Husband (Rahul) ne apni biwi(Pooja) ko share kiya Part 1

Husband (Rahul) ne apni biwi(Pooja) ko share kiya Part 1

Feeling naughty and bold, she said, “Yes…I wear those style of panties now Jason…for my husband.” She turned sideways moving her legs onto the couch with her back resting on the arm rest. Then she put her feet on her husband’s lap, pushing gently her feet into his crotch. Rahul was rock hard. He also turned to face his wife.

“Good girl…that is nice.” Jason said huskily. “So what are you wearing right now?” He asked.

“Jason!” She exclaimed. “You shouldn’t be asking me that.”

“Just want to visualize how you are looking babe…come on don’t go shy on me now, you have changed, matured, you are so much more self-confident…so beautiful and sexy, I cannot even tell you how much I regret letting you go.” Jason slyly was trying to stoke her ego. “Are you dressed like you used to when you stayed over in my dorm room?”

She was enjoying hearing the desire in Jason’s voice and liked the lusty look in her husband’s eyes. “I’m wearing a top and pajamas.”

“Nice…and I know you are not wearing a bra at home…since your small, firm breast really do not need any support, I always loved your breasts, loved sucking on your hard, sensitive, small pink nipples.”

“Stop Jason…don’t say all these things.” Her voice was tinged with excitement and she rubbed her husband’s hard cock with her toes. Rahul was very turned on now hearing Jason say such intimate things to his wife.

But Jason completely ignored what she said, he knew her well enough. “You loved getting your nipples sucked babe I bet you still do…what kind of panties are you wearing, tell me the color too.”

“I should not…we are really crossing some limits now.” She said gently biting her lower lip. Rahul mouthed to her that she should tell him. Pooja shook her head, saying no. But Rahul insisted.

“Come on babe tell me…I know you want to be naughty.” Jason pressed her.

“Black thong.” She said softly with her heart beating erratically.

Jason knew now that he had her. “Damn girl…I wish I was there with you…that tight, round ass must be a hot sight in thong…are you wet Pooja?…I am so hard that it hurts…would love to have your pretty lips wrapped around my cock right now.” He said lustily. “You know you were the best…the best at taking care of my cock…you really loved going down on me…your husband must love it too, he must know you are the best.”

Rahul mouthed to her, “Ask him what does he mean by you are the best? Best what?” He was very turned on and he pulled his cock out, slowly jacking it.

Seeing the aroused state of her husband was having an affect on Pooja too and feeling naughty she asked bashfully, “What do you mean I am the best? best what?”

“Oh you naughty girl…you want me talk dirty to you don’t you? your husband has really done a good job turning you into a naughty girl…and now he is not home you are talking to your ex behind his back, wanting to hear dirty words…you know I really like talking dirty to bad girls like you…but first take off your pajamas, then we will talk.” Jason’s tone had changed now, he sounded very dominant.

Before Pooja could even react or say anything, Rahul leaned over her pulling the drawstring of her pajamas and then pulled off the pajamas.

“Have you taken it off Pooja.” Jason asked impatiently.

“Yes.” She said.

“Good girl…so as I was saying…a lot of girls have sucked my cock but I have to say you are the best cocksucker amongst them.” Pooja felt the heat rising to her face hearing the crude word. “You really used to go to town with my cock and my balls…licking, sucking…getting your pretty face fucked by my cock…it was always obvious you really enjoyed going down on my cock, getting your mouth stuffed with my hard, thick man meat.” Jason said smugly. “I have trained you well how to suck a cock…how to service a man meat with your pretty mouth, I bet your husband really enjoys your cock sucking skills, he should thank me.”

“Jason don’t…you are embarrassing me.” She whined.

“Do you still keep your pussy shaved Pooja?” He asked. Jason did not care about her embarrassment.

“I do.” She said shyly.

“I still remember the first time I saw you naked…you had so little pussy hair, have you always kept it shaved ever since the first time a made you?”


