Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 2

Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 2

“Sionna, I dare you to lie down, with your face up, by Pippa’s feet. I’m going to set your butterfly clip up a notch, and you’ll lick any pussy that sits on your face!” Jaqui said.

“Julie, I dare you to sit on her face, while you keep Pippa hard with your mouth!” Lynne added.

“You and you…” Suze said, pointing at me and at Marissa, “Strip your dresses off, and sixty-nine each other for us to watch!”

“Karen, you and the nurse use this double ended dildo on each other!” I requested.

“Katarina, you, Catwoman and the leather Domme… take turns spanking Pippa’s arse and inner thighs!” Karen dared.

We all began doing as dared… and soon, the garden was a hotbed of writhing sexual action! Candy, Rita and Tina wandered onto our patch, and were soon involved… touching, licking and kissing our bodies. Marissa and I soon had TS cocks in our cunts… and Tina made up a threesome with Karen and Suze!

Katarina, Tracy and Lynne administered Pippa’s CP in a variety of ways. Initially, they simply spanked him, using an open palm. Once his cheeks were nicely warm and reddened, they upped the ante a little, and began strapping his rear with a leather belt. Having patterned his bum with red and pink stripes, they chose to give him a sound birching. Using the bunch of twigs that had been collected earlier, they placed a good couple of dozen strokes across Pippa’s backside… and her inner thighs. Julie stopped her blow job, and pointed at Pippa’s rampant member, saying:

“Unbelievable. The harder you punish her, the more excited she becomes! Her cock is so fat now that she’s fit to burst! I want a go. I’ll use that bamboo cane in the earth there… twelve crisscrossing strokes, hard and slow, so that she can appreciate each one!”

“Go for it girl, give her a good hard caning, and to test your theory, I’ll use my mobile to video her from the front. We’ll see if her cock swells at each stroke… and we’ll catch the expressions on her face too!” Tracy said, passing the bamboo cane to Julie, and setting her mobile to video.

Most of the group stopped what they were doing, and sat on the lawn to watch Pippa’s caning. Marissa and I got on all fours, facing Pippa’s body, and told our two TS cocks to swap partners, and to continue fucking us… doggy style, while we watched the caning! I was delighted to be watching my husband being punished, and was becoming hornier than ever, knowing I was getting fucked right in front of him… without him even knowing!

The caning began, and we all laughed, as we saw that Julie was right. With each stroke, her cock twitched and swelled with excitement! Peter and Marc wandered into the garden, to see what all the noise was about. I couldn’t resist the temptation to see my husband in a gay sex act… and to have it on tape! Calling the gay couple over, I asked:

“It would be a shame to waste that hard-on, wouldn’t it? If we bring the table out, and put it in front of her, you’d be about the right height to push your arse back on it… and feel it swell up inside you as she’s caned! I’d love to see her made to pleasure you like that. Will you do it for us?”

“Sure, it sounds like fun!” Marc replied.

The table was placed perfectly, and as a bonus, Peter whispered something in Marc’s ear. Marc nodded his agreement and Peter stripped off. He stood upright on the table top, and his groin was exactly by Pippa’s face. He pushed his cock in her mouth, and face fucked her until he shot his load… right down her throat! He didn’t remove his dick until she’d swallowed every drop. We all cheered and clapped. He climbed down, and a ‘naked’ Marc took his place, on all fours, with his arse against Pippa’s throbbing cock! Peter helped position Pippa’s erection, and he held it in place, as Marc pushed his rim onto it. He pushed it in to the hilt, and then began to ride it, moving back and forth very slowly. Lynne looked at Julie, and said:

“I think that you should start the caning again from scratch. Another twelve strokes, from the beginning!”

“Good idea, she obviously likes it, so I think I’ll make it double. Twenty four strokes… and see if she can do it without cumming… or else, I’ll double it again, to forty eight! Do you understand Pippa? I challenge you NOT to cum until after the last stroke. Do you accept my challenge, Pippa?”

“Yes Mistress, I accept.”I wanted my husband to lose his bet, and to get the harsher caning, so I used the opportunity to make it more difficult for Pippa, and said to Marc:

“Marc, I challenge you to try your hardest to make the slut cum… as quickly as you can! Do you accept my challenge?”

“Sure, I love a dare!” he answered, with a big grin on his face.

As Julie began the caning, I noticed that Marc was now clenching his buttocks when he pushed back on Pippa’s hard cock, and he seemed to have increased the pace of his pumping action!

Rita was now pumping into my pussy with wild abandon, and as she did, she hit my g-spot… that was enough to push me over the edge, and I had a massive multiple orgasm… bucking and wriggling on Rita’s massive cock! I screamed and wailed with passion and pleasure, pushing my dripping pussy back onto her man-clitty. Oblivious to how hard my body was jumping around, I failed to feel the movement of my mask, as it slowly slipped off my face, revealing my true identity to my shocked husband, as he stared directly at me!

“Oh well… no need for our masks anymore girls! Let my ‘feminized’ submissive husband see who knows about his dirty little secrets! Karen, Katarina, Marissa, Jaqui, and Sionna… take off your masks… and please will one of you fetch Alice over? Let’s help Marc by teasing my Pippa, by stroking and kissing her!”

Karen found a camera in an empty bathroom, and told Alice to come join the fun. The added stimulation that we girls lavished on Pippa was just too much for her to cope with. Just as Julie plied her twenty first stroke… Pippa let out a loud moan, as she spilled a huge quantity of her jism into Marc’s anal passage.

“He’s cum! I can feel him spilling his seed into me!” Marc called out.

“You know what that means, don’t you Pippa?” Julie asked the helpless slave.

“Yes Mistress… Instead of just receiving three more strokes… I will now get a further twenty seven!”

“Get her down from the tree. I want her to dress in another outfit, and we’ll parade her through the house. That way, we can stretch the caning out for longer, and let the others see her being punished!” I suggested.

We tied Pippa’s hands in front of her with some rope, leaving a length which we used to lead her about with, pulling her along to where her other clothes were laid out. Freeing her hands, I told her to freshen up her make up, putting it on very heavily, so that she would be recognized as the slut that she really was, and to wear the ‘The Leather Slave-girl’ gear. Once she was changed and ready, in her skimpy strap and chain leather gear, I said:

“Take off your panties. I want your cock out at all times, and your naked bum available to anybody!” Pippa blushed, as I humiliated her publicly.

“Wank for us. I want you erect at all times!” I ordered.

“Yes Helen.” I slapped her face.

“That’s Mistress to you, slut! From today on, until the day you die… or I give you to someone else… you are no longer my husband, but my slave. Girls, do me a favour… get ALL of Philip’s male clothing and pile it up on the floor. I mean everything… shirts, trousers, boxers, socks, shoes… the lot! From today, you will only wear female clothing, which I will choose for you!”

I cuffed Pippa to the bed-head, as we gathered all the men’s clothing that was in the house. We threw it all out of the window into the back garden. Leaving Pippa to sweat, we piled out back, and put his clothes in a big pile at the end of the garden. I got the firelighters from our barbecue set, and we burned the lot! We went and got Pippa, and removed the handcuffs. I placed a collar around her neck, and attached a leash to it.

“Get your clit hard, slut! I’ve already told you once! Julie, six strokes with your cane please. Pippa, obey your orders at once… or pay the price!”
Her arse burning once again, I led my new slave to find the other guests. We found Victor and Terry, another gay couple, with Lenny and Norman, two bisexual sub males. They were all naked, and sported impressive erections.

