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Husband (Rahul) ne apni biwi(Pooja) ko share kiya

Husband (Rahul) ne apni biwi(Pooja) ko share kiya

Pooja was cooking dinner when she heard the front door open. She smiled thinking that Rahul will like what she was wearing.

She also worked but Pooja normally left for work earlier, even before Rahul woke up, and returned home earlier too. Rahul put his computer bag in the study and went to the kitchen. He admired the posterior of his pretty wife as she stood in front of the cooking range.

She was wearing small cotton shorts and a tank top. As Pooja had thought Rahul liked what she was wearing. It nicely displayed her svelte, 5’6″ tall body. He never got tired of admiring her hot body. She is fair skinned with long black hair that comes down to the middle of her back. Her long creamy legs are smooth and well toned and she has shapely round ass. Her face is very pretty and innocent looking with seductive brown eyes.

He hugged her gently from behind from behind and kissed her long slender neck and then her cheek.

“Meri Jaan ka din kaisa raha.” Rahul asked her in Hindi.

“Theek tha…thoda sa stressful…I don’t understand that some people how do they even get hired.” She responded with a little bit of irritation. Her response was a mix of Hindi and English. It was very typical of both of them to talk that way with each and their other Indian friends.

Turning off the stove she turned around and put her arms around her husband’s neck. She got on her toes and kissed her husband softly. Rahul was six feet tall with a nice physique. He was a good looking guy.

The red and white ivory bangles on Pooja’s wrist pressed against the side of his neck. The bangles she is wearing are called ‘Choora’ and is worn by a newly wed Indian hindu bride.

Pooja and Rahul were married just a month ago. Both of them were from the Delhi, India but now lived in Texas, United States. They met at a friend’s wedding two years ago and fell in love. Pooja is 25 years old and Rahul is 28 years old.

As they kissed lovingly, Rahul moved his hands lower and cupped her ass.

“I like what you are wearing…bahut sexy lag rahi hai meri jaan.” He said to her lovingly.

“Mujhe maloom tha tumhe acha lagega.” She said with a chuckle.

~A little bit of background about Pooja and Rahul~

Rahul was 15 year old when his family emigrated to US and Pooja was 16 years old when her family moved to US.

Pooja had a conservative upbringing and having spent her young, formative years in India, she was very much influenced by the conservative Indian society.

But when she started college, she slowly came out of her shell. She started wearing stylish, skin hugging clothing. She became a little more outgoing, attended parties, started drinking socially. She had her very first boyfriend of her life in sophomore year, Jason, and lost her virginity to him. With Jason she discovered that she truly enjoyed sex. She enjoyed everything about sex, sucking on a cock, having a man go down on her, foreplay, holding a hard cock in her hand, getting her pussy pounded by a cock.

But after one and a half year of dating, she found out that Jason was cheating on her. Since it was her very first relationship, the breakup was very painful for her. It took her a couple of months to get over Jason.

Then in her senior year one of her friend introduced her to Vikram. She started dating him. But their relationship only lasted for one year. Vikram was very possessive, jealous and insecure by nature. If he saw her talking, interacting, laughing with other guys, Vikram would get very upset. He tried to control with whom she could be friends. If she went out without him with her girlfriends, he did not like it. After trying to be the understanding girlfriend, she finally gave up after one year.

Even though she had become quite a bit open, she still was quite reserved in some aspects. She never wore shorts clothes or revealed too much skin. She never had any causal sex or a one night stand like most of her friends had done.

But she did not mind the occasional flirting or flirty banter with a guy. It made her feel good when she knew that a man was admiring her. She was a very fun person to hang out with a bubbly, vivacious personality.

After breaking up with Vikram she did not date anyone until she met Rahul. The first time she talked to him, it was obvious to both of them right away the attraction was mutual. She just knew that he was her soul mate.

They complemented each other perfectly. Rahul was pleasantly surprised when he found out how much Pooja enjoyed sex. He had a very high libido and liked that she never faked enjoying sex like some of his previous girlfriends.

As they started dating, Rahul started encouraging her to wear sexier clothes that showed some skin. Seeing how hot her body is, he wanted show her off a bit, make his friends and other men envious. He really liked the idea of his girl dressing up sexily and other finding her desirable.

First she resisted him but slowly started to indulge him. It started with her agreeing to wear revealing clothing only when she was alone with him at his apartment. But Rahul wanted her to wear sexy clothing when they went out like clubbing, to a restaurant or shopping.

