you already know what a condom is” Zach told his younger sister as she looked at it mesmerized.

“Yeah, dad used one last night” she said shyly.

“Do you want us to…?” Zach asked his baby sister cautiously. The thought of having sex with her was much more appealing to him now than when they started. Up to point she finished undressing, when he thought of the moment he would have to penetrate his little sister, the idea wasn’t very tempting. He thought he would have to think about his girlfriend’s naked body when he did it, but now, seeing her gorgeous naked body, he wanted it.

“Uh hu” Presley said softly as she sat up next to Zach. “Can I try?” she asked her brother as she gestured toward the shiny wrapper. Zach nodded and ripped it open, letting her pull out the rubber.

Presley slowly pulled the condom out of its wrapper, holding it cautiously between her thumb and forefinger. She gave it a quick look, then used her free hand to grasp her brother’s cock. She gave him a few slow strokes, then brought the condom to it. On her first try, she placed it upside down. Zach corrected her and watched as her soft hands unrolled it along the entire length of his hard shaft.

“Go ahead and get on you back” Zach told Presley who quickly obliged. She had a nervous gleam in her eyes, slightly fearing her first time with her brother but mostly looking forward to it. Unlike last night, she knew what to expect and welcomed it.

Zach looked at his naked sister as she took her place on the bed and looked at him intently. He looked at the way her magnificent breasts rose to her breathing as he climbed onto the bed and on top of her. He pulled his body up and along hers until their intimate regions aligned, and as the tip of his cock brushed against her bush, he looked her in the eyes.

Zach could feel the warmth radiate from his sister’s body. He let his cock brush down from her bush, caressing her clit and running along her young slit, making her gasp. He ran his eyes along the hot teenage body pressed against his, moving from her pussy, through her stomach, over her impressing rack until he met her eyes, the eyes of his innocent baby sister. Zach leaned down and placed a tender peck on her soft lips, then grabbed his cock and guided it to her opening.

Presley let out a gentle moan as her brother penetrated her young vagina. She opened her mouth slightly and slowly breathed out, her eyes locked onto her brother’s in an intense gaze. He was studying her as he slowly pushed his dick into her. There was no pain this time, only mild discomfort, but mostly pleasure, intense sexual pleasure as her brother stretched her teenage pussy with his long hard cock.

Zach closed his eyes and bit his lower lip as his cock found its way deep into Presley’s snatch. He let out a soft yet sincere groan, as his pubic mound pressed into hers. He slowly opened his eyes to the sight of his little sister looking up at him with lust in her eyes.

A strange feeling took over him as Zach looked down at Presley. With Molly, his twin sister, it just felt right. Seeing her naked, fooling around with her, having sex, did not feel out of place at all. But as he looked down at his younger sister, her naked body beneath his and his hard cock inside her tight cunnie, it felt strange. He wondered if his sister felt the same way and slowly pulled his shaft out of her. Pleasure rippled along his dick as her pussy reluctantly released it from its warm wet clutches and on pure sexual instinct Zach shoved it back in.

“Aaahh Zach yes!” Presley moaned loudly with pleasure as her brother thrust his erect penis into her. At that moment Zach realized that his younger sister was not feeling the same way. She wanted this, she was enjoying it, maybe even she has been dreaming of it. Zach looked down at Presley’s lustful gaze and pushed every uncomfortable thought out of his head. He focused on her sexy teenage body, pushing the thought that this was his sister as far as he could while he focused on his new intention, to make love to his busty little sister like she deserved.

Zach’s bedroom filled with the unmistakable sounds of sex as brother and sister started to fuck. Presley let out cute little moans as Zach stayed quiet, concentrating on pleasuring his sister as he slowly pushed his shaft in and out of her snug muff. He started out slow, building up a steady rhythm as he heaved his hips, each time pushing his cock into his sister until he could feel his testicles touching her soft skin.