“Good girl.” He said patronizingly again. “That is how I like my pussy…bald…are you wet?…I bet you are sopping wet, the crotch of your panties sticking to your pussy.” He said as if he was reminiscing. “Take a picture of yourself…send it to me…I want to see your hot body.” Suddenly Jason demanded.

His demand really freaked out Pooja. “No Jason I cannot do that…I do not want you to have a picture of me like this.”

By the tone of her voice, Jason knew she will not send the picture. So he tried a different tack, “Come on I am desperate here babe…I am so hard that it hurts…don’t show your face just your hot ass body…something I can jack off to.”

Rahul stood up with his hard cock wobbling and mouthed to his wife to do it. “Okay but I have never done this before…hold on let me take a picture with my phone and then I will call you back.” She said shyly.

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“Okay…don’t take too long…your husband is not coming anytime soon is he?”

“No…maybe in 30 minutes.” She smiled naughtily at her husband and hung up as she stood up.

Rahul pulled her into her arms and kissed her hard. “Happy now…maine apne ex ke saath flirt kar rahi hoon…yehi chahta hai mera baby.” She said huskily and grabbed his cock, slowly jacking him. She got on her toes and kissed her lovingly.

“Tumhare yaar ke liye picture lete hain…nahin toh woh bechain ho jaayega.”

“Kaise loon…bina apni face dikhaye?” She was feeling nervous about sending a picture of herself.

“Mirror ke samne khade ho ke lelo…dhyan se lenge ki tumhari face clearly na dikhe.” Rahul was very enthusiastic about taking a picture of his wife and sending it to her ex lover. “Apni top utar ke picture lo…sirf apni sexy undies mein.”

“Jaanu…baby…meri jaan!…sirf panties mein?” She groaned. Her pussy got even more wet at the thought of Jason seeing her only in panties.

After a few attempts with Rahul’s help Pooja was able to take a couple of pictures of herself without clearly showing her face.

As she was getting ready to text the pictures, her phone rang. Smiling at her husband as she put the phone on the speaker.

“Jason I am just about to send you a pic.” She said demurely and she pressed the send button.

“I cannot wait to see your sexy pics babe…always wanted to see you in a sexy thong.” Jason said.

Rahul hugged his wife from behind and his kissed her neck. He whispered huskily into her ear. “Tu ne apne yaar ka lund khada kar diya hai meri jaan.” He put his hands on her bare tits and squeezed.

“Damn baby…you look hot, nice you took the top off…very naughty, wanted to show me your tits, always loved your small firm tits…what an ass, thong looks just perfect your pert round ass babe.” It was obvious Jason was very impressed with her pics. “I meant to ask you at club too…what are these red and white bangles you are wearing? Does it signify anything?”

“Newlywed woman in India who are Hindu…where these bangles.” She said feeling ashamed.

“Cool…so basically seeing the bangles a person will know you are newlywed…you know I also like how the faded henna tattoos on your hands look.” Jason was completely mesmerized by her sexy pics. “You know how naughty this is…you are a newlywed, only married a month and you are sending such sexy hot pics to your ex boyfriend.”

“I know I am being very bad.”

“Hai meri jaan…aise hee bad ban jaya kar mere liye baby…pooch apne yaar se uska lund aur zyada hard ho gaya pics dekh ke? Kya hua jab usne pic dekhi?”

Pooja looked back at her husband with eyes wide open with shock. She shook her, “Nahi Rahul.” She whispered.

“Pooch na apne yaar se…ek baari sirf.” Saying that Rahul moved the gusset of her panties aside and touched her wet pussy.

“So Jason..” She hesitated a little and then continued, “So…how did it feel…like when you saw my pic…did it do something for you?” She asked coyly, gently biting her lower lip. She liked how Rahul was touching her pussy.

“You dirty, dirty girl…you sure have changed.” He right away understood what she was asking. “First tell me is you pussy sopping wet? You want to get fucked bad don’t you? You want a hard cock stuffed in your newly married pussy? My cock.” He growled. “Tell me slut.”

She was shocked hearing Jason call her a slut but her pussy tingled.

