Husband tries and fails to resist hot, slutty teen

Husband tries and fails to resist hot, slutty teen

A man can only be tempted so far before he snaps. Or in my case, pops.

I’ll be truthful: as a good looking married man as well as a professional soccer player, I get lots of opportunities to cheat.

Groupies can be crazy aggressive and willing to do anything, and I do mean anything, to fuck a celebrity athlete.

I even have a couple gay players on my team who’ve offered more than once to suck my thick cock.

That’s my other great asset… a seven inch, but fat as they come (haha that’s a great pun) cock.

Joey, the team twink, although you’d never know it during a game, has begged me to allow him to suck me off or fuck him… promising he’s way better than any woman… and although the groupies are tempting, and even a full time gay cock sucker is appealing (can a guy ever get too many blow jobs?), I’ve always been faithful to my wife.

She is beautiful, a great fuck herself, and her only sexual flaw is she refuses to take facials… and unfortunately that’s my kink… the thing I love more than anything else… to coat a woman’s face with cum. I can’t explain it, it’s just my fetish… well, that and nylons. I love the way they look on a woman’s legs, the way they feel, and when they’re sheer from top to toe, especially the way they showcase a woman’s delicate toes.

I also love anal sex… something else my beautiful bride of three years won’t do (tried it once during a drunken night in Mexico, and even with all the tequila she drank it didn’t go well).

So although I was happy in my marriage and sex life… and my wife wore nylons daily as a nurse… I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t miss distributing facials and anal sex to my lucky recipients.

Okay, if I must be thoroughly forthcoming, I also like to dominate a woman in bed. I’m the man, and I like to be in charge. With Abby it’s more 50/50, which I’m okay with, but I do miss just grabbing a woman by the head and skull fucking her, or going ass to mouth (her ass to her mouth… I’m too fastidious to do that scene any other way), or having a wicked threesome with two hot sluts.

Also, I don’t know how I forgot this… I love the taste of pussy. When I was single and quite a player, I enjoyed sampling the many bouquets of fresh pussy… every pussy is different in look, in scent, in taste. So although I love, and I do mean love, the taste of my wife’s pussy, I do miss the variety.

Anyway, although I sometimes missed my wild and reckless youth, I was very content in my married life.

Then things got complicated….

And it all started because of Abby’s spontaneous, out of character, wild moment when we were home alone on a Wednesday afternoon.

I was doing my laps, like I always do, when Abby came into the pool to join me.

A little horseplay led to making out, which led to a blow job in the pool, and sex. It was a great start to the summer.

At the time, I had no idea that due to a hidden witness this playtime would lead to the greatest temptation of my life.

Her 19-year old sister Amber, just graduated from high school, had flown out to spend the summer with us. She was out shopping with a friend she’d met last time she visited, while we were having our kinky afternoon.

It was the next afternoon and Abby was at work. I was getting out of the water after my laps, and Amber was lying on a recliner in a skimpy bikini and watching me. If I weren’t married, and she wasn’t my barely legal sister-in-law, I would have turned on the charm and got laid. The great advantage of being a soccer star was that as I got older, the girls who wanted me didn’t. Abby herself was seven years younger than I was.

Amber seemed to be posing, showcasing her young, ripe, available body… and after years of experience being wanted by women, I could easily tell that she had joined the ranks of the Hot-for-Jimmy Club. I know this sounds cocky, but when you’re a celebrity soccer player, it just comes with the territory. Women gave you a look, an aura, when they were available and willing… and Amber was giving me both. She asked, “Is swimming how you keep your body in such amazing shape?”

I shrugged, “That, and a great metabolism.”

“It’s not from marathon fucking?” she asked.

“Pardon?” I asked, surprised by her blunt question.

“I saw what you and big sis were doing here yesterday,” she said. “So I figured maybe lengthy fuck sessions were part of your workout routine.”

I chuckled, trying to remain suave and not get a hard-on, “Well, those definitely don’t hurt.”

She was blunt as she offered, “Since big sis isn’t home, do you need someone else to help you finish your workout?”

Although I’d already detected her hunger and intent, I was still kind of taken aback when she asked the question. I put her off with, “You’re my wife’s sister.”