“Hi guys, the girls and I want a show to watch… so, Pippa here has offered to do anything you tell her to! As long as we can watch. Are you interested?”



“On your knees! Lenny, suck her cock! Terry, you and Norman stand either side. Pippa, wank them off, one in each hand. Now, suck on this!”

Victor rammed his cock in her mouth, and started fucking her face. Jaqui turned to Alice, and dared her:

“Alice, I dare you to take your knickers off, and then to push one end of this double-ended dildo up Pippa’s arsehole, while you take the other end in yours. Fuck each other like that, rear end to rear end, while Rita here uses her TS cock to face-fuck your mouth!” As with every other dare that the girls had given her, Alice quickly complied!

Rita willingly found Alice’s moist lips with her growing ‘man-clit’ and entered her mouth, coaxing her on:

“Good girl, Alice… Help me get my clit hot and horny! Use that tongue… Suck me gently!”

Rita soon found her rhythm, and was pumping her long clit in and out of Alice’s face. The action made Alice’s body push against Pippa’s bum, and forced the connecting dildo deeply into her rear. In turn, this forced Pippa’s mouth to swallow the cock that was in it more deeply! She gagged a little, but soon adjusted her neck muscles, and began to deep-throat Victor’s massive weapon!

The added stimulation caused Victor to lose control, and he grunted loudly. Grabbing Pippa’s head, he made one final lunge, as he gushed his seed into her open throat, forcing her to swallow the lot!

“Terry, swap places with me. We’re all going to make her swallow our juices! Pippa, you will get me hard again with your hand. I want your arse next!” Victor said.

Terry moved to Pippa’s front, and pushed his hard cock into her mouth. Victor stood beside her, and wrapped her fingers around his limp shaft. At the other end, Rita swapped with Candy, explaining:

“Take over here, Candy love! I want to keep my tranny cream for Pippa to swallow!” Candy and Rita swapped places, as Rita kept her dick-clit pumped up by slowly stroking its shaft. “Victor, let me have Pippa’s mouth next, will you? I’m about ready to give her a big load!”

“Sure thing!” he agreed. “Norman, let Pippa keep Rita hard with her hand! You swap places with Lenny, sucking her off… Don’t let her cum though! Norman, you go and stick your prick into Candy’s arse!”

As the new positions were being taken up, Terry made a loud noise. He grabbed Pippa by her ears, and shot his load into her face, and stayed put until she had swallowed once again! Rita immediately replaced Terry, shoving her tranny-clit deeply into Pippa’s waiting lips. She wasn’t able to hold out for long, and seconds later, filled Pippa with her sticky goo! Lenny stopped giving Pippa head, and again, he shot jism into Pippa’s face in seconds. Norman was next, as he stopped fucking Candy, and shot a load down Pippa’s throat! Candy was last, and took longer, giving Pippa a good hard throat fucking, before pulling out of her mouth, and releasing the final load of semen over her face and her hair! Victor pushed Alice and her dildo out of Pippa’s arse, and rammed his new erection in its place. He fucked Pippa hard, shoving into her, right to the hilt. He came quickly, all over her back and her bum!
Karen was quite sizzled by this point, and she stuck her fingers into Pippa’s well stretched arsehole, and said:

“As you can see, this little BITCH is aching for more. You can tell by the way she pushes back against my fingers that she wants to be taken.”

I replaced her fingers with my own. I slowly slid two fingers all the way inside, and pushed them deep inside my little sissy/slut. After a couple of minutes, I said:

“Okay, now she feels relaxed enough to fuck. Does anyone else want to slide their fingers inside her… to see what a relaxed arse would feel like?”

There were a couple of women who volunteered, giggling as they donned surgical gloves, and inserted fingers inside my now blushing… and totally willing slut. In fact, she was getting thoroughly excited by all the attention, and her voice was getting high… and she was moaning like a girly girl.

Next, I demonstrated fastening the strap-on harness that I’d selected, and my assistant slut snapped the harness closed for me… although probably a little weak in the knees.

I had her select a dildo for the harness. She selected a nice beaded silicon anal plug, which had graduated beads, and was about 6 inches long. The end bead was about 1 inch thick, and the one at the base was closer to FOUR inches around. I slipped the beaded anal plug into the strap-on harness, and I explained that plugs or dildos could be used in the harness, as long as there was a base of some kind on them. Again, I demonstrated the use of lots of lube on the toy.

I pushed the now trembling slut down, so that she was leaning with her hands on a chair. Her side was to the audience, so that everyone could see what I was doing… and could see her expression as well.

I held the beaded toy in my hand and rubbed it against her arse. I commented that it was fun to tease with the strap-on, until the bottom begged to have it inserted… by just rubbing the round lubricated end of it against their arse. I also suggested that particularly an oral submissive might also do well to have their oral fixation fulfilled… as well as their anal one.

“Gags work well, but… you must be sure that your submissive has a safe signal, since their mouth will be filled. Or perhaps, if you have willing volunteers, a nice juicy cock to suck on might work very well.”

I was looking at the shy 25 year old hunk in the room, and thinking that I’d love to see him get his dick sucked. I asked him directly:

“Would you like to volunteer?” He replied… feeling a little embarrassed:

“Yes, I would.” As he stepped forward and pulled down his trousers, I watched his nine inch cock spring out of his shorts.

“Mmm.” I thought to myself that I would really enjoy the sight of that big juicy cock getting sucked. I told my sissy/slut friend:

“Suck it for me you little bitch.”

I knew my friend was eager to please me. I watched her amateurish licking tongue, as she eagerly devoured the hunk’s throbbing shaft. She began to get the hang of it, and I noticed that our guests were getting noticeably turned on, and some were openly masturbating as they watched. Our session seemed to be turning into a circle jerk.

I rubbed the beaded toy more firmly against the slut’s tight little hole, and pressed forwards, until I watched the first round bead, slick with lube, disappear into the slut’s tight arse-cunt. I pressed a little harder, and the second one slipped a little more tightly inside, stretching her tight little arse-pussy wide. I pulled out… and then pushed slowly back in, watching the two beads disappearing in and out of her.

She was totally turned on right now, and was moaning on the hot cock in her mouth, and pushing back against the toy in her arse. I pushed a little deeper, and I watched the third bead slip inside. It was still only a little more than half way in.

A good 2 ½ inches were still not inside. The third bead was really good and tight though, and I hesitated at stretching him/her any wider. I fucked the little slut good and proper, watching those three beads disappear in and out of her tight little arse.

I could tell that the hunk was going to unload soon. I reached around and started milking my little sissy’s cock really fast. I wanted her to cum when that stud filled her mouth up with warm creamy cum. I rubbed her softly and quickly. I stroked and milked her swollen clit, until I could feel cum rising up inside. It was now or never. I firmly pushed the last bead inside my horny little slut, as I milked her cock of its cum. Just as she was moaning and growling against the stud’s cock, he shot as well, filling her mouth well. I watched, as it dribbled out the corners of her mouth.

“Mmm. What a good little sex toy bitch. What satisfaction and power you give to your Mistress when you submit.”Just as we finished with this room, I heard the front door bell ring. We all decided to go downstairs, and see who was in the lounge. Leading the cum-covered Pippa to the hallway, I ordered:

“Leave the spunk on your face and body, so it can be seen what a cum-slut you are! Let whoever is at the door in. bring them into the lounge to join the rest of us!”