“Zach, you can go a little faster” Presley told her brother as he settled into slow rhythmic pace. Her pussy got used to his invading member and stretched to accommodate it, letting him slide easily in and out of her well lubricated hole.

“All right” Zach said, a little surprised by his sister’s boldness and quickened his thrusts into her.

“Mmm” Presley moaned as her brother began plunging his hard cock faster into her twat. She spread her legs wide and watched as Zach’s cock repeatedly disappeared inside her intimate folds, bringing a flash of pleasure with it.

Zach looked down at his sister as he kept violating her teenage cunt. It felt good, the way her tight little pussy hugged his dick as he shoved it in, squeezing it pleasantly. He noticed her watching the union of their bodies, studying his penis as it entered her vagina in a very unbrotherly way. Zach leaned down and started kissing her, sliding his tongue into her warm mouth while still fucking her.

Zach slowed down as they kissed, focusing on Presley’s lips and tongue as they locked in an intense kiss, tongues switching mouths and flailing around as they moaned into each other. At one point, Zach started nibbling on Presley’s lower lip and drove her mad. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her, then put both hands behind his head and pulled his mouth tight against her, thrashing her tongue in his mouth as she moaned into it.

When they finally had to come up for air, they were both breathless. They looked deep into each other’s eyes with Zach’s prick still deep inside Presley.

“Do you want to switch positions?” Zach asked his sister after catching his breath.

“Yeah” Presley said with a grin between breaths.

“Do you wanna be on top?” Zach asked, and a hungry smile formed on Presley’s face as she nodded. She released him, and Zach pulled out. He waited for Presley to roll over to her stomach and get on her knees before taking her place, laying on his back with his hard cock pointing upwards.

Presley looked at her brother’s hot muscular body as she climbed on top of him. She sat down on his lap and pressed his covered cock to her vulva and lower stomach. She leaned down to kiss him, his hard cock pressed between their naked bodies as she gave him a tender kiss, then pulled herself upright. She grabbed her brother’s shaft with her right hand and raised herself up and over it, looking down at her brother’s face as she lowered herself onto him.

Presley stopped when she felt the tip of his cock touching her flower and paused. She could feel her brother’s cock twitch in her hand as the position drove both their bodies crazy with lust. Presley basked in the feeling of sexual anticipation for a few seconds before giving in and impaling herself all the way down her brother’s dick.

“Oh god!” Zach moaned and closed his eyes as his sister lowered herself onto him, inserting his member into her pussy until it was all the way in. She placed both her hands on his lower stomach and another groan escaped his lips as she started to move herself up and down, riding his hard cock shamelessly.

Zach just laid back and enjoyed as Presley started riding his cock passionately. She started out slow and gradually sped up, pushing her pussy down on his cock faster and harder as she moaned with pleasure.

“Oh Presley, that feels so good” Zach moaned as his sister rode his dick with a fierce sexual hunger. Her large rounds boobs were bouncing beautifully, and her pussy looked amazing with his cock going in and out of it. Her smooth beautiful legs were on both sides of him as Presley rode her big brother like a mare in heat. “You look so hot!” Zach told his sister after studying her young nubile body and received a naughty little smile.

Moans and groans left Presley’s mouth as she enjoyed the disgustingly delightful pleasure of her brother inside her. She kept riding him to their growing moans, until she started getting tired and slowed down, just when she felt she was getting close.

“Let’s switch” Presley told her brother while still riding him slowly.

“Ok” Zach said. He grabbed her waist and helped her off him, then rolled to the side and got up on his knees. “You want to get down on all four and we’ll try some doggy?” Zach asked his sister.

“Doggy?” she asked with a puzzled look.

“Doggystyle,” Zach started “it’s when the girl is on all fours and the guy has sex with her from behind. Like dogs do it” he explained.

“Oh, that sounds hot” Presley said with a grin and got on her hands and knees. Zach moved behind her and grabbed her magnificent ass. “Mmm” Presley moaned as Zach started squeezing and massaging her bottom.