“Thank you for the botanical lesson in family trees,” Amber sarcastically, yet sexily, responded. “But you haven’t said yay or nay to my offer to be your workout buddy. You’ve got a particular muscle that can always use toning, which is more fun to work on with a partner. I could spot you, kind of.”

I realized I’d just made the cardinal error. I hadn’t instantly said anything like, “No … never… not a chance in hell.” I’d allowed her to think something could happen. Although I would love to fuck this slut and treat her like a cheap whore and put her in her place, I couldn’t cheat on my wife… especially with her own sister… especially at home. So I clarified, as I glanced back to the house as if concerned my wife might be watching (which was crazy since she was definitely at work), trying to avoid staring at her kid sister’s prominent camel toe or her tits, “Amber, you’re being very inappropriate. I’m married to your sister and this can’t possibly happ….”

I felt something wet and fabric hit my back so I turned back to her, confident in my strong defense, only to see she’d thrown her bikini bottom at me and was fingering herself… as if I weren’t there.

I couldn’t believe she was doing this.

It was totally brazen.

I also couldn’t believe how juicy and enticing her completely shaved pussy looked. God, I wanted to dive in and taste its ripe juiciness… the fact this fruit was forbidden only enhancing the allure.

Yet, I shook my head and told her, even as she moaned in a way only a horny woman can moan, “Amber, I’m going inside.”

“Would you like me to join you?” she asked.

I ignored her question, turning away rather quickly to conceal the cock head suddenly showing above the top of my swimming trunks, and walking inside… knowing I had to leave before I was tempted even further.

She called out just as I was closing the door, “I saw that fat cock peeking out at me Jimmy, and I want it.”

God, what a temptation!

I headed upstairs.

My cock aching.

My head spinning.

Did I mention my cock was aching?

I went and took a cold shower… where I learned that the myth of it calming you down was only a myth… my cock was still rock hard when I got out.

I knew I shouldn’t, but curiosity got the better of me, and I looked out the window to see what Amber was doing.

She was under the outdoor shower, completely naked, and looking right up at my window… as if knowing I’d be tempted to look.




She waved to me… clearly I was caught… looking like a peeping Tom.

I quickly moved away… shaking my head at her aggressive attitude, yet unable to get her ripe pussy and body out of my head. I jerked off, shooting my load in under a couple of minutes as I imagined coating that pretty face with a big load of cum.

Once my load was spewed… and I was finally thinking with my upper head… I knew I was going to have to deal with this young temptress… although I wasn’t sure how.


I was walking downstairs and she was walking upstairs, back in her bikini, as she asked, her hand going directly to my cock, “Did you just jerk off thinking about me?”

I pushed her hand away. “Amber, do I need to tell your sister about this inappropriate behaviour?”

“You have the fattest cock I’ve ever seen,” she said with lust and admiration in her voice, ignoring my question.

“You could tell that from wherever you were when you watched us?” I asked.

She pulled out her phone and said, “The new iPhone is pretty amazing.” She then showed me a frame-filled picture of her sister sucking my cock.

I stared at the picture… shocked. It was crisp and clear and… yes, you could see every detail of my cock except for the part that was in my wife’s mouth.

Amber added, “I mean look at Abby’s mouth… it’s stretched so fucking wide!”

I snatched the phone out of her hand and began to delete the picture.

“I already saved it to the cloud,” Amber announced, as she took her phone back and resumed walking up the stairs. She added, “I bet I could take that big cock balls deep in my mouth.”

I knew I shouldn’t have encouraged her, yet I pointed out the obvious, “Very few can take all of me.”

“Is that a challenge?” she asked.

Realizing my error, I shook my head, “No, no, no, just a fact.”

She took her phone back and said, “No one ever says no to me.”

“No,” I smirked.

“Oh some people say it at first,” she smiled. “Like Mr. Jones my principal, the cop who caught me going 60 in a 35 zone, and Mrs. Walker my English teacher, but they all eventually succumb to me.”

“You’re not the first beautiful woman to throw herself at me,” I pointed out.

“I imagine not,” she smiled, “but I’m more than just beautiful, I’m also talented!” before licking her lips to highlight one of her talents, winking and walking away, adding, “soon!”