Pippa opened the door, greeting the new guests with… ‘Welcome… I am Pippa, the party sex-slave. I will do ANYTHING that I am told to do. Use me, in any way, to make your stay more enjoyable.’

As they entered the lounge, I saw who had arrived. Lita, our ex-Au Pair, with four other girls, her drinking buddies from our local pub… Shelley, a tall blonde Essex girl… Jana, also a tall blonde, but from Norway… Leanna, a third tall blonde, from Sweden, and Carmen, a shapely Spanish girl. I knew each of the five girls, but more was the point that each of them knew me… and they all knew my husband, Philip… as we were Lita’s old employers!

They often dropped in to see us after the pub, and we’d normally end up playing drinking games or strip poker together. Usually we’d all end up very pissed, sitting around in at most our underwear, talking about sex! I knew that the girls were all bi, and were very broad minded, but I didn’t know what they would make of our swingers… or of Philip’s transformation into Pippa!

They were already pretty playful, as they’d been drinking all the evening, and I was sure that they hadn’t yet realized who it was that had let them in. I drew the following people aside… Karen, Alice, Katarina, Marissa, Jaqui, and Sionna… Lita, Shelley, Jana, Leanna, and Carmen. I told them to meet me in the loft, and asked them to try to get rid of anyone that was already there.

“Pippa and I will be right up!” I said. “We’ll use the loft as our own special room… where we all know each other. The swingers can have the rest of the place!Leash in hand, I led Pippa all the way to the top of our house, stopping only once… at the room with Pippa’s clothes and make-up. I ordered Pippa to fix her make up, change her wig for a shorter blonde one, and then to become ‘The Sexy Secretary/Office Girl’ this time.

“You must look respectable on the outside, but will wear your skimpiest sexy underwear beneath these clothes! Wear panties this time, and hide your clit! Oh, and wear your highest heels!”

“Yes Mistress Helen!”

I was amazed at how well Philip could feminize his body. In his new outfit and make up, with the more stylishly cut wig, and the few items of jewellery that he’d chosen… Philip had become ‘Pippa’ the office-girl. What was shocking to me though was that if I saw Pippa in public, I would honestly think that she was a real woman! As we walked into the loft, Alice locked the door behind us, so that none of the swingers would be able to interrupt us. Turning to Lita, Shelley, Jana, Leanna, and Carmen, I said:

“Girls, allow me to introduce you to Pippa. I think that you may have met her before… don’t any of you recognize her?” A series of mumbled ‘No’ ‘I don’t think so’ ‘I can’t remember her’ and some head shakes followed my question. “Pippa, tell your friends who you really are. Explain everything to them… in detail, including your future status!”

My feminized husband looked horrified. Blushing at the humiliation of what he must do, he began to speak:

“I am Pippa, the party sex-slave. I will do ANYTHING that I am told to do. Use me, in any way, to make your stay more enjoyable. You girls know me better as Philip, Helen’s husband.” The girls looked shocked, but soon began smiling, as they realized how they could have fun with the situation! “Helen caught me out going to local swingers parties. I was only allowed to attend, because I agreed to dress up in any outfit that the organisers chose for me. It all started as a bit of fun, but they soon had me feminized, and attending as the TV sex-slave… available to any of their guests. Helen, and her friends, which I expect, will now include the five of you… have decided that from today on, I will be permanently feminized! I am now the group sex-slave!”

“Pippa, hike your skirt up over your hips. Now… Bend over and touch your toes! Stay in that position until you are told otherwise! Ladies… As the newest members of our little group, and as Pippa’s newest Mistresses, I think that you should all stamp your authority over her. Please spank her bum. Give her at least six slaps each. Castigation will consist of any form of listed ‘corporal punishment’ chosen by each of you. Punishments may be… Spanking: You may use your hand, a hairbrush, a shoe/slipper, a belt, a tawse, or a wet towel… Caning: You may use a cane, birch twigs, or a bamboo stick… Or, finally… Whipping: You may use a leather bull-whip, or a cat-o-nine tails.”

Pippa assumed her position, as instructed, and awaited her punishment. Lita was first, and gave Pippa six gentle slaps with the palm of her hand.

“You can hit her much harder than that!” Jaqui said. “We punished her earlier this evening, and discovered that she enjoys it!”

“It’s true.” Katarina continued. “The harder she’s punished, the bigger her cock gets!”

Shelley seemed excited at the prospect of heating up Pippa’s arse, and asked me to pass her the leather tawse. She slowly used it to whack Pippa’s cheeks a dozen times, leaving them red and heated! Unable to control her reaction, Pippa’s man-clitty began to swell up!

“Look, it’s true! She’s getting an erection!” Shelley gasped, pointing at the bulge in Pippa’s knickers.

Jana chose a birching, and let rip with a dozen more strokes. At this point, Pippa’s hard on slipped free of its material prison, and began twitching for us all to see. Leanna chose a cane and six lines soon appeared on the reddened cheeks! Seeing how excited Pippa was getting, Carmen chose the bull whip, giving Pippa six hard lashes… this time, across her back!

“Stand up! Take off your skirt and your panties!” Pippa obeyed, and we all saw that she was now sporting a rampant erection!

“Wank off for us! Don’t cum though!” I ordered.

We watched, as Pippa put on a show for us all!

She began by tickling her shaft gently with her red glossy fingernails, lightly scratching upwards from the base, and then gently scratching the bulbous, swollen head, making it jerk to her touch. She then grabbed her erection with the palm of her right hand, squeezing the swollen bulb at its tip with mellow pumps.

Carmen turned the bull-whip in her hand, so that she held the thick leather handle forward. She took a jar of Vicks ‘Vaporub’ from the top of the dresser, and opened it. She applied the greasy mentholated gel onto the end of the whip’s handle, and pushing Pippa slightly forwards, she inserted the end of the leather bit into Pippa’s arsehole. She forced it past her rim, and pushed it up, into her anal passage.

Pippa’s face showed the shock that she felt, as the menthol began to do its work, increasing the stimulation that she was getting, and making the thick leather pole of the whip’s handle feel as if it was getting thicker inside of her. Carmen continued to force the handle up into Pippa’s rear-end, until it left only the pliable rope of the whip externally showing. This now made Pippa seem to have a tail! Karen and Sionna were whispering to each other, until Karen said to me:

“I know someone that you should call and invite over! The one person that I’m certain would want to see your husband being humiliated like this… The only person that I know that never liked him… Your mother, Susan!” An evil grin crossed my face, and I agreed, replying:

“Tie her up, over the table top, so her tail stays put. I’ll call mum now!” Susan arrived within ten minutes and I made her keep her eyes closed as I showed her into the loft.

“You can open them now mum… SURPRISE!” As mum saw Pippa for the first time, she laughed, asking:

“Congratulations! Are you going to keep your husband like this?”

“Oh, yes mum! We’ve already destroyed all of Phil’s male clothing, so that from now on he’ll be known as Pippa, and will always be attired in whatever feminine clothing that is chosen for him/her!”

“Good! I’ve always wanted him to be force-femmed! Ever since I began to suspect him of stealing my undergarments! He/she’ll make a good slave, I think!”“Helen, you are my daughter, and I love you with all of my heart. I’m sure that you know that any advice that I give you is only that which I believe to be in your own best interest. Karen, it seems to me that you have arrived here at a most fortuitous moment… and, I hope that you will be willing to help my daughter and me to teach her perverted husband… a lesson that he’ll never forget!” Susan said to the other ‘shocked’ women.