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He kept pestering her and finally one day she relented and agreed to go the mall wearing revealing clothes. She wore a small cut off shorts he had bought for her, the daisy dukes. With the daisy dukes she wore a tight top showing slight cleavage and high heels. But she was very concerned that they might run into someone she might now therefore she made Rahul drive to a mall that was fifty miles away in another town.

As they walked around in the mall, Pooja stayed very self conscious. This was very first time she was out in public wearing such small, tight clothes with her long legs completely on display. She felt as if everyone’s eyes were on her. But slowly she started feeling a bit confident when she saw other girls walking around in shorts, mini skirts. In fact she started enjoying the admiring looks she was receiving from other men. She could feel their eyes lingering on her long, luscious legs, ass, her firm b cup breasts. But she remained very self conscious and felt uncomfortable showing so much skin. It was very difficult for her to completely overcome her reserved nature.

Rahul was very pleased at how hot she looked in the attire. He really liked how good his girlfriend’s long, creamy legs looked in the shorts. The high heels made her legs look even more longer and provided an angle which made her round ass look even more enticing.The tight top accentuated her firm b cup breasts. He was filled with pride as his hot girlfriend was checked out by other men.

That day Pooja realized that she enjoyed indulging Rahul’s desires. She liked pleasing him even though she felt uncomfortable. She wrapped her arms around his arm, holding it tight as they walked.

After getting back to his apartment, they talked about their mall trip. Pooja felt very embarrassed but admitted that she liked dressing that way for Rahul and it was kind of exciting knowing other men were checking her out. But she made it clear that she cannot bring herself to wear revealing clothes every time she goes out with him. She will do it only on special occasions, if she was feeling brave and only when just the two of them were out. Not when they were out with their friends and never when they were around family.

Rahul was just ecstatic that she had even considered repeating the experience and happily agreed to her conditions.

So from time to time occasionally she dressed sexily for him when they went out. They started calling them special dates since it happened so infrequently. Even though Rahul wanted it to happen more, he never complained.

He especially liked when they went clubbing or went to a bar to hang out. It stoked his ego when other guys checked her out. Some would even come up to him and tell him that he was lucky to have such a hot girl. As soon as he would leave her alone, guys would offer to buy her drinks and ask her to dance.

A few times with his encouragement she did dance with other guys. She enjoyed dancing and he liked watching her let her hair down, just dance without thinking who she was with. There were times she got felt up while dancing but she was not surprised. Being very pragmatic, she understood that a girl wearing a mini skirt and a revealing top will get felt up if she accepts to dance with a man.

However she felt uneasy and guilty when her body reacted unexpectedly to another man groping her. It excited her. Even though Rahul had also seen Pooja being groped by other men while dancing, he just ignored it. He was even afraid to think about. It was very hard for him to reconcile to the fact that even though he felt angry and intensely jealous, he also got turned on by seeing another man’s hands on her.

~Back to the present~

“Dinner doon…bhukh lagi hai abi?” Pooja asked him.

“Abhi nahi, mujhe bhukh to lagi hai par khane ki nahi…tumhari jism ki bhukh lagi hai.” He said to her lecherously with a smile. He took her into his arms and kissed her.

After the kiss, he said to her, “Jaan meri…bend over the kitchen island.”

She shyly smiled and did what he asked her to do. She put her elbows on the kitchen island arching her back and stuck her ass out. She smiled knowing that she was driving her husband crazy with desire. Pooja knew very well how to excite her new husband.

“You look so sexy…tumhari gori gori chikni tange, tumhari mast gol gaand.” He said lustily. Pooja was shocked hearing the word ‘gaand’ coming out of her husband’s mouth. He had never said anything so crude to her. To her the crude words in Hindi sound extra vulgar and filthier than profane English words. But for some reason she did not feel disgusted by it.

Rahul grabbed her round, shapely ass in his hands and squeezed them roughly making Pooja gasp.

“Mere baby ne kaunsi panty pehni hai?”

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“Jaisi tumhe pasand hai…bilkul sexy wali.”

He pulled her shorts down and groaned seeing the black thong. He just loved how the back of it disappeared between the creamy ass cheeks of his wife.

“Jaanu achi lagi?…tumhare liye pehni hai…mere jaanu acha lagta hai main jab aisi sexy panties pehanti hoon?” Pooja asked with a husky tone and wiggled her ass.

“Yes…you look so hot…office bhi yehi panties pehan ke gayee thi?”


Pooja looked back at him and saw the familiar look on his face when he is aroused. She just loved that look.

“Haan baby…yehi black thong pehan ki main office gayee thi”

“Aur kya pehan ke office gayee thi?”

“Push up bra, blue top aur skirt.”

“Did the top show cleavage?…skirt kitni lambi thi?”