“You have a really nice butt” Zach told his sister as he squeezed her juicy cheeks. Just like her breasts, her ass was also much lusher then Molly’s tight little tushy. He rubbed it a few times, then leaned down and gave her slit a devious lick from behind that made Presley let out a surprised gasp. He gave her a few more licks before rising.

Zach looked at his little sister’s amazing body, her bare back and her curvy ass as she stood there on all fours and waited for him to mount her. He inched closer, his hard rubber-clad cock leading the way as it neared the desirable place between her legs. When the tip of his dick touched

Presley’s ass, Zach grabbed it. He guided it to her beautiful pussy and slowly pushed it in.

“Oh yes!” Presley called out as she felt the head of her big brother’s cock breaching her from behind. He moved his hands to her waist and kept pushing, sliding his hard shaft deeper and deeper into her tight hole, stretching it. “Oh my god, it feels so deep!” Presley said as he penetrated her all the way. It felt like he was deeper inside her than both he and her father had, reaching and stretching places inside her pussy for the first time. It felt amazing.

Zach pushed until he was all the way inside her, his pelvis pressed against her plump ass. He paused for a few seconds, letting her get used to this new position, and then started slowly thrusting his hips, fucking her from behind.

The room filled once more with the sounds of sexual activity as brother fucked sister from behind. Presley let out cute, high pitched moans while Zach let out low masculine ones. He held her waist tightly and plunged his cock into her, his moans in sync with his thrusts into her tight snatch. A distinctive slapping sound was made as their naked bodies collided, only to mix with the beautiful filthy sounds of their incestuous moans.

The large bed started creaking louder as Zach hastened his pace, thrusting his cock faster into Presley’s teenage pussy as they both groaned at the unbelievable pleasure. They were no longer brother and sister at this point, just man and woman, participating in an activity old as time itself. They were uniting their bare bodies with only one mutual goal on their minds, to reach the divine pleasure that can only be achieved by the unholy fusion of their flesh.

“Faster!” Presley ordered her brother as she felt the climax she so badly longed for getting close. “Oh yeah, just like that!” she called out in a voice that sounded to Zach nothing like his sweet little sister. “Right there!” Presley added as her brother rammed his cock into her from behind, gliding his shaft inside her with great pleasure as her incredible rack wiggled and swayed uncontrollably. “Yeah, don’t stop!” she yelled at her older brother as he kept pounding himself into her pussy, sending echoing slapping sounds throughout the room.

Zach was also getting dangerously close, as he fucked his sexually crazed little sister as hard as he dared. He tried to ignore her lustful moans as best he could, and to keep himself in check as he pounded her pussy. He kept going, hammering her young twat feverishly until she finally erupted.

“Oh my god!” Presley called out in a shaking voice as her orgasm started. She felt a rush of hot pleasure taking over her body as her back involuntarily arched. She could feel her pussy starting to convulse around her brother’s penis, and soon after, her entire body started to tremble. She let out primal incoherent grunts and closed her eyes as the trembling moved from her thighs up her spine, bringing with it pleasure that until last night she never dreamt existed.

Zach slowed down, barely moving his cock inside Presley as her pussy convulsed around it with overwhelming force. He closed his eyes and managed to keep himself from cumming at the last second, stopping his plunges all together. He kept his dick buried inside his sister throughout her orgasm, and only once he sensed it was beginning to fade, he commenced pounding his cock as hard as he could into his little sister’s gushing snatch.

“Oh, my goooo…!” Presley started screaming as her brother started pounding her pussy at full force. He managed to push her head down into one of the pillows before she woke up the entire house with her screams. Another powerful orgasm took hold of her young body just as one took over her brother’s.

“Fuck Presley, I’m cumming!” Zach announced to his sister as he felt the gentle trickle of pleasure that came just before a powerful release. He kept plunging his cock into her amazing cunt and felt it starting to convulse again just as he started to cum.