“You’ve got something in mind, haven’t you mum?” Helen replied.

“What are you planning Susan?” Karen asked.

“Well, first of all, he/she must remain fully feminized until we say otherwise! We’ll keep him dressed up as our fully feminized, crossdressed, transvestite slut and sex-slave!” Susan told her accomplices.

“I like it.” Helen responded.

“Can we do it so that the changes will be really noticeable?” Karen queried.

“Like what?” Helen asked.

“How about taking him to a beauty salon… and getting him a full make-over? You know… including things like shaping and plucking his eyebrows… and making them pencil thin! How about making him pierce his ears, and wearing girly earrings? We could have permanent eye-liner tattooed around his eyes… He could be made to wear long false lashes… and maybe, we could get him a ‘Brazilian’ style bikini-wax… What do you think? Shall we do it? I think it would be great to do these things to him!” Karen suggested.

“It’s a bit severe… but, it sounds like a plan to me!” Susan agreed. “It would certainly teach him a lesson!”

There was a short pause, and silence filled the room as Helen considered the proposition, but moments later, she nodded her acquiescence, and added:

“We don’t even need to go to the salon… I have a friend who is a beautician… I’m sure that she’d come over and do the necessary!”

“Excellent!” Karen noted.

“Let’s go ahead and do it all!” Susan replied.

The following is told by Pippa:

Still bound and immobile, I heard the door to the room as it opened, allowing my Mistresses to enter once again. I wondered what they had decided my fate to be… and, I tried desperately to hide my ever growing excitement from them. It was an impossible task. My rampant cock was throbbing through the silky fabric of my panties!

“Look girls… We’ve excited our girly ‘slave!’ Her ‘boy-clitty’ is hard and throbbing!” Karen said, excitedly!

“My goodness! After we’d forced her to be our submissive too! I think that she is beginning to enjoy her subservience to us, Ladies! It seems to me that she likes being forced into her role as a ‘feminized sex-slave’ for us!” My wife Helen observed!

“You see… Deep down inside, she really wants to serve her Mistresses… as a submissive slut… forced to comply with our every wish!” Susan observed.

“Call your friend, Helen… The visiting beautician that you know. Ask her to come over, tonight… as soon as she can… I think that you should explain to her that it’s so that she can feminize your husband. Explain to her that Philip/Pippa needs a complete make-over, and that you will be imposing no limits as to what she can do to complete her job! Tell her that once she has finished, we will all be expecting to see no masculine traits in Philip’s physique…” Susan instructed her daughter.

“Yes, let’s do it!” Karen agreed.

“Okay then, I will!” Helen agreed!

Helen picked up the phone, and called her friend, Alicia… the ‘mobile,’ visiting beautician that she knew well. She asked her if she could do her a big favour, and if she would be willing to come straight over to her house…

“Can you come over immediately? Please… drop whatever it is that you’re doing… and come straight over! You probably won’t believe what I’m going to ask you to do for me… but, I promise you that I’m not joking… and that I consider it to be really urgent. You know that I’d never fool around with you. We’re much too close for that… but, only you can help me with what has to be done!”

Alicia agreed to drop everything, and promised that she would be at Helen’s house within the hour!

Thirty-five minutes later, Alicia rang the front door bell, and entered the house, intrigued to discover Helen’s secret! She was shown through the house, and into the room within which I had been bound and immobilized!

Shock showed on her face!

“I need you to give my husband a full make-over… I expect Philip to have been fully transformed into ‘Pippa,’ (his feminized ‘alter-ego…’) including things like the thinning, plucking, and shaping of his eyebrows… making them pencil thin! The piercing of his ears… and his being made to wear girly earrings. Permanent eye-liner should have been tattooed around his eyes… He must have been made to wear long false lashes… and he should have been given a ‘Brazilian’ style bikini-wax…”

“Is he willing to undergo these alterations?” Alicia asked Helen.

“Yes… He feels that he has no alternative!” Helen replied.

“Once these make-over techniques have been applied to him, we intend to continue with his feminisation, until he is indistinguishable from a real woman!” Susan added.

Alicia instructed me to strip naked, removing all but my make up. I did so immediately, and without complaining once. A few whispers passed between the four women, before they made me sit in a chair that Alicia had brought with her to the house. It looked very like a dentist’s chair, with a headrest, arms, and a long leg-rest.

Within moments, my neck had been secured to the headrest, using a leather collar… my arms were secured with leather straps, and my legs were bound apart to the base of the chair, using ankle-cuffs, separated by a leg-spreader bar!

I was naked… except for my make-up, my wig… my long, glossy, scarlet finger and toenails… and my silicon breasts, which were glued to my hairless chest with adhesive. I was bound and immobilized to the beautician’s chair, and I felt very vulnerable… surrounded as I was, by my three Mistresses and their ‘visiting’ beautician!

I saw my wife, Helen, approaching me, and then realized that she was placing a thin strip of material over my eyes, blindfolding me from everything that was to take place. Next, I felt a rubbery, ball-shaped item being placed into my mouth, and I immediately appreciated that a ball-gag had removed my ability to speak… or to scream! My head was immobilized, using a neck/head brace, and I was finally ‘prepared’ for the next stage of my transformation/feminisation!

“As Pippa is now completely unable to move her head… I think that we should begin with her eyebrows.” Alicia told the others.

The others each nodded their consent, and Alicia began her work on me.

My already thinned eyebrows were plucked pencil thin, and were shaped into a high arch over my eyes. Once this had been completed, Alicia tattooed over them, making them a permanent feature of my face!

The tattoo gun still in hand, Alicia began working to give me my permanent ‘eye-liner’ …by blackening the areas around my eyes with a solid line of black ink. Long, thick, ‘long-lasting’ lashes were stuck over my natural one’s, and were lengthened even further, as she covered them with special ‘super-lengthening’ mascara! The result of all of her work was that my eyes stood out amazingly… immediately drawing other peoples gazes directly to my face.

Alicia changed the colour of the ink within the tattoo gun, swapping it for a deep, blood red… I felt her starting to work on my lips, reshaping and outlining them, so that they would be perceived as being full and shapely, as if I’d used a lip-liner. Alicia changed the colour of the ink once more. This time, she chose a bright, scarlet-like ‘Ferrari’ red. This was the colour with which she covered my lips, careful to remain within the lip-outline that she’d shaped onto my mouth earlier.

I was now certain that I was in deep trouble! The ‘feminising’ make-over that I’d just undergone was largely of a ‘permanent’ type. Unlike the times when I’d fulfilled my crossdressing fantasy in the past, I’d be unable to return to being a man once it was over.

‘How am I going to return to work on Monday?’ I asked my self.

‘What will my friends and family say when they see me like this?’ I wondered.

‘Can it be that Helen and the others intend to keep me ‘force-femmed’ forever more?’ I considered, finally!

“Okay Alicia. Now, I want you to pierce both of Pippa’s ears, her left nostril, her tongue, and her belly-button. She’s to wear large hoops in her ears, so pierce each ear with three holes… I think a stud through her nose, and a bar through her tongue and her belly!” Helen said.

“Shall I do her nipples too? We can replace the falsies over the piercings… but, if you decide to remove them at any time, her titties will still be sexy!” Alicia queried.

“Great idea! Yes, let’s do it!” was the unanimous reply.

I tried to protest, but the gag stopped me from doing so. Susan noticed, and said:

“I think that Pippa’s trying to tell us what a good idea this is!”

All of the women laughed at this.