“Jaanu main office gayee thee, Bar pe nahi…I don’t go to work wearing tops showing cleavage and showing off my legs…main office knee length ki skirt pehan ke gayee thi.” Pooja said with a giggle.

“Thoda se cleavage dikhati to bahut sexy hota…aur choti skirt hoti…to tumhari gori, gori tange aur bhi dikhti…maybe some guy would have been able to see up your skirt…meri jaan ki sexy panties dekh leta.” Rahul pulled down her panties and Pooja’s heart rate quickened hearing the lusty and lewd words. He had never said anything like this before involving another man. He put his hand between her legs and found her pussy to be sopping wet.

“That is what you want…aur koi admi tumhari nayee dulhan ki skirt ke andar dekhe?…tumhari biwi ki sexy panties dekhe?” Whenever she referred to herself in third person, Rahul knew that she was excited.

He rubbed her clit and shoved a couple of fingers into her wet pussy. She gasped and then started undulated her hips lewdly as he started finger fucking her. She groaned in disappointment when he took his fingers out of her pussy after a couple of minutes of finger fucking.

He opened his pants with the other hand and took out his hard, throbbing cock. He rubbed the thick, fat cockhead on her wet pussy lips making her whimper. Grabbing her hips, he shoved his cock into wet fuckhole with one sharp thrust. His balls smacking against her ass.

“Jaaaanuuu…oh meri Jaaan…aaaahhh…unnhhhh.”She moaned lustily as her husband started fucking her lustily. The kitchen was filled with the squelching noise emanating from her pussy and flesh hitting flesh. Pooja kept moaning, grunting, mewling, squealing as her husband pounded her sopping wet pussy.

Rahul liked the noise her ‘Choora’ were making as he fucked his new wife. The bangles moved back and forth on her wrists as he pounded her.

“Acha laga raha hai meri jaan ko?…aisay hi acha lagta hai meri jaanu ko?” He asked her breathing hard as he kept hammering her.

“Unghhh…oh…yes…yessss.” She started pushing her ass back onto his pounding cock.

After five minutes of non-stop of intense fucking, Pooja started cumming. Intense sensations of pleasure coursed through her body. She got up on her toes and desperately held on to the edge of the granite countertop as her body writhed and the same time she was squealing and mewling.

“Aaah…Rahul…aaahh…bas meri jaan bas…ho goya…ho goya.”

Watching her cum, Rahul was unable to hold back and erupted inside her, coating her pussy wall with his cum.

After both of them had cleaned up and Rahul had changed his clothes, Pooja asked him cheekily, “Ab khana doon…you must have run up quite an appetite now.”

“Haan…ab to sahi main bhukh lag gayee hai.” Rahul said laughing.

After dinner Rahul did the dishes as Pooja relaxed. Later as they were getting ready to go to bed, Pooja remembered the call she had received.

“I completely forgot to tell you…Rashmi Di ne call kiya tha aaj…invite kiya hai apne ghar pe New Year party ke liye.” Pooja told him. “I told her that I will let her know after talking with you…jaana hai unki party main?”

Pooja and Rahul had met the middle-aged Rashmi and Sanjay during their honeymoon cruise on a luxury cruise liner. Rashmi and Sanjay were celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Sanjay was in his late forties and Rashmi was in her early forties. They were also from India living in US and were very well off. Sanjay had a thriving retail business which he managed with three partners.

Both the couples hit it off immediately when they met at dinner on the first night of the cruise. They were surprised to find out that they also lived in Texas and an hour away from each other. Throughout the cruise they participated in activities together and went on offshore excursions together.

Due to the Indian values instilled in Pooja and the older couple being from India, she did not feel it was appropriate to call them by their names since they were older. She started calling Rashmi, Rashmi Didi (elder sister) and started calling Sanjay Jiju or Jija meaning the husband of sister (brother in law).

During the seven day cruise Rahul noticed Sanjay sneaking lusty glances at Pooja and he was not surprised by it. Since they were on their honeymoon and away from anyone they knew, Pooja had agreed to wear short, revealing clothes during the cruise. All she had brought were short shorts, skirts, dresses and sexy, cleavage revealing tops.

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In fact Rahul had insisted that all of the skirts and dresses had to end above her knees, even more shorter if possible and all her tops had to show some cleavage. Also at Rahul’s persistent urging the only swimsuits she had brought for the trip were bikinis. Even though she felt very uncomfortable wearing the bikinis, she wore them to please Rahul. This was the first time ever in her life that she had worn bikinis.