I shook my head and went the other way, knowing I was going to have to be very strong and… and self-contained? What the hell might work? This forbidden fruit was really ripe and ready to be fucked.


I was in my office an hour later working on some correspondence, when Amber walked in and asked, “Is this outfit appropriate for the mall?”

I turned around and saw her posing, wearing the shortest shorts in the history of short shorts and her t-shirt draped above her tits to showcase her big, firm, lightly tanned tits.

I tried to act casual, even as my cock hardened, as if she didn’t affect me, “You should probably cover your tits if you want to be completely de riguer.”

“These ones?” she cupped.

“Yes,” I nodded, even though we both knew I was staring at them.

“They just love to roam free though,” she said, lifting them up higher, as if she were offering them to me.

“I imagine so,” I replied off-handedly, turning back to my computer.

“Want to hold them?” she asked.

“No, thank you,” I politely responded, not looking back at them, even though what I really wanted to do was fuck those firm tits.

“You sure?” she asked, “They’re great for sucking and fucking.”

“Good to know,” I said, still pretending she wasn’t fazing me.

“I’m going shopping now,” she said. “If I recall correctly, you have a nylon fetish.”

My eyes went wide.

Nylons were my kryptonite.

Especially nylon-clad feet, totally sheer over the toes.

She continued, “I never saw any practical use for them, but Abby says if she wants to get you revved up in a heartbeat, all she has to do is wrap her toes in sheer nylon and wiggle them at you.”

I looked up and asked, “What else does she tell you?”

“You like giving facials, but she isn’t a fan,” she answered, her tits still ‘oot and aboot’.

“Anything else?” I asked in a bored tone, acting as if I didn’t care, the entire time cursing my wife for sharing such information.

“Well, just for future reference, I love swallowing cum because it has a lot of protein, but I also love taking a big creamy load all over my face from somebody’s big… fat… cock. It’s made my complexion rather flawless, don’t you think?” she asked, smiling.

“Well, I’ll let some of my single friends know my sis-in-law is looking for some big cocks to suck,” I said.

“Oh don’t bother, I’ve already chosen which big cock I want,” she said, before pulling her t-shirt slowly down to cover her tits and sauntering away, her tight ass waving goodbye… leaving me hard, horny and frustrated.

At least my sharing-too-many-details wife didn’t mention my fetish for fucking a nice ass… although the idea of taking this tempting teen’s ass was already in my head.


It was the next afternoon, with Abby back at work, that Amber resumed her temptation.

I walked into the living room and she was sitting down, her legs spread wide and her pussy on full display. She was also in a sexy outfit including a micro-mini plaid skirt and black thigh high stockings… my cock awoke in a heartbeat.

She asked, “You like my new outfit?”

“Sure,” I said, acting nonchalant, as if the shaved pussy and nylons weren’t impacting me.

“I bought a few pairs of thigh highs and even a garter yesterday,” she continued, of course seeing right through my casual response.

“Those are good accessories for any woman,” I said, continuing to remain outwardly calm even as I stared at her nylon-clad toes through her open toe shoes… the only kind Abby wore for me… other than at work, of course.

“You really are a nylon toe guy, aren’t you?” she asked, noticing I was staring at her feet and not her widespread legs and cunt.

“Does my wife tell you everything?” I asked, breaking my eye contact to look up into her eyes… of course lingering over her ripe peach as I moved my eyes up.

“When did you tell her you’re trying to fuck her husband?” I asked, trying not to look back down at her feet, but unable to resist… her nylon-clad toes like a magnet pulling my gaze down to heaven, if that’s not an upside-down metaphor.

“Okay, not everything,” she laughed playfully… even her laugh was sexy… damn, resisting her was hard… and so was I.

“So what is it about nylons?” she asked when I remained silent… another moment of weakness which accidentally encouraged her.

I shook my head, both to regain my composure and to respond to her, “I’m not doing this.”

“What?” she asked. “I’m just trying to understand this fetish. I mean, I’ve never worn them before today,” she continued, as she sensuously stroked her right leg, stocking top to ankle and back again, before she added, “they sure are soft, and they do make me feel sexy.”

“I’ve never known what makes me like them,” I admitted, trying and failing to sound clinical, once again letting the conversation go on far longer than I should… once again my gaze going to her toes, which were waving hello to me from her high heels.