The piercings didn’t take long, and I was soon decorated through each of my new holes. I’d only left a little pubic hair on my body when I’d depilated my body, but I was still a little surprised when Alicia waxed me there, leaving only a thin strip above my cock! Next, she removed my wig, and shaved my head… totally bald, before replacing it on my head, and gluing it in place with some strong adhesive.

“She’s ready now ladies. Shall we get her dressed again?” Alicia prompted the others.

“Yes, let’s!” Helen replied.

“You should make her wear your leather studded collar, Helen.” Susan told her daughter.

“Oh yes! Good idea.” Helen agreed.

I was released, and ordered back into my feminine attire. My gag wasn’t removed, and once I was dressed, the collar was placed around my neck.

“Would you like to stay for Pippa’s ‘initiation’ Alicia? We would love for you to join us, in becoming one of Pippa’s Mistresses!” Susan enquired.

“Yes, I’d love to. It would be an honour and a privilege.” Alicia responded.

“In that case, Alicia… would you… and Karen, be so kind as to restrain our ‘novice’ slut? I’d like her tied down… face down, and bent over this large, leather armchair. Tie each of her arms to one of the wooden legs at the front of the chair… with her waist bent over its back, and then separate her legs, using the ankle spreader bar. Set the bar to its widest setting, and secure each of her ankles tightly, using the leather ankle-cuffs at each end.” Susan instructed.

“Yes… and then would you use this to lubricate her arsehole? I have a little surprise in store for our new ‘toy’ girly. Mother and I will only be gone for a few minutes.” Helen added.

mother and daughter left the room, and I heard them climb the stairs, as they went into our bedroom… in search of God knows what! Karen and Alicia followed their instructions, and I was soon bent in position, bound and helpless over the leather chair.

I felt both fear and excitement course through my body, as Karen drew my panties to one side at the rear, and began to lubricate my arse ring with large dollops of KY jelly. I jumped, as much as was possible… bound as I was, as I felt her pushing the lubricant up into my arse with her finger. At first there was only one, but I soon felt my anus being stretched, as two… and then three fingers penetrated my rear!

I couldn’t believe it, as I felt my cock hardening in response to this stimulation… I felt both elated, and yet shamed and humiliated, at my inability to stop my cock from becoming hard… throbbing wildly, as I grew a rampant hard-on! I knew that this obvious response would only further incite my women captors… but I was completely incapable of controlling my growing exhilaration!

Apprehension and horror flowed through me, as I realized that my prick had enlarged to the point where it was now touching Karen’s fingers, as she finger fucked my rear end! I could feel it rubbing against them, through the fabric of my Cache-Sex!

At this very moment, I heard the door opening, and Helen and Susan entered the room. Karen blurted out:

“Just in time girls… look at this! Pippa’s got an engorged clitty! The dirty little slut is enjoying being fucked by my hand! She’s even trying to rub her clit against my fingers!”

“Excellent,” Helen gasped, “because this is what I’ve brought down to surprise her with!” I was unable to see what she’d brought with her, but I heard Alicia and Karen gasp… and then giggle at what they saw.

“Who wants to go first girls?” Susan asked, “How about you, Karen? Didn’t he try to fuck you at the Christmas party? I think it would be ironic if you were his… sorry, HER first, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes please… may I? Can we get it all on video?” Karen replied.

“Good idea.” Susan said, immediately retrieving the digital video camera from a draw… and placing it to one side, on a tripod… and switching it to record.“Shall I show Pippa what’s in store for her?” Helen asked.

“Why not?” Karen agreed.

Helen walked around in front of me, and showed me the item she’d brought down from our bedroom. My eyes bulged, as I saw the strap-on dildo that was in her hands. A nine” Latex cock, attached to a harness!

“Strip off then Karen…” Helen urged, “And then put this on!”

Karen came round in front of me, and began a sexy striptease, further stirring my rampant cock, and causing me to wriggle in my bonds!

“He wants to be a girl… so… let’s show him everything that a girl must do! I seem to recall that these were my words when we caught you.” Susan added.

“Yes,” Alicia piped up, “And let’s face it… men always expect their women to service their cocks!”

“It’ll be my pleasure to show you how we do it, Pippa.” Karen finished.

Naked now, Karen slipped into the strap-on dildo, as Susan tightened it around her waist and hips, buckling it shut onto her groin. My eyes were transfixed, as I watched her Latex penis sticking out before her, as rampant as could be. It was as raging a hard-on as I had ever seen!

Panic swept through me, as Karen returned to my rear. Helen looked over to Alicia, and said:

“I have another of those, right there…” She pointed to someplace behind my back. “Would you like to be the next to take part in her training? I was thinking that Pippa’s first lesson could be ‘The Spit-Roast…’ Are you up for that?”

“I’d love it!” Alicia replied, obviously excited at the prospect.

“Strip off too then Alicia…” Helen urged, “And then put this one on for us!”

Alicia too came around to face me, teasing me further as she removed her clothing, item by item… as provocatively as she could. I felt my pleasure rising, as the anticipation of what was to happen to me rose ever more!

Once more, I stared, as Alicia slipped into the strap-on dildo… and as Susan tightened it around her waist and hips, buckling it shut onto her groin. Susan approached each of the women. She handed each one a pair of high-heels, requesting that they don them, and explaining that naked women always looked far sexier in heels. She followed this by whispering to each one, and confirming with each of them what she had planned for them to do.

“Make sure that you get all of this on video, Helen. The girls are going to wear these Ballroom masks, so that they cannot be recognized… but, try to get Pippa’s face in shot as often as you can, okay?” Susan said.

Alicia and Karen complied at once… donning their masks, and thus hiding their identities from the camera. The ball-gag was removed from my mouth, but was immediately replaced by Alicia’s Latex cock.

I felt my panties being moved to one side at the rear, and Karen gradually began to enter me, pushing her strap-on, gently into my arse.

Slowly, I felt her filling my rear… pushing in the cock-head first of all, and then little by little, moving the shaft in and out of me! I felt the skirt of my mini-dress being pushed up, over my hips, thus exposing my bum-cheeks to view. Karen withdrew the dildo from my backside. I suddenly felt something slapping my cheeks! I tried to yelp, but Alicia was still fucking my mouth with her fake dick, and I only managed a muffled:


“’Pippa must be punished for lying…’ I think these were the words I said to my daughter, weren’t they Pippa? I also seem to recall saying to Karen: ‘I hope that you will be willing to help my daughter and me to teach her perverted husband… a lesson that he’ll never forget!’ Do you remember that Pippa? Well… you are about to receive a lengthy bout of ‘corporal punishment’ for lying to Helen! A punishment that I believe to be fitting to your ‘crime.’ A punishment that you are in the perfect position to receive, and so… A punishment that we will administer right now! Alicia, until it’s your turn, you will continue to make Pippa give you ‘head.’ This will ensure that she cannot scream, or become too noisy! Once it becomes your turn… Karen will swap places with you, so that Pippa’s cooperation is assured.”

“Pippa’s punishment will consist of her arse being spanked by each one of us.” Helen took over the instructions, which mother and daughter had obviously discussed in length whilst they’d been alone upstairs.

“I’ve decided on the order that I want us to use. I will go first, spanking him with my hands… Karen will be second, and will use a leather belt. She will then swap places with Alicia, filling Pippa’s mouth with her strap-on. She will be third in-line, and I thought that she should spank him with the back of her hairbrush… a nice touch, as she’s a beautician! My mother Susan will take last place, and she will use her favourite implement… one that I felt many times in my youth… One that she will fetch in a moment from the tree in my back garden… A bunch of young, bendy birch twigs!”