“Bata apne yaar ko…teri choot kaisi gili hai…raand bana ke chodna chahta hai tujhe tera yaar.” Rahul shoved two fingers into her hungry pussy.

She gasped, hearing her gasp, Jason said, “Ah…you playing with your pussy Pooja…damn my cock is leaking precum here…I wish I was there with you right now, you would have just licked up my precum like you used to do…I would have fucked you on your marital bed…cuckolded your husband…left you on your bed with your married pussy filled with cum.” He said aggressively.

It was just too much for Pooja. “My husband is here I have to go.” Before Jason or Rahul could react she hung up the phone.

“Aah…meri jaan…bed pe chalte hain…I need you baby.” She moaned.

They had intense sex, like animals in rut and then fell asleep.

Next morning by the time Rahul woke up, Pooja had left for work. As soon as he reached office, he called his wife. “How are you?”

“Main theek hoon…you okay?” The tone of her voice was flat and Rahul knew she was not in a good mood.

“Too much ho gaya kal?” He asked sheepishly.

“Haan bahut zyada…we should not have done it.” She responded. “Abhi 5 minutes pehle Jason ka call aaya tha…maine phone nahi uthaya.”

“Theek hai…that is fine.” He wanted to show her support.

“Baad me usko phone kar ke bol doongi ki…whatever happened was a mistake and not to call me again.” She said firmly. It was evident that she was truly regretting what had happened with her ex.

Later Pooja refused to talk with Rahul about his depraved desire. Even during sex, she shut him whenever he tried to talk dirty. Seeing her being distant somewhat cooled Rahul’s depraved sexual thoughts.

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Weekend came around and Saturday morning she made Rahul go with her to the temple. Later in the afternoon despite Rahul’s best effort to dissuade her. Pooja went with Neelu and bought a more conservative salwar kameez to wear for the New Year’s party which was two weeks away.

“Pooja hua kya hai…you still mad at me?” Rahul asked as they were driving back from her parent’s place Sunday evening.

“Main tum pe naraz nahi hoon Rahul…it is just wrong what we did…I am your wife…tumhari biwi ko aur kisi aadmi ke saath flirt nahi karna chahiye…aur kisi ko mujhe touch nahi karna chahiye.” She said lovingly. “I feel like I am cheating on you.”


“But you are not cheating on me…maine bas chahta hoon ki tum thodi si flirty bano, bahut sexy lagta hai mujhe.” He said.

“Woh toh mujhe samajh aa gaya but it became just too much…limit cross kar gayee main Jason ke saath…phir club mein jab woh dono ko maine touch karne diya.”

“Jaanu flirting mein thoda yeh sab to hota hai.”

“Rahul…mujhe please thoda time chahiye…I am not comfortable with it.” She lovingly smiled at her husband.

“Okay…I don’t to push you into doing anything.” Rahul said understandingly.

Their life returned to normal and Rahul stopped mentioning anything about his taboo desires. Jason called her a few times and even left messages but she did not pick up any of his calls. He did sound very frustrated in the messages he left on the voice mail.

The evening of the party, Pooja dressed up in the salwar kameez she had bought with Neelu.

“Kaisi lag rahi hoon Rahul?” She asked him happily.

“You look good…this is nice.” He said with a bit of disappointment which Pooja immediately noticed.

“Sach sach batao Rahul…kaisi lag rahi hoon.” She demanded.

“Sahi mein…it is nice, makes you look very elegant and beautiful.” He said with smile but lacking enthusiasm.

“Par tumhe itni zyada pasand nahi hai…tum chahte ho ki main woh peach salwar kameez pehnu?” She questioned.

“Pooja tumhari marzi hai…tum ko jo acha lagta hai…tum jis mein comfortable feel karti ho, woh pehno meri jaan.” He said hesitation.

“Par tumhari preference kya hai?” She pressed him.

“Woh peach wali…badi sexy lagegi meri jaan usme…please.” He begged.

She rolled her eyes and said with exasperation “Okay fine…woh suit pehan loongi lekin that is it…ye expect nahi karna ki mein kisi ke saath flirt karoon.”