Intense pleasure washed over their merging bodies as they fucked to their mutual climax. Zach kept groaning heavily while Presley pushed her face deeper into the pillow to stifle her orgasmic moans. Her entire body shuddered, burning with unworldly pleasure as her brother squirt his sperm into the condom inside her. Her legs and waist were shaking wildly, staying in place only due to her brother’s tight grip. He was still holding her waist firmly and switched to long slow thrusts as he shot the last few incestuous loads inside her quivering twat.

Zach pulled his softening penis out of his sister’s vagina and looked at her as she whimpered into a pillow. Her body continued to squirm in excruciating pleasure for a few more seconds before she crashed down onto the soft mattress. He climbed off the bed breathing heavily and removed the used condom, throwing in the trash before turning back to his little sister. She was laying on her side, watching him while breathing heavily.

Zach climbed onto the bed beside her and laid on his back. They were both hot and sweaty, their naked bodies reeking with the pungent aroma of sex. Zach was looking at the ceiling, still breathing heavily while Presley was looking at him. They were both thinking of what they had just done.

“So?” Zach said breaking the long silence. He rolled to his side and put an arm around his sister as he looked straight into her eyes.

“That was amazing” Presley declared still slightly out of breath. She put her hand around her brother and pulled him into her. She pressed her tits into his chest, and brought her left leg over him, pressing her teenage bush against his limp cock. She looked him straight in the eyes, feeling his warm breath on her mouth before pulling him into a long passionate kiss.

“I can’t believe we had sex” Presley stated out of nowhere, after a few minutes of them both lying on the bed quietly.

“Me neither” said Zach who was thinking the exact same thing. Even after the act itself, he still had a hard time grasping what had just occurred between the two of them.

“Can I tell you something?” Presley asked her brother and looked at him with a shy expression that gave away her tender age and their true relationship as siblings.

“Sure” Zach said and peeked down at her womanly body, her nakedness greatly in contrast with her childish tone.

“I’ve always had a kind of crush on you” she admitted and blushed a bright red.

“Oh?” Zack let out surprised.

“It wasn’t serious or anything, I just always thought you were handsome. I would get really jealous of Molly when I was younger because all the time you two spent together” Presley admitted shyly. “I’m really glad I got to do this with you” she said sweetly and gave Zach a tender peck on the lips.

“I’m glad I got to do this with you too” Zach said and pulled her naked body even tighter into him. “And just for the record,” Zach said as he slid his hand down along her back “I think you have an amazing body,” he whispered in her ear as he squeezed her plump bottom. “The guys in college will be drooling all over you” he added and pulled his hand away.

“Thanks” Presley said with a giggle and blushed, disconnecting from her brother’s warm body.

Presley climbed out of bed and grabbed her clothes while Zach sat up on the bed and watched her sexy booty sway. He watched his little sister as she stepped back into her panties and put her bra back on, covering her heavenly pussy and divine breasts. She pulled the rest of her clothes back on until Zach returned to see his sweet innocent little sister standing in front of him.

Zach got off the bed, still naked, and showed Presley to the door.

“Aren’t you going to put something on?” Presley asked her brother.

“Nah, I need to wash up and Jack and Lisa are fast asleep.” He said nonchalantly.

“What about Molly?” Presley asked, only to realize it was a stupid question. She was still getting used to all the new information she learned about her family.

“Nothing she hasn’t seen before” Zach retorted with a grin. “Good night” he said to his little sister.

“Good night” she said back, before heading to her bedroom as her brother watched. She opened the door and turned around, giving his cock a final glance before giving him a naughty smile and disappearing inside her room. Zach shook his head in amusement as he headed for the bathroom. He replayed the events of the night in his head and was still surprised by how quickly he took to enjoying their incestuous love making.

Zach found himself wondering if he would ever get to see her naked again, but whatever the case was, he knew he would not forget it. The image of his hot little sister riding his cock while her marvelous breasts bounced, was burned for eternity into his mind, whether he liked it or not.

Hope you enjoyed.

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