I Enjoyed With My Brother’s Friends

I Enjoyed With My Brother’s Friends

I’m Abhinaya(abi).now I am 24 years old ,working at a tech park at Bangalore.I’m going to day about my gangbang which happened to me @ the age of 19.

Now coming to the story,my family consists of 5 members.

I ,daddy, mummy,one sister younger to me and a brother 2 years elder to me. We lived in Coimbatore . when my brother finished his high school he joined engineering college at Bangalore. He lived in hostel. After two years passed when I finished my high school .I too decided to join in the same college where my brother studies. As desired I joined in that college. There I stayed at hostel. I was new new to Bangalore . It took about six months to adapt myself according to the city culture. Now I was fully a Bangalore girl. I enjoyed all parties, pubs, etc. Even I changed my way of dressing too.I had some boy friends too.

We have just kissed and smooched here and there. my first year of BE degree was over. I and my brother decided to rent a home and stay there for remaining days. So we rented a furnished home and stayed there. My brother was a sports person. He always plays some games. As days passed by his college friends Ragav,Saran and sridhar come regularly to our house. All 3 were wellfit slim and have a well athletic body .oh I forgot to tell my sizes 34_28_36. With whitish complexion . i maintained my body correctly.

I knew any guy would desire to have fun with me on looking my attired. Ragav ,Saran and sridhar had their eyes fixed on me. I could realize their list on me. We all became close friends. We play all games , gone for outing,restaurant ,etc. We play volley ball together and while playing I noticed that all boys having an eye on my boobs which are jumping. I wear only t shirt and tracks . so it jumped freely . I liked that I was noticed by them. One day I and brother were on one side , the remaining 3 were on other side. They intentionally hit the ball forcefully towards my breasts. All shots were on my breasts only. Whenever I bend down they got a clear view of my cleavage. One day while playing cricket I bowled an over for Saran. Once a ball hit on his penis . he shouted in pain . I told sorry and convinced him. All other boys laughed.

One afternoon I and my brother were at home. A phone call came to my brother. As his schoolmate had an accident he had to go to Coimbatore. So he left at about 4 o clock. At 5 0 clock raghav, Saran and sridhar came to my home I was wearing tight leggings(white colour) and a loose white t shirt without bra. I told them about my brothers situation. Then they asked me to come to play volley ball. I accepted. We started playing . AS usual they started their mischievous act. They could clearly see my boobs when I bend down.

I enjoyed it. It rained suddenly and heavily . all my dress are drenched and stick to my body . They could easily see my nipples since thee was no bra. There were not in plan to go inside. I also made up my mind to enjoy naughtily. They hurt my boobs badly with ball. I enjoyed it.

After that we returned to my home. All were drenched .so we all got freshen up. I wear mini shorts with panty and a t shirt without bra. The guys wear my brother’s dresses. They all looked me with lust. I could understand that. They talked among themselves for about a minute. Sridhar got up and locked the main door.I asked him why. But he remained calm. Then saran came near me and kissed my lips .Sridhar held my hands tightly and Ragav was licking my thigh . I pretended to resist but I liked it. Actually I waited for this to happen.Sridhar tied my hands with some cloth. I can’t move my hand.

Then they teared my t shirt and started licking the boobs. I moaned heavily.they licked all over my stomach and boobs and neck. I can’t even talk a single word as my lips were locked by any one of these guys without gap. They pulled my shorts off and tore away my panty. I feel too shy to be Nide in front of 3 guys. But really enjoyed a lot. They licked all over my thighs and legs. They started playing with my pussy. They put their fingers in and out fastly . I was in heaven. Moaning out louder in pain. They licked my pussy each for about 10 mins .

When one person licks my pussys others started playing with my boobs,lips and bums. I can’t resist them as my hands were tied. All my body parts we filled by their saliva. They became nude .Their cocks were about 7 _8 inches length. I was shocked to see them as it was my first time .First they made me kneel me before Ragav to suck his cock. He had big cock .I put it in my mouth and gave him a pleasurable blowjob. While others sucked my boobs and pussy.

Ragav poured out his cum in my mouth , I drank all his cum . Next it was Sarans turn he has the biggest cock among the 3. I put his cock in my mouth and do my job. I gave him a nice blowjob . I even sucked his balls . I liked playing with balls.

At this time ragav sucked my pussy while sridhar played with my boobs. I drank Sarans cum . next I gave sridhar a blowjob for 15 mins and drank his cum. Then they made me lie on the bed ,removed my hands and tied each hand to a corner of bed. Sridhar took out a condom placed it in his cock and started inserting it in my pussy. I shouted in pain. Ragav kissed my lips. Saran sucking my boob. Sridhar made his act faster ,it made me more painful .I cried out. But he doesn’t stop this act, he continued fucking me for 15 mins.Then he took out the condom filled with his cum and put in my my mouth. I tasted it. I cried a lot to stop because of pain . Ragav got honey from kitchen and poured it on my boobs ,navel and stomach. They started licking my boobs , pussy and navel.

Suddenly raghav took a condom and wear it and started fucking me. It gives me a pleasurable pain.I moaned louder. He didn’t stop. In the meantime Saran placed his cock in my mouth. He fucks my mouth. Raghav fucks me for half an hour . I cried in pain . next it was Saran turn .But he showed mercy for me. He didn’t fuck me.Then ragav sucks my pussy . Saran sucks my asshole and fingered in it. Sridhar sucked my nipples. They exchanged their positions.

Then they kneel in front of my head and started shaking their cocks . they poured their cum on me face an mouth. I enjoyed all .Now it was all over. All were lying on bed for 10 mins. I asked them to untie my hands . Saran did it for me. I told them that I liked this . They were excited to hear it from me and we laughed at each other . then all 4 took bath same time. I asked them not to say to anyone. They said OK but for one condition . The condition was I should accept them to fuck me whenever they want. I readily accepted. Later we had sex sessions when brother was out.

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I Enjoyed With My Brother’s Friends