“Okay…nahi karna.” He said happily.

“Ek aur baat wahan pe hamari koi jaan pehchan wala hua toh…we are coming right back.” She said firmly.

“Hum Rashmi aur Sanjay ke friend circle mein kisi ko bhi nahi jante Pooja…I am sure koi bhi jaan pehchan wala nahi milega.” Rahul was sure of it.

Pooja changed into the tight, revealing peach salwar kameez. When she looked in the mirror, she liked what how she looked. Very sexy and alluring. The only thing she felt uncomfortable about was going out without wearing a bra. But it also excited her.

“Ab kaisi lag rahi hoon?” She asked playfully.

Rahul eyes opened wide in amazement. He had forgotten how hot she had really looked wearing the salwar kameez in the store.

“Tum kuch bologe bhi ya nahi?” She was grinning.

“Bahut sexy lag rahi hai meri jaan…very hot.” He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. The kameez was sticking to her like a second skin and when he looked closely he could actually see her skin. The fabric was pretty thin except for the bust area which had embroidery and padding. The side slits on the kameez went high up to her hips showing the curve of her round ass. The deep scoop neck showing off her upper chest, the swell of her breasts. The low back of the kameez showing off her smooth, creamy back.

“Very nice baby…bandon ki nazar nahin hategi tumhare upar se.” He was feeling very proud that she was his wife.

“Wohi laga tha mujhe…tumhe acha lagega…ab tumhara kaam hai ki party mein mere saath rehna aur tharki bandon ko mujhse door rakhna.” She sounded excited that Rahul was so impressed.

On their way over to the party, Rahul’s kept his hand on his wife. Feeling her up, rubbing her legs. Pooja enjoyed the attention.

Reaching the house of Rashmi and Sanjay they were impressed. It was a very nice looking and big house. Quite a few cars were parked in the long circular driveway and on the street.

When they rang the bell, Rashmi opened the door. Very warmly she hugged both of them.

“Pooja bahut sexy salwar kameez hai…bahut achi lag rahi ho.” Rashmi said running her eyes over the young woman’s hot body.

“Thank you Rashmi di…aap bhi bahut achi lag rahi ho…very sexy.” Both of them giggled. Rashmi was wearing a ghagra choli. The ghagra sat low on her hips and the choli is pretty small and backless. Just two strings tied at the back of her choli. Her whole midriff and her back was on display. For a woman in her forties, she was in good shape and very good looking.

The big difference between Rashmi and Pooja was that Rashmi has dusky complexion. But Pooja is fair skinned almost like a white woman.

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“Bade late aaye tum dono…10:30 ho rahe hain.” Rashmi said as she led them inside. “Mujhe toh lag raha thi ki tum dono aane nahi wale…chalo mujhe apna bag de do, main tumhare bedroom mein rakh doongi”

“Bas aise hee der ho gayee didi…Pooja tayar hone mein bahut der lagati hai.” Rahul said playfully.

“Accha maine der laga di…tum jo budhe logon jaise dhire gaadi chalate ho uska kya?” Pooja punched his arm.

There were quite a few people in the house. The crowd was a mix of people. There were white people, black people and people of Indian origin.

Sanjay was standing surrounded by a few people but as soon as he saw them, he came up to them. He shook Rahul’s hand and hugged Pooja intimately. Running his hands all over her bare back upto the upper swell of her ass.

“Bahut sexy lag rahi ho…nice salwar kameez.” He whispered into her ear. Pooja felt very uncomfortable the way he felt her up. But it also excited her seeing the look of desire in his eyes.

After the hug, Sanjay stood with Pooja with his arm casually around her waist as he talked to Rahul. “Koi pareshani toh nahin hui na drive mein?…bahut log sharab pi ke gaadi chalate hain new year eve par…kaafi lamba raha tum dono ke liye drive, par mein bahut khush hoon tum dono aaye.” Sanjay was obviously very pleased. “Rashmi ne bata diya tha na tum dono raat ko yahan hi ruk rahe ho?”