“How many strokes can we give him… sorry, ‘her…’ each?” Alicia asked.

“Karen, I’ll allow you to choose. A minimum of six. A maximum of twenty-four… EACH!” Helen presented Karen with the choice.

“A simple choice then Helen. Twenty-four strokes each! Ninety-six in total! Pippa deserves every one of them, I think!” Karen chose.

“Let’s get changed first, mum.” Susan and Helen left the room. Karen pushed her Latex dick back inside me, and began to pump it in and out of my arse-pussy… much harder than she had before!

About ten minutes later, the door opened, and I heard them return. They strode around to face me, and I was shocked to see them both dressed in leather ‘Catwoman’ outfits… their faces masked… their bodies covered in skin-tight leather, and with each of them wearing thigh high boots that must have sported at least eight” heels! Once again, I felt Karen slide out of me. This time though, Helen took up her position behind me. Her hand began to administer my spanking, each stroke falling slowly, and each slightly harder than before! By the twelfth stroke, my arse cheeks were aflame! Still, I was unable to scream! The next twelve fell, covering both my cheeks… and the insides of my thighs!

I noticed that Susan had taken her place by the video… and realized that I was now the star of the show. This was evidence with which they could surely ruin me… or with which they could blackmail me into doing whatever they wanted… forever more!

The whipping came next, as Karen used her belt to administer her strokes upon my bare arse! This time, my bum was hot and red by the sixth stroke… the backs of my legs by the twelfth, and my inner thighs by the eighteenth! The last six were administered to my lower back, and by the end of it, I was sobbing… as tears ran down my face!

Karen swapped places with Alicia, and began face fucking me with her dildo. She pushed much further into my mouth, forcing me to ‘deep-throat’ her latex dick!

Alicia obviously relished the idea of spanking a submissive, crossdressed ‘sex-slave’ with the brush that she regularly used on her clients at work.

“I’ll always think of this moment, when I use this brush to style my ladies’ hair.”

Her strokes were by far the hardest that I’d been given until then. She hit me on my cheeks and on my inner thighs, applying each stroke firmly and rapidly… The entire spanking taking less than a minute!

I hadn’t realized that Susan had left the room, until I heard the door opening upon her return! When it did, I realized that I really was about to receive a ‘birching’ with the twigs that she’d brought in from outside.

Alicia came into view, and began fucking Karen with her strap-on! Much to my horror and my disbelief, I felt my cock begin to harden once again! This didn’t go unnoticed, and I heard Helen point it out to her mother:

“You’d better punish this slut properly mum, because she’s getting all excited again!”

“Don’t you worry darling,” Susan replied… “I’m gonna take my time with this one! Do you think that this deserves ‘double’ strokes, ladies?” she asked.

“Ooohhh, yes!” Helen replied, as the others nodded their consent.

‘Forty-eight strokes…’ I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can take this!’

Slowly, and with much precision, Susan began my birching!

On her twelfth stroke, she moved away, and whispered something to my wife! Helen nodded, and Susan returned… only to rip my knickers off, leaving my throbbing ‘clit’ hanging down beneath my body!

I’d expected her to continue birching me, but before she did, I felt her brushing something the length of my cock… and across my balls. She pulled it away from my body, and showed me what she was using! I tried to scream, but Karen was still gagging me with her fake penis…

“AAAAArrrghhhh… MMMMmmppphhhhh!” I screamed into my gag!

She began to brush my sex organ again… but, this time I knew what she was doing it with! A large bunch of stinging nettles were in her gloved hand, and my ‘clit’ and balls began to burn furiously!

To my great surprise, the effect this had on me was to increase the stimulation that I was feeling! I began to get even harder than before!

“Thrash her some more… the dirty slag’s enjoying it!” Helen called out.

Susan returned to my birching, and bit by bit, I received my final thirty-six strokes!

My punishment over, I was released from my bondage, and made to stand in the corner of the room, with my hands on my head! The four women gathered together once more, whispering animatedly amongst themselves. They pointed in my direction a few times, as they decided how to proceed from this point onwards.
“Pippa… Strip off your dress. We are going to make you wear a different outfit… You look too much like a ‘Dominatrice’ in leather, so we have decided to dress you in an outfit that is more befitting your submissive status!” Susan demanded.

Complying with my orders, I stripped to my underwear, and waited for my new clothing to be given to me. Helen handed me a pack of folded clothing.

I looked at the items that she had handed me, and I blushed… seeing that it was a sexy ‘French-maid’s’ outfit… one that I had purchased a few months before, as a gift for Helen… from the Anne Summers ‘sex’ catalogue!

It consisted of a very short, black satin dress, with a white apron, which covered the skirt of the dress at the front, and had a small bib across the bust area… and, which had a lacy, frilly maid’s hat for me to wear! The skirt barely covered my groin… showing the lacy tops of my hold-up stockings, and about an inch and a half of skin, at the top of my thighs!

Susan handed me a pair of thong panties, which barely held my manhood between my legs, and told me to put them on.

Alicia forced my arms behind me, and cuffed them together, with handcuffs that had pink feathers around the wrists!

“Karen, why don’t you attach this leash to Pippa’s collar, so that you can lead her around? We wouldn’t want her trying to escape when we take her out in public now, would we?” Helen said.

“There is a choice of leather, or PVC clothing in Helen’s bedroom, girls. I think that you should choose some, and get dressed. We’ll be going out soon, and you can’t leave the house wearing only heels and a strap-on!” Susan told Alicia and Karen.

Grinning, they both went upstairs to dress.

“Now for your surprise punishment.” Susan said, “We’re going out for a drink at the local pub.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, they had to be joking, and they were winding me up and trying to scare me. They were succeeding too.

“You will obey our instructions to the letter, slut. Don’t for a moment think that we might hesitate to punish you, just because we’re in a public place. We would and we will, should you falter in your obeisance. Should you outright refuse us anything, we may be forced to let slip a little something regarding your true gender!” The trap was complete; nothing could make me disobey them now.

“Before we go, I think we need a little keepsake of how pretty you look.” Said Mistress Helen as she pulled out her camera and snapped off a couple of pictures of my female persona.

“Don’t forget the video camera, Alicia.” Slipped in Mistress Karen as she pulled open the front door.

“Just one last thing that you should know, Pippa.” Said Mistress Alicia glibly. “The pub that we’re going to is a Biker’s Bar. I don’t think that they’d be too impressed if they found out that you have a dick hidden between your legs. Let’s go girls.” She smirked at my patently obvious horror, as I was lead into the street.

Blushing visibly through my make-up, I considered running away and ending this horror but remembering the photos soon put paid to that idea. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to me. My mind was racing with fright as I though of the serious assault that would surely come my way, if and when I was discovered! I shuddered involuntarily at the scene in my mind!

“There it is.” Signalled Mistress Alicia, as she pointed to the next corner on the street. “It looks like it is pretty busy too, if you stop to consider the amount of bikes that are in the car park.”

The place was loud and rough looking with a large car parks both front and back. The rear car parks lead into a garden area that was dark and seemed woody, with trees surrounding the drinking area.

My mind raced as my wife turned and said to us all:

“Looks like fun to be had by all! Pippa my darling, I shall make absolutely sure that you have a night to remember. In fact I shall make sure it’s all on videotape so that you can’t forget it… even if you want to!” She laughed mercilessly as a gleam shot through her eyes.