“Is it the softness, the look, or the toes?” she asked, removing a heel.

“It doesn’t matter,” I replied, my head in a cloud of lust.

“Sure it does,” she insisted, discarding her other heel. “I need help understanding men. You guys are very complicated.”

I scoffed.

“What?” she asked, all innocently, as she wiggled her toes… my eyes riveted in place, unable to resist staring.

“Men aren’t complicated, women are complicated,” I countered.

“How so?” she asked.

“You’re kidding!” I responded.

“No, seriously,” she insisted. “Why would any man reject a sure thing?”

“Any single guy wouldn’t,” I agreed.

“I won’t tell,” she said, standing up.

“And I won’t do it, so you’ll have nothing to tell,” I continued, finishing my version of her thought, knowing I had to get out of this room right now.

“I’m always ready and willing,” she said as I walked away. “And I’ll do all the things my sister won’t.”

I kept walking.

“And a few things you’ve never even thought of,” she yelled out.




I headed out to go for a drive and calm my hard cock down. Maybe I could find a snow cone to stick it into.

Two hours later, I returned home and headed into the kitchen to get a drink.

I almost tripped over Amber, who was on all fours, on the kitchen floor, with a cucumber buried in her box.

“What the hell?” I questioned, as I barely managed to stop without falling on top of her, and stared … this easily one of the kinkiest things I’d ever seen.

Which reminded me of the three kinkiest experiences in my earlier wild sex life.

The first was an eighteen year old farm girl I fucked in her barn. She insisted I rip the back of her jeans apart and ass fuck her… since she was still a virgin and only wanted the man she married to see, lick or fuck her pussy.

She was so tight and seemed to be in pain the entire time, but every time I asked her if she wanted me to stop, she begged me to sodomize her with my fat dick to punish her for being tempted to give up her chastity.

It was weird, but I still got off… coming on her jeans, belly, tits and face. But as far as she was concerned, her virtue was still intact: I’d never seen her cunt.

Then there was the crazy mother and daughter team in the bride’s wedding suite while her new husband was downstairs waiting for her to finish primping for their first dance.

The bride had her mother eat her out while I fucked her… which was crazy hot… the idea of incest always something that turned me on… my own sister a big bootied hottie I’d fantasized fucking back in the day.

Then it got stranger as the mother put on a strap-on and we double teamed the newly married bride…

First I fucked her cunt while her mother roughly fucked her face.

Then we double penetrated her. I rode her ass, while her mother pounded her pussy… the two of us getting into a pretty good rhythm.

Then we did something I’d never done before… we double penetrated her ass… which was strange and hot… and yet hard to really get me off like that. My dick was almost going around a corner.Eventually I ordered them into a 69 and jerked off until I coated the bride’s face and the bride’s mom’s ass with a huge load.

Or the night that convinced me I needed to settle down when things got really weird with a model and her hairdresser after a photoshoot. It started with some alcohol and a double blow job from both women. Then things got kinky.

The first surprise was the big-tittied hairdresser had a cock:

The second surprise was she convinced me to stroke it… which didn’t take much convincing as I found the cock fascinating when it was attached to such a beautiful woman.

The third surprise was the biggest… literally. As I licked the model, preparing to fuck her… I felt hands firmly grasping my hips and heard the shemale warn me, “I’m taking your ass, baby.”

My eyes went wide as the model grabbed my head and held my face buried deep in her cunt. And before I had time to resist, although obviously I could have if I’d really wanted to, I took my first cock up the ass.

Did it hurt?

Fuck, yes.

Although she did use lube.

Did the pain fade and pleasure replace it?


Did I eventually really enjoy it and actually begin to bounce back on the cock to have it go deeper?

Yes, I really got into it!

Eventually I was eagerly eating pussy and moaning like a bitch in heat as my willing ass was fucked hard.

The fourth strange thing? When she ordered me on my knees in front of her to get a load of her cum I didn’t hesitate… briefly becoming one of the cum sluts I’d had so many of. In case you didn’t get that: yes, the bitch gave me a facial and I fucking loved it in the heat of the moment!

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Husband tries and fails to resist hot, slutty teen