“Nahi koi pareshani nahi hui…drive was okay.” He felt a flutter of excitement seeing Sanjay’s arm around his wife’s slender waist. “Haan raat ko yahin rahenge.”

“Very nice…enjoy karo pura…raat ko yahin ruk rahe ho toh sharab aram se piyo, bar open hai.” Sanjay smiled and gestured towards the bar. At the same time he moved his hand over Pooja’s bareback.

“Ya…Ya…we will have fun.” Rahul enthusiastically responded.

Rashmi then left to put their bag in the bedroom and to attend to other guests. Sanjay led them towards the bar where there was a line of people waiting.

“Tum dono ko kya pina…mujhe batao mein lata hoon.”

“Scotch on the rocks chalega mere liye.” Rahul said.

“Jiju mere liye koi cocktail le aana.” Pooja hesitatingly.

“Theek hai…leke aaya, meri yahi wait karo.” Sanjay left them.

As soon as he walked away, Pooja asked, “Rahul did you see?…kaise woh meri peeth pe haath pher raha tha…so creepy…jab tumne mujhe bataya ki cruise pe woh mere pe nazar pher raha tha, mujhe laga ki tum mazak kar rahe thay.” She was feeling very apprehensive. “Mujhe kabhi laga hi nahi tha ki woh itna cheap sa aadmi hoga…itni umar wala hai.”

“Haan dekha maine.” He said huskily. Hearing the tone of her husband’s voice she knew right away that it excited.

“Jaanu!…phir se.” She said in dismay.

“New year eve hai…let’s have some fun…kitne din ho gaye hain aisi masti nahi ki hai.” Rahul suggested. He was unsure if his wife would even agree.

“Rahul…mujhe badi ghabrahat si ho rahi hai…yahan pe nahin.” She paused. “Next week clubbing chalte hain…I will be naughty for you over there.”

“Come on Jaanu…thoda sa fun karte hain…tumhare jiju ko thoda sa maza lene do…please baby.” He pleaded.

“Rahul!…Rashmi di kya sochegi mere baare mein.”

“Unhone bhi dekha tha unka husband kaise tharki tarah se tum pe haath pher raha thay…lekin woh kuch bhi nahin boli…smile kar rahi thi.” Rahul paused. “Mujhe lagta hai woh badi open minded si hai, she does not mind agar unka husband yahan wahan munh marta hai…shayad Sanjay ko bhi koi farak nahi padta agar Rashmi di kuch karti hain toh…tumne dekha hai ki kaisi sexy si ghagra choli pahni hai.” Rahul winked.

“Okay…I will be a little naughty…happy?” She caved in. She was afraid to admit but she had kind of missed the naughty talk and this naughtiness.

“Yes…just enjoy the attention…koi dance karne ke liye invite karta hai to dance karna…just party jaanu!” He said with excitement.

Sanjay came back with the drinks and handed to both of them. “Tum log kisi ko yahan jante toh ho nahi…toh main tumhare saath hi hang out karoonga…mere doston se introduce karoonga…tum dono ko bore nahi hone doonga…tum mere special guests ho, itni door se aaye ho.” Sanjay smiled.

“Toh Pooja…ab do mahine ho gaye shaadi hue?” Sanjay asked.

“Haan jiju.” She said staring at her husband.

“Choora bada acha lag raha tumhari gori kalaiyon pe…tumhari mehndi fade ho rahi hai lekin phir bhi puri nayee naveli dulhan wali look hai.” Sanjay said. “Hai ki nahi Rahul?”

“Haanji bilkul…Pooja abhi bhi meri nai navelli dulhan hi hai.” Rahul agreed.”Bade khush naseeb ho yaar…badi khubsoorat aur sexy biwi hai tumhari.” Sanjay boldly said. Both Rahul and Pooja were surprised by Sanjay’s boldness. Typically a person from India would make such brazen statement about another man’s wife.

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Husband (Rahul) ne apni biwi(Pooja) ko share kiya Part 1

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