“We have to buy tickets at the door because there’s a live band tonight. I think that we ought to let Pippa do that for us, don’t you?” asked Mistress Karen nonchalantly.

“What an excellent idea!” Replied Mistress Susan immediately, grinning ear to ear.

She shoved the small of my back, propelling me toward the great ape of a man who was selling the tickets at the door. He looked me up and down, taking in my style of dress and said:

“Well, well, look here! What can I do for you little miss? Maybe later I’ll ask you what you can do for me.” He guffawed at his own base humour then grabbed my arse. “How many then?” I showed him my five digits so that I wouldn’t have to speak, and as I pulled the money from my tiny purse, my lipstick fell to the floor.

“Don’t bend your knees Pippa, but pick that up immediately!” Ordered Mistress Helen, my wife.

I blushed profusely as I tried not to show my panties whilst having to bend, my arse toward the doormen.

I felt hands stroking my butt as I retrieved the lipstick, straightened up and hurried to take the tickets from the big guy’s hand.

“Maybe that will teach you to be more careful Pippa.” I felt a tug on the leash attached to my collar. “Believe me when I tell you that even the smallest of errors will be used as a tool to humiliate and humble you.” Instructed Mistress Karen.

“Of course, we will also find it entertaining as we watch you squirm.” Added Mistress Alicia.

“In fact, we’ll be looking for any opportunity, darling.” Said my wife.

“To be honest, we want to see how much we can make you squirm, Pippa…” Mistress Susan said, as she delivered a sharp stinging smack to my bottom cheeks.

“You are, after all our humble plaything, servant and slave ‘girl…’ aren’t you dear?”

Surreptitiously, my wife pulled me close and whispered in my ear:

“I love you very much, Darling. I just want to thank you for being such a good girl for me. I’ll never forget it. You’ve made me so proud and so happy.” This short sentence made me glow inside. I knew now that I was doing the right thing, no matter how difficult, painful or humiliating the things that I was being made to do were making me feel.

As we entered the dance hall, the thudding of the base ran through me, and I felt my nipples become erect. It was dark, busy, and humming with intoxicated bikers, both male and female.

I drew a good few looks, both for the sexiness of my appearance and for the collar and leash that I was being forced to wear. Thankfully, Mistress Alicia had been to the bar, and had bought us all drinks. My neck felt the tug on my collar, as we made our way to the front of the crowd… right up next to the stage.

“Excellent!” I heard Mistress Alicia exclaim, “I know this group. The lead guitarist and I are drinking buddies. Wait here a moment, will you. I just need a quiet word in his ear.”

I thought nothing more of it… as the ladies chatted amongst themselves, every so often stopping to pat my bum, or to stroke my breasts. They made it very obvious each time they did, attracting more attention from the guys in the crowd. Mistress Susan spotted a coat hook… it was screwed into the wall by the side of the stage, and after some whispers between herself and my wife, I was taken there, and my leash was tied to the hook.

“You will stay here until we fetch you, my love.” Stated Mistress Helen. “You will allow yourself to receive any attention that you are given. No matter who by. We will be keeping an eye on you. We’re only six feet away. Have fun, Pippa.” At that she walked away, leaving me feeling very vulnerable.

Less than a minute later, Mistress Karen appeared with the rubber ball-gag that she had used on me earlier. As she attached it to me, forcing my lips and mouth open, she said conspiratorially:

“This will make sure you don’t have to speak, so that you don’t give yourself away. I’m being kind to you Pippa, really I am.” With that, she strode off, back to the other girls.

It didn’t take long for me to start getting attention. I felt hands stroking my bum, lifting up my skirt and grabbing my titties. A couple of the guys actually licked my lips round the ball-gag. It wasn’t until someone started trying to strip me that Mistress’ Susan and Karen came along to retrieve me. I was handed over to Mistress Alicia and I began to think that we might be on our way back to their house. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

“It seems that you’re attracting the wrong sort of attention, Pippa. So, I’ve had a word with my friends in the band, and they’ve agreed to let you be a little stage decoration for them.” I couldn’t believe my ears… but sure enough, I was being led backstage and up the stairs.

As the band finished their set, Mistress Alicia led me through some curtains… and on to the stage. She led me to a lighting rig which had been situated centre stage, and she proceeded to handcuff my wrists. My arms were raised above my head, and the cuffs placed over a bar… holding me in place, in full view of the entire audience.

“Don’t move about too much, Pippa. If this rig falls on you, it’ll probably mean a trip to the hospital!” With that Mistress Alicia left, returning to the ladies and to her drink.

To say I felt humiliated would have been the understatement of the year. I could see some of the bikers pointing at me and laughing, others were leering and I could hear wolf whistles and cat-calls. The band returned… and thus I stayed until the end of their next set. Mistress Karen came and released me and I was led through the throng of hot, sweaty bodies to a fire exit where the rest of our group was waiting.

“You did very well, Pippa. As a reward, we’ve decided to let you eat out Mistress Susan in the garden. I will video the whole thing for posterity, so make sure you do it well.” Resounded Mistress Alicia’s voice. “I shall lay out a blanket for you so that you don’t dirty your clothes. I’ve asked the landlord to switch on the car park lights, so make sure you’re quick and you might not be seen. The band’s last set takes thirty minutes.” She grinned wickedly as Mistress Susan lay back on one of the tables and removed her panties.

“Get to it girl,” She said, “I’m feeling good and randy!”

I knelt on the blanket and buried my face between her legs, working my tongue like a rabid animal, thrusting, probing and licking with a passion. She was soon bucking on my face as her cream covered my face in its sticky goo.“Before we go home, why don’t we take a walk up ‘Lover’s Lane’ to the ‘Dogging’ car park?” Alice suggested.

“What a good idea,” Karen replied at once, “I’m sure Pippa would learn a lot about what girls have to do to please men there!”

I was led up a dark footpath, until we arrived in a secluded car park at the top of a hill. The four women huddled together, whispering to each other as they planned what to do with me.

The small car park was quite full… which surprised me, as it was now late evening, and was quite dark outside. There were about eight cars and three trucks parked here, plus of course our small group of people.

Next to the car park was a small building. It consisted of two public toilets, one male and the other female. It also had a little café, which was now closed. Behind the toilet block was a path, leading to a small picnic area, surrounded by trees. Susan handed me an envelope… and she said:

“Right slut, I want you to mince across this car park… in the most sluttish way that you can. Go into the men’s toilets. Once you are in there, go into one of the stalls… and open this envelope. Follow the instructions to the letter.”

“Remember, we will be watching you. Any failure on your part will result in severe punishment.” Helen added.

I did as I was told, and quickly set off across the car park. I could hear my heels clicking as I walked, they sounded like gunshots in the quiet night air. I felt eyes watching me from the cars and the trucks. I felt myself speeding up, and trying to get to the toilets as quickly as possible. To my horror, Mistress Alice shouted out from behind me:

“Walk more slowly, Slut!” Her voice sounded as loud as thunder in the open car park.

I slowed my walk, my face reddening… as I noticed a couple of lights flick on in the cars and the trucks. Eventually, I got to the toilet block, and I rushed inside… out of sight.

In my haste, I almost knocked over a guy who was coming out. He was in his forties, and he looked like a truck driver. He was sweaty and smelly, and he had a large beer-gut, hanging over his jeans, covered in a filthy T-shirt. He looked at me, at first in shock… and then in lust.