But hanging out with Rashmi helped assuage her uneasiness about wearing revealing clothes and bikinis during the cruise. Rashmi also mostly wore short, revealing clothes and bikini swimsuits. Also Rashmi was very outgoing, flirty and had a very vivacious personality. She reveled in the attention of other men, their lusty looks on her body.

All through the trip, Pooja was completely oblivious that Sanjay kept running his eyes over her hot body since he was very sly. She was very much aware of other guys checking her out and Rashmi. Her and Rashmi even joked about how guys acted casual when trying to run their eyes over their scantily clad bodies.

“We can go…but their home is pretty far away to drive back at night after the party.” Rahul said.

“Rashmi Di ne ye bhi bola hai ki hum raat unke ghar pe hi ruk jayen.”

“Phir theek hai, chalte hain unki party pe”

“Lekin Rahul…hum kisi ko ko bhi jante nahi honge party main…sirf Rashmi Di aur Sanjay Jiju ko hi jante hain…it will be weird…bore na ho jayen.” Pooja was very unsure. “Neeraj aur Priya ke ghar bhi party hai…wahan we will have more fun.”

“Tumhari baat sahi but it can be more fun hanging around with a new group of people…naye dost ban jayenge…Rashmi aur Sanjay are so much…unke dost bhi aise hi honge…bore nahi honge hum.” Rahul reasoned with her.

“Haan I like Rashmi Di a lot…it is fun hanging out with her…okay I will call back and let her know.” Pooja agreed. “Didi ne ye bhi kaha hai ki unhone sab desi ladies ko bola hai ki Indian kapde hi pehne ke liye…she said we are always wearing western clothes, we should have more occasions to wear our ethnic clothes too.”

“I agree…mujhe idea acha laga…we should go shopping this weekend buy you something really nice.”

“Mujhe lagta hai tum duniya main ek hi aise aadmi ho jo kapde shopping ka soch ke khush ho jaate ho.” She smiled at playfully. “But don’t even think about asking me to buy something really revealing or sexy.”

“Nothing like that…just ek normal sa ghagra-choli…bas thoda sa sexy.” Rahul thought she would look hot in a ghagra choli.

“Yeah whatever…forget about it…main ghagra choli pehan ke nahi jaane wali…pata nahi kaun kaun aayega aur mujhe maloom hai tum aisa ghagra choli pasand karoge jo bilkul inappropriate hoga.”

“Tabhi toh…kisi ko hum jaante nahi hain…tum bina kisi sharmahat ke sexy kapde pehan sakti ho…tumhari Rashmi didi bhi aisa hi kuch sexy pehnegi…she likes dressing sexy, follow her lead..” Rahul tried to convince her.

“Aisa thode nahi hai ki mujhe sharam nahi aati hai jab main revealing kapde pehenti hoon anjan logon ke samne…even though I feel uncomfortable I do it for you…jaanu didi ki party mein sab desi log honge…pata nahi koi jaan pehchan wala nikal aaye.” She said apprehensively.

“Phir Rashmi didi ki baat aur hai…she likes wearing sexy clothes, flaunting her body…she is a very confident woman and has completely embraced the norms of US…she came here when she was very young and grew up in a surrounding where it was normal for a girl to wear such revealing clothes…for me it is just very difficult to get over the idea of showing so much skin, I was in India during my formative years…wahan pe maine kabhi bhi chote kapde nahi pehne.” She explained to her husband.

“Main samajhta hoon jaanu…I just want you to try to be little bit more like Rashmi.”

“Main koshish kar rahi hoon…lekin desi logon ke samne main aur zyada self-conscious ho jaati hoon.”

“Theek hai…how about a nice saree which you can wear low on your hips with a nice backless blouse?”

“Mere babyeee…saree ek to bahut cumbersome hoti hai…makes it difficult to move around freely, I won’t be able to dance with you freely…plus the way you have explained it…it will be as revealing as a ghagra choli…main bahut self conscious rahoongi, apna palu sambhalti rahoongi.”

“Okay…wear a sexy salwar kameez…we are going shopping this weekend and I will pick a nice little sexy salwar kameez for you…no excuses for this.” Rahul said with mock sternness.

“Theek hai meri jaan…sexy sa salwar kameez kharid do mere liye, apni jaan ke liye main pehan loongi.” Pooja said lovingly.

She turned on her side with her back to Rahul as she closed her eyes. He spooned her from back pressing his crotch into her ass and put his arm around her waist. Feeling his hardness, she pushed back her plump ass onto Rahul’s crotch”Abhi sone ka irada lagta nahi hai?”

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Husband (Rahul) ne apni biwi(Pooja) ko share kiya

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