I quickly rushed past him, and into one of the stalls, locking the door behind me. I just stood there for a few moments, catching my breath. As I did so, I was able to look around the stall. The walls were covered in graffiti, almost all of it of a sexual kind.

There were drawings of cocks… and of naked women, some descriptions of sexual acts… and contacts… and phone numbers for people:

“Looking for a good time,” or…
“I want to get my cock sucked.”

I realized to my horror that these toilets were used as meeting places for people… especially gays. I remembered the envelope, and with shaking hands, I opened it. Inside it was another envelope… and a letter. The letter read:

‘Slut, read this letter, and then you must open the other envelope… inside it; you will find a sheet of paper. You are to read it… and then: Stick it to the wall with the tape provided! Once you have done this, remove your dildo! Proceed outside, and up the path to the picnic area. Once there, you will please any man that asks you to. You will make sure that they all go away completely satisfied.’

I opened the second envelope, and I stuck the piece of paper it contained to the wall.

I stood back and read it, it said:

‘Cock-hungry TV Slut…

I want to suck and fuck as many horny guys as possible.
I love to suck cock, and to get fucked in the arse.
What I like best is to be force-fed spunk.
I am outside, up the path, in the picnic area.’

I read the note again.

I realized that with the car park being as busy as it was, and with the toilets regular use as a meeting point, I was going to get a real fucking if I did as I’d been instructed.

I felt both scared and excited at the thought, but the rapidly hardening cock in my knickers told me that I wanted this. I straightened my stockings, and I took a deep breath. I opened the stall door, and I walked to the picnic area. As I did, I could see that the guy from before went back into the toilets. I also saw that a couple of other guys were leaving their cars, and were going over to the toilet block.

I followed the path to the picnic area. It consisted of two picnic tables, the kinds with bench seats either side, and I sat down. The whole area was surprisingly well lit, by two lights that were hanging from the toilet block.

I had only been sitting at the picnic table for a couple of minutes, when the trucker turned up.

“So, are you the cock hungry TV slut?” he said.

Knowing that Mistress Alice and Mistress Susan were watching me, somewhere in the surrounding trees, I said:

“Yes, that’s me.”

“And… you want to get fucked in the mouth? …and in the arse?” he said.

“Yes,” I replied, “I would love to suck your cock, and to feel it pushing deeply into my arse.”

“Right… bitch!” he said, “Open wide, and suck on this.” He pulled open his fly, and he walked over to me.

As I sat on the picnic bench, I was just at the right height. I only had to lean a little forward to be face to face with his cock. Like him, it was fat and smelly… and rapidly hardening.

“Well, bitch… What are you waiting for? Suck it,” he said.

I stuck out my tongue, and I began to lick the end. I ran my tongue over the sensitive glans, and then let my tongue flick over the eye, tasting the pre-cum that was already forming there. I formed my lips into an “O,” and I slipped him deeply into my mouth.

I began to work up a rhythm, sucking up and down on his cock, and licking the shaft, as I swallowed it again and again.

I could feel it hardening more, and beginning to twitch. I let it slip from my mouth, and I ran my tongue all over his cock, starting at the top… and going down his shaft to the base, over his balls, and then back up again. I opened my mouth, and once more took his cock into my mouth. I was really getting into it now, and my head was bobbing up and down… leaving a trail of saliva and lipstick, smeared all over his shaft. Suddenly, he grabbed my head, and he shouted:

“Get ready for my spunk bitch, but don’t swallow it. I want you to show me what a slut you are. I want you to show me your mouth full of cum.” With that, he let fire, and I felt the first jets of his hot cum hit the back of my throat.

I let his cock slip out of mouth a little, so I could catch his spunk on my tongue. Jet after jet of it shot out, filling my mouth, and dribbling out of the sides.

He withdrew his cock, and I obediently opened my mouth, to show him it full of spunk.

“Not a bad load,” he said, “Now swallow it bitch.” I did as he’d said, and with one big gulp, I felt his slimy, salty spunk slip down my throat, and into my belly.

As he stepped back, I got a chance to look round, and I realized that about nine men now surrounded me… all with their cocks out, wanking… and looking at me with lust filled eyes. A large man stepped out of the crowd, and he said:

“Right slut… we are all going to fuck your pretty little arse and mouth now, so get up and lie over the table.” I began to get up off the seat, but I was obviously too slow for the crowd.

I felt several pairs of hands roughly grab me, and pick me up. I was turned over, and was forced down on to the table, my legs dangling off one end, and my head hanging off the other.

As I lifted my head, a cock was thrust into my face. It was already leaking pre-cum, and the guy rubbed his cock all over my face, smearing my make up, before finally forcing it into my mouth. I began to suck on his cock, as I felt one of my hands being lifted onto another cock. Soon, I had a cock in each hand, as well as the one in my mouth. Another cock appeared in front of my face. I began to alternate sucking a cock at a time, and then licking them both, as they were shoved into my mouth together.

Meanwhile, a guy was now behind me. He ripped off my knickers. I felt him grab my waist, and with no warning, he shoved his entire cock up my arse… in one fluid movement. It felt huge.

I thought that I was going to be split in half, as he began to slide out of me, and then ram it home again. He soon set up a rhythm, and after the initial shock, I began to enjoy the sensation of his big cock pistoning in and out of my arse. Suddenly, one of the guys I was wanking began to shout:

“I’m cumming.”

Knowing what Mistress would expect of me, I quickly let the cock I was sucking on out of my mouth, and I turned my head to face the guy.

As I did, the first shot of spunk flew out of his cock, hitting me across the face.

I opened my mouth widely, and the next one went straight in. The guy moved forward, and he shoved his cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked his cock, and he emptied the rest of his load into my mouth.

As soon as he had finished, and I had licked his cock clean, another guy replaced him. Once again, I had a cock in each hand, one in my mouth, and one in the arse.

The guy behind me began to speed up, and with a moan, I felt his spunk shoot up my arse. He slipped out of me, giving my arse a spank as he did, and almost immediately, I felt another cock pushing its way into my arse.

Now, the two cocks I had been sucking on began to cum, and I was soon swallowing another two loads of spunk.

For the next two hours, I was fucked again and again… in my mouth and in my arse. I must have serviced about thirty men, and have swallowed at least twenty loads of spunk, before I was down to the last two guys. They had both already cum once, and had now swapped round, so I was now sucking on the cock that had just been up my spunk filled arse. I was almost numb now, my arse and jaw aching from the abuse they had received.

Finally, the guy in front grunted, and he shot his spunk in my mouth… as I swallowed, the guy behind me added his spunk to the large pool that had formed around my arse. They both stood back, and looked at me, as I began to try standing up.

I was virtually naked now, only the heels and stockings remained… and they were stained with spunk, and were ripped to shreds. My face had almost no make-up left, just a layer of spunk that covered my face, my neck, and my false tits. My hair was sticking to me… because it too was covered in spunk.

A large pool of spunk had formed on the seat where me arse had been, and as I stood up, I felt the spunk running down my legs from my sore arse. As I stood up on my shaking legs, Mistress Alice and Mistress Susan appeared… video camera in hand.

“Well, well… my little slut, that was an excellent performance you gave us,” she said, “and thankfully, it was lit well enough for us to catch it all on video. I am sure this is going to be a big seller… when it hits the shop. We will call it the ‘Toilet TV Gangbang.’ Now… for a finale, kneel down here!” She pointed in front of her, and I knelt down.

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